Hello! It is I! Epifanio Therion! back with another story, you might be wondering what this Danganronpa story is based on, well the story is based on a Danganronpa RP, which is called Cirque Des Douleur, which means Circus of Sorrow! you might be thinking "Oh? then you are writing the entirety of the RP in the fanfics format?" Nope! what I am doing is a bit different! it will be focused on the people back on the campus of Hope's Peak Academy! And to let you know! This version of Hope's Peak Academy is basically a school that accepts every type and nationality of students around the world, not just solely on Japan.

Let explain a bit about the RP and the reason why I am writing the story based on Hope's Peak! When the RP started up, one of us have asked one of the mods if we can have a sandbox to practice, but with the time, we started seeing a lot of interactions, and the mods had the idea of adding special events to make things much more interesting and exciting for others until the main event happened, and the sandbox was even used to announce the cast of the RP! There are 27 students, who were accepted in the cast, which is a big number! but you might be thinking "Wait... so why aren't we focusing on the RP aspect then?" First, the RP is still in process (Currently on Chapter 5), and it is much more complicated than you might think, second, I wanted to write something for it, and make things much more interesting for the story and RP, and third... this story will have its own share of mysteries to solve, adventure and much more!

I will tell you something! Since this is the prologue, I will be showing you some of the cast who were accepted, and you will be seeing their first appearance along with their talent and nationality! But in the second part of the prologue, there will be important interactions and... along with mysterious events... you will know it is them when they appear, but I will shut up now, and start the story! so here we go!

Prologue: The Beginning of Madness Part 1

A rough and husky voice was heard, but it sounds like it is natural, and it looks like it has something important to share

Hope's Peak Academy, also known as Hope's Peak High School. Hope's Peak Academy is a government-sanctioned co-ed private city-center high school with boarding facilities founded several hundred years ago. The school was founded by Izuru Kamukura in order to develop and research the talents of exceptional high school-age children known as Ultimates. Unlike a typical high school, the students do not have to participate in entrance exams but instead they are scouted by the school itself as Ultimate... experts in their field, with the exception of the Ultimate Lucky Student whose talent was determined by winning a lottery draw.

Prior to being scouted, the students had to have already been attending another high school by requirement, meaning they were at minimum 15-16 years old, but there is an exception to that requirement, which is really rare. Rather than typical school studies, students of Hope's Peak Academy were encouraged to develop their talents, with a practical exam in September halfway through each school year, where they would be required to demonstrate their ability. These practical exams were judged by dignitaries and experts and widely reported by the media in order to give Hope in the future to the nation, and failure could mean expulsion. Ultimate students who successfully graduated Hope's Peak Academy had the reputation of being guaranteed success in life, with many Hope's Peak graduates holding high positions in every field of the professional world.

The Architecture of Hope's Peak, you might be thinking about why it is important for you to know, but... it might prove useful to know the structure of each area. The main campus of Hope's Peak Academy is diamond-shaped and approximately the size of four regular high-schools. It is divided into quarters, with the Eastside containing the facilities and classrooms for Ultimate students, the Northside containing the old school building, and the Westside containing the Reserve Course buildings. The Southside housed the Main Course's dormitories, as well as their living necessities, such as a convenience store, a bookstore, and other shops. The central plaza acts as a common area for many to meet each other.

"But... that is all I can share with you... you might be thinking that nothing bad will happen, but... this isn't just simply a conflict of Hope against Despair or Reality and Fiction... it is... something more... vile and sinister" the voice that was talking about Hope's Peak disappeared... as if there was nobody here in the first place...

The scene is pointing at the main entrance of Hope's Peak Academy, The School's Gate... which is widely known by people around the world, and those who are Ultimates, and those who are from the Reserve Course. Where almost anybody can see the future professionals that will give hope to the world. But that isn't why the scene is focused there... The reason is that we will be meeting some of the Ultimate students of Hope's Peak Academy...

Front Gate of Hope's Peak Academy:

Once upon arrival at Hope's Peak's front gate, one can already tell the amount of prestige that the school has obtained over the years. The tall structure nearly reaches the sky in comparison to all those around you. Maybe even one can feel insignificant in size. The school's emblem is proudly displayed for all those to see. Being that it is the symbol of all those who attend the school.

The person arriving at the school gate is a really tall and buff men with silver-gray hair, he is at 7'4 ft, and the most noticeable thing about him is the deer hat, the bow tie that he as a gem in the shape of the moon, the deer tail and the ball and chain, which is stuck in his right leg. He seems to be in a hurry for some reason, let see what the deer man is thinking.

'HE'S LATE! HE'S LATE! HE'S LATE! What is he late for? Who knows but he's late! This is what happens when he stays up until 4 am to look for a 7 eyed bat. He saw the large front gate, and the symbol representing the school, oh god... He hoped he wasn't too late... what time was I- 12:45 PM OH MY GOD! HE'S SCREWED!

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The man screamed in fear as if his life depended on it... from what, we don't know... and you might be thinking who is he? well... he is Nikolas Priorer, The Ultimate Cryptozoologist!

Nikolas Priorer


Ultimate Cryptozoologist

Fun Fact: He is called by some "The Deer Man" or Bambi

There was a boy, who is 5'3 ft and he has purple hair and green eyes and wears a small apron around his waist. The first few classes had ended and he was on break. He had his bento box and everything. He was looking around where to hide, so he could eat his stuff in peace but he damn nearly had a heart attack as he heard someone scream as they ran down the street. - ...-! - the boy let go of his bento but scrambled to catch it. Not his food! But he was already shaking, this stuff was going too fast and he was too scared.

Hibiki Mikami


Ultimate Abstract Artist

Fun Fact: He cannot talk since he is mute… why is he mute? Nobody knows...

Otsu Tsugumi, The Ultimate Sushi Maker was marching to her next class without a care in the world, flipping her beloved butterfly knife in one of her hands. Such a lovely day here at Hope's Peak Academy, and- 'NANI?!' Otsu thought loudly in her head, someone just passed them! running faster than the speed of light in front of her! She jumped in shock, closing the knife and taking a better look at the screaming-running person, who had apparently already scared another student in his way. "You scared me!" She shouted at Nikolas, offended.

'He had missed 2 periods. He's screwed! Bye life. He'll live with the Chupacabra in Mexico, Bye.' Nikolas thought in defeat. He was so focused he almost didn't notice the girl... Until he saw the KNIFE! He saw it for a split second, which caused him to stop running, and shouted in fear at having a knife pointed at him"A-AH! SORRY! I'M LATE! I OVERSLEPT CAUSE I GOT KNOCKED OUT BY A GIANT BAT!" The scared deer man Nick shouted in panic at the knife wielding Otsu. He felt bad that he scared two people, he was just scared! he had his tail hidden between his legs in fear.

Hibiki clutched his bento box close to his chest. His appetite dwindled to zero as he tensed up immediately at hearing the girl yelling. Why... Why was everything so loud? So abrasive... He felt tears prickle at his eyes and he just looked around himself if he could turn tail and run back into the school. But he now got a good look at the guy running and just lingered for a moment before skittishly walking to him… or more like, behind him. It looks like Hibiki is more scared of Otsu than of Nikolas.

What? A giant bat? What kind of excuse is that? "Nani? Bato? like... the animaru? or a weapon?" Otsu said, confused at what Nick just mentioned. Probably it made more sense to be a weapon... but just to make sure... As if being hit by a weapon was normal anyway. As she was questioning the boy, she immediately noticed a small boy walking behind Nikolas. Otsu immediately opened her knife again and pointed at Hibiki, with a look of suspicion. "Friendu? or an enemy? Don't sneak on me, you can't catch me off guard..." Otsu said in a wary tone, she kept alternating between pointing the knife at the smaller boy and the bigger boy.

Nick tried to explain himself "Er… the animal. Well, if it isn't an animal rather a monster. not that its a monster cause it r-real" he said frantically. As he was being questioned, the knife popped out again and was pointed at him. He sweats as he lowered himself like a scared puppy... this 7'4 ft man is scared of a gremlin, this isn't anything new for him... "I'm sorry, please don't attack me with your knife, ahh..." Nikolas said and saw Hibiki was also scared of the knife.

Seeing her pointing a knife at him, Hibiki quickened his step to disappear behind the big man completely. He couldn't help but shakily grab a piece of Nikolas' shirt in a silent plea to help, as if saying, to not let her do anything to him. If Nikolas was to listen closely, he could have heard the sound of sniffling behind him. It looks like Otsu has caused Hibiki to cry.

She tilted her head at both their reactions. "Hmmm, you look too weak to be enemies..." Otsu said seriously. Otsu put her knife away into the depths of her pocket, she didn't mean to scare innocent people but... oh well! It seems like that's what she ended up doing anyways… by thinking that they wanted to hurt her first. "Sumimasennnn… I was confuseeed" She bowed a bit forward to apologize.

He was internally screeching. He was late, he just got potentially mugged by some short ninja. He got bitch slapped by a bat. life is so FUN! He saw Hibiki hide behind him. Oh my god, he's TERRIFIED. He... just took his wallet and held it out shaking. "Please take it and leave, don't hurt us." He is internally screeching "P-please" he was too shaken to hear the sorry coming from Otsu

Not too far off from the other side of the gate, a dark-skinned well-dressed woman is seen strolling to her off to her office. With nothing like an old copy of Little Women in her hand. All seemed peaceful...until she heard two girlish screams from the other side of the gate. Putting her book away, she groans to herself as she pushes the gate open. Only to see three students lagging outside of school grounds. Stepping out to meet them, she crosses her arms as she squints her eyes. "Just what the hell are you all doing out here?"

Chalise Collins

African American

Former Ultimate Author

Fun Fact: She is married, she has two sons, and a deadweight husband.

Hibiki was already very much distraught. Seeing that Nick wasn't really as strong as his appearance suggested, he tried to step up for himself and not rely on him too much. Because God knows that if he was put into his position he'd faint. BUT NO. Everything was not over yet. A very stoic woman approached them and the moment Hibiki noticed her the entire seedling of will got thrown out the window and he gripped tighter on Nick's shirt, proceeding to silently weep into his back. He was terrified!

A wallet? She was quite confused but she took it anyway. What a lovely gift, she really liked Nick now, he was very friendly! "Ahhh thank yu for your presento!" She said in a happy tone. She put it in her pocket with a lot of care. "Ooh Haro~~ I was on the way to my classu!" Otsu tried to act dumb, and she wasn't exactly lying. Just a few… things happened along the way that led to this situation.

