A/N: This is the last chapter for PTPBT!! I'm considering making a sequel called 'The Pieces Are Falling Apart Again'. What do you guys think? Let me know, or there may be no more PTPBT. :O This chapter is kind of boring, but I had to have a happy ending (

Piper sent the last innocent on his way. He picked up his son and left. After a few hundred memory potions Piper, Prue, Phoebe and Paige had managed to get all the adults and children home. Phoebe had also managed to whip up a spell to erase the depression and fear caused by Krazias and Jezebel.

Piper made her way up to her room. It was already nine o clock. Time to get Melinda and Wyatt to bed - after a day like this. Piper figured Leo would be consulting with the elders - he and Andy had been orbing around the house like mad, being repelled by the roof. They finally figured out (after a bit of time) they couldn't orb out properly, and had to herd the innocents out like cows.

Much to her surprise, Leo was sitting in the rocking chair between Melinda and Wyatt's beds.

'Leo, what are you doing here?' Piper asked surprised.

'I'm putting my kids to bed.' Leo said with a smile. 'So Mellie? Wyatt? Pick a story.'

'I'm too sleepy for stories tonight Dad.' Wyatt yawned. 'I just want to sleep.' Wyatt fell asleep mid sentence.

Melinda kneeled on her bed and gave Wyatt and Piper each a hug. 'Goodnight mommy. Goodnight daddy.' She said sleepily, before crawling under the covers and falling asleep immediately.

Leo turned to Piper with a smile. 'I guess that means our work here is done?' He asked.

'It is.' Piper agreed with a smile. The two walked out of the room and flicked off the lights. Leo squeezed Piper's hand.

'Are we alright now?' He asked. 'I've been going through some hard times lately. I know I should have told you but-'

'It's alright Leo. I understand.' Piper smiled up at him. 'So. what do you want to do now?' She asked.

'Well everything seems done. The kids are asleep. The demons are vanquished.' Leo glanced up. 'I've got the next few weeks off.'

'Really?' Piper squealed. Leo nodded. 'I know what we can do.' Piper said, as they stopped at their bedroom. Piper turned the lights on and pulled Leo in, before closing the door.

* *

Paige and Glen sat in the nursery. Paige gazed around at the cribs, bottles and changing table.

'Just think.' She said with a smile. 'Soon we'll be spending a lot more time in here than we'd like.'

'It's worth it.' Glen announced. 'Don't you think so?'

'Of course!' Paige said firmly. 'A baby's always a good thing.' Just then Prue and Andy came into the room.

'I didn't think I'd find you here.' Prue said, flopping onto the couch.

'I'm getting used to my soon regular surroundings.' Paige explained.

'I see.' Prue smiled. 'Well at least I'm not going through this alone. I mean I know I totally have Piper and Phoebe on my side, but you've never had a baby before. And neither have I. So it'll be different - sure they'll tell us what it's like but we get to experience it for the first time.' Prue smiled at Paige. 'And when I experience it, I won't be experiencing pregnancy alone.'

'Now you're just rambling.' Glen commented.

Andy cleared his throat. 'Ahem. Of course you won't experience it alone.'

Prue rolled her eyes. 'Do you have the baby? Do you have the cravings? Do you have the mood swings?' She teased. Andy shut his mouth.

* *

Phoebe tucked Grace into bed. 'You scared me today Grace.' She told her seriously. 'You really did.'

'Sorry.' Grace apologized. 'I didn't mean to.'

'Of course you didn't.' Phoebe gave her a hug. 'Just don't do it again.'

Grace paused. 'Mommy?'

'Uh huh?'

'I like Uncle Jason and everything but. I really miss daddy.'

Phoebe sighed. 'Grace, sometimes mommy's and daddy's don't get along. We've talked about it remember?'

Grace nodded. 'But how come Melinda and Wyatt have mommies and daddies, and the twins and the new baby will have mommies and daddies?'

'Well you have a mommy and a daddy.'

'But mine don't even live in the same house! They can't even stand to be in the same room!' Grace exclaimed. 'Why can't you just be with daddy? Then I can be like them too.'

Phoebe shook her head.

'Please?' Grace pleaded. 'For me?'

Phoebe had to smile. 'I'll think about it.' She promised. 'Good night.' Phoebe got up and turned off the light, before closing the door.