I looked over at Riley as I smiled ."Hey ,Riley I like your red shirt it looks cool ." I complimented him as I spoke to him . "Thank you it's one of my favorite shirts actually I have a light blue one as well actually ." He smiled . "You're welcome ." I smiled back at him .

"The food here in this diner was amazing don't you agree ?" I asked him . "Heck yeah it was indeed ." He nodded in agreement . "Would love to go here again sometime ." I told him . "Yeah me too I would love to again sometime ." He smiled .

Then suddenly after a while we had got to know more about eachother and then that's when it happened he had kissed me it was indeed our first kiss that first kiss was like sparks were literally falling . "You're a good kisser Riley ." I told him after we had kissed . "Thanks you are as well ." He smiled while winking which made me blush of course.