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Summary for Fanfic: Melody Corner's life was filled with imagination. Wanting to become an author, Melody's journey into writing takes her to places like Middle-earth and the Pridelands. But what happens when she starts hearing Frodo Baggins' voice in her head? What new worlds will they create together?

Inspiration for Fanfic: Terry Brooks' book series, The Shannara Series. Terry Brooks' short story, Imaginary Friends, gave me the Aha moment I needed to get to this fanfic. So, many thanks there. :)

Inspiration Theme Music for Fanfic: Lindsey Stirling's song "Elements". Aquaman's song, "Everything I Need" (also Frodo Baggins' theme music for this fanfic). Patty Gurdy's Circle's song, "Kalte Winde".

Inspiration Music for Prologue: Les Misérables' song, "One Day More".


Welcome to the first part of my Blank Space duology, part of my Prelude Series and my Long Series. :)

At first, I thought this was the very beginning of my Long Series, but then that changed with my The Beginning trilogy, so the Beginning Trilogy takes over that part. I know there is tons more history in my Long Series, but I'll save that for later. :)

Enjoy! :)


Melody's grandparents' house stood out in the country. The woods were surrounded by green hills, while before the front yard was a tree where a large rope had been knotted to it. A huge black tire was tied to this rope, right below a thick tree branch, where the tire had been knotted.

This was where Melody spent her days writing fanfiction. She loved to write these stories. So much so, that she couldn't stop writing. The tire was her favorite spot in the whole wide world.

She was six years old when she had her first dream. She was eight when she first learned cursive writing and found it to be one of her passions. Writing was her talent and she wanted to keep it that way.

Ideas strung up inside her mind. She smiled, as she put her thoughts into practice, coming up with so many worlds and characters beyond her wildest dreams. What's more was her love for the canon worlds. She wished she could be there with the canon characters. Anything like that would bring her great joy.

A tree branch broke. She looked up. Her gaze followed her to a series of bushes. Wait. What's that? Was that a lion? Was it? If this was true, then what was he doing here?

"Who are you?" Melody asked, looking at the creature.

The lion growled, snarling at her, before darting off into the woods.

"Wait. No, come back! Lion! Lion?" Melody looked around, perplexed. Had she imagined it? The lion was so cute. Almost like… but no. It couldn't be. "Kovu?"


Thanks for reading. :)