This is a sequel to the story 'Hey Arnold! The Football Head Returns' and the sixth entry in a series of stories meant to crossover several Nicktoons into a shared universe, and will make a few references to the prior stories. For full context of the references and to fully grasp the shared universe that these stories share, you are recommended to read the prior stories 'Hey Arnold! The Football Head Returns', 'Danny Phantom: End of Days', 'Rocket Power: Zero Gravity', 'ChalkZone: Quest for the Golden Chalk', and 'The Loud House: Ace of Spades' to chronologically follow the story.

If you have been following the previous entries in this series, then you are no stranger to seeing these shows having a darker take. With the exception of 'The Loud House: Ace of Spades', written as a parody and its few dark themes played for comedy, the majority of the stories are meant to be more serious takes on their respective shows. This one, however, will be far, far, darker than the others.

The concepts I wished to introduce to this story were meant to be reflective of many issues happening now, in real life. We all may come to fictional stories looking for an escape from the real world and its problems, but I wrote this story as a grim reminder of the state of the world we live in. In these strange days of chaos, racism, bigotry, disease, corruption, poverty, and other degradations of our society, allow this to serve as a wake-up call.

This story will pose several questions regarding politics, religion, spirituality and morality. You may find yourself thinking along with many of these questions, and your own thoughts and beliefs may not be the same after reading this story. Personally, I hope whatever change that comes to your beliefs is for the better.

That said, be warned, for this story contains elements of:

-Violence and several character deaths,

-Religious extremism and terrorism,

-Racism and Nazism,

-Child abuse and pedophilia,


-And more evils that exist in our world

Following this story will be the crossover to join all these stories together: 'Nicktoons Unite'. If any of the aforemetioned concepts offend you or if the story becomes too far unbearable for you to read, but still wish to read 'Nicktoons Unite', a brief summary will be added to its preface to catch you up without giving you too many details.

Heed one final warning, however:

This is not an ordinary story.

This is a reflection of the world you live in, and a warning of what might come.

With that out of the way, enjoy the ride... if you can.


Born in the jungles of San Lorenzo during the eruption of a volcano, the arrival of the boy known as Arnold Shortman brought a stunning silence to the chaos; stopping the eruption and bringing peace to the animals and wildlife that were running and screaming in panic not seconds ago.

Left to his grandparents as only a baby, Arnold had been left in the city of Hillwood to grow up without knowing his birth parents; the two returning to San Lorenzo in the search for an ancient civilization of people known only as 'The Green Eyes'.

During his infancy leading up to his youth, Arnold was always known as the most compassionate and benevolent being in the city: Ranging from small favors like giving the clumsy Eugene a day of fun after accidentally destroying his bike, freeing a turtle named Lockjaw to the ocean, and tutoring a school bully named Torvald, to the larger challenges of turning a vacant lot into a baseball field for all his friends a place to play, stopping the tree known as Mighty Pete from being chopped down, to even helping Marty Green defeat and replace the incumbent Counselman Gladhand, no citizen of Hillwood was left untouched by his acts of kindness.

His heart may have been kept warm by the knowledge that he still did good to the people of Hillwood, it grew heavy with the desire to know his parents. Finding a map within a journal that once belonged to his father, Arnold had finally found the key to rescuing his parents. However, the map to finding the missing hole in his heart was left on a delay for nearly two years, leaving him to grow even more desperate to know the people who brought him life.

One fateful day in the 6th grade, however, Arnold had finally found his solution. With his school being selected for a particular contest for a trip to San Lorenzo, the football head had finally found his opportunity to save his parents and bring them home. Soon, though, he would find that this opportunity was quite what he was seeking out.

This journey was a scheme developed by an enemy of his parents: A pirate named La Sombra. Following a swift capture by the pirate, Arnold was forced to carry out his interests in finding the Corazon, a treasure belonging to the Green Eyes. Defiant in serving the pirate, Arnold had freed himself from the hold of La Sombra, continuing his quest to find his parents.

