Weeks After the Battle at Stone in the Wood, The Scientist is working on something that could end this rebellion.

The Emperor walks to the lab to see what the Scientist is working on, "What you working on? More Garthims" asked the Emperor. "No I am working on a different project that we need to discuss". "What is this project that you are working on?" "Well the Gelfling Rian is the leader of this rebellion right?", asked the Scientist. "Right", "Well I'm thinking that if we lead him here and then we kill him, the rebellion would be in disarray and we would strike". "That could work, but the Gelfling would never come here to the castle". The Scientist looks at the Emperor and the Crystal of Truth, and responds, "That is true, but if you Remember the first Gelfling we drained, Mira, she had a romantic relationship with Rian, so I'm am thinking is that if we bring all Sckecis and drain Miras essence out of us, she would be alive". The Emperor looks at the Scientist, "Then we would tell Rian, and he would try to save her". "Exactly!", responded the Scientist. They both laugh, and the Emperor calls down the other sckecis.

A few minutes later

"Everything Ready?" Asked the Emperor, "Yes" responded the Scientist. The lever to activate the electricity towards the Shield Crystal is pulled. All the Sckecis scream in pain, the essence is poured into a electrical ball that explodes with light. The lever is pulled up, "Did it Work?", asked Chamberlain. "Look for your self", responded the Scientist. Mira was sitting in the chair in the middle of the room, "What happe-- you, you killed me". The Scientist laughs, and says, "Yes I did, but we brought you back to get you friend Rian so we can kill him". "No.. No… No", screamed Mira. The Scientist grabs her and puts her in a cell. All the Sckecis are laughing, because they think they have won.

2 Days Later at the Castle

The Scientist puts Gujin in the chair, "What are you going to do drain me?", the Scientist laughs and responds, "No, I need you to bring Rian a message, because I have someone who he cares about". He pulled Mira over to him, "Mira, your alive", responded Gujin. "Gujin what ever you do don't tell Rian where I am, it's a trap they are going to kill him". The Scientist says, "If Rian doesn't come here in 2 days then Mira will die".

Later that night at Stone in the Wood

Rian wakes up and goes outside to see Gujin tied up. "Gujin!". Rian runs over to Gujin to untie him, Brea wakes up and sees Rian outside so she goes outside. "Gujin are you alright?". "Yeah I'm fine, but there is something I need to tell you, Mira is alive". When Rian heard this he started to cry, but he asked, "Where is she!", "At the castle, but its a trap", responded Gujin. "I don't care, I need to rescue her", he said as he got the nearest landstrider and rode towards the castle.

Rian got to the lab, where he yelled out, "Mira", until a few seconds later he heard a response, "Rian". He turned around and saw Mira, they were crying and Rian ran to her and kissed her, "I missed you so much", and Mira responded, "Rian you have to leave it's a trap, BEHIND YOU!" Rian felt a pain in his chest as he moaned in pain. It was Chamberlain who stabbed him with a knife, he opened the cell door and kicked Rian in the cell, closed the door, and left laughing. "Rian, are you okay?", asked Mira running over to him and holding him. "Yes I should be fine". As Mira smiled and kissed Rian, as that was a kiss that Rian and Mira needed. After the kiss they hugged, "it's my fault", Mira stopped hugging and looked at Rian, "It's my fault that you died, I just watched and I did nothing". "No, it's not your fault, I didn't want you to stop it, when I looked at you, I wanted you to run". Rian had tears in his eyes, and just hugs Mira. "Mira, I love you, and I'm just glad that you are alive". "I love you too, but Rian what happened after I died"? Asked Mira, "Let me show you", Rian held up his hand and Mira held up her hand and they dreamfast. The dreamfast was over Mira was breathing heavily and with tears going down her face. Rian saw this and hugged her, "Rian….I'm so sorry, about your father and your friend Deet". Rian began to cry and Mira held him close. "I know how you feel for her, and I still love you". Rian looks at her and says, "I love you too, and I hope you're not mad at me". "I am not mad at you, Deet is beautiful, and I just want you to save her", said Mira. "I will save her, but we need to escape". Mira looks at Rian with concern, "How are we going to escape"? "When the door is opened, we run for it, but if something happens to me, leave me behind". Mira looks at Rian, "No I am not leaving you", "Please if you don't you'll die". Mira looks at Rian, and kissed him, "Okay I will". "Thank you" responded Rian. They both lied down next to each other and fell asleep.

They woke up and kissed just in case it was the last time. The Scientist opened the door, "Ready", asked Mira, "Ready", responded Rian. The both ran out the door, the Scientist screamed. They made it close to a exit, but Rian was caught and stabbed by Chamberlain. "RIAN"! As his body was on the floor, Mira wasn't going to leave his body behind, so she ran and grabbed his body and jumped out of the castle, she spread her wings out, but still crashed into the water. They got to shore, "Rian, please don't go, stay here". No response, Mira held Rian, and cried, but she heard footsteps. Mira looked up and sees Deet. "Your Deet, could you please help him". Deet looks at Mira, and at Rian. She gets on her knees and uses the Darkening, to move the grass to protect Rians wounds. Mira looks at Rian, "Thank...You". She looks up to see that Deet is gone. "M..Mira", She looks down and sees Rian waking up, and kisses him. "What happened"? Asked Rian, "Deet came over here and saved you", responded Mira. Rian looked at Mira, and said, "We have to go find her", "Rian, your wounded we can find her later, but we must get to Stone in the Wood". Responded Mira, Rian and Mira left the area and returned home. Mira reunited with her old friends, and Rian would be healed.