"Today's a big day Henry, you're starting your day at school. Here is where you make new friends and memories.", said older Henry.

He looked way more mature now then the last time when we first saw him. He stayed at the mirror taking a deep breaths in and out.

"Bro, hurry up!", yelled his sister, Venessa.

Across the room the door flung open,

"Coming!",shouted Henry.

He took one more look at the mirror and picked up his bookbag.


Oh hello there, I'm Neil, but you can call me by my full name, Neil Patrick Harris. You probably know me from my role on the show called," How I Met Your Mother". I played as Barney Stinson. You're probably wondering why I'm narrating? I am speaking from Henry's perspective. Also his parents were fans of the show and compared my character to him, isn't that sweet? Anyways, Henry, a great kid has been all excited about his new year at his new school what adventures could possible wait for him?

As he was walking out of the door, he heard his sister again shouting, "Yo, Henry you coming or what?"

"Whoops sorry!",shouted Henry.

He ran onto the front path, followed his sister as they start their first day of school.