Quick note: While most of 'All Good' is told from Tris's POV in first person, the epilogue is in third person.

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June 4th -one year after Tobias and Tris first reunited-

"What are you most excited for in Venice?" Tobias asks Tris, glancing over at his girlfriend in the passenger seat.

"Uh… the sun, the ocean, the breeze! Oh, and seeing our friends again, I guess. Oh, right! We happen to be looking for apartments while we're down there too," she states with raised eyebrows.

Tobias chuckles, enamored with how excited Tris is about their Venice trip. Their final semesters of college were a rush for both of them. And in the past couple weeks, they both graduated. It lined up perfectly to where Tris flew out to Virginia to watch Tobias graduate, and then they both headed back to Portland for Tris's graduation. They are so, so excited to be done with college and to get to be together. Especially after Tris was notified that she got the graphic design job in Venice, and Tobias's company, Dauntless Tech announced it was branching out West too, and setting up an office in Santa Monica.

Who did they choose to be the managing director of this new branch? Well, it happened to be Tobias Eaton himself. Tris was insanely proud of him when he got the job, yeah, it felt like another twist of fate again that they both found amazing opportunities in the city of their dreams… but Tris also knows if it wasn't for Tobias's hard work and pure awesomeness, he would have never been promoted. He really, really deserves it. He's going to be the youngest manager in the company's history.

Now, they're starting their new lives. They're flying over to Venice today, and all their stuff will be moved down there once they find an official place to live. For now, their suitcases are packed with enough things to last them a while. Another thing that is happening tonight in Venice, the one year anniversary reunion with them and the rest of their "squad".

It has been one year since Tris and Tobias ran into each other at that house party, one whole year. Both of them feel strongly that it's been an amazing year. It was hard for them to be separated from one another throughout the course of college, but they made it work, and now they are starting their lives in the real world together.

Currently it is 5 am, Tobias told Tris that this was the only flight he could find to LA from Portland, so it seems they'll get there a little bit earlier than the rest of the gang. Tris is fine with that, though, it'll be nice to settle in and have some alone time in their hotel room. But what Tris doesn't know is that Tobias has some other things planned.

"Wait, Tobias, there's been a mistake. Our boarding passes say Chicago, not Los Angeles," Tris tells him, looking worried.

"Really? Hmm… that's weird."

"We gotta go tell someone," Tris turns, looking around the crowded airport.

"Tris, chill… it'll be fine. Besides, wouldn't it be nice to see Chicago again?"

Tris's eyes widen, "This is not the plan, Tobias! This is wrong! We're supposed to be flying into California."

"And it's only 5 am, California will be waiting for us later. Come on, Prior, let's get through security and find our gate."

Tobias doesn't wait for a reply before he grabs Tris's hand and begins leading her through the airport, while she walks behind him, dumbfounded.

"You… you planned this didn't you?" She accuses once they're standing in the security line.

"I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about," Tobias tells her, pressing his lips into a firm line so he doesn't give away his smile.

Tris narrows her eyes, "Tobias Eaton, don't you lie to me."

"I'm not lying!"

"I need to know why we aren't following our plan!"

He sighs, running a finger through his hair. "Look, I figured, you talk about missing Chicago all the time… it's where we met, and fell in love and we have a lot of memories there. Why not spend some time there before we have to go and meet with the others?"

Tris swallows, smiling a little. "Okay… fine. We aren't meeting with everyone till 6:30, anyway, so if you've timed it right…"

"Do you really underestimate me that much Tris? Of course I planned this all out, I wanted to surprise you."

"Well, thank you," Tris says sweetly, "But if you ever surprise me like this again, I'll shove my shoe straight down your throat."

"Ooh, kinky," Tobias waggles his eyebrows. If she doesn't like this surprise, then she's really going to hate today. He can only hope he planned this all correctly.

On the flight over, Tobias asked Tris what she'd like to do during their short escapade to Chicago. He was trying to make it look like he hadn't planned all of this incessantly. Thankfully for him, most of the places Tris listed were already on his itinerary.

Then they slept for most of the flight, trying to catch some shut eye after getting up early, and because they're going to be flying out again later today.