Oh.. a teacher, 'fuck' he thought he could slip into class without being not caught, but he guesses not... at least it's not his homeroom teacher, or otherwise, he'd be in hell. "Er... I was late. So I ran to class, I got stopped, and now I got mugged. I think..." Nick shivered, feeling his shirt being tugged, he looked at Hibiki and gave him a worried smile "Er... um... Hey it's ok, there's no danger, we are fine, don't cry don't be scared!" Nick felt like his jacket was being used as a tissue. He saw Otsu take the wallet. Well, not like there was anything important, just his money. "P-present! Er... um..." Nick was shaking at the teacher

Chalise keeps her perplexed expression as she looks between the three students. Even the one clinging to the other's back like a baby monkey. Rolling her eyes over the fact that this is even happening to begin with. "Look, Just end this foolishness before y'all give me a-mugged? Which one of you has a weapon?" She scolds all three of them. "Whoever it is, give this young man back his belongings. Not to mention, hand your weapon over to me." She holds her hand open for whatever kind of weapon a student may bring to campus.

God this was so emotionally taxing. Too much was going on, he literally went to look for a place that he would claim as his bento eating spot away from everyone. But when Nick went on to try and comfort him, he gently let go of his jacket and took a step away from him, since he was so close. But he struggled with calming down so he tried to wipe his eyes, which required him to lift his glasses off his face. And even though he didn't see anything anyway, he just looked straight into the ground, avoiding unintentionally staring at anyone at all.

Wait... wait what? So it wasn't a gift? She was shocked and upset. And furthermore, hand over the weapons? her dad would kill her if she arrived home without her butterfly knife! "Sumimasen! I thought it was a giftu!" Otsu said in honesty, but Otsu handed the wallet back to the boy sadly. Everyone was so confusing… she had already messed up twice. But one thing was for sure; she really didn't want to hand her knife to the teacher.

"Weapon? What weapon? I don't have any..." Otsu said nervously.

"Sorry miss I didn't mean to bother you" he said looking down a bit. He said "she doesn't need to give me the wallet, it's fine if um..." ree. He cries inside. He just looked at Hibiki sorta worried but trying his best. The kid just wanted to eat… "but she..." he ain't being a rat! he's gonna be silent, don't be a tattle tail!

Keeping the hand out like a statue, she now eyes the girl intently. Now getting a bit of a better clue as to is the most nervous out of the three of them...scratch that. Well, the most suspicious one. Yeah, that is a better way to put it. "Do one of y'all really want to lie to me? We can either hand it over now and get off with a warning." She states in a demanding tone. "Just because the headmaster gives y'all too many breaks." She mumbles that part under her breath before speaking up again. "Or, security can do a check for it and wait for the inevitable. Which one?" The teacher motions her head to the top of the gates. Each side of them rests security cameras capturing it all on film. What makes you think there weren't there?

As the girls were focused more on each other, only Nikolas shooting Hibiki, a concerned look, the purple-haired boy was finally able to calm down. He was no longer crying but he was still very much tense. Somehow he felt like this entire situation was his fault to begin with, and that the scary, authoritarian lady would any moment turn to him and scold him as well. He took a breath through his nose and gently took off his school backpack to put his bento in again. He wasn't hungry anymore.

Otsu was looking at both cameras with a glance multiple times. She sits in silence looking at the lady for several seconds before sighing in defeat, getting her butterfly knife from her pocket, flipping it closed and handing it to the teacher. "...All the weapons?" Otsu said with a sad look on her face, desperate of not having her knife and her other weapons taken away, which was a slip on her part.

He looked at the lady nervous. He had his wallet back at least. but he felt bad. This girl was not in trouble, maybe if he had not run, or maybe if he skipped? He just swayed around nervous. As the ball chain on his leg hilted his movements. "Er... Um… The headmaster... sorry that he gives us breaks..." he said apologizing for no reason.

He gave a small smile to Hibiki. "Um… I guess while we were here we should… Um… i-introduce ourselves" he said almost in a whisper before hearing what Otsu said "you have more than a knife?" he whimpered in fear

As the girl hands her the butterfly knife, Chalise wraps her fingers around it tightly. Placing it in her pocket, she raises both of her eyebrows in shock at her question. More like...She is going to rip someone's head off in the next ten seconds if something doesn't go right.

"Honey...you dug your own grave on that one. Yes, give me all of them! Are you insane?! Knowingly bringing weapons to school like you are about to get shanked in prison? Hand 'em over, then go to detention!" She scolds the heathen amongst the three of them. Then looking at the other two. "You two, get where you're going!" She nearly shouts at them.

Hibiki didn't expect this guy to smile at him. And immediately his face grew red. He couldn't help himself, did you look at this guy? He was tall and strong looking. That's Hibiki's definition of pretty. So he took a quick breath and searched in his backpack quickly, before pulling out a ringed sketchpad and a mechanical pencil. With nimble fingers he flipped through a few very colorful drawings to a blank page and just before he could set it on the page, the teacher raised her voice at him. In a moment of pure shock, he let everything he held to go. - ...! - And then immediately crouched down to collect his stuff in a frenzy. The teacher was terrifying him again, whyyyy...

Nick looked at the teacher, who took the knife and got angry. Oh god did he do a bad thing?!

"Er um..." well heck there's detention for him! 'Heck, I just gave this girl detention. Why do I have the worst timing?' he thought, sighing internally."Er... Well I'm 3 hours late to school so I guess I deserve detention later or at least a warning but maybe we c-can go off with a warning" he said to the former author. He looked at the stuff that fell and went to pick it up. "Here. Be careful ok?"

Otsu clutch her head with both of her hands in disappointment "Oooooooh Oto-san is going to kiru me!" Otsu sighed heavily as she started getting more weapons out of her pocket. A ninja star, a throwing spike, a cat ring, a kusari-gama...and a throwing knife. "What is a detention?" Otsu was homeschooled her entire life, all of these school mechanics were still new to her. It obviously didn't mean good though, if the boy didn't want it to happen...

Hibiki was stressing out over gathering all the spilled pens and brushes out of the pencil case he unzipped to get the mechanical pencil but Nick was being a deer dear and helped with some of the other stuff. Hibiki scratched the back of his head in visible embarrassment. And then quickly wrote down a 'Thank you!' in quite distinguished handwriting. It was honestly surprising how quickly his hand stopped shaking as he set the pencil onto the paper.

As the girl handed the Chalise more and more weapons, the more enraged and annoyed she got about this ordeal. Now she is just praying to every God up there to make this moment stop.

"Now this is just getting ridiculous. Come with me young lady." Chalise says as she nudges Otsu in front of her to keep a close eye on her. Only to look back and see the other two...still right there. "IF I SEE YOU TWO STILL STANDING THERE LIKE STATUES, YOU ARE BOTH GOING WITH HER, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!" She had about enough of this shit.

He helped Hibiki pick up the rest of his things. He saw all the brushes and pens. Maybe he was a painter? pretty! he smiled at the thought. such an important talent. To show people history and a life point through art. He saw the handwriting and blushed "U-um..well a-anyone would do t-the same no problem" he smiled at Hibiki

Then the yelling came in. As if automatically he went into pause. like a deer in headlights. His pupils dilated and he couldn't speak. He was terrified by the yelling. "I..." welp

Hibiki was kinda dying right now. He blushed. Ahh, how did he do that? Now Hibiki blushed again as well just because Nikolas was not allowed to be so great, how dare. But as they got yelled at, he shrunk together in another wave of startlement. But she threatened to take them to detention and Hibiki immediately jumped to pinch at his sleeve and silently begged him to go away from here. He tugged him gently.

Otsu looked sad and said "O-okai, I still don't know what a detention is buto-" She walked in front of Chalise without really knowing where to go. "Will you give weapons back lateru?" Otsu stopped walking just to ask her the question, quite suddenly too"

Chalise lets out a long sigh at the girl's question. There is no way in hell anybody would be as stupid to give back weapons on school grounds. "Absolutely not. You're lucky you haven't been sent to Juvenile Hall for even having one weapon on school grounds." She then looks at the other two students who are still there like statues. She groans to herself as he pinches her eyebrows together. "For. The. Third. Time. Get where ya need to go!" Chalise felt annoyed at the boys standing there still

Nick looked at the girl "D-detention... is... um, a place we all go for when you break a rule..." He said before freezing up again. "I um..." wowie he can't speak "I-i don't know where I need...to go... I'm sorry"

Hibiki was so scared of that woman. She kept threatening him with detention for no reason. Hibiki just looked at Nikolas with a look that just begged for him to just go. Figure things out later. He didn't want to go to detention with the weapon psycho girl. He had already tugged him lightly by his sleeve but he was growing slightly panicked and gripped his jacket a bit stronger. But how much stronger if you have a strength stat of 1? He tugged him again, pointing towards the school. Puppy eyes just begging to go.

"A prace to go if you broke rure? Awww, how was I supposed to know I couldento bringu them?" Otsu pouted as she continued to walk towards the building, very frustrated.

Nick looked at Hibiki, who was shaking very badly. He wanted to move but...

He couldn't. He was too scared. He wanted to move but he was too scared. He has a strength stat of 5. He saw the puppy's eyes but was too scared. He nodded in fear but felt like his feet were sunk in cement...

At this point, the teacher is reconsidering her life choices. This woman has influenced people all over the world with her literary works. Now she is stuck with the new generation of Ultimates that barely even thought of school rules.

Running a hand harshly against her face, she looks at Hibiki. Judging by the bento box, it's easy to tell that he was just on a lunch break. She is fed up, not entirely heartless.

"You two, come with me. Mr. Mikami, consider this a warning. Now, just go anywhere that isn't here." She tries to sound gentle towards him. But that didn't last long as soon as she pulled the brick house of a student by the sleeve.

Hibiki really tried to get Nick out of trouble. Sadly, he didn't even get to know his name. But he didn't linger for too long as well. As soon as they began walking away, he scurried off. He didn't want to eat anymore but.. the break was going to be over soon as well. Best to go to class. Maybe in some time later he'd be able to find another quiet place where he won't be threatened or yelled at.

Front Gate of Hope's Peak Academy

Stefano walked slowly toward the front gate of Hope's Peak... he would admit that he didn't expect to be accepted at such a renowned school in the world…

When one look at Stefano, they can see he is 5'5 ft, has light skin tone, golden blond messy shoulder-length hair, narrow shaped deep blue eyes, and if one focuses on his mouth, one can see that Stefano has prominent, sharp canine... but for some reason he looks a bit androgynous... and he seem to be wearing a black long coat with light gray trim, underneath the coat, he wears a long sleeve gray shirt, black baggy pants, dark gray combat boots, and black leather gloves that have the cross symbol.

While it is nice being acknowledged as someone smart, but... he feels a bit nervous due to his age... he is 14 years old, he is way too young for high school! and people will stare at him for his talent, he knows what he does, but people will be skeptical about it... the Ultimate Exorcist? oh dear…

Stefano 'Alex' Alexeev


Ultimate Exorcist

Fun Fact: Back in Vatican City, he is known as Father Alexeev, and known as one of the youngest and most important Exorcists to come out of Vatican City. After all... he is 14 years old

Kakeru walked back to school after another night of staying awake, he had dark circles around his eyes and he was holding a mug with black coffee. If someone looked at him, he looked older than he is and very tired.

