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Chapter 6: Chakra Natures, Massacre and Death?


***Tsunade's Lab/Office at Senju Residence***

A very giddy Naruto was sitting on his desk while holding a small piece of paper in his right hand. It was not any piece of paper, it was a chakra paper made from a special tree. If one would look at the table in front of him then they would see many different spots of lava, wood, steel, water, ash, mud, shredded paper, crumpled paper, crystal and at the side of a stack of more chakra papers.

"You have to channel your chakra through that paper to check your affinity Naru-kun," a giggling Kushina said "And I thought you were smart dattebane"

Naruto looked up towards the door and saw Kushina, Tsunade, Hitomi and Kiyomi, who were now divorced and free respectively. A few months back Hitomi gave birth to her second daughter, Hanabi. After that Hiyashi and the elders of the clan started to be more aggressive towards Hinata as a scapegoat because they wasted a strong male heir and the poison they were giving Hitomi did not work. During that time, Hitomi discovered that they started to poison Hinata in the same way as her. For her and her daughter's safety, she took advice from Kushina and Naruto who suggested her to divorce Hiyashi. As punishment for divorce, Hitomi and both the girls were marked with the caged bird seal and kicked out of the clan. Everything went as planned as Hitomi and the girls started to live at the Senju house where Naruto easily removed their cadged bird seal and drew the same seal again but with a normal ink so no one would be suspicious of them not having the original seal. That day, both, Hitomi and Hinata were very grateful to Naruto as because of him now Hitomi was out of her forced marriage and Hinata did not have to face hatred from her own father and clan. What nobody knew that the mother and daughter duo developed a crush on Naruto that day

Last year was very confusing but happy for Naruto. He knew that many women had crushed/loved him, even his mother, but was confused about how to return their feelings as he also had the same feelings towards them and because of this he was not even able to answer Kiyomi and Anko who were pestering him to be their boyfriend. Thinking about Kiyomi and Anko, Naruto shivered as both of them got along very well and tease him together by even suggesting a threesome. Shaking his head Naruto huffed "Shina-chan I know that I have to channel chakra through it and I am doing that only right now. Tomi-chan can confirm that with her byakugan. Also, where are Hina-chan and imoto-chan?" he said as he considered Hanabi as a little sister

Around the time the Hyuga's started to live with them, Kushina threatened Naruto his ramen and practically ordered him to not call her kaa-chan as that made her feel old because he called sweet nicknames to all other females he knew. Her threat would have sounded genuine if she was not shuttering and blushing badly at that time, also Naruto knew better that the main reason was her romantic love for him and she wanted him to return a little bit of it, even unknowingly for her so Naruto relented and started calling her Shina-chan

"Hinata is practising her taijutsu and Hanabi is sleeping" Hitomi activated her byakugan and gained a confused look and said "Yes Kushi, I can clearly see him channelling chakra but the paper is not reacting. But Naruto-kun what is your chakra white in colour? Also, I have not seen this thick chakra as yours"

"It should not be possible, everyone has at least one affinity and I know for the fact that Naru in a Suiton type. As for the colour, I don't know as it was blue before" Tsunade said.

While everyone was confused, Naruto was smirking but he saw the shocked look on Kiyomi's face and said "It is a result of an experiment I am working on from past six months and it is my breakthrough in chakra theory. I kept it a secret from everyone but I think Yomi-chan knows something about this and you should also look at the table, they all are the results of my chakra like this one" as he finished the paper in his hand turned into a transparent cube with a white core

"JI-JI-JINTON!!! HOW DO YOU HAVE JINTON AND THE OTHER KEKKEI GENKAI DATTEBANE?" a shocked Kushina shouted, while also asking everyone else's question

"I do not have any bloodline Shina-chan except the adamantium sealing chains which I could not use due to my condition. This is the result of my experiment and I will explain to you all but I want to hear Kiyomi-chan first. Also, you all should sit down I know it will take some time" Naruto said