After they land, Tobias and Tris head to baggage claim and pick up their luggage. Once that's finished, Tobias leads them to the car pickup, and has the pleasure of hearing Tris's gasp when she sees what's in front of them.

"Tobias," she says slowly, "Why does that stoic man next to that sleek BMW have a sign that says 'Beatrice Prior and Tobias Eaton'?"

"Because," Tobias slings an arm around his girlfriend's waist, "He's here to give us a ride."

"Um, I'm pretty sure Uber would be cheaper," Tris states, wondering what the hell Tobias has planned for today.

"Well, it's already been paid for, so you don't have to worry about it."

Tris sighs, folding her arms, "So, 8 years and your plot to kidnap me is finally underway?"

Tobias lets out a mock gasp, "You've caught on awfully quick."

"Tobias… what is all this? You know you don't have to do any of this fancy stuff for me."

"I know I don't have to… I'm doing it because I want to, and you deserve this. Think of it as my graduation present to you."

"Mmm… you already got me a graduation gift. Remember, the expensive oil paints?"

"Mmm, no, I don't remember that. Anyways, come on, let's get in the car!"

Tris sighs and lets Tobias lead her over there. He tells the driver that they are Beatrice and Tobias, and he nods, opening the door for them.

Before Tris can slide in after Tobias, the driver stops her. "You are Beatrice Prior?"

"Uh, yes."

He pulls out a pink rose from his pocket, "Here you go, Miss Prior."

Tris gets into the car, stunned, and turns to Tobias slowly. Her boyfriend has a smirk on his face and she just looks at the flower in wonder. "What else is going to happen today?"

"I guess you'll just have to wait and see," Tobias shrugs.

The first place they arrived at was the roller skating rink. This is where Tris and Tobias had their first date, and Tobias instantly recognizes the look of nostalgia on her face when they pull up.

"You happy to be back?" He asked Tris, once they laced up their skates.

"Yeah, I missed this place. It's nice to see that it's still in business… Anyways, let's see if we're as bad as we were in high school."

They were as bad as they were in high school, even worse, if that's possible. They made rounds around the rink, clinging to each other like lifelines, and constantly stumbling over. They crashed into the wall repeatedly, and to make it worse, all the 12 year olds around made it their mission to show off, skating circles around the pair. It made Tris feel terribly old.

Tobias and Tris eventually make their way over to a bench to take a break. Even if they've been doing horribly, Tris is having a good time reliving childhood memories. Tobias announces he has to go to the bathroom, and Tris watches bemusedly as he stumbles away.

While she waits for him to return, she scrolls through her phone. The sound of struggling and clattering alerts her that he has returned after a few minutes, and he's smiling down at her.

She's wondering why, until she hears the song change to a very familiar tune. Dancing in the Moonlight.

"Slipped the DJ a 20," he shrugs, holding his hand out for Tris.

She grabs it, allowing him to accept some of her weight, which was a mistake. They both lose their footing and tumble down to the floor. Tobias turns his head over to Tris and begins chuckling at their situation. God, they're both terrible that it's comical at this point.

"Come on, let's go," Tris says, grinning.

Somehow, she and Tobias find their way back up, and begin skating around to their song. Tobias remembers when this played at Zeke's 23rd birthday party. He and Nita had just gotten into a huge fight, and when she stormed off, he didn't make any move to stop her, because the love of his life was standing just 10 feet away from him… and then their song came on. It seemed like a sign. He's so glad that he took it… even if he royally fucked up afterwards. Still, his Tris is in his life now, and he wouldn't trade anything that happened for the world.

After the song ends, Tobias attempts to pull Tris in for a long kiss, but it results in them both tripping and falling down on the floor again. I'll take it, Tobias thinks to himself, and maneuvers himself on top of Tris, kissing her hard from where they're lying down. It's not until a nervous employee approaches and tells them that they have to move that they pull apart from one another, grinning like idiots.

After roller skating, Tobias and Tris had lunch at the city park where they used to hang out a lot. They even spent some time swinging on the swings like they did as teenagers. Tris loved how it made her feel… free, like a bird, and it reminded her of simpler times with Tobias.