Well this was just another day for Kakeru, he stared around and everything seemed the same, nothing he should worry about...maybe he could even rest his mind, only if he didn't see a new person. When he sees a boy standing at the front gate, he facepalms and mumbles. "Great, another problem!"

Kakeru Hanazawa


Ultimate Risk Analyst

Fun Fact: He is known as one of the Headmaster's favorite students for the usefulness of his talent.

Stefano stood in front of the gate, and was prepared to enter until he heard someone, and calmly turned to the person with dark circles around his eyes and was holding a mug... Stefano raised his brow at him while calmly clasping his hand behind his back. Stefano spoke to him "I will have to apologize, mister, but... did I do something to you or...? because if I did... I apologize..." Stefano say that... but internally he was fuming at this person, who just casually insult him without even meeting him for the first time.

"Not yet..." Kakeru mumbles. "I'm just thinking out loud, sorry for interrupting whatever you were doing." He said after taking a sip of his coffee. "Do you want some coffee?" He asked turning around to open his bag and taking off a thermos bottle full with coffee.

Stefano looked at the male with dark circles then at the thermos bottle full of coffee, and he slowly nods at the offer while trying to calm himself down... he will admit that he has anger issues... and his roommate keep making harder to fix it, but he luckily managed to make his priest persona... "Very well, I accept the offer, as a man of the cloth, I am eternally grateful..." Stefano says to the man

"Oh so you are part of the cloth? I will admit I didn't predict that. I mean why would a person like you come to Hopes Peak? I'm intrigued." Kakeru said as he gave the boy a cup of coffee.

Stefano slightly lowers his head in appreciation for the cup of coffee and the question he received... Stefano gave the male a serene smile "Well, I will admit... that I am considered a prodigy... and one of the youngest members of the Vatican... which I also belong in the minor Order of Exorcist, and the reason why I am here in Hope's Peak, is because my parents told me that this will be a important step in my life... so I took a hiatus and came here to study... I wanted to stay and focus on my duty, but my parents gave me no choice... so I accepted the title of the Ultimate Exorcist... even if I felt I didn't deserve it since I am young..."

"Ultimate Exorcist?" Kakeru places his left hand on his chin, impressed by the data he collected about this boy. "Have you seen any actual demon or had a fight with one before? I'm curious about your culture, I will admit I don't know much about exorcists since I'm a man of science...I tend not to believe in this stuff."

Stefano sighs at the demon question... he tends to get asked a lot about that "Well, that is where things get... a bit off..." Stefano fix his gloves to feel more comfortable... and to hide something there "Most of the exorcists deals with bad or evil spirits mostly, and the ones who are good are helped to find their path to the lord or whatever religion they believe in, we don't judge them since God has said that he love us, no matter what or who we believe in, but..." Stefano looks a bit off "I will admit that I previously fought a demon... and it was very powerful..."

"Hmmm, interesting." This almost made Kakeru impressed, only if he believed in ghosts and gods. "But that's all that has to do with your talent? So you can't be considered the ultimate priest or anything else related to your religion?"

Stefano looks at the male with a sad look "Sadly yes... the reason I was given this talent was due to my record... I was trained in the art of combat and history and I tend to be in the field most of my time, and my success rate is one of the highest among of the young exorcists in the Vatican City" Stefano sips a bit of the coffee "But even though I am mostly in the field, I am still respected by others, which others sometime called me 'Father Alexeev' in the church I am in charge... if I wasn't a Exorcist, then yes... I could have been the Ultimate Priest..."

"Hmm." Kakeru mumbles. "But now that you are in Hope's Peak I can introduce you to the school. I am a veteran here, I have studied in this school for two years now and I know every place you should avoid if you want to live till next year." Kakeru twitches his shoulders and then starts to picture the whole school in his mind.

"2nd year class air conditioner has a flaw on it's left corner, so if you sit right under it, you'll have cold water drops falling on your back, which can cause you to get a cold and lose weeks of classes. I keep telling the professor that the equipment should be fixed, but they just think I'm being naggy" He said frustrated.

Stefano nodded at the male with dark circles and carefully took a sip of the coffee "Hmm... interesting..." Stefano mumbles "I am grateful for your help, I may have gotten lost or stuck in a bad situation in this school... I really like to be healthy and everything... if I get sick, I don't want to lose all the knowledge and time that is available for me... and I would get stuck with my roommate..." Stefano shivered at the thought of being stuck with his roommate... and he realized something

"Oh... how rude of me... I forgot to introduce myself... I am Stefano Alexeev, but you may call Alex if you wish, born in Vatican City, 14 years old and known as the Ultimate Exorcist" Stefano slightly bow at the male

"I'm Kakeru Hanazawa, Ultimate Risk Analyst. Pleased to meet you." He bows back at the boy. "Roommate you say...well I had to trade roommates not too long ago, the boy kept getting sick or bringing unwanted people to our dorm, so I talked to the principal which is my friend and he got kicked out from my dorm. I guess I need a new roommate." Kakeru scratches the back of his head.

Stefano smiles at the now named Kakeru... Hmm... Risk Analyst, really interesting, and useful too "It is a pleasure in meeting you too Kakeru, and my my, that talent is quite interesting, you must be really busy due to that" Stefano said because he observed and saw his dark circles, which means is a sign of tiredness, and the thermos bottle full of coffee…

"Oh? your roommate was causing issues for you? hmm... from the sound of it... it looks like he didn't take care very well of himself and doesn't understand the meaning of personal space..." Stefano said to Kakeru, but blinked at what he said "Principal? you mean the Headmaster, right?" He would not admit it out loud... but he was warned by his parents about the Headmaster through their special information network, who has one of the best info brokers... They were ambiguous about it, but the way they spoke raised red flags for him, but he won't say anything until he discovers more about it... "I sadly can't leave my roommate alone... I will admit that she causes... many issues... I remember she accidently blew up an abandoned factory, and she didn't even realize what happened, and she is a total... Otaku..." Stefano said embarrassed being near her "but she is... stuck with me, even if she annoys me..." Stefano clutch at his head due remembering every shenanigans she causes

"Yeah I had to teach him how to respect personal space." Kakeru internally chuckles as if he was the dark side of Kermit the Frog…

"Oh well you seem like a nice roommate, but I won't force you to move to my dorm if you don't want to, I'll just keep trying to find a new one." Kakeru shrugs, his face looked more alive after that cup of coffee. "I mean most people wouldn't like to share a room with me, I know that. Having to live with someone that stays in the computer all the time, when isn't at school...I know the risks of developing a labor related disease that I have..." Kakeru was trying to seem like a poor boy, without options. Maybe he would convince the exorcist to move with him.

Stefano puts his hand on his chin though... Hmm... interesting... The way he is acting is desperate... but I am stuck with a roommate, so he can't do anything abou- wait... yes! this must be his chance! "Hmm..." Stefano takes a sip of his coffee and he looks at Kakeru "I see... I will admit that I hardly ever get roommates due to my... serious and dutiful nature, and my young age causes people to be surprised and won't take me seriously..." Stefano knows that where he lives is great, but... his roommate is too dangerous... and doesn't leave him alone... Hell... she is trying to hook with him, and making a harem for himself... like he is a man of God! he won't fall for petty temptation! and additionally... he is too young for that... and she is lucky that she will have her own apartment for herself, but... he will visit since he will need to clean her mess and... she will stalk him no matter what... like how she is doing it now... sorry for his crude word, but... 'I CAN SEE YOU BITCH!' again... sorry…

Stefano noticed Beleth being in the bush, and she was giving him a pout and looks like she was about to cry... he just glared at her and in his eyes basically said leave, and she sulks away, and he turned to Kakeru with a serene smile on his face "I must say... it must be really bad if you can't find a roommate, and not having someone to help you if you get a disease..." Stefano fake sigh "if you want... I can be your roommate" he knows he fell for Kakeru's trap, but to be able to escape her is a blessing from God! "if you want, I can stay in the dorm or you can stay in the penthouse I own" Stefano wanted to give him options at least…



Fun Fact: There isn't much information regarding Beleth, but it has been mentioned they were involved in the destruction of many abandoned buildings around the world, and the destruction is normally located where Stefano Alexeev is found in the area.

Kakeru smiles as he saw that the boy fell for his tricks. "That's nice. You seem like the perfect roommate for me, but I have to tell you some rules first. You can't get in the room after 10pm, I use the bathroom exactly at 8am, 12am, 3pm and 8pm. So you can't use them at this time..." Kakeru kept explaining the rules to be his roommate nonstop.

Stefano saw Kakeru smiling at him, which made him realize that he believed he fell for it... you know what? he might as well let him have it... since he is known as the Ultimate Risk Analyst, so maybe it isn't good... you know... analyst him?

Stefano kept smiling as Kakeru started to point out all the rules... yea, he can see why people don't want to be his roommate..., but luckily, he is used to following rules back in Vatican City. Just in case, he pulls out a small notebook and starts to write all of it…

But... he noticed something from afar... and it was a sign... which was being held by his now ex-roommate, which said the following "Why are you leaving me?! I have everything planned for you! EVEN THE HAREM! and why are you moving with this loser! Fuck Risk! He is pulling you down with him! Don't leave me!" the more he goes reading it... the worst the writing gets... yikes... Beleth is getting desperate now... luckily she didn't start exploding the place... so with a quick glare, which told her that he will explain himself to her, she huffed and left... before feeling excruciating pain in where his hand is being hidden by the gloves, but he managed to hold his expression in... she must be really angry, which is rare for her... and bad for him... oh the stuff she is going to do to him…

Kakeru smiled, he already had a contract ready for this moment, maybe this roommate would be more respectful and nice to him, they could even become...what is the word. Tolerable, towards each other. He gives the boy the contract and ignores the sounds he was hearing from somewhere near. "Here you can sign this, after that you can move to my apartment tomorrow."

Stefano pressed a bit on his hand as the pain went away... he wasn't expecting Beleth to be mad... he is so going to suffer from her... so he saw Kakeru smiling at him, and pulled out a contract out of nowhere... okay? that is weird... How did he know he was going to find a roommate? and why was he carrying a contract with him? Whatever…

Stefano put his coffee on one of the benches that was outside and grabbed the contract that Kakeru was giving him, and he decided to read the detail, info, or fine prints. He will admit that he ain't no fool, and fall for something terrible on himself "Okay, give me some time to read it, I prefer to check the details of the contract since I always have to be careful what I sign, no matter what..." Stefano started to read the contract that was given to him.

"Take your time. You don't need to give me the final word right now, let's do it like this..." Kakeru said, pulling a pen out of his pocket and a piece of paper, he then wrote his phone number on it and gave it to the exorcist. "Once you have read all of it, you can give me a call and then I'll settle things for you to go live with me."