Everyone settled down on chairs while Kiyomi plopped herself down on Naruto's lap who blushed and held her from the waist to keep her from falling. Seeing Kiyomi do this, other females in the room sent her a death glare while Naruto groaned as it was always same with Kiyomi and Anko. Kiyomi's got herself comfortable and said "I only know that with the white chakra anyone will be able to use all five elemental release and all sub-elemental release like moktun, jinton, shoton, miton and all others. User is able to use yin-release, yang-release and yin-yang-release, their medical chakra will be more potent than any other person, even Tsunade's and harnessing nature chakra will also be very easy for him. But I only know about it because the sage told me about it and even he also did not have pure white, he also had a little bit of blue tint in it. How do you have it Naru-kun? I and the sage thought that only a rinnegan holder or a more superior being can have it"

"Well your belief is wrong and that would mean that I understand chakra more than him. To understand my theory you will have to first understand how I see chakra. I see chakra as a sheet of paper and fold in said paper as the chakra nature. If the paper is folded in pattern A then it is katon nature, pattern B is doton and a current combination if A and B, a new combination C will be yoton. Everyone's chakra is moulded according to their parent's chakra in their Mother's womb as they mould the pure chakra of the unborn similar to theirs. The most chances are that the chakra on the unborn is more similar to the mother's as the baby feed on it when in the womb but it will surely have some similarities to the father's chakra, there are also chances that baby's chakra gets moulded in a totally different form. This is also the reason some don't wake their bloodline and the potency of one's affinity. But for my theory to work one's chakra also needs to be thick. Think like it this way, if the chakra is a paper and even if it is pure, it will always have traces of the previous pattern. So chakra has to be thick and elastic like rubber so it turns back to it's the original form. This is why even the sage had a tint of blue in his chakra, his chakra was not dense and thick enough. And this is my theory, you all with me until this point?" Naruto asked and reached for a glass of water at the edge of his table.

Girls just nodded dumbly, too surprised at what Naruto was able to come up with. Kiyomi got out of her shock and asked: "That is all well Naru-kun, but how we're you able to apply it?"

Taking a deep breath Naruto said " I was getting on to it. First of I checked my chakra nature which was suiton, I got all my tenketsus and chakra gates with the help of Hina-chan then I placed a special seal on all of them. This seal fed natural earth chakra to my chakra continuously while also slowly increasing its intensity, this process was to make my chakra pure by removing my suiton affinity or removing creases from the paper so to speak. After this, I applied some more seals on the tenketsus and gates which worked on my chakra to thicken it and make it dense. So after this long process of 6 months was done, my body started to produce chakra that was pure and thick. Also before you ask, this method will work for me only and it is also might be the only occasion when I was thankful for my condition. It worked for me because my chakra network is underdeveloped as I cannot remove chakra affinity from a developed chakra network. Even if we find a person with an underdeveloped chakra network, they will not be able to use any technique as their chakra capacity will still be very low. I did this to myself only because my chakra network will be fully developed and capacity increased after the ritual I will perform on my upcoming trip dattebayo"

After taking some minutes to contemplate everything Tsunade questioned "Kiyomi said that your potency of medical chakra and ability to manipulate nature chakra would be increased along with releases related to yin and yang. How is that possible? But Naru, the chakra used in the ritual will not be pure. So it should mess with your own chakra, how will you deal with it?"

"Even your medical chakras have affinity traits and because of them, the healing process is slow. So medical chakra without any affinity traits will be more potent. Tsu-chan your chakra is the purest I have ever seen as you only have a very low affinity for suiton and that is why your iryo-ninjutsu is more effective. Also, as the chakra is pure, it will be easy to mix nature chakra in the user's chakra. As for the ritual, I will be using this necklace as a chakra filter" Naruto said while holding out Shodai's necklace

"How will it help you Naru-kun? it's just a family heirloom on Tsu-chan's which is the only reason it is this expensive dattebane" Kushina asked while confused