She's glad to be with him again, but the pressures of adulthood lay heavy on her now, so she likes to wistfully reminisce on what once was back before she had to worry about paying bills and insurance and finding a place to live. She knows that if she's with Tobias she can get through it, though.

After the park, the driver took them to the coffee shop they visited as teens. The owner, Tori, recognized them instantly and gave them both huge hugs, saying she missed them. Their coffee was on the house, and they both marveled over how the place has barely changed.

Their old high school was just down the street, so they went there next. The doors were locked, but they wandered around outside, eventually ending up at the football field. Tobias remembers how football seemed like his whole life back in high school, now he hasn't thrown a ball in months, and he doesn't find he misses it that much. It was a good experience to be on a high school team, but a lot of the other guys were jerks, and he knows a lot of the time he wasn't a good boyfriend to Tris because of how busy he was with the sport. Still, Tris was supportive and came to all of his home games, even if they'd been fighting.

Tris makes her way over to her typical spot on the bleachers, and closes her eyes, trying to take herself back to a typical Friday night. The air was chilly, everyone was cheering, and the smells of popcorn and other concessions always hit her square in the face. She doesn't know if she necessarily misses being Tobias's nerdy girlfriend when all the other football players had girlfriends on the cheer team… but she does miss watching him play.

Once they leave the high school, they head back over to the car, Tris and Tobias listing random memories. When Tris sees the next destination they've been taken to, she looks at Tobias with a wide smile on her face.

Her old house has been sold, so they can't go in. But she has fun admiring it from the outside. She really wishes she had gotten to say a proper goodbye, but oh well, this will do. The new owners have already gotten rid of the gardenias and chrysanthemums that Natalie planted in the front yard, but the familiar porch light and slider windows make Tris choke up with nostalgia.

"I think you'll like our next destination," Tobias murmurs to her.

Tris instantly knows where they're going after the driver makes his first two turns. She's driven this route on her own from her house hundreds of times so it's not a surprise when they pull up to Tobias's old home.

Tobias feels his heartbeat in his throat when he pulls Tris out of the car, and guides her up through the back gate. He's been planning this moment for a while, but he's starting to second guess himself. His friends, his mother, Tris's parents, and Caleb all encouraged him to go for it, so here he is.

"Tobias? Doesn't someone new live here?" Tris asks nervously as they step into the backyard.

"I got permission from the new owners to come back here," he reassures Tris, reaching into his pocket and running his fingers over the little box.

"Wow," Tris states, and Tobias watches with endearment as she looks around at the backyard. It's changed quite a bit since the time that Marcus owned it, but it doesn't deter from the fact that this is the place that he and Tris met. Of course, he had noticed her in class before that, but she had been too occupied with making good grades that she hadn't seen him.

But this is where they exchanged their first words, touched each other for the first time, and got to know one another. To Tobias, that outweighs all the other awful memories he's had in this home.

"Remember, we said our first words to one another right over there," Tris points to the grassy patch near the corner of the backyard. Christina had dragged her over there to try and make her socialize with kids her own age, and if it weren't for that, she might not be standing here again right now.

Tobias guides her over to that spot right now, standing just how they did at that first meeting. Gazing down at Tris, she has come so far from that young, twitchy girl she was back then. She was beautiful at the time, too, but in a childlike and innocent manner. Now, she has a sophisticated, womanly beauty. Her face has matured, and while her eyes are still wide and guileless, they also hold a certain wisdom in them. He doesn't feel nervous anymore, this is right.

"I do remember. I remember everything about that day. I remember kicking ass with you in that capture the flag game, and then spending the rest of the night with you, catching fireflies and star gazing and talking to each other about life. Being with you has always felt so right, even if it hasn't necessarily been easy… you're worth it, Tris."

Tris bites her lip, "You're worth it, too. Thank you for today, Tobias."

Tobias smiles, nodding to himself, before pulling his courage together and getting down on one knee.

Tris feels her mouth go dry and her lips part. This… oh God… It's happening. She wants this, she knows she does, even if she wasn't necessarily expecting it. Still, when did she think it was going to happen? Tobias pulls out a velvet box from his pocket and opens it, revealing a white gold engagement ring. The diamond is tasteful and stunning, and the band is garnet style with red jewels. This is… absolutely perfect.