Library of Hope's Peak Academy

The quiet boy walked into the library and moved around it's perimeter glancing over all the rows of leather bound books that furnished the shelves they laid on. While each one perhaps were interesting to their own degree the boy didn't seem too interested in any of them. Instead he simply found one of the couches that were here, to note the comfiest one he could and sat down upon it in a polite manner with his back straight. Other than that nothing much happened, he just sat and stared at the wall of books for no discernable reason.



Ultimate Assistant

Fun Fact: Sigma is one of the most mysterious students in Hope's Peak Academy, but he is known to have multiple siblings with their own quirky personality and skill set.

Shion was sitting in one of the couches with a table in front of him... he was focused on his tarot card reading... he knows that he is super lucky, but he wants to see how his day will go, but... he felt someone sitting near him and opened his eyes and saw a boy... who was really quiet... looking at the books... so Shion decided to speak to him "Er... Hello?"



Ultimate Utaite

Fun Fact: Shion has a habit of having collaboration with other artists around the world, and he can flawlessly sing any songs in the original language. And his father is known as the Former Ultimate Manager.

The boy's head like it was stuck on it's axis turned stiffly to stare at him with one glaring silver eye; the rest of its face was just blank in a default blackness like nothing was there. The boy spoke bluntly and with a dry monotone emotionless expression "Hello. Is there something you need?"

Shion actually felt unnerved for the first time in his life... this person... his presence feels... empty! Shion sweats a bit and flips his card very quickly... and pales at what he saw... it was the Death card... oh boy... Shion decided to answer his question with a smile "Oh nothing serious, I just wanted to see if you need help since you are staring at those books" Shion suddenly looked shocked "Oh my! I forgot to introduce myself! I am Shion! The Ultimate Utaite!" Shion introduced himself

"I was passing the time. I don't need any help." The gaze the boy held stayed firm and stagnant locked into the other boy's eyes. The stare felt intense, overwhelming, and almost oppressive. Like facing a void and having your entire thoughts be swallowed into, like his gaze pierce through his body and soul and each nervous thought scuttering in his head was laid bare in front of this person. As his head stayed still the read of his body turned to face where his gaze did. Slowly and with a methodic rhythm he stood from his seat and was left standing between his previous seat and Shion's own seat "What is an Utaite?" Was all he answered back with, the entire rest of the introduction being brushed aside as if it was a gentle wind bouncing off of his menacing presence

Oh? What's this? A calm peaceful library with a few gentlemen having a humble conversation at a respectable volume? Not on Jack's watch. So far Jack's explored most of the school! Interesting place, he should probably be doing productive things like studying but... come on! That's loser talk, and besides what's a daredevil supposed to study? How to die faster? Now onto the next area and— HEY! Books! Jack does not read those but he will at least pretend to. He starts to suddenly sprint down the hall at full speeds; BUSTING through the library doors and in his speedy momentum, cannot skid to a halt in time— he yelps as one of the couch chairs in the library is in his path and he... well, inevitably runs into it and is flung over the couch right onto his face. What an introduction!

Shion... didn't know what to say about this boy... the boy is staring at him with such focus, that he doesn't even know how to react! And hey, he's supposed to be Shion, The Ray of Moonlight! He doesn't get scared easily... Oh boy! HE IS GETTING CLOSER! WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?! Oh...?

As Shion heard the boy's question of what it means to be a Utaite... he managed to relax a bit... oh, he was just simply curious...Well! He should at least answer him

"Well! A Utaite is a singer who covers previously released songs and posts them on Nico Nico Douga and YouTube, most Utaite cover Vocaloid original songs, anime, game related songs, and J-pop! Of course some of them do their original songs! There are Utaite artists so popular that they perform on stage and go on tours!" Shion finishes explaining what is a Utaite to the boy... of course, there is more important detail about a Utaite, but he doesn't want to bored him

Suddenly the library door was busted open, and someone was running at full speed, and went flying when they hit one of the chairs and slammed his face into the couch... Shion just... blinked at what just happened… "Okay... what just happened...?" Shion said confusedly

The boy blinked for a moment though it really was just a wink seeing as he only had one visible eye before he responded "What is Nico Nico Douga and YouTube?" His quest for answers is put on halt for a moment at the person who crashed into the couch. Turning around he walked over and moved to pull the couch back up to its rightful place before looking down at the person who fell into it "Are you okay?"

Jack immediately shoots his head up and looks at the boy standing over him. he stares completely unfazed from that harsh landing and just grins wide like a dumb goof. "Hey! ah didn't lose any teeth this time!" He springs up with a hop and huff and gives a confident pose full of optimism and dumbass energies. There's a heavy Texan twang in his speech, that sweet kind of accent that's welcoming and upbeat. He swiftly jabs a hand out for this stranger to offer a friendly shake, "sorry to disturb ya and this here other fellar, ran too fast ah reckon! Don't worry ah've gotten way worse scuffs and bruises before! That was nothin' really." He snorts into a little chuckle.

Sigma leans up straight and places his arm back to a neutral position at his side watching the boy hop up onto his feet "Okay." That was it, that was all he got. An okay

Shion continued blinking in surprise, but it slowly faded away since he saw that the stranger shoot his head up and jumped with a lot of energy, and started to grin wide and pose with optimism... and the way he spoke seems to be really cheerful... and Shion saw the stranger jab a hand out to the... eerie boy... and realized that he won't respond to the stranger either way... but he decided to answer to the stranger "Hey! Don't worry about it! it happens to the best of us!" Shion spoke with a soft tone, which seemed to be like the moon shining on the water... calm... but underneath it, it seems to be radiating a tinge of energy that looks to be his cheerfulness "I must say! That was a total wipeout, but I will admit that it looks so cool!" Shion said excitedly

No handshake... ah, jack just lets his hand awkwardly stay there for a second before he reels it back in with a laugh, quick to get the subject into something else as to not feel embarrassed about that— "well that was just an everyday slip up there! Ah've done way cooler stuff than that— most of tha time I'll break a bone ooor lose a couple teeth or two. But nothin some teeth implants that now make up over have your actual teeth and a quick surgery to fix er right up! Heck, now lemme try to recall a good stunt... oh! A classic— jumpin over a tank of hungry piranhas on mah bike was a good one... who knew they were jumpers though! Got 5 stitches that day! or how about when I went skydiving that once without a parachute?! That one was fun! Almost died, but where's tha fun if your life don't flash before ya eyes 2 meters before ya hit tha ground?" He almost bounces in place just thinking about those near death experiences. How the FUCK is he not dead yet?!. "Oh! Where are mah manners? Name's Jack Pinscher!"

Shion heard what the stranger said, he was really surprised at what he was being told... everyday slip?! That's crazy! Most of the slips he got, Shion somehow managed to get himself in balance, whether with banana peels, people, animals and everything, heck! One time, a meteor fell right beside him! And... somehow it managed to save his life since an empty car was going to hit him... huh? he just realized that? Shion shook his thoughts off, so he continued to listen to the stranger, the more he talks, the more he gets confused... like how the FUCK is he still alive! But still impressive nonetheless... wait... is he wearing heels? Shion heard the stranger introduce himself, so he wanted to respond kindly "Ah! It's great to meet you Jack! My name is Shion!"

The other boy just watches the exchange between the two and lets his eye glance back and forth as they speak, sucking up everything they say along with their simple mannerism and gestures. He didn't have anything he wanted to say so he kept quiet and let the two have their talk.

Jack gives Shion a tiny salute, "pleasure ta meet ya too! Now what was ah here fir... OH BOOKS! Those things! Be right back—" and he shots off to wander around the library in search of a book. Books make you smarter right?

As Shion was about to continue talking with Jack, he heard him say the reason why he came to the library, and dashed off away... He saw that he was going to enter the non fiction section... But he got siked out and saw him enter the children's books section... Now that he thinks about it... why is there even a children's books section...? Of course, there are talents that focus on Children, but still… Shion quickly shook his head and focused on the mysterious boy... "Well... what were you asking me again?" Shion asked

"What is Nico Nico Douga and Youtube?" Sigma repeats word for word in the same tone has he had done before staring back at Shion as he answered

Shion closes his eyes, puffs his chest and sticks his tongue out cutely... wait... he just realized something... he doesn't know what YouTube or Nico Nico Douga is...? Okay... that seems weird, but he will answer to the best of his limit! since of course, it focuses around his talent!

"Nico Nico Douga and YouTube are video-sharing platforms, which allow someone to upload and share videos with billions of people, and it has a massive amount of videos that cover multiple things! like gaming, fashion, music, sports, news, movies, etc! oh right! I forgot to mention this little tidbit! is that Nico Nico Douga focuses around Asia and YouTube focuses on America, and... I believe Europe and other continents too!"

Sigma listens in silence as Shion explains to the best of his ability what exactly those two websites were. While he spoke that intense gaze returned trained on the boy. It wasn't too clear if he got any of the information given to him as he only seemed to react after the bot was done talking with a simple nod followed by saying "Okay."

Shion wasn't sure if the boy was paying attention to him or not since the only way he respond is 'Okay'... and that's all... and the way he talk is... really monotone... as if like a robot or something, but eh... he isn't sure... but he decided to see if he wanted to know something else about his talent or what he was doing... sadly... his talent if you think about it, isn't that impressive at all... he just really popular in Nico Nico Douga and YouTube... and the occasional concerts that make him feel like a idol... if you start to think about it, he can be of any talent that focuses on vocals, like the Ultimate Vocalist, Singer, Idol, etc. other than that... he isn't all that complex… "Sssssooooo~ anything else you want to know about my talent, what I was doing, additional information or heck! even about me!" Shion tries to make the boy open up, even if it isn't all that successful.

The boy looks him up and down for a moment moving closer to circle slowly around him like a shark around a boat before stopping in his tracks "No." Sigma said no

Shion sweats a bit when the boy starts to move closer to him and circle slowly around me... ugh... it sends shivers down my spine... and he suddenly stops and his response... a resounding no... sigh... what I should have expected… "I see now..." Shion sweat drops as the boy responds, jeez... harsh crowd... I thought it was easier to impress people and all that... when... I could have more difficult people, so this is nothing at least…

The boy glanced behind him back at a row of books before looking back at him, it was a few crushing seconds of silence before he raised his hand and loftily pointed behind him at the table of cards Shion had been playing with before "What are those?"

Shion blinked at the silence, then he looked where the boy was pointing toward... and it was toward his tarot cards, so the boy is interested in his tarot cards deck? "Oh! Those are tarot cards! they are used as playing cards, or tools of the divine, which I mean that is the people used it to see what prophecy the gods are giving to them! but those are basic information, they are more detail that people skip over"

"Gods are imaginary. So you just play around with them? Match them? No. Each one has a different picture." The boy's eye is fixated on the cards as he mumbles off to himself responding to his one question before taking a step over and leaning forward to get a better look at the cards "You tell a story with them?"

