HP/CP the Prequel - Chapter 1

cast Emma Watson(Hermione)-, mother of Ginny Main Character

Amelia warner GINNY

harry potter as Ginny dad

Jessie Cave lavender brown as the cop

Tim Curry(Voldemort)- Chucky "voice

Nymphadora Tonks as lavender brown partner

dr ron


harry potter falls to his death

Ron car cash

Chucky the doll gun GETS shoots head off BY lavender brown IN THE END WANE HE TIED TO STRANGLE lavender brown in the end

Lucius Malfoy strangled to death by Chucky

characters choked by Chucky

Hermione Granger

lavender brown IN HER CAR

Nymphadora Tonks

chapter 1 prologue toy factory a man named Lucius Malfoy WORKD AT working on a doll line and a man starts yelling at him. Lucius Malfoy gets mad and programs dolls to ignore safety and profanity laws. The doll ships out to stores and then quits

Hermione is working at a toy store. A shipment of dolls come in, after everyone bought one there weren't any dolls left so she could get one for her kid Ginny. After work, she goes down an alley and sees a peddler selling the doll she wanted. She asked how much, he overcharges for the doll but she still pays. She goes home and gives the box to her daughter. Her dad, Harry, comes home at the same time Hermione has to go back to work. Harry tells his daughter it's time to go to bed, Ginny gets in bed and Harry goes to the kitchen. He begins to hear noises as he heads to the kitchen, he investigates but finds nothing. Once he gets to the kitchen something runs out and hits him in the leg, he falls to the ground but when he gets up he takes a kid's baseball bat to the face. The hit was so hard it made him lose his balance and fall out of the six-story window. Hermione comes home and finds detective lavender brown, homicide unit. Hermione asks "Where's my husband?". The detective says I'm afraid I have to tell you that your husband has died. Hermione asks the detective how he died, she said he fell from the window. Ginny comes out and asks what's going on. The cop asks if she could check her feet, Hermione tells her daughter to go to bed. "Ginny did not know who did it! I don't care but I know I just lost my husband and I would like some time alone with my daughter and I'm sure my daughter's upset!" Detective lavender brown says " You got it. I'll get everybody out of here right away. Tell me if you see any more of those footprints." Detective opens the door one more time. Lavender says I don't like loose ends. Hermione says "I don't like people who don't know the stop" and closes the door. Nymphadora Tonks says "ouch" and lavender says "no kidding". She then gets news on Hermione and her daughter. Lavender takes the bat from the crime scene to her partner and says get it to the lab. She askes "Are you sure lavender?" Lavender says it's the possible murder weapon, Tonks says "you kidding aren't you". They leave and Hermione begins to hear her daughter talking to Chucky. She goes into her room, Hermione askes her daughter who she's talking to. Ginny says Chucky then tells her mother that Chucky said dad got what he deserved. Hermione asked, "how could you say that?". Hermione picks up the doll and asks Ginny "does he look real to you Ginny?". Ginny tells her mother to stop or you'll hurt him. Hermione yells "you don't think he's real, do you?" Ginny yells "he is! Stop it please!" She askes if it was because of dad why her mother was yelling at her. Hermione thought it over and realized that was exactly what she was doing. Hermione apologizes then askes Ginny to get ready for 3 the next morning Hermione tells her daughter it time to get up for school. Ginny leaves but takes her doll with her. She gets on the train and goes to school. She goes in and sets the doll in the common room. Chucky gets up from the chair, leaves the room, and goes walking down the halls. He runs into Lucius Malfoy and attacks him. then Chucky strangles him to death a the teachers hear the noise then go to see what happened. The teacher calls Hermione, she comes to the School to find lavender brown. Ginny tells the truth but nobody believes her about Chucky. She tells her to tell the truth right now or going to take you away from me. Ron, the doctor on duty, said he's heard more than enough and that he thinks she needs to stay at his house for a couple of days to check her out. He then takes the doll and goes home. She decides to check the doll, she finds that there are no batteries in it. She picks it up and yells "talk to me or I'm going to throw you into the fire!" and suddenly Chucky attacks Hermione grabs her neck and tries to strangle her She kicked him off her and he gets on her back and attempts to strangle her again he says die and continue attempts to strangle her harder and she shoots him with her wand and sends him to the ground then he gets up to and he leaves the apartment and then Hermione goes outside and runs into lavender brown Hermione tells lavender brown Ginny was telling the truth the doll it's alive and it tries to attack me try to strangle me am going look for the doll are you crazy and Hermione goes looking for the doll lavender brown says oh great lavender gets in her car to go look for Hermione granger