Naruto just smiled and was about to speak when Kiyomi cut in "The stone in that necklace is not any stone and it is invaluable because of what it is. That is one of the eight chakra stones, nature stone. It helps the user harness nature chakra and because of that, the trees from Hashirama's moktun was even able to hold me down. There are eight of them: fire stone, water stone, earth stone, wind stone, lighting stone, yin stone, yang stone and the last nature stone. They all were created from the residual chakra when the sage created us bijus. Each stone strengthens the respective element of the holder, all of them are scattered around the elemental nations and yin stone and yang stone were not seen after the sage died. I earlier told Naru that he was lucky to have the nature stone as it will make all the collected chakra pure like his own now. He can use other stones in the process to strengthen the chakra but nature stone is must otherwise me might go insane with the emotions that will come latched to the collected chakra"

"She is right dattebayo and this being the nature stone was the original reason this necklace in invaluable but this fact got lost to the time. During my travel, I will try to find other stones if I am lucky and use them in the ritual. Now that is done, we should have lunch. I am hungry" Naruto said and got up with Kiyomi and led them to the kitchen



"Today I realised that I got overconfident and arrogant, even if it was subconsciously. I did not factor any surprising change in variables which shows flaws in my plan. Now, people will have to die even if they are somewhat guilty. I did not expect Danzo to convince that bastard Hokage to slaughter a big population of a well-respected clan and I do not even want to take a headache for the second person. Are you sure about him nii-san? Even if I can sense him, I want to hear it from you" Naruto said with a serious face but had hidden anger in his voice

"You are not the only one who got overconfident little brother, we all did not expect Danzo to do this. It is a relief that Minato and the elders only ordered me to kill the people who are at fault not the whole clan like Danzo first suggested. And yes otouto, I am sure it was Obito. He introduced himself as Uchiha Madara after my meeting with the elders and Minato. He wants me to join some criminal organisation he created after I defect" Itachi said, but suddenly stiffened

"What is it nii-san? What does that cripple want? I know you had a shadow clone talking to him which just dispelled, I was able to sense it clearly" Naruto said as he saw Itachi gritting his teeth

"He wants me to go against Hokage and slaughter the whole clan down to every child and even kaa-san. He said that I can only leave Sasuke alive, I know he expects to get Susuke under his wraps. If I do not go by his words then he will have his drones to the job and will even kill Sasuke" Itachi said

Hearing this, Naruto got angry and frustrated "Only thing I can think of is that we leave all the innocents alive and increase their protection while Miko-chan and Sasuke stay with us, they will be safest here" he said and took a deep breath. Naruto then suddenly stiffened and said "Danzo is attacking Shisui-nii! He was able to get away from Danzo but his lackeys are following him towards the Naka river canyon" As soon as Naruto finished, Itachi grabbed him and sunshined to Shisui's location

***Naka River Canyon***

Itachi and Naruto landed on a nearby tree to access the situation as it was never wise to jump in the battle. They saw Shisui cornered at the edge of the canyon. He was little bit injures but not anything serious apart from that both of his eyes were bleeding and he was surrounded by twenty ROOT ANBUs. Quickly forming a plan Itachi got in his shinobi mode and order Naruto "Naruto, you decapitate all of them as soon as possible with your poisoned senbons while I retrieve Shisui from there"

Naruto just nodded as he also could not think of anything better. Both of them prepared for their moved but got wide-eyed when he saw that all twenty ROOT ANBU started to throw weapons and jutsus at the prone Shisui. Naruto was about to close his eyes when he saw Itachi appear in front of Shisui to take the hit instead and next moment Naruto was in Tsunade's office/lab at the Senju residence

***Tsunade's office/lab***

As soon as they appeared there, Naruto saw that Itachi and Shisui were huffing while Shisui was also bleeding. Naruto got out of his shock when he heard Itachi speak between buffs "Naruto!!! *huff* Chakra pills *huff* and *huff* first aid *huff* Shisui"