Shion smiles at the boy, who realizes that there is something deeper in the cards than simple play cards or tools of the divine, he will admit that he isn't crazy about religion, but he will say that religion has an interesting story… Shion dramatically pointed at the boy with a happy grin "That's right! These cards that you are seeing are called the Major Arcana! Each one of them represents everybody! even yourself! and we may not know it, but we experience our own story! which is called the Fool's Journey... the story is vague to us... but in reality, there is a reason why... the purpose of the Fool's Journey is known as the complete arch of the psychological life, which begins with the childlike innocence of someone just coming into the world and ends with wholeness and fulfillment of a person who has well learned life's lessons! Each card has its own meaning that represents something symbolic! Like..."

Shion pick one of the cards, which has a figure, who has his arms flung wide, and his head held high, while standing a cliff, oblivious that he could fall , and has a dog right by his side, underneath it has the number 0 "This card is known as the number Zero! also known as the Fool Arcana! the reason why it's called the Fool's Journey! The Fool is the card of beginnings. The Fool stands for each of us as we begin our journey of life. He is a fool because only a simple soul has the innocent faith to undertake such a journey with all its hazards and pain. And it has two paths to take... the path of fulfillment... and the path... of the broken..."

Sigma nods throughout the entire explanation as he simply just listens. For anyone that was a large amount of information to take in but he didn't seem too bothered by it. Mainly it didn't seem as anything bothered the boy as he kept the same placid neutral expression as always. After Shion finished explaining the fool he leaned over and pulled two cards from the pile and set them in front of them, for whatever reason those two seemed to catch his attention "These two, what are they?" In front of him was the 9th card the hermit and poking from underneath it was the 11th card the justice

Shion raised his brow when he saw that the boy had the same expression on him, but he suddenly leaned over, and picked two cards. The boy asked him what those cards he just picked were, hmm... interesting, he must have felt curious about those cards... Shion leans a bit to see what the cards are, he realized that the boy had picked the Hermit and the Justice, hmm... I wonder why… "Oh ho! you are curious about the Hermit and the Justice Arcana?! Very then! I will explain to you!" Shion struck a pose that seemed similar to a wise old man "The Hermit Arcana... it represented the need to find deeper truth. The Fool is led to ask himself the age-old question "Why?" He becomes absorbed with the search for answers, not from an idle curiosity, but out of a deeply felt need to find out why people live, if only to suffer and die." Shion nods wisely "The Fool begins to look inward of themselves, trying to understand his feelings and motivations. The sensual world holds less attraction for him, and he seeks moments of solitude away from the frantic activity of society. In time he may seek a teacher or guide who can give him advice and direction."

"And now... The Justice Arcana... isn't easily explained what it means... but in the Fool's Journey, it was mentioned that The Fool must now decide what The Wheel of Fortune gave him a vision and what it means to him personally. He looks back over his life to trace the cause and effect relationships that have brought him to this point. He takes responsibility for his past actions so he can make amends and ensure a more honest course for the future. The demands of Justice must be served so that he can wipe the slate clean. This is what it truly means: Justice Arcana..."

Shion looked at the ceiling and took a deep breath "This card is very important... This is a time of decision for the Fool. He is making important choices... Will he remain true to his insights... or will he slip back into an easier, more unaware existence that closes off further growth...? who knows? that is the very important one must go through..." Shion will admit that the boy seems to be very close to the Hermit Arcana... the reason he says that is quite simple... the curiosity... his wishes to know about everything, maybe that is the reason why he asked... but, why is then the Justice Arcana is close to him...? He will need to observe him very carefully and understand his reason for living, then maybe... he will be able to find his important choice in life…

"So...this one is the truth hidden away from oneself and others." His eye glances over to the hermit card which he moves to the side of the justice "This one is for changing the world to it's order." He pauses for a moment before simply flipping the justice card over and placing it back into the pile to be just like all the other cards "I think I understand that better now, thank you." While his appreciation was given there was no elation or cheer in his voice, nor sorrow or penance. Simply words from his mouth in a static existence.

Shion was still worried about the boy... who seems really monotone... he feels something is wrong with him, but doesn't know why... is he a human? or something else? who knows... but he will admit that the boy is curious about the world itself... and he seems to understand the meaning of the cards… "Yes, you got it right... that is the meaning, and purpose of the Hermit and Justice Arcana, so your welcome!" Sure... Shion thought it was going fine, but that was actually the boy most talked to him! Progress, Baby!

The boy simply nodded in reply to the other's words. That was it, he seemed to grasp what he wanted to learn so for now he was done. Moving away from the cards the boy goes to grab a book and flip through a few pages before moving back to his seat and sitting down

Shion nods at the boy, it seems like his reason to learn is over, and will continue to do something else to fill his need of knowledge... and there he goes... he picked his book and sat down to read... sigh... he didn't even introduce himself... and Jack is doing something in the Children's Books section... you know what? I feel like going somewhere else… Shion picked his tarot cards and stored it on his deck box, and put it inside it in his jacket's sleeve, and proceeded to leave the library.

Teacher's Office of Hope Peak Academy

Katalina Viktorovna Viveca... one of the teachers in Hope's Peak... she will admit that this wasn't her main choice of work... but she felt that she needed to take a break from her Cyberwarfare job... she of course is still helping them by giving them instruction and more, but... she just felt that she can't focus too much on her duty and not allow it to go to her head... so she asked for a break from work... they thought she deserved it since she doesn't ever take a break... never… and thought... she could teach the students of the future..., but... there are some students who seem to enjoy causing issues with the school... and 'Knock Knock' that sound like one of them... "Come in!" she shouted for the student to enter.

Katalina Viktorovna Viveca


Former Ultimate Cyberwarfare Specialist

Fun Fact: She is married to the Former Ultimate Bladesmith, and she is one of the best in Information Warfare back in Russia.

A boy charged inside and immediately slammed the door behind him. He appeared out of breath. It was apparent he was crying. "S-Someone called me a douchebag!" He cried out. "Do something! Expel him! I am not a douchebag!" The pathetic wails of the boy were almost ear shattering as he continued blubbering about how it wasn't fair that he was being picked on. "S-So do something! Get rid of that bully!"

Katalina... just pinch between her eyes in disappointment... She is looking at one of the best in robotics... and she is seeing a childish immature teen, who believes he is evil... and he came here to demand to expel someone who called him a douchebag...? and the pathetic wails... oh... if he was in her team back in Russia... she will be screaming at him and tell him to stop being pathetic... but alas... she is a teacher... and a teacher is supposed to be helpful... and her husband will just tease her to no end... she is surprised she married him…

"What is your name?" She demanded the boy to tell him "and why would I expel someone for just calling you a douchebag? and the teachers aren't in charge of expelling students, we can only report to the headmaster" even if the Headmaster is hiding many terrible things and she wants to arrest him, but that would ruin some of the reputation of Hope's Peak... you are wondering how she knows that? please... she was the Former Ultimate Cyberwarfare Specialist, she can gain info very easily, to the point of being close to the Ultimate Info Broker, Blackmailer, or Hacker, and superior in military focus than them.

The wailing was reduced to mere sniffles as he wiped away stray tears from his eyes. "M-My name...?" He cleared his throat and put his hands on his hips. "I suppose I won't have you executed for forgetting something as important as my name. Just, don't do it again. Mmkay?." His hands locked themselves to his hip.

"My name is Kyoshi, Nakata. The Ultimate Robotics Expert. When I unleash my soldiers of steel out to the world, nothing will remain. So get used to my name, teacher. For I am your God! and I am fresh out of mercy..." Kyoshi let out a large evil cackle. If your character is a fan of superhero movies, you'll know most of the lines were stolen. "I demand action be taken on the student. Or I'll put you both on my list." He pulled out a girly looking diary from his book bag. "You wouldn't want that. Trust me"

Katalina just blankly stared at Kyoshi, who was ranting at her non-stop... and was giving some of the most villain clichés lines she ever heard... she took a deep breath... calm down Katalina... he is a student, you can't shout and swear at a student, that will make you look bad... "Are... you threatening me kid? and demanding to expel a student...?"

Katalina angrily glared at Kyoshi "Kid, I was the Former Ultimate Cyberwarfare Specialist... with the tap of a finger... I can destroy your entire career... so I don't see you as a threat, so I suggest researching carefully who you are dealing with, because with the way you act, there might be consequences in your action..." Katalina at least didn't scream at him... nobody likes her being screaming at them... minus her husband, he is weird as hell... "

Kyoshi gave a sadistic grin to the teacher as he opened his diary to a seemingly random page and began writing into the page. 'TEACHER, CYBERWARFARE.' "We'll see about that, teacher." He closed the book with an audible thud and shoved it back into his book bag. "Just, don't say I didn't warn ya." He winked his yellow eye and turned around. "Alright then, do you have anything else you want to blabber about? Or are you done wasting my valuable time?"

Katalina kept glaring at Kyoshi "Really? I am the one wasting your time? you came here crying like a pathetic child, but because how pathetic and stupid you were acting, I am going to be lenient and give you two weeks of detention for threatening a teacher, you are lucky I ain't giving you a two month of detention or worse... I might call your parents... you know what? I might as well" Katalina can't believe this is the future generation of Hope's Peak…

Keep your calm, keep your calm Katalina... what would your husband say? "Haha! I love it when you're angry! yes! keep screaming at me! then we can go at it like crazy!" Yeah... no... he is kind of messed up and no help... but whatever... for a Former Ultimate... he isn't what most people think... at least he doesn't show how he privately acts in public…

Kyoshi crossed his arms. "Yeah, good luck trying to find my parents." He let out a loud laugh. "And you think you can threaten me by sitting around in detention? I love detention!" The boy clapped his hands together cheerfully. "Ah! You and I are going to have a really great time together, teacher! Detention just means we can spend more time together..." Kyoshi stood at the door with a shit eating grin. "Soooo... later tonight then? I'll make sure to bring my air horn. Mwahahaah~!"

Katalina stares blankly at Kyoshi... she kept the stare until he reached to the door and gave his shit eating grin at her, but... she returned her own shit eating grin at him "I see now... you love detention and being all evil then... you might consider mandatory community service and helping people as punishment then?" Katalina smirk at her

"You want to enslave me?!" Tears began to brim his eyes. "T-That's so cruel! I'm supposed to rule over the Galaxy, and now you're going to reduce your emperor to a simple peasant?! The boy shot an accusatory finger at her. "You don't get to boss me around! A pentagram on the back of his hand appeared to glow. Although, on close inspection, your character can see it's red sharpie.

"You let the actual culprit who called me a douchebag get away! You called me pathetic and stupid! Do not think I won't tell the headmaster all this." Kyoshi traced the pentagram with his hand. His one amber eye watched her with an intense focus. "How about this. You say sorry and excuse me from any community service... and I'll let you keep your job! Mwahahaah!"

