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Half Moon Bay

By: Sweet Daydreamer


Chapter 1: The Opposite of One Another

Inuyasha swayed his razor-sharp clawed hand at a brawling vampire, ripping open his throat brutally. Bloods splattered from the brick stone wall to the soiled ground. Seeing there was no way to defeat this silver-haired hanyou standing before them, the other two bloodthirsty vampires fled the scene at the gory sight.

An arrogant and satisfied smirk was formed on his face as he watched his pathetic preys making a run for their lives. Inuyasha could feel his blood boiling, growing boisterous for a wild chase. With the incredible strength and speed of his as a half-demon, he leaped into the air and landed before them in the split of a second, halting them both dead in the middle of their track.

"Where do you think you're going? I never said you could leave." Inuyasha's fists flexed several times as if he was aching for more bloodsheds. The demon side of him had always given him an insatiable hunger for blood and violence. The raging vampires hissed at him dangerously, exposing their unusual sharp fangs before they make their furious attacks.

Inuyasha sneered at their piteous persistence and swung his claws with great force, gashing one of the demons in the abdomen. The flesh was torn with red blood splashing out of the cut. Witnessing his own companion's horrendous death, the last surviving demon went berserk as he threw violent punches and kicks at his smirking opponent.

Inuyasha blocked and dodged the assaults without an effort as he created nasty yet, non-brutal scratches on the frenzied vampire. He could have finished off him easily with a single swing of his hand, but he decided to torment him first.

The fight continued for a few more minutes and Inuyasha was growing tired of his bloody game already. The maddened vampire threw another fierce punch at Inuyasha, but he caught his hand before it came into contact with him. He tightened his grip and pulled the demon towards himself, thrusting a hand through the demon's chest.

A sense of fulfillment and satisfaction instantly engulfed Inuyasha as he pulled out his hand that was stained with fresh blood and watched the demon's lifeless body slumping onto the ground. He then strode out of the secluded alley and towards his parked silver Porsche without a backward glance.

Inuyasha could still feel his blood racing heatedly through him, yearning for more bloodshed. He was always restless and insatiable when it came to slaughtering. He inhaled a deep breath and held it for as long as he could, attempted to calm the wild animal side of himself. He lifted up his head to gaze at the heavens once he got into the car. The sky was still dark, but it would soon be lightened by dawn within the next couple of hours. Inuyasha groaned in frustration before he drove off his car speedily.


"Let's face it," said Kagome, over ice cream sundaes at a well-designed cafe. "Jiro is never going to ask me out."

"Of course he is!" Adora cried in response, her lively green eyes challenging Kagome's grey-blue ones. "I know Jiro from Sakama Modeling School. He's a terrific guy, not to even mention his handsomeness! But I guess he's probably just slow about these things. Some guys are, you know."

"Yeah right." Kagome snickered with disbelieve.

"He may be the silent, romantic type. Maybe he's waiting for that one magic moment-" Adora smiled mischievously and spooned up another mouthful of chocolate ice cream. It was a treat she really loved, but would certainly regret eating afterward since she was more concerned with her beauty and figures than anything else in her life. Kagome and Adora were both super models who worked for one of the most famous companies in Japan known as the Yakamate Enterprise.

"Oh, yeah sure," Kagome ran a hand through her silky raven hair. "Jiro is waiting for the 'magic moment' to ask me out. What a laugh." But she wasn't laughing.

Adora gave her a concerned look. They have met at their modeling school three years ago and two of them had been good friends ever since. Now that they have finally become two of the most famous models in Tokyo, helping one another out had become a way of life.

"Just because he is popular and has a lot of other women who are practically all over him every time doesn't mean he won't ask you out!" Adora exclaimed. "And besides, you are extremely gorgeous yourself, Kagome, in case you haven't noticed."

"Oh, sure," replied Kagome, tearing at her napkin mindlessly.

"You know, Kagome, I was just reading that sixty-five percent of guys polled actually like it when the female asks them out." Adora tucked a loose strand of chestnut hair back into her french braid. Kagome really adored her friend for the fact that she always seemed to have a million facts at her fingertips. "Maybe youshould ask himout."

"NO WAY!" Kagome widened her eyes in shock. "What if Jiro is in the other thirty-five percent? If he said no, I would die. I just don't have that kind of courage."

"There is only one girl I know who does," Adora added, with a meaningful look toward Kagome. "Your cousin, Kikyo. She never has a problem asking for what she wants. In fact, she doesn't even has to call guys up cause they're always after her in droves."

Her remarks cracked Kagome up immediately. "Oh, come on Adora," Kagome countered with a whole-hearted smile. "Kikyo isn't so bad. She's just-"

"Self-centred? Selfish? A little wrapped up in herself? Do any of those definitions ring a bell?" Adora asked.

Kagome shifted uncomfortably in her seat. "I've known her a lot longer than you have, Adora, and honestly, Kikyo has a sweet side."

"Yeah sure. Whenever she's with her boyfriends that is." Shaking her head, Adora shoved her spoon into her chocolate ice cream again. "You always think the best of people, Kagome."

"But it's true, Adora," Kagome began to explain. "Kikyo and I practically grew up together. She taught me how to dive and how to put on make-ups. It's only when she went to New York for modeling school and my uncle Danno made all that money investing in his Real Estate Company that she's been a little - Well, just because she has a lot doesn't mean her life is easy."

"Oh poor Kikyo. She's SO rich, the poor thing. It must be hard for her, driving that black Mercedes, being the top model in Yakamate Enterprise, having that gorgeous black hair-"

Kagome stood up, feeling a little upset with Adora and her harsh comments about her cousin. "There's just more than one side to Kikyo. That's all I'm saying."

Even if she knew half of what Adora had said about Kikyo was true, Kagome still didn't want her best friend to insult her cousin this way. Kikyo and Kagome used to get along fairly well when they were young, but as they became more distant from each other as they grew older. Kikyo was also a model from the same company that Kagome and Adora were working for, yet she had just happened to become one of the top models. Although rumours have it that Kikyo had slept with many modeling agents in order to obtain the status she had now, Kagome never believed in such unverified information because she could see potential in her.

"Right," Adora said, agreeing. "There's the snobby side and the sneaky side. She would probably use the chance to go after Jiro herself!"

"Adora." Kagome warned as she glared half-heartedly at her friend. Adora glanced at her watch. "It's almost six!" She announced nervously as she stood up as well. "We gotta go now or else we will be late for the rehearsal!"

Kagome nodded absent-mindedly as she reached for her sapphire blue jacket that had an iridescent sheen. Noticing her lack of enthusiasms, Adora spoke up again. "Don't give up, Kagome!" She encouraged smilingly while placing a dollar bill on the table before they walked out of the door. "I think he likes you."

Kagome didn't even bother to response and only snorted at her friend. "I mean it! I saw him looking at you the other day when we were rehearsing as if he were a starving man and you were a hot fudge sundae!"

"Oh Adora" yelled Kagome with a laugh while walking towards Adora's car. "You always say the silliest things!" But inside, she was wondering if it was true. Oh, if only he liked her then she would certainly be the happiest girl on earth!