And just like that I fell in love with another Fandom - well thanks to my daughter, with whom I watch Miraculous Ladybug. This story was ghosting in my mind for months now and I finally sat down to write it.

It is all for fun :D so the premise in the prologue might be a bit off putting to a few people out there, but I still hope, that some might enjoy it nonetheless :D

Set something like 10 years in the future after the 3rd season, with Gabriel and Nathalie behind bars. Don't want to explain too much, though and I hope you enjoy.Written for fun :D

Disclaimer: Miraculous Ladybug does not belong to me and I probably won't change a thing if it did.Comments and Suggestions, criticism and kind words are all allowed. Also I am German and my Grammar and Spelling might be off and strange at all times.Have fun!


"What is happiness? Happiness… Happiness is one of the greatest feelings a human being could feel. It is pure and simple. It can not be faked in any way. It's true. Honest. It can be hard sometimes to achieve happiness – but it is very worth it. It might take some time, some tries and errors, with ups and downs and with starting out again.

Happiness is not something you might find directly after school, when you graduated. You might not find it in university. Or in your first job. The second – maybe not even after your tenth. Some find happiness somewhere out there in the world, hidden away in a different culture. Another religion.

Some find it in the safety of their own home. In their dreams, working hard for them every day. In their healthy family. Some find it in their first love. Some only find happiness when they are getting old, understanding the mere things, that have always mattered. Some have their friends, that make them happy. Their pets maybe. Or music and dancing and art. Maybe even all of that…

It is a tricky question, you know, Mon Petit?"

Big green eyes were staring up to her, lips forming a tiny pout.

"Then, what makes you happy, Marinette? You work a lot and you studied and make pretty dresses and you have friends. But you are not married and you don't travel a lot. But are you still happy?"

A soft smile formed on the young woman's lips, while she gently petted the soft blonde hair of the girl in front of her.

"I am as happy as I can be", Marinette said, before she gestured for the girl to turn back around again to finish the braiding of her hair. "But I can say, that playing with you games, and doing your hair and cooking with you makes me happy. Very, very happy, Emma! And I really mean that. And as I said, everybody finds happiness in their own way, in their own pace. And there definitely are million tiny things, that make me happy!"

"A million little things are a lot, right?"

"You are absolutely right!"

Emma squealed with joy and clapped her hands together, while Marinette could finish the braid, fixing it with an elastic band at the very end.

"And now you are done – go check yourself in the mirror, Mon Petit! You look just like a princess".

"And Maman will like it?"

"Oh – she will love it! I am sure about it…"

Emma got up, excitingly jumping up and down and towards the corridor, where a big mirror was hanging by the door.

"Aww…", a tiny whisper said and Marinette immediately noticed the warm, but tiny presence behind her shoulder. "She is such a cute little Macaron! All sweet and sugary and cute".

"Hush Tikki! Get back to your hiding spot, or the cute little Macaron might see and hear you! And we really don't want that, right?"

"Sorry!" squeaked the red entity, flying back behind the couch, hiding once more, just before the small blonde came back in the living room with gleaming eyes and a huge smile, walking toward the table to get a silvery plastic crown, that was laying there, putting it on her head, that was held high proudly.

"I love it!" Emma said in awe, jumping right into the waiting arms of the young woman, starting a small tickling war, that was very normal for the two of them.

They almost always did funny stuff like that, when nobody was around to watch and to judge them.

Yet the fun very soon ended, when Emma's mother rang the bell of the apartment – no other than Lila Rossi suddenly stood in the doorway, holding her phone in one hand, to type on it with the other, looking utterly busied as usual, coming here to get her daughter.

Marinette knew, what would be coming – questions about the day, if Emma has eaten, if she had taken a nap, what kind of games they have played and so much more. Then Lila would annoy the shit out of the young woman – talking about her awesome job, all the celebrities she had supposedly chatted with and the thousands of Euro she made in cash, downgrading anything Marinette had been doing the past few years.

But Marinette was over it by now. She just loved the occasional babysitting of Emma – the little girl was by now almost like a little sister.

… maybe even like the daughter she will never have, with all the duties that were catching up on her on a daily basis.

Also – Lila was paying well enough (though Marinette was sure, that the other woman might feel superior because of that, but she was happy about every Cent she could earn).

"Oh and by the way~" Lila said, once she and the small girl were already heading down the stairs and she could swear that there was an ever so evil gleam hidden in the brunette's eyes. "I have heard rumors, that Emma's dad is returning to Paris. I wonder what you will think of him~"

"I thought, that Emma was a 'lucky accident', when you had a one-night thing with a beautiful and wealthy celebrity, back then when you were just 20…", she said over her shoulder, already turning away to get back inside, shrugging it off as yet another lie by the well-known liar.

"Of course he is wealthy. And most beautiful – her father is no other but my dearest Adrien Agreste!"