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Ever since the first year, things didn't go as planned for Cyra Moores. First, there were the rumors then there was Merula Snyde, who had a few redeeming qualities but not enough for Cyra not to want to push her into the lake sometimes.

She just really hoped this year would be better—and that Merula had grown up at least somewhat during their summer break, lest she actually would push her into the lake.

Yet now on the train, she found herself wondering not only about her brother or the ice vault from last year but also about her summer. Her summer had—for the lack of a better term—tense. The pressure from her parents had seemed to increase and they all out seemed to avoid her most days.

Was it because of her involvement with the vaults?

Sighing she left Rowan (who had fallen asleep) in the cabin and made her way toward the toilets to change, only to nearly get hit with the door as a familiar figure with wild hair exited the room.

"Oh, so you did decide to come back, Moores. Haven't they kicked you out yet?"

Cyra inhaled as she shoved past the other girl, trying to ignore that jab.

"Bugger off, Merula."

She muttered as she went to change, only to hear the other girl scoff.

"Oh, look at me. I'm Cyra Moores and I'm so scary because I finally removed the stick out of my ass and learned to curse!"

Just ignore the self-centered brat and maybe she will get bored and leave.

She thought, trying to block out the rest of the other girl's tangent. Even if at that moment she wanted to punch the stupid smirk off of Merula's dumb face.

"You seem agitated."

Rowan muttered sleepily when Cyra returned, earning a huff as Cyra slid the door shut.

"I ran into the residential demonic hedgehog of our year." She retorted sliding back into her seat.

"What did she do this time?"

Cyra sighed as she reached into her cat's carrier and took out the small black kitten.

"What doesn't she do? She's Merula Snyde, it's what she does! She runs her mouth, pushes people around, and acts as if she didn't smack herself in the face with her broom multiple times in our first year."

The last part caused Rowan to burst into laughter.

"Remember when she fell backward off the thing after bragging so much about how she already knew how?"

"Yeah, remember her face? You would have thought someone had pushed her off the thing!" Cyra retorted, doing a dramatic expression that caused even more laughter.

They were still laughing when the door slid open and Ben cooper walked in, what looked like marsh goo across the back of his uniform shirt.

It had been a long summer and something told Cyra it was going to be an even longer school year.