Disclaimer: If I owned Charmed I wouldn't be writing a fic about it, would I?

A/N: This is an A/U fic. There's still magic, except Cole is not dead. He's still a demon, as he can still shimmer and throw an energy ball, but he's good. The manor has also been extended and it's larger. For example, the attic is two rooms and a bathroom. You get me?

Family info: Piper and Leo are still married with Wyatt, seven and Melinda three. They're still in love, but their marriage is teetering on the rocks of divorce. Phoebe and Cole have already gone down divorce lane. They have a daughter called Grace, six. Cole is always visiting Grace and lives at the penthouse. Phoebe and Grace still live at the extended manor, and Phoebe is dating Jason, her boss. Prue is married to Andy and they're both white lighters. Lastly Paige is engaged to Glen and she's three and a half months pregnant.

Children's Powers: Wyatt and Melinda can orb and heal. Melinda can freeze things and blow things up but Wyatt can only freeze. Grace can shimmer, throw energy balls and get min-premonitions, except instead of showing her evil they'll show her normal things since she's still young. For example she might touch a spoon and see Wyatt eating the last of the ice cream. Her energy-balls are harmless as she's still young, and all they do is sting a little.


Three year old Melinda watched, eyes wide as her Aunt Phoebe and ex-Uncle Cole stood in the hall, arguing.

"Cole, you don't run my life anymore! That's part of the reason we're divorced remember? Because you're a control freak!!"

"Phoebe, it's only been five months and you're already dating!" Cole roared back. "What does that tell you?" Melinda sat herself on the carpet. She looked adorable with her blonde hair in a sprinkler on her head, in overalls and a pink shirt.

"Are you suggesting something?" Phoebe demanded, eyeing Melinda. She would have said a lot more if she weren't there.

"Like what?" Cole challenged.

"Cole, just go already!" Phoebe snapped. "You've seen Grace and you are no longer welcome in this house. Go!!"

Melinda watched with interest as Ex-Uncle Cole and Aunt Phoebe glared at each other. Most probably, having one of those contests Grace and Wyatt always had.

"Are you having a staring contest?" Melinda couldn't help but interrupt. Cole seemed to notice Melinda for the first time.

"Why hello Mellie!" He greeted her. She'd always been adorable, but today he could just eat her up.

"Hello Ex-Unkie Cole." Melinda said with a charming smile.

"Piper!" Phoebe yelled. "Piper!!" Piper looked up, eyebrows raised.

"This better be important." Piper said, looking away from Grace and Wyatt, who were squabbling. Piper rolled her eyes and froze them both, before allowing Phoebe to drag her into the conservatory.

"Can you watch Melinda please? I'm trying to kick Cole out of the house and she just called him Ex-Unkie Cole. Now he thinks I'm poisoning the children's minds."

Piper couldn't help laughing. "Is that all?"

"Yes, that's all." Phoebe said, putting Melinda on the ground and stalking out. Piper smiled, amused, picked up Melinda and took her back to the kitchen, where she unfroze Wyatt and Grace.

Melinda looked up at Piper, her eyes brimming with tears that were about to spill over. "Mommy? Is Auntie Phoebe angry with me?"

"No honey, she's angry at Ex-Uncle C-. she's angry with Uncle Cole." Piper corrected herself quickly.

"Wyatt!" Grace complained. "Don't call me that! Aunt Piper!"

"Call you what? Grace-y Deface-y?" Wyatt taunted.

Piper coughed. "Excuse me? Do you mind sharing where you thought that up?"


Just then Leo orbed in. "Hey Wyatt, Gracie. Hey Melinda."

"Hi Leo." Piper said with a small wave.

"Hi." Leo said, not looking at her. He gave Melinda a piggyback ride, and Piper pursed her lips.

"Leo she ate half an hour ago. I wouldn't do that if I were you."

"It's a piggy back ride Piper, it's harmless. It's not like I'm spinning her around."


"So where's everyone?" Leo asked, tickling Wyatt. Piper smiled a little at her children's laughter. "Phoebe and Cole are arguing in the hall, Prue's gone out to take some scenic photos, Andy's with one of his charge's, Glen is at work and Paige is re-organizing the house. At the moment she's making around nine bottles of every potion in the book and then storing them away for when evil comes." Piper replied, glancing warily at Wyatt and Melinda. Leo always got them so hyper active, and they would stay like that for the rest of the day or night.

"Making every potion in the book? Where's she going to store that?" Phoebe asked, walking in and over hearing the last part of their conversation.

"Daddy's left?" Grace asked, disappointed.

"Yeah." Phoebe nodded. "He's finally left."