"Like I said, I remember everything about the day that we first met here. You had my heart instantly… and you kept a hard hold on it even through those years that we were apart. Only you could do that to me, Tris. And then… one year ago, today, you walked back into my life again. It was the universe's way of sending us back to one another, of reaffirming what I've always known, Tris. That we are meant to be, you and me. So… Beatrice Natalie Prior… will you marry me?"

Tris laughs, blinking tears from her eyes, "Yes. Yes I will marry you, Tobias."

He smiles, slipping the ring onto her finger before standing up and enveloping her in a deep, deep kiss. Tris feels… light, happy, and hopelessly in love.

When he pulls back, Tobias wipes away one of her tears with his thumbs, "I can't wait to wear those cufflinks at our wedding, now."

Tris smiles even wider if that's possible, "I love you so much."

"I love you too," he pulls her in for another long kiss.

The first person to congratulate them on their engagement, happened to be their driver. Tris learns that his name is Harrison, and the whole ride over to the airport she can't stop smiling as she holds on tightly to Tobias and hears stories about Harrion's own engagement and wedding.

Tobias informs her that their family and friends were already aware of his plans, and while they're waiting at their gate she calls her mom and dad, admiring her gorgeous engagement ring while they give their congratulations.

Once they board, Tris has to put her phone on airplane mode, but she figures she'll see her friends in a few hours and she can talk about everything with them then. For now, she just wants to enjoy Tobias's company. She cuddles up to him the whole ride over, helping him through his dislike of heights by gushing over the future with him and what it's going to look like.

Tobias is glad that Tris came to enjoy all the surprises he pulled out on her, but he has just one more for her in Venice, and he hopes it's not too much.

Tris practically skips out of Burbank airport, excited to see her friends. She remembers one year ago, when she exited this airport, no idea for what was in store for her that summer. Now, she enjoys the hot Los Angeles breeze, and the sight of the palm trees and sunny sky. She's going to live here now and she just can't believe how lucky she is.

They're all meeting at Zeke's condo, and Tobias orders their Uber, though unbeknownst to Tris, the car will not be taking them there.

For the earlier portion of their ride, Tris speaks to Tobias about where she might like to look for apartments, listing some areas she likes that she thinks will be affordable. Tobias keeps his mouth shut, nodding along, and when they get closer to their destination he holds out a bandana to Tris.

She eyes it, "What's this?"

"Use it as a blindfold."

"A blindfold? Wha-"

"I have a surprise for you."

"Another surprise?"

"You've seemed to like my other ones, today. Now, put it on."

Tris folds her arms stubbornly, and glances out the window. "Wait… this is not the way to Zeke's condo."

"No, it's not. We have another stop before that."

"What is it?"

"We've been over this, woman. It's a surprise!"

Tris sighs, but complies, tying the blindfold around her eyes. Tobias checks the knot himself, making sure it's secure before nodding proudly. He's pulling it off! Now he can only hope that she likes it.

The ride takes ten more minutes, and the entire time Tris whines about not knowing where they're going.

Once the car stops, Tobias feels relieved, and he pulls her out, thanking the Uber driver and adding a generous tip with the app.

"Can you take my blindfold off?" Tris asks, once they've been walking for a couple minutes.

"Yeah, one second."

Tobias guides her carefully, making sure she doesn't trip and fall into the water, before finally leading her up to the house. He removes the bandana, and watches as Tris scans their surroundings carefully.

Recognition flashes across her face as she eyes the water right behind them on the sidewalk, and gazes further down the neighborhood. She looks back to Tobias, "This is Linnie Canal Park!"

"Sure is."

"What are we-" she stops when she looks at the house in front of them, and then at the 'for sale' sign. Except, the sign now has a giant sticker that marks it as 'SOLD'. "You…" Tris is truly at a loss for words, looking up and down at the gorgeous white house in front of them.

It's practically perfect, overlooking the canal with palm trees towering over it and a nice white fence surrounding the house. "You bought a house?" Tris demands.