CHAPTER 4 lavender finds out the truth

Hermione going to help with walking down the street and goes around the corner into a gang of people. Hermione finds the man that sold it to her, she marches up to him and askes where he got the doll. Instead of answering he attacks Hermione. He tries to pins her down and strangles her. All of a sudden lavender brown shows up and saves Hermione. Hermione tells Lavender that he said he got it from an old toy factory. As the man runs off lavender then the man comes back and he attacks Lavender she dopes her wand and then He pins her down and tries to strangle her again she gags welly he is strangling her she starts grabbing for her wand and she grabs her wand and shoots and kills him Hermione go to the car and get in, they head back to Hermione's apartment. She asks lavender what did you find out about the doll, she explains there's nothing to explain. There's no way it's like she says. Hermione begins to scream that what she said was true and that it's out. She breaks down crying "I'm telling you the truth. Why won't you believe me?" Lavender calms her down and says it's because I'm rational. Lavender says good night and drives off back to her office. She pulls some files on the doll but finds nothing. She goes back to the car and begins driving home. As she goes down the road Chucky jumps from the backseat and attacks her. He grabs a rope and swings it around her throat he yells "goodnight Bitch. He starts to strangle her she starts gagging and continues strangling her. as The car crashes and flips upside down, he quickly gets on her back and attempts to strangle her again Charlie pulls the rope back and continues strangling her As Lavender pulls out her wand and shoots Chucky out the window, he disappears. Hermione goes to the toy factory just as lavender brown shows up. She apologizes to Hermione for not believing her, lavender then tells Hermione the doll attacked her and tried to strangle her. Lavender tells Hermione "We have to find your daughter before Chucky does something bad." Lavender and Hermione start leaving for Dr. Ron's house.

chapter 5 Nut House Attack

At Dr. Ron's HOUSE in a room Ginny sees Chucky outside, she calls Dr. Ron over to see but he sees nothing

Ginny starts crying as Chucky comes into the building. Chucky steals the garden keys and unlocks the door. He goes inside and gets in the bed. Ginny runs out the door, Chucky follows her. Chucky catches up to her and attacks her and he starts to strangle HER, once she kicks him off she goes to look at him but he is already gone. Ron grabs Ginny but he winds up getting attacked by Chucky. Chucky tackles him down and electrocuted him to death with a machine he found running. Ginny runs from the house and runs all the way home. Lavender and Hermione show up at the hospital, Tonks tells Lavender the doctor is dead. Lavender asks "Have you seen Chucky anywhere?". "Who's Chucky," asks Tonks. She goes to Hermione tells her she thinks Ginny did it. A neighbor child comes over to Lavender and says he saw Chucky looking for Ginny. Lavender and Hermione head back to Hermione's apartment.

Ginny goes home and grabs a baseball bat. Chucky comes in through the fireplace of the apartment, runs through the living room and down the hall. Chucky comes around a corner and is met with a surprise. Ginny hits him with the bat but he knocks her down to the ground. Ginny wakes up to find Chucky standing over her, he says hello and begins to strangle her with the bat. Hermione and Lavender show up, Lavender grabs Chucky but he attacks her. He starts to strangle her and she gags but she kicks Chucky away. He grabs a knife and cuts Lavender's leg before running off. Lavender gives Hermione one of her wands. Lavender goes to the bedroom and gets attacked by Chucky, he knocks her out and gets ready to hit her in the head with a bat but Hermione shoots him with the wand. Chucky yells out "Oh! You want to play games?" and goes after her. Hermione trips over a table and falls to the ground. He jumps on her and strangles her, she kicks him into the fireplace then starts a fire. He is burnt to a crisp. Hermione goes into the bedroom to help Lavender. Hermione tells Lavender that Chucky is dead as she goes for the first aid kit under the desk. Ginny joins the adults and their conversation before noticing Chucky's body was missing in the next room. She walks over only to hear Chucky say "Hello Ginny" then attacks her with a knife. Ginny runs for the room her mother and Lavender were in but Chucky finds a wand and transforms himself into an adult-sized doll. He beings to shot the wand at them when Tonks shows up and disarms him. Chucky turns to Tonks and attacks her, he begins to strangle her but Lavender shoots at him but misses. He becomes angry and lunges at Lavender. He tackles her to the ground, he finds a baseball bat and begins to strangle her with it. Chucky continues to strangle lavender with the baseball bat. Lavender grabs a wand and shoots him, he flies against the wall. As his body dies down he says in a sad voice "But I want to play". Soon there is no movement and the light in his eyes shut down lavender goes over Chucky's body and checks it. lavender says he's dead and suddenly Chucky's hand and grabs her by the throat. It begins to strangle her and she grabs a gun and shoots him killing him then They burn the remainder of his body then head to the hospital in the end? evil laugh post-credits scene minister Fudge does a speech about there was no doll problem and has Hermione put in a nuthouse. He has her kid taken from her. "You're are under arrest Hermione Granger. You have the right to remain silent." They put Hermione Granger in handcuffs as he says "You'll never see your daughter again. Ever! Not for the rest of your life." The man takes her away in a car as Lavender takes Ginny to her home and raises her as her own.

then is the final chapter and you can definitely look forward to the sequel

then is the final chapter and you can look forward to the sequel

cast Emma Watson as Hermione granger Ginny mom

Amelia warner as Ginny

Daniel Radcliffe as harry potter as Ginny dad

Jessie Cave lavender brown as the cop

Tim curry as Chucky "voice

Natalia Tena as Nymphadora Tonks as lavender brown partner

Rupert Grint as dr ron

harry potters child\'s play the sequel cast

gemma ward AS GINNY

Jessie Cave as lavender brown the cop and is GINNY aunt

TIM CURRY AS CHUCKY the doll ho vows revenge on Ginny and lavender

tom Felton as Draco Malfoy

Kelly Macdonald as Helena Ravenclaw

Dumbledore AS GINNY

Maggie Smith as McGonagall

Emma Watson as Hermione granger GINNY mom