"I'm home!",called Amaria.

She was back from work placed the groceries on the side counter. After stopping at the grocery store along the way home, she was ready to make a meal. There was no answer back from her roommate. since

Amaria's engagement during their college graduation, had led to this living arrangement. Amaria was curious and decided to look around to see if he was around.

"Ethan!",she tried again.

She walked through the hallways of the apartment. She heard kissing sounds coming from the other room. The curiosity to see where the kissing was coming from kept her walking forward. It led her into the bedroom. She caught her fiancé in bed kissing another woman. They all froze when they saw Amaria come in.

One minute later~

Amaria pushed Ethan and the girl towards the door along.

"Wait Amaria, I can explain..." But Amaria didn't let him finish.

"You PROMISED Ethan, you promised it would be you and me!",she shouted angrily with tears in her eyes.

She slipped the engagement ring off her finger and threw it at him.

Before a single word could come out of Ethan's mouth, Amaria had slammed the door. She turned her back on the door and she began to slide onto the floor. As she slide down, she put her hands on face and cried her eyes out.