Finally reaching the city of the Green Eyes, Arnold had found that the villagers had been stricken with an illness known only as the 'Sleeping Sickness', a disease that renders adults comatose, but not children. After defeating the man known as La Sombra and bringing a cure to the Green Eyes and his parents, his quest to bring them home was finally complete, with the addition of a relationship with a girl named Helga.

Some number of months later, however, this peace seemed to fade out. With the death of his grandparents, the people who raised him in his own parents' absence, Arnold had found his heart torn out once again, driving away all the people who love him and he loved. In the midst of his affairs, the football tried as well to end his own life.

Just before his final death, however, the impossible seemed to happen. Telepathically contacted by a man named Luz, a member of the Green Eyes, Arnold was summoned to return to San Lorenzo once again, giving the promise of an opportunity to end the pain in his heart.

After consuming an unknown substance and following hallucinogenic experiences that drove deep into the corners of his heart, Arnold had finally found the answer to the pain in his heart. By driving the pain within himself to fuel his own efforts and force him to do better as a person, and something beyond a person, he became something else.

He became The Green Eye.

Pushing through 5 years of hard training, Arnold finally made his return to Hillwood; his heart healed, his soul ready to repair the relationships he had left behind, and his body ready to fulfill his new mission. Not too long into his return, he found that his mission would have to be completed sooner than he thought.

Facing enemies such as Big Gino, the kingpin of crime in Hillwood, and his many subordinates were no true problem, but there laid one more threat that superseded anything pertaining to this small man:

Thaddeus 'Curly' Gammelthorpe, known now as 'The Freak'.

Collecting many despicable crimes such as raping Rhonda Lloyd, leaving her comatose, murdering a 9-year old girl on national TV, and almost murdering Helga, The Freak soon fell before the Green Eye's vengeance, being dropped off the roof of P.S. 118 and rendered paralyzed.

Through his journeys, Arnold had lost the friend known as Rhonda, her giving her life to save Helga's, he had gained a completely new lifestyle with his journey as the Green Eye. His close circle of friends all joined in on his crusade for justice, all funded by Buckley Lloyd, the father of Rhonda Lloyd.

Now, in a world he has single-handedly changed, making a world full of superheroes and supervillains, there is much work to be done, and a brave new world to embark upon.

He hopes he is ready, for there are many new challenges yet to come.


Rhonda Lloyd is dead.

Willingly allowing herself to die to transplant her heart to the dying Helga Pataki, the young heiress to the Lloyd fortune gave her life to save another; no choice otherwise to save this one life. An argument could be made that she was not in the most sound state of mind when making such a heavy decision, but this decision did still save a life; a fact no one can deny.

One person who did deny this fact, however, was her father: Buckley Lloyd. Living a life of hedonism based on his wealth and fortune, his priorities were all changed following the rape and comatose state of his daughter, driving him to become the superhero known as Valiance, the self-proclaimed white knight of Hillwood stained in blood.

With the true loss of his daughter, Buckley Lloyd sought to defy her state of death, keeping her body embalmed and frozen, thus indefinitely preserving it. In the hopes that he would one day find a cure to bring her back to life, he keeps her body locked tightly and frozen within the holds of his underground base, with a shrine made of her outfit as Elite just across from it.

The body only sits in wait of being brought back, but it is occasionally brought out of its shelf for the occasional viewing of Buckley Lloyd. Looking on the lifeless body of his daughter, the millionaire superhero gives himself a reminder of why he does what he does, and his own vow to bring her back.

"I'll bring you back, baby girl. If there's things like hoverboards and flying silver supermen in this world today, there's got to be some way to bring you back. I swear to god, I'll do whatever it takes to bring you back." Buckley said.

Giving one last kiss to the body of his daughter, Buckley set the deceased Rhonda back in her resting place, keeping it under suspension for the time in which she would at last be brought back.

"Whatever it takes." Buckley said.