Naruto instantly helped Itachi to lay Shisui on the patient's bed there and gave him a chair to sit. Then he rushed to his part of the lab and got two blue pills, one red pill and a seal. He gave one blue pill to Itachi and one blue and a red pill to Shisui. As they took the pills Naruto slammed the seal on Shisui's shoulder and Shisui was covered in a green chakra "Blue pills are the chakra pills and the red pill is for Shisui-nii to regain the lost blood, both of them are my special pills so they will not take any kind of toll on your body. The seal is one of my fuinjutsu types, it is called senpo-iryo-fuinjutsu, this particular one converts nature chakra into medical chakra and treats all minor cuts, gashes, internal bleeding and concussions. I am working on one which could heal major injuries. Now both of you should only have physical and mental stress" as he finished, the green chakra around Shisui disappeared. As both the Uchihas were regaining their breaths, Naruto noticed that both of them did not have normal three tomoe sharingan and got confused "So this is the famed Mangekyo Sharingan (From now on I will use MS for Mangekyo Sharingan). I knew that Shisui-nii and Miko-chan already had it as I could sense the difference in chakra their eyes consumed and I did not talk about it as I figured that both of them wanted to keep it a secret. But Itachi-nii how did you activate it? As far as I know, you have to kill someone you live to gain it"

"They are Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan (EMS) not MS little brother, I gained them on a mission. I don't know why but whenever someone gains MS without killing their loved one, it transforms into EMS and they do not have to transplant MS of their blood relative to gain it. Mikoto-kaa-san also gained EMS in a similar manner and she also doesn't know the reason behind it. Even the tablet at the Naka shrine does not have anything on it" Shisui informed him as he and Itachi deactivated their respective EMS. (both their EMS reference image are in my bio)

"Hmm... that is certainly strange but most probably the tablet at the shrine was altered after it was first written, history is what written not really happened," Naruto said and turned to Itachi "Itachi-nii please tell all the details when you activated your EMS and how we're your emotions at that time? Also what happened to those ROOT ANBU?"


As soon as he gave orders to Naruto and saw Shisui in immediate danger Itachi thought 'I have to save Shisui but I will never reach on time' Itachi desperately thought. Not seeing any other way, he decided to replace himself with Shisui and thought 'I am sorry Shizune-chan'. Before he could perform a kawarimi jutsu, he felt most of his chakra rush to his eyes and he subconsciously spoke "Jikantōketsu" (translation: Time Freeze) and everything around him stopped, even the falling leaves stopped mid-air. Deciding to think about it later, he got went toward Shisui and placed a very small but powerful genjutsu on the ROOT ANBU to make them believe that Shisui got hit and fell in the river. Then he picked up Shisui and went back to Naruto. Also, picking up Naruto he sunshined to the Senju residence. As soon as he reached his destination, everything started to move again and he noticed that this all happened in only 7 seconds. Then he said "Naruto!!! *huff* Chakra pills *huff* and *huff* first aid *huff* Shisui"


"I have a pretty good idea on how you got EMS instead of MS. As it is said that the sharingan bloodline is cursed with hatred, so when an Uchiha succumbs to his hatred and desires power for his greedy ambitions then he only gains temporary power, in this case, MS, we can see it as a mechanism to limit hatred and when an Uchiha overcomes haterade, like Itachi-nii-san, and needs the power to protect others, he gains greater power, the EMS. To prove this correct, Shisui-nii please tell how you activated yours and if you know then how Miko-chan unlocked her" Naruto said and turned toward Shisui

Shisui himself smiled and replied "You are absolutely correct ototou, I unlocked mine on a mission when I saved a mother and her infant son on a mission while risking my life. Mikoto-kaa-san also activated hers when she took a lethal hit for Kushina-sama when they were chunin". Then he turned to Itachi and said in smug arrogance " Congratulations Itachi!!! You got a hell of a power-up, although I got it earlier than you" then he turned to a normal tone "Now you can start training your EMS and find your fifth ability. Every MS have four abilities, the common three: Amaterasu, Tsukiyomi and the Susano. The fourth one is unique to everyone. But the EMS has two abilities which are unique to the user along with the common three. The second unique ability, no blindness and less chakra consumption than MS are the major differences between MS and EMS. My personal techniques are Kotoamatsukamia and a space-time technique which allows me to teleport instantaneously in a radius of two kilometres, it is similar to hiraishin but with no marks and I perform it subconsciously when attacked at a blind spot"