Katalina just... stared at him... like she doesn't understand what is happening anymore... Kyoshi must have his head dropped when he was a baby or something? Katalina puts her hand up and lifts one finger "Okay... First... I can boss you around in a way, I am technically your teacher"

Katalina lift another finger "Two, He only called you a douchebag, most insults doesn't require one giving detention or expelling them, if they physically hit you, then maybe detention, but he didn't, so... and the Headmaster won't listen to you, he has much more important stuff to do" Katalina believe he just doing shady stuff... "than with a teacher saying the truth and having kid whined to him"

Katalina lift her third finger "Third, and lastly, I don't care much of this job, but I don't have much option in the matter and no, you won't be escaping mandatory community service, and the things is... you came running here and suddenly threatening me, so yeah, no escape for you" Katalina smirk

Kyoshi has a look of fear on his face as he knows he will not escape his punishment of community service.

Detention Room of Hope's Peak Academy

A pale guy, with purple messy hair walks in the detention, he seems to be disturbed by something as he keeps fidgeting and twitching his head to the side, he is also mumbling something, but you can't understand what. He isn't holding his bag or anything of his belongings, he is just there. He finally seems to get back to reality and chooses a spot to sit, just so he can continue to mumble.

Luca walked in holding his backpack with only one strap. He takes a look at his surroundings not showing much of what was going on his mind and then slowly makes his way to a desk close to Kakeru, Luca sits on the chair and crosses his legs over the desk before mumbling something. "Tch... protesting against animal harm shouldn't lead me to detention, what a joke..." If you protest without asking for a superior's permission then yes it should.

Luca Akabane


Ultimate Hazardous Waste Technician

Fun Fact: One of his nicknames is the Trashman

Kakeru turns his head to face the boy beside him, he recognized him from his class, well not that Kakeru pays attention to his classmates that much, but this one in particular caught his attention, it's not easy to calculate the risks from a job like his, there are so many, Kakeru's neurons burn trying to figure the right number. He pokes the boy's shoulder and goes for a casual talk. "Hey! Have you considered changing your job?"

Luca didn't see that coming, why on earth would he want to change his job? "Humm... no... thanks?" He retreats his legs and sits up once the other boy approaches him, his face was familiar but he couldn't remember his name. "You were hm... Kentarou? ...Kagerou? Ah... Kakuto yes?" He scratches his chin in thought, no that wasn't right...

Kakeru stares at him with a poker face. Luca couldn't read what this boy was thinking, but after a few seconds he seemed displeased. "I'm Kakeru Hanazawa, we are in the same class. And I would suggest working on something less risky, you know playing with garbage will end up making you sick and you being sick, can end up making me sick since we stay in the same class for 8 hours a day. So yeah, why not consider changing your job." Kakeru twitched his head, his eyes closing for a moment as if he fell asleep.

Okay, Luca didn't even know this guy "Hey hey listen here, I know it sounds dangerous but I take my job very seriously I use all of my security equipment and I follow the procedures, I'm responsible. Don't worry little one, I won't get sick anytime soon."

"There is just so many possibilities of things going wrong...I-I don't want to risk it." He rubs the back of his head and thinks better about the situation, he probably shouldn't have approached the boy this way, he was bigger and stronger than him, if he didn't act carefully this could result in the boy being mad and giving him a punch in the face. "W-well uh, maybe we could talk about it some other time. I listened to you mumbling something, was it the reason you are here?"

Luca was with the impression that this guy wasn't paying enough attention to him "So huh...what about you? What are you doing here?" Trust me it hurts him to ask Kakeru about his life when he could be talking about himself instead.

"Why am I here? The principal asked me to calculate what were the chances of someone from detention to attack the teacher that is here with us, judging who is around here, I would say...35%, it's a low percentage." Kakeru said as he texted the principal the numbers he got by analyzing the students.

"Oh? I wonder why they would ask that of you- OH! Would that be?" He snaps his fingers like he just solved a hard case when in fact the truth was quite obvious. "That's your talent, right? To analyze risks?" Luca could only think that Kakeru must be very important to have the principal ask him directly to gather information for him, maybe it would be a good idea to befriend this guy.

"Yeah, you got it right. I had predicted you would discover it soon enough and since most people like a challenge, I decided not to say anything before, my bad." Kakeru yawns after he finishes speaking. "I also think this is a quiet place for a nap, I haven't slept in days, so I might try to rest a bit, if only my brain allow it"

"Do you have ADHD or something?" He asked after taking a closer look at the guy, he seemed like someone who hasn't slept in ages. "It must be tough to keep analyzing things non stop. But we could have a good use for you at our company, I'm always careful but there's some rookies who can't take their job seriously. "The thought of those people who were infected by some pretty hard core diseases. made Luca grimace slightly.

"Are you offering me a job?" Kakeru places his hand on his chin and then opens his bag, to remove his cellphone. It was an old model, but for Kakeru it was enough for him to keep contact with his employees and close friends. "Hmmm, I think I'm pretty much busy this month. I have another 12 job offers, even though I'm already in 6 different jobs, so I'm afraid I can't take it."

"Wow wow hold on! I meant that it would be nice to have someone like you, not you specifically. My bad I should have worded myself better." In fact he meant that he wanted to have Kakeru around but not like he can take a no so lightly. "But damn! You're a beast! I can barely stand for 6 hours at work without dying to take a nap. I'm responsible you know, but God that's just too much." He shook his head in disbelief.

"Thanks for the compliment, but it's something expected since I have trained my body to be focused on work." Kakeru crossed his arms. "Also I don't have a good sleeping schedule so it leaves me with more time to focus on my work."

"Dude..." Luca was genuinely concerned for the first time in his life, he was so shocked by that fact that words couldn't even leave his mouth and that's something basically impossible to achieve.

Kakeru simply continues to write in his notebook, without caring about Luca's answer. He should have delivered these results to the principal in the afternoon, so his mind was working like crazy. "Would you define yourself as a dangerous person?" Kakeru said out of the blue.

"Eh?" He chuckled it off, him? A dangerous person? "Well I try my best not to be hehe. "He was feeling oddly uneasy around Kakeru, could he really predict everything that could happen? Could he predict what Luca would do next? Or say next?

"Hmm, that didn't convince me much. You look like someone that is unpredictable or at least for most people you are unpredictable...I'll have to keep an eye on you. I mean not in an affectionate way, just because the principal wants me to."

"I wouldn't have thought otherwise." He stands up from his desk and leaves his assignment at the teacher's desk. He did finish it while he was chatting with Kakeru but he stood around mostly because he was curious to know more about his classmate. Do you have anything else you want from me? I'm heading to the cafeteria to get something to eat, if you wanna tag along I don't mind."

"Sure. I don't see why standing here would benefit me in any way. I already have studied this environment well enough." He then also stands up, he bows in respect to the teacher and leaves the room before Luca. When he sees his classmate walking by the door he stops the man and says. "You'll walk 4 steps behind me as we go to the cafeteria, I don't want anyone to associate me with someone like you, you were in detention for a reason and I don't want to be seen as someone with a bad character."

"Okay hold on." Luca was fine with being insulted but no one, NO ONE, tells him what to do. "Now listen here if you think I'll go around following your pompous ass around school like a lost puppy you are fucking wrong!" His nostrils were huffing air like he was some kind of a wild animal and along with his shark like teeth it did look like he was about to bite Kakeru's arm off. "DON'T FUCK WITH ME!"

"I see I didn't have to provoke you much to get on your aggressive side...my predictions were right, sadly. I think we won't get along." He crosses his arms and closes his eyes for a few seconds. This boy needs some sleep"I think it will be better for both,mostly me if we avoid meeting in the future, I wouldn't like to be bitten by you or even worse. Have a nice day Akabane-san." Kakeru said with a bow as he started to walk through the corridor.

I-Is he even human? "Good! You fuck off!" At least like that it will seem like he was able to scare Kakeru away. "What a dick..." Luca mumbled to himself before walking in the opposite direction and leaving.

Theater of Hope's Peak Academy

Slowly running her hands over the velvet of the seats, the long blond girl walked towards the stage. Once she reached it her palm slid across the smooth surface. Tilting her head to the side a soft smile grew onto her lips before walking onto the stage. She took a deep breath before she closed her eyes and started to sing.

Rusalka Lagunova Lubommirovna


Ultimate Vocalist

Fun Fact: Her Stage name is The Swan

Ah... a gorgeous and a place fitting for royalty or such makes him remember the court dances he would often be invited...that or when he was serving as a scolt for royal members. As he stepped in, he noticed someone singing, oh my! A lady was singing, well, it would be respectful to sit and let her sing, after all, it's a theater and she is offering a show! It would only be polite since interrupting would be rude.

Leon Ashworth


Ultimate Knight

Fun Fact: He is the leader of the knights back in England

Finishing her song the Russian woman grabbed her dress and took a bow. Like how she would after all her performances. Opening her blue eyes she saw someone. The girl blushed a bit. expecting not to see anyone. She coughed. "H-Hello there" She said in a thick accent." I wasn't expecting anyone else to be here." A bit flustered now she hid in her hair a bit more.

Leon clapped after the little show was officially over "it was marvelous, a true charming exhibition of your talent my lady" He smiled as he stood up and walked "My apologies if I disturbed your moment of peace, I wanted to wander around, I just happened to stumble when you were starting, I thought it would be rude to interrupt so I decided to stay and listen, a truly remarkable show" he bowed at the lady singing.

Wow she's hiding in her face more in her hair. Does she even have a face anymore? "Oh you are very kind. sir." Taking a quick breath she got off the stage and walked over to the man. No use in being rude to someone kind. "I am Rusalka Lagunova. It is nice to meet you"

He bowed and smiled "Sir Leon Ashworth, Ultimate Knight, an honor to make your acquaintance" he commented as doing his best to not get his clothes dirty, that wouldn't be very gentleman like behavior.

"Oh how polite you are. You truly must be a knight." She held her hand out to him to shake. "I'm the ultimate vocalist." The girl held her hands together. "I've never met a knight before. This is rather interesting``

"truly a noble and charming talent to have Miss Lagunov" he replied so calmly "well, if you wanna see it on a more casual manner, you could say we are sort of bodyguards for the royalty, it's a vague way to put it, but knight takes more to it, but in general it's hard to speak about knights without thinning on medieval times, which is understandable" he chuckled a bit

She perked up a bit as he spoke more. Getting more comfy as they talked. "Oh Da,Da. That makes sense." She chuckled as well. "I used to have a bodyguard...Do you like your job?"

He nodded "I do, if it means serving and protecting for noble causes, it's all worth it, it's the pride of a knight to serve and protect, I also work as a sort of officer to help justice be served around the kingdom I serve" he sat down and smiled.

