It took Luther a long time to realise, he was after all not the most emotional person ever. He was ashamed to admit that as a child he disregarded number 7, no Vanya. It was something they all did on their fathers' orders. Yet Luther was number one, the leader, if he had opposed the order the others would have followed suit. It was easy to blame everything on their father, he was a narcissistic arsehole who loved nothing but control. Better yet he could blame it on Vanya, she abandoned them, she wrote a book detailing all of their dirty secrets. She betrayed them. Yes, it would be so easy to blame his sister. Luther could not do that though as he now understood. He understood why Vanya did it, she had been abandoned and betrayed by her so-called family long before she had written that book. So, he understood now.

Maybe that's why when they jumped Luther had noticed more. Now he knew who Vanya was, he knew what would happen if she was neglected again. So, he tried to watch her, his ever-cynical mind telling him she was dangerous. He thought that maybe she would try and kill them again, he was ready for any signs of the white violin returning. He was observing her for that reason only. Yet it was whilst he observed her that he noticed something that he didn't know how to comprehend.

It started with Vanya, she was always the calmest of them, well until she stopped taking her pills and blew up the world. That wouldn't happen though. So, whilst Vanya could be called the calmest of their sibling Five was definitely the most irrational and angry. He wasn't always that way but after his time in isolation and then with the commission, his mind became warped. As such having them two together shouldn't work. Five should hate Vanya, she was the reason he ended up in a barren wasteland after all.

It happened on one rainy afternoon; Luther had been absent for most of the day. He had training, whilst it was unusual for them not to practice together Luther had fallen ill and had missed the previous days' practice. Daddy dearest wasn't about to let that slide and ordered him to go to the gym to work on his strength.

When he had finished he wanted nothing more than to take a hot shower and have a nap. That plan was interrupted however when he could hear shouting from the library. He wandered over to find Diego and Five glaring at each other, tension was thick in the air. Allison and Vanya where nowhere to be found but Ben and Klaus were stood with amused smirks on their faces. Luther walked over to the two stood away from the fight.
"What's going on?" he asked, confused. Klaus laughed but Ben shut him with a look before turning to number one.
"Diego told Five that he wanted to find his girlfriend Five told him that would change the timeline and the Diego told him that he didn't understand what it was like to lose everyone, that five left us, not the other way around." A silence followed Ben as Luther let out a small 'oh'.
"Well shouldn't we stop them?" he asked, scared that the two brothers would end up killing one another. Ben shook his head
"Nah, Allison went to get Vanya, she'll sort it out" Luther was confused, what could Vanya do. When Five was like this nothing could calm him. He wasn't the world's best assassin for nothing. When he said so Klaus just smiled.
"Oh, Luther you are blind" before Luther could respond Vanya stormed in. Her 13-year-old face looked weird with emotions on it.

She told Diego to stand down before walking over to Five. She placed a hand on his shoulder and leant in to whisper something in his ear. Luther watched as something miraculous occurred. Five's shoulders dropped and he looked to Vanya, his stormy eyes seeming to calm as he realised she was there. He then turned on his heel and left, Vanya following him.

It was at that moment he knew. Nobody on this earth could calm Five down, he usually had to be left alone as he explored his anger before returning to normal. Yet at the simple act of Vanya's touch, all the anger seemed to leave his body. It was a strange phenomenon. Luther was embarrassed to admit it took him a moment to realise what had happened and when he did the giant smiled. Yes, indeed he had finally figured it out. It was at that precise moment that Luther knew.