After Shisui ended, Naruto started to think about everything that happened today and calculate their next move 'Now everyone in this village will think that Shisui-nii is dead and Danzo will also confirm it. He can be our wild card as no one has seen his EMS except for some allies and we will go with the original plan for the Uchihas that are planning the coup' then he looked up and addresses his elder brother figures "Shisui-nii we can use your fake death to our advantage, I think you should reenter ANBU in a disguise and climb in ranks as much as possible to get in the confidence of the elders and that gay man. Itachi-nii when you are ordered to pass the judgment on the Uchihas, go with the original plan and leave the innocent one's. Just make some loud noise to gain the attention of the patrol ANBU. After you do the deed, all the Uchihas will be protected and Danzo will not be able to do anything. Also, you shod join Obito's little group as to keep tabs on him closely. I will extract you from the group after my trip and you will be able to stay home. Also, I will be giving you some of my final version of stealth seals, my poisons and antidotes, and barrier seals which prevent everyone except for the user to use any space-time techniques in it. With it, you will be easily able to defeat Obito as we know that he heavily relies on them from out limited information we were able to gain from Minato and Kiyomi-chan" Agreeing with Naruto's plan both of the elder males nodded and sighed. Naruto then spoke towards Itachi "Nii-san I will tell everyone about our plans but you should personally tell Miko-chan and Shizune-nee as they will be most affected by it"

Itachi smiles sadly and replied "You are correct Naruto-kun but I would like you and Kushina-oba to be there when I talk to kaa-san to comfort her. As for Shizune-chan, I first have to ask you something" he trailed off and blushed

Seeing Itachi blush, Shisui and Naruto got shocked as Itachi might get flustered sometimes but he never blushed. So Naruto asked, "What is it nii-san?" eagerness clear in his voice

Itachi blushed more and took out a small velvet box "I would like to have your permission as I plan to propose Shizu-chan. I really love her and it is right for me to ask you as she sees you as a brother like me, I also plan to ask same from Tsunade-sama later as she is like a mother to her" he said and shows both of them a beautiful platinum ring with a brown diamond, the same shade as Shizune's hair, on it.

Naruto got elated and said " Yes!!! Of course, you have my permission. You are the best man I can think of for nee-chan and I am sure Tsu-chan will say the same"

As both of them were talking, Shisui on the side was smirking. He went over to Itachi and wrapped his arm around his shoulders "About time brother. I know that you are head over heels for her" he said and got continued with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes "Now let's get out of here so I can educate on what to do on the wedding night, I know for the fact that you don't know anything about it and will make a fool of yourself if I do not help you learn" he dragged out a heavily blushing Itachi and thought 'Oh I am so going to remember this forever' and activated his sharingan to remember a blushing Itachi

As both the Uchihas moved out, Naruto got a serious look "One more reason for me to go through with my trip as soon as possible and as fast as possible. I can't keep two lovers separate for a decade more so when they are my brother and sister" he thought out loud with determination and went to prepare everything he planned to give Itachi for his detection

