It is my first try in writing fanfiction so please bear with me and try to ignore small mistakes.

Please forgive me if some of my content seems copied from other writers as you know this is my first story so might take some ideas from others.

For those writers who I unintentionally copy I AM REALLY SORRY and VERY MUCH THANK YOU for letting me use them while not reporting me.


Minato sacrifices an ANBU captain to Shinigami without thinking about consequences to save himself and seals all chakra in Kushina and soul in Naruto and plans to use them as personal weapons. But Naruto is born weak and low amount chakra to only stay alive as a result Naruto is shunned and hated by Minato and many in Konoha. What nobody noticed is that Naruto is a super-genius surpassing all the Kages and prodigies combined, and learns of his father's plans at the age of 2. Watch as Naruto plans for demise Konoha, his father, finds a cure for his condition and also finds love all the while travelling throughout the Elemental Nations.

OP Naruto. Godlike Naruto. Multiple Bloodlines Naruto. Smart Naruto. Sealmaster Naruto. Eventually will have multiple biju sealed in himself.

Naruto will be 2-3 years older than in anime.

Bashing: Namikaze Minato, Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura and Civilian Council. There will be more but these are the main ones.

Pairing: Naruto/Mass Harem. Incest.

Harem is set as given below and will not be changed unless there is a high demand from readers.

There will be a lot of lemons.


Uzumaki Kushina

Hyuga Hinata

Senju Tsunade

Uchiha Mikoto

Mitarashi Anko

Yamanaka Ino

Kurama Yakumo

Yuhi Kurenai

Uzuki Yugao



Nii Yugito


Tsunami (Land of Waves Arc)

Toki (Land of Birds Arc)


Shizuka (Nadeshiko Village Arc)

Shion (Land of Demons Arc)

Sasame (Fuma Clan Arc)

Sara (Movie: The Lost Tower)

Terumi Mei


Kyouki (Land of Snow Arc)

Kotohime (Fuma Clan Arc)


Tsuchi Kin (Chunnin Exams Arc)

Uzumaki Karin

Tsichigumo Hotaru (Utakata Arc)



Fem. Haku


Fuuka (Sora Arc)

I will try to up-lode couple of chapters per week but no promises.

I will definitely complete this story as the first reason I am writing this is because of getting frustrated due to incomplete and abandoned stories.