The girl smiled. "That is a rather noble cause." She sat down into one of the red chairs. Dusting off her white dress. "Have you always wanted to be a knight?" She then blinked. "S-sorry to be asking so many questions." She chuckled nervously

"Oh don't be ashamed of asking, I think it's more embarrassing to remain on ignorance than asking, so i'll be glad to reply " Leon commented and thinking on his reply "well, it was a coincidence I turned into a knight, when I was little I would always say i wanted to be a bodyguard or superhero as silly as it sounds, but I happened to have protected the great granddaughter of the Queen of England, from here, I got the knight title"

Rus let out a little chuckle. Leon seemed like an okay person. Folding her hands together near her chest the Russian tilted her head to the side and smiled brightly. "I'll keep note of that. Thank you" She said now holding her hands down. "So you've met royally? That is nice. I once sang in front of our president. It was quite a show. Have you always served the royal family?"

Leon nodded "I have indeed, it's..quite the funny story really, without knowing, I ended up being guard of the granddaughter of the Queen of England, alas why I was given the title of knight, from there, I got special training and fulfillment to be the perfect knight to serve and protect, as in my duty in life" as he fixed his sword a bit.

Leon and Rusalka talked a bit until the school bell rang for next class, which they said goodbye, and left the theater together.

Cafeteria of Hope's Peak Academy

In the food room was a cute 4'11 girl, wearing a bomber jacket that was 2 sizes too big for her. She was on her tiptoes, attempting to look at what they were serving in the cafeteria, and she was still too short for the building...

Hina Ally


Ultimate Love Interest

Fun Fact: Her talent makes her loved by everybody, even those who try to hate her, they have a hard time.

With an audible ring of the bells, a male strolls into the room. He hadn't eaten so it was a nice time to come and get a small snack before going back to practice. Because you can't practice if you are famished, he needs that energy.

With a sigh, the girl finally gave up on the prepared food and looked at the vending machine. Puffing her cheeks out at how tall she needed to be for everything she looked around, only to see a masked boy. "perfect! A normal sized human!" she beamed as she quickly ran over to the boy, jumping up on the lunch table seat part of the table to meet him. "Hi!" She smiled with stars in her eyes. The girl was incredibly cute, almost intoxicatingly so-... as if it was an anime a pink mist surrounded her in a love effect… wait.. She does have a pink mist around!

A slightly-taller than average normal sized human actually! He stands at 5'10". Lilac eyes flick in the direction where the girl's voice came from. He turns around, giving a small wave. "Hello there~ Is there an issue?" He did have to admit that she was pretty cute, he gives a small smirk.

"Yes!" She nodded excitedly "I'm too short!" She laughed at her bluntness "I can't reach the vending machine-" she was struggling to not laugh at how stupid this was. "And you're a normal sized person!" Pulling out her 5 dollar bill, she smiled "I was wondering if you could help me in reaching the vending machine!" She beamed, her freckles popping out on her pale face.

He gives a slight chuckle at the blunt comment that the girl said since he didn't expect someone like her to be quite blunt, but he doesn't mind about that. "Alright, I'll help you out. At a cost though~" He puts a hand on his hip with a smirk on his face… well, he has a mask on, but you get his point.

She tilted her head, her mind doing laps on what the boy might want from the Ultimate Love Interest. "Oh?" She asked, stepping closer, intrigued by the masked man.

"Your name~" He smiles, putting a finger under her chin. "Give me your name and I'll help you out~"

The girl let a blush rush though her cheeks before smiling "Hina Ally!~" she gave the smallest of winks before hopping down, her skirt teasing to flutter, only for her to hit the ground. "Now! Food!" She stuck her tongue out at the boy, scrunching her nose.

He chuckles. "Pleasure to meet you then Miss Ally." The male walks over towards the vending machine. "A deal is a deal after all~"

She hands him the 5 dollar bill "Just a strawberry soda please!~" she laughed, going on her tiptoes to hand the boy the money. She didn't ask for his name, figuring that meant another favor. Though she did say a small "I like your mask, by the by~" she pushed her glasses up higher on her face

"Thank you~" He went ahead to the vending machine and went to get her strawberry soda from it! "I suppose to also make things even, I will share my name, my name is Violet." He winks at her.

"Hmmm~ I'll call you Lilac. Much softer~" she giggled, "violet is too harsh of a color for you. You suit Lilac much more, I can feel it!." The pink mist returned as she said that, meaning what she said. She saw him as sweet and soft. "Plus you smell nice~" she broke the moment with a stupid joke that made herself laugh

"Alright, rename me then." He laughs. "Thank you, people have said I smell like roses usually." When the soda finally comes out, he grabs it, it feels really cold and hands it to Hina!

The girl happily took it from the boy opening it with a sweet sizzle. "A nice smell is still a nice smell, my good sir~" she said lifting her drink and bowing her head in a cheers, simply being silly with him now.

"I suppose so~" he chuckled at her and shrugs "Anyway, I have to go, I need to continue eating lunch" Violet said to Hina, who was a bit distracted with her drink, who started drinking it, but she managed to give a thumbs up to Lilac! And they left to their table.

Random Classroom of Hope's Peak Academy

Hmmm? There seems to be a baker here in the class? What was he doing? Why! He was selling small treats for free!. David never did like the fact that some kids came to school without lunch. or even eat breakfast. Those were important! like totes important!. "Next for your super totes free muffins! Made by the ultimate Baker!" he said happily as he sat on his desk!

Vergil was cleaning one of his guns that he hid in one of his bags... you know in retrospect... It wasn't a good idea to do it in class... but hey, his talent is all about guns, and this isn't even a real gun, it's just a air gun pistol! Vergil has at least the decency not to bring a real gun to school since all those school shootings appeared in America... jeez... those Americans sure love their guns... While he was cleaning his guns, he suddenly heard someone saying that they are giving away muffins for free by the Ultimate Baker.

"Well... you don't heard that everyday, and you fucking know what? free foods, no way in hell I am going to miss this fucking chance" Vergil stood up, picked his air gun pistol and went toward the Baker , who is giving muffins out for free.

Ulysses 'Vergil' Vergilius


Ultimate Gunsmith

Fun Fact: He has a younger sister, whose name is Aurelia. Vergil cares for her very deeply and she is one of the reasons why he is a gunsmith.

David had given a person a muffin and waved them off "Bye bye! See ya tomorrow" he smiled. He looked at the remaining food. Hmmmm. Well I did have one… but there good...No fight off the urge...BUT! He was about to grab one when he heard some cursing. "eh? did a fight happ-" The cursing man came over… with a gun! All of David's nerves froze in fear as he looked at the man with a smile. "Hi!." he said, trying not to be fazed. "Do you want a muffin! they are still warm!"

Vergil reached where the Baker was giving out the muffins and had asked me if I want a muffin, so Vergil answered "Fuck yeah! it smells delicious, I must say you must be pretty good at baking" Vergil said to the Baker, and slowly realized something... he had his air gun pistol "Oh shit... I forgot I had this in my hand..." Vergil looked at the Baker with a sheepish grin "HELL! I am sorry about that! If you are wondering about this, it's a fake gun, it mostly used in paintball or war games"

Making her way into the classroom was a small plus sized woman with a stack of paperwork the size of her own height. As she thumped the power work down onto her desk, she took in deep breaths to see who all was in her classroom. Hopefully someone here who wanted some early help with work and not to do some kind of illegal activity. Because she totally didn't do that when she was in school. Nope. Perfect student.

But when she saw the gun in the boy's hand, she could recognize parts that weren't meant for a true weapon of harm so no harm no foul. Some teachers would have had a hay day but this one isn't going to tear your head off for being young and having some talents that can be frowned upon.

The smell of the muffins was incredible and she forgot breakfast today but she would rather have one of the students have it. "Good morning boys! How may I help you two today?"

Julietta Amado


Former Ultimate Matchmaker

Fun Fact: Her best friend is Chalise, another teacher of Hope's Peak Academy

David just stared, the bear ears on his chef hat lowered as he mentally screamed "A-ah i'm glad. I-i'm the Ultimate Baker so I'm super good at being a baker and stuff" he smiled "Um...maybe put it away so the teachers don't put us on lockdown." he said sweating. "It's ok just be careful next time ok! Here is a muffin" he smiled handing him one. yay blueberry! "I'm David." He said waving to the teacher "Hello Miss Juliet! Want a muffin, I have plenty!"

Vergil blinked as he quickly received the muffin.. well shit... he scared the big guy with the fake gun, well... a gun can be scary, but he is used to it, some of the guns he has in his dorm can cause a huge amount of damage that even a flex tape can't fix it, that is when people should get scared as hell... better yet, run away… Vergil shook his head and smiled at the Baker "Thanks for the muffin, my dude!" Vergil bites into his muffin... hmm... blueberry, I am sure that my sister would like this one. Vergil suddenly heard someone speak to them, so he turned around and saw his teacher, Ms. Amado... the Former Ultimate Matchmaker... I hope she doesn't try to match me with anyone... "Hey Teach, I was actually just cleaning some of my guns since I don't have much to do today"

Work? Who needs work when you can get in touch with the next generation of ultimates and make some kind of impact on their lives? Paperwork sucks anyways. Maybe she can get Chalise to do it later or something. She likes things actually getting done. Well Julietta does like it getting done as well but it's more like she likes having other people doing it for her more. She sees no problem with that. Gratefully taking a muffin, she takes a big bite out of it and is beyond happy with it. Even enough to take his face in both her hands and pinch his cheeks. "Well aren't they sweet little bebe? Literally in this case," she said with a chuckle before letting go.

Turning her attention to the other boy, seeing that she took a closer look at the air gun. Yup, looked not harmful to her. If it was gonna be an issue, then Hope's Peak shouldn't have made it an option to obtain. "Go right ahead. I'm not too worried about it. As long as you don't shoot air into anyone's temple, you're fine," she said nonchalantly as she continued eating her muffin. Hm, cranberry!

Vergil grins at his teacher's response about his guns. Finally someone who doesn't blow a casket because he has a fake gun with him, most are lucky that he didn't bring the big guns... I mean bazooka, Mini guns, and everything! Hmm... I wonder if Princess Nevermind likes the brand new bazooka I sold her... I should try to upgrade some of my pathetic ones… "Heh, thanks Teach! At least you are reasonable! Ms. Collins keeps taking my old air guns that are worth nothing good, and I am just tinkering them since I am bored as hell..." Vergil said while munching on his muffin.

David smiled at his teacher. 'WOWIE YAY MUFFINS' David thought Oh wow, his cheek is being pinched he's just "I'm glad ya like them Ms. Jullietta! " he clapped. he was still a bit nervous about the gun but now less. "Maybe don't shoot? It's only morning and we don't want an issue with miss Chalise!" Hehe.