"Uh, yes I did."

"H-how?" When did he find the time to buy a whole fucking home for them?

"When I knew I wanted to marry you, and we both got the jobs we wanted over here, your parents and I took some trips up here to look at homes. And… I had heard you go on and on about how much you loved Linnie Canal Park, and our realtor let us know about an opening here. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get it for you."

Tris touches a hand to her forehead, "Wow. You bought me a house."

"If I could, I'd buy you the world."

"Stop being so corny… shit."

"I consulted your parents beforehand… they assured me that you'd like it. I mean, look how it's right next to the canal, and we even have our own canoe!" He gestures to the white canoe sitting on the sidewalk, chained to the house fence. And, it's gorgeous inside, 2 beds, 2.5 baths, an amazing kitchen… I-I didn't just do this for you, Tris. I know it's a big thing to buy a house… but I did it for us. If you don't like it, though, just tell me… and we can figure something out-"

"Tobias," Tris holds a hand up, "I… love it. I just… can't believe how much effort you put in for today, and now I'm engaged and I have a house and it's… wow. I'm living… a dream come true."

"Well, you're my dream come true."

Tris laughs, marvelling at all of this. She knows she'll be happy here, she'll be happy anywhere that Tobias is. But this is practically her dream home and he bought it for her? She has the urge to elope with him on the spot. "Well, come on, show me our house."

Tobias guides her in through the gate, and leads her up the front door.

What she's not expecting to see when she pushes open the door, is all of their friends. "Surprise!" They all shout, and Tris's mouth falls open. There's champagne everywhere, a confetti cannon explodes, and there's a huge banner that says 'Congratulations Tris and Tobias!' with a picture of an engagement ring next to the words.

"That was my last surprise, I promise," Tobias whispers in her ear before she's whisked away by Christina and brought to the other girls who gush over her ring and ask her everything about the proposal.

Tobias heads over to Uriah, Zeke, and Will, who has now become an honorary member of the Venice Squad since he and Christina started officially dating. She's apparently looking for work in Seattle while he continues his University research. They clap him on the back, congratulating him on the engagement. Uriah and Zeke fight over who gets to be the best man, and Tobias rolls his eyes, looking back to Tris.

Right now, she looks so beautiful. Her cheeks are flushed, her eyes are bright as she animatedly chats with Marlene. Eventually Christina pours everyone a glass of champagne and they all say a toast to Tris and Tobias, glad that their wedding will be another excuse for everyone to get together again. Shauna says that an engagement is the best one year anniversary gift of their trip that they could have asked for, and everyone agrees.

In between all the chaos of celebrating with their friends, Tobias realizes that Tris has not gotten a good look at their new home, so he whisks her away, giving her a tour.

Tris falls hopelessly in love with the place with each room she visits. The kitchen is beautiful, and so is the backyard patio, and the dining room.

Tobias pulls her upstairs, to what will soon be their bedroom though it is unfurnished. The large window has a gorgeous view, and its own deck, which they both step out on. Tris enjoys the sun beating down on her skin, and the newfound feeling of peace she has now that she's away from the chaos of their eager friends. Her face is still on fire, so she waves her hand, trying to get rid of the redness that she knows has settled into her cheeks.

"Are you okay?" Tobias asks her, turning back from the deck view to look at his fiancee.

"I'm more than okay. Just… wow, I'm… engaged. And now, we're going to be living in this beautiful house, and… the future, well, it's happening right now!"

"It is," Tobias says, smiling down at Tris. He's immensely glad she seemed to like all the surprises today, and he feels insanely lucky to have her in his life. The future is happening, and it's amazing.

"One year ago, if you had told me this would be my life, I wouldn't believe you," Tris tells him, wrapping her arms around his middle.

"Me neither. But we have it, now. And I'm going to appreciate it every damned second. I'm the luckiest guy in the world."

Tris pulls back, and cups her hand around the back of his neck to kiss him deeply. "It's you and me now," she whispers.

"That's how I've always wanted it to be," Tobias answers.

Their love is passional, it can withstand anything. The future is happening right now, and they both know that they'll never let the other one slip from their fingers ever again.

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