*Next Day Late at Night**

When almost everyone in Konoha was sleeping, all the occupants of the Senju residence were sitting in the living room only Hinata and Hanabi were left out. They decided to tell the kids everything about their plans when they get of appropriate age. The overall mood of the room was of sadness despite the fact that they celebrated earlier today when Itachi proposed to Shizune and she said a very loud yes. The reason for their sadness was because Itachi was summoned by the Hokage and was said to go through with the plan of killing every Uchiha who was in support of the coup which meant that Itachi will be leaving for a long time. Currently, Naruto sat between Mikoto and Kushina with his eyes closed for concentration. Everyone was watching him intently as he was updating everyone with Itachi's movements as he was doing the deed using his sensory abilities. "Only ten more people are left" he informed but he suddenly gained a horrifying look and shouted "NOOO!!!... THAT BASTARD" and some tears formed in his eyes. Everyone else got surprised by his shout but it suddenly turned into concern and started to ask him what was wrong. Naruto controlled himself a little bit "Nii-san just completed his task but Obito appeared out of nowhere with that plant-like spy of his. They both killed even the innocent one's: females, teens, elderly and even infants. Now there are only five Uchihas left in this world. Them being Miko-chan, Shisui-nii, Itachi-nii, Sasuke and that bastard Obito but it will be four in the near future, as Obito has to die, he is beyond redemption" He said while gritting his teeth and shocking everyone

Hearing Naruto, Mikoto started to openly cry and even Shisui got some tears while others were very shocked and angry at the brutality. "We should go right now and end that asshole now. We can easily take him down with Naruto's barrier which blocks space-time jutsus" Shisui said while others nodded in agreement

By this time Naruto regained proper thinking and soon his head negatively "We can't afford to straight out kill him nii-san, we need him alive" he said with a straight face, seeing their confusion, he elaborated "Now everyone, including Hokage and the elders, will think that it was Itachi-nii killed the innocents and he will be really marked as a missing min instead of a fake one as originally planned. We need Obito alive to get his confession and clear Itachi's name. Also, we do not know of any other allies Obito has in his organisation or their true motives. Killing him now could cost us and Itachi-nii later on during his time outside but I guarantee you that, Obito will pay. I will send a message to Itachi-nii informing him of everything and tell him to go on as planned" Hearing him everybody saw the logic in his words and silently agreed. Mikoto was still crying and was being comforted by Kushina and Tsunade as they could understand her pain as they also lost their whole clans in the previous war. On the side, Naruto noticed Shizune crying and he went over to her and hugged her "Nee-chan you don't have to worry about nii-san, he is more than enough powerful to handle himself. I also promise you that I will bring Itachi-nii back home with me when I return from my trip and clear his name. Now I want you to lighten up and be happy, Itachi-nii will kick my ass if he finds out that I let his fiance sulk when he is away and I am in no mood to be kicked by a susano" Naruto jocked, making her giggle

After everyone calmed down, Tsunade said to Mikoto "Miko from now on you and Sasuke will also be living with us. It is a good thing you bought Sasuke here earlier, even if it was forcefully. If he stayed at the compound then Obito would have killed him". Hearing Sasuke's name everyone git e bitter taste on their young as when Mikoto bought him here when Itachi proposed Shizune he instantly got angry with Itachi and Mikoto. He claimed that Uchihas were better than all and Itachi should know better and Mikoto should not have allowed it. Hearing him Shizune started to cry and Naruto got angry and knocked him out. "Now we all should get some sleep as there will be a very big uproar in the village tomorrow"


It has been exactly seventeen days since the Uchiha massacre, everyone in Konoha was devastated and angry. But it all changed today. Almost every citizen of the village was celebrating, dancing, singing and drinking

A random travelling merchant was walking through the festival when he saw that the public was hailing a pink-haired woman as a god. Getting curious he asked a random person who was drunk "Excuse me, I am not from this village, can you please tell me that what is this festival for and why is that woman is being treated as a hero"

"OHH!!! You don't know? She is Mibuki-sama and earlier today she got rid of the Kyuubi when she drowned that brat in the river. She completed what our Yondaime himself started. Now we all will be able to live peacefully" the drunk man said

The merchant got confused and asked, "But I thought that your Hokage killed the beast?"

The drunk man just hiccuped and said "No, Yondaime just stripped that monster if his power. He took a human form and went by the name of Uzumaki Naruto, even yesterday only that Kyuubi tried to take Mikoto-sama from her lover and that is why Mibuki-sama finally decided to get rid of him"


YESSS!!!! I just killed Naruto!!!!!

I have decided to change the MS and EMS patters from anime/manga. Also, I have made up some abilities for them

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