Vergil scoffed at what the Baker said... Ugh... like as if he was a idiot, he is the Ultimate Gunsmith, he fucking knows how it work, and he ain't stupid enough to shoot his gun in the middle of school, and for safety precaution, he doesn't load his guns with bullets, that will be asking for problems "Dude, my guns are perfectly safe, I ain't some fucking idiot who show off his guns, I carefully have my guns with safety locks and I don't load them with bullets! That's like asking yourself to be shot at! If I didn't do that all the time, I would be dead by now! I have to be careful around bazooka, grenade launchers, flamethrowers, Mini guns and everything! Either way,she just takes away my guns, because it's a danger to the school, she says... bah, she just a..." Vergil quickly stopped himself since he was about to call Ms. Amado's friend, a huge bitch... yeah, that won't end well since Ms. Amado is in front of him "Serious teacher, yes... serious... but it seem she doesn't do her research of her students since of our talents require us to be around dangerous objects"

Taking a seat at her desk, Julietta finally started to sort through the massive stack of papers on her desk as she listened to the two boys talk. They were nice kids. No need to be worried about if Vergil is going to use his paintball gun against anyone. If anything, that would be hilarious to see done on the dean after he's decreased funding to the arts program. She is that kind of petty. "Oh I know Chalise can be a bitch sometimes," she said, finishing Vergil's thought for him. "And she knows that I can be one two. We've known each other since we were students ourselves here. We are ultimates, not perfect. And besides, not everyone can have such a nonviolent talent like writing or baking. And we as a school shouldn't take away a tool to help a student learn. May not be the most traditional but hey, what can we really do," she said as she was finally half way done filing before getting up again and picking up the air gun. "And a wonderful thing about all guns David," she said as she put the safety on. "Most guns have a safety setting as well. Have trust in your classmates dearie," she said sweetly while patting him on the shoulder.

David listened to the guy. He just gave a smile. "..." Once the man was done. He spoke "Ya done hun. cause I didn't know. for all I know you could be a school shooter. but that's just me." he said "But I get it, my bad, I should have asked." he said before covering his ears. He didn't wanna hear any nono words. He released his ears. "ya she's a serious teacher. Miss Chalise is a nice teacher when you're nice to her!" he bleeped. He said before covering his ears again. No! He dislikes the no words "Um...well baking can be violent. like food poisoning and stuff." he said. he once accidentally gave his friend a peanut one. "O-oh. ok sorry Miss Jullietta!" he grinned.

Vergil frowns at the Baker... ugh... stereotypes... How annoying, just because he has a gun with him, it doesn't even mean he is a school shooter... and hell! This is Hope's Peak Academy! how the hell is there a school shooter?! He was checked out by the security team at the entrance... and! I am known as a gun SMITH I deal in making guns, not using it for violence! I only sell the ones used for Paintball and War games, sure... some can kill, but those are the responsibility of the users... and the truly dangerous ones are kept with me "tch... fine, whatever... but I am telling you, Ms. Collins has it out for me! When I reach the school gate, I see her standing there... menacingly..."

"Ha, you try having your significant other that you have problems with work in the same place and see how happy you are," she joked more than anything. She did feel bad for her friend but not even all the marriage advice that she has given the both of them, Julietta knows when marriage is doomed to fail. After their kids are full grown, she knows better than anyone that Chalise will leave quickly.

"Ha! Did you give someone an undercooked pastry? I can't see someone as sweet as you harming a fly," she said wholeheartedly to David. "Same with you Vergil, even if you believe me or not," she said now sounding more serious. "I do know a way to see into a person's true intentions and I see that you're a good kid. I just think you get too much crap for your talent but I can see why people are scared as well. But maybe I can talk to the punta about it," she said while placing a motherly hand on Vergail shoulder.

Vergil looked to the side with a sad expression... The only reason I deal in gunsmithing is because it is something I can remember my dad... he died when I was young... so I decided to take on his profession... even if it is dangerous... and it is the only way to pay the bill for my family... we are poor... so the only way to get money is by selling the guns to people of the highest bid... it is not something he is proud of... but It's a necessary evil... if it is for my family, especially for Aurelia... her sickness, I will gladly do it... even if I feel disgusted with myself... I don't hate my talent... but... I wish there was something I could have changed…

"I guess why people think about my talent and get scared off... I had to do many shady deals, that I didn't feel proud doing... but... I had to do it for my family and my sister..." Vergil explained with a sad expression on him

David listened and blushing a bit at the thought "ya. I felt so bad." he said embarrassed. before seeing Vergil's face. He handed him a chocolate muffin "Here...as an apology." He smiled. He was a pure pudgy man."I dont think it's scary. I think it's cool. Whatever you had to do i bet 1000 cakes you did the right thing!" he said

While Vergil was ranting in his head about his shitty lifestyle... he cursed himself multiple times... he knew that what he did... his dad won't be happy about it... but... he knows that he will say that people make mistakes, so he doesn't need to have hard feelings... I... I…

Before Vergil could continue about his self suffering, he felt someone beside him, and looked... he saw the Baker with a chocolate muffin, and he was giving it as an apology... th Baker told him that he doesn't think he is scary, he thinks it is cool... but... when he says he did the right thing... his mood turned upside down... he was feeling what he was saying until the cursed word... right thing...? Yeah, right... he has caused many deaths due to making his guns and selling them... he might be an asshole to people, but he doesn't wish death to them... he just wanted to protect his family, dammit! Vergil puts a plastic smile, nobody can't notice unless one looks deeply into it... "Hey! Thanks buddy for the muffin! No hard feelings! I am used to this by everyone, so don't feel bad about it"

Not knowing much about these boys' background, she does just want to make her students not feel like they are being persecuted in a place where they are meant to learn and make positive memories. Sure some of these kids can be a handful but so can all children who are trying to discover themselves. Julietta knew damn well that she was a trouble child when she was their age and talent had nothing to do with it! She was just pleased to know that her talent was still going strong. It didn't always have to be romantic, just as long as two people can make a connection then she can sleep easier at night. "I'm very proud of you boys," she said, radiating huge mom vibes. "What matters is that you learn from it and become better people from it," she said warmly in her thick Spanish accent.

Vergil bites into his chocolate muffin while keeping his plastic smile still... hey, when you are making shady deals, you need to have a good mask, so they won't take advantage of you, and lose money... or your life... Either way, Teach seems... to be radiating a mom aura... he missed her... Vergil really wants to visit his mom and sister, but they are in Rome... but his sister sadly couldn't go with him since she was too sickly to even travel... "Yeah... you are right about that, we can learn to be fucking better!" Vergil said with passion in his voice... but he doesn't truly believe he can become a better person... he will just try, so his family don't have to worry about him... and he feels a bit... shameful of himself when Teach said that they are proud of them…

"I won't be just a simple gunsmith, I will be a gunsmith, who will save life!" It may sound contractional of his job since guns are used to take life, but... he doesn't have to make simple guns, he will have to take it... into his own hand... Hmm... He might need some help in making it... someone talents being around video games and medicine.

David was really happy about what Vergil said "I'm glad you like it!" He said, patting the table in an excited manner. He didn't notice the plastic smile on the man's face. He thought it was genuine so he smiled back. He clapped a bit, he was glad that Ms. Julietta was proud of them, and he felt being suckerpunched by the mom vibes. "Ah! Ya that's true!"

Reading people is a part of Julietta's talent so could tell that Vergil wasn't being entirely honest with her or David. But it's not really her place to really put that out in the open. If he wants to let people know what he was truly feeling then he should be the one to say it himself. It only makes her concerned for the boy and makes her wonder if David was anything like that as well. But she can take so much cursing before she has to say something about it. There was still a lady in the room and he needed to learn how to control the swearing. "Hey! Watch your mouth young man!"

David just smiled. He was a happy baby who has done no wrong. and if he has done something wrong. He is sorry. He saw Julietta look at him and did a cutesy expression that almost looked like : 3. He heard the cursing and covered his ears. He has never cursed before and didn't want to start any time soon. "Ah, well... we do have underclassmen... maybe we could use other words!" David mentioned to Vergil.

Vergil rolled his eyes at them, they are clearly so sensitive about words, he didn't even bring the big words that can make a sailor blush, she could understand about Teach since she is a teacher, but he will admit he won't stop cursing since that how he normally speak, you don't just live in the street and not be prepared to dirty yourself, hell! This became his normal vocabulary... with the exception when he is with his family… "Yeah yeah, whatever, I kept being told by many people about that, but I won't be changing it any time soon..." Vergil really doesn't care about the opinion of others when it comes to his vocabulary…

Even if she isn't the biggest fan of the language, she is still not the most persistent person either except for when it comes to someone else's struggling love life. Then she can be the most annoying person you have the displeasure of knowing. Ask Chalise! Julietta can't even recall how many times she's tried to suggest fixing her doomed marriage. The more she thought about it, the more she fiddled with the ring on her finger.

It was the least she can do...right?

Soon enough though, she changed her tone and shrugged her shoulders. "Oh well, can't say I didn't try. Just wanted to throw my two cents in," she said nonchalantly. "Can't change someone's mind so easily. Just don't let higher ups catch you cussing" she said, more giving advice then anything. The girl was young once too! But seeing David cover his ears only makes her feel bad for the baby and pat his head. "Aw you poor dearie. My ears are anything but pure at this point."

David listened with his hands close to his ears. He didn't need to hear any more curse words. He didn't like them. The closest thing he'd ever said is frick and then he goes cry a bit. He couldn't curse out anyone at all, it isn't in his nature to do it "It's ok! Two cents to a piece of lint you still tried" he smiled softly "just as long as you put something in there it's better than nothing in my eyes" he said before hearing her say her ears were anything but pure. "Well... um... I don't mind cursing at all, it's just I'd rather not."

Vergil shrugs at what his teacher said, sure... the higher ups may have a high position, but he doesn't care what they thought about him, but... ugh... it means it would get more difficult for him... like as if it wasn't going hard for him. Vergil scratched the back of his head "Yeah... thanks for the advice, Teach... I... I appreciate it..." When Vergil saw the Baker covering his ears when he swore, it caused him to roll his eyes since the Baker is acting really pathetic, and thought he should man himself up, the guy is literally bigger than him, but he won't say anything.

Seeing that Vergil was taking her advice to heart brought a smile to her face. More than anything, she hated seeing kids getting sent to detention or worse for just doing what people their age should do. Julietta knows the rules at this establishment can be too strict at times but not much she can really do about it. Being only a teacher here can be a real pain, especially when she was once the trouble child of these halls. "You're more than welcome kiddos. Now why don't you two go have fun? Wouldn't want to have you boys to be called lame for spending so much time with the teacher," she said with a giggle as she returned to the desk. Sorting through her papers though, she stopped at something that caught her eye.

Vergil shrugs at Julietta, he will admit that he doesn't have a lot of hobbies, his gunsmithing takes a lot of time to maintain, and his habit of getting into fights is used in his free time... Hey, he didn't say he was a good person, he is just a teenager, he needs the money and way of getting rid of his stress "Well then, see ya later,Teach.." Vergil yawns and starts to think if he should get something for his sister in the hospital... he wonders if she is allowed to eat sweets... So he left the classroom with his air guns in his backpack... if anyone asks... he does have a gun license... even if it was given begrudgingly toward him…

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11. Katalina Viktorovna Viveca - Former Ultimate Cyberwarfare Specialist

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