Ernest had feared this day for his entire life. This hotel meant so much to him, what if he got kicked out? He leant against the reception desk and glanced at his gay pride badge. Nobody seemed to notice, and he was scared. What if Frank and Dewey didn't notice the button and he had to tell them in person?

"You know, there's a song you can use. It's called 'Coming Out Song' by Ally Hills. Just send it them," he heard a voice from behind him, and turned to find Kit Snicket looking at him.

"Why have you kept it a secret so long?" he asked her. She smiled at him.

"Because it's your job to tell people. I wouldn't like it if people told others I was bisexual, " she explained. He smiled at her.

"Thank you, Kit. I don't think I ever truly express how grateful I am of you,but I really admire how you strong you remain through everything," he told her. She smiled at him.

"The day I started dating Dewey, you and Frank became my family," she told him. He smiled at her.

"Ernest," the pair both turned around at the sound of Dewey's voice.

"What was it that you wanted to tell me?" asked Dewey. He glanced at Kit, wondering why she had been talking to Ernest. Didn't she hate him? He turned back to Ernest and saw the badge on Ernest's chest. He looked at it for a second, and then he looked his brother in the eyes.

"You're gay?" he asked. Ernest nodded, biting his lip. Dewey smiled.

"Good for you. There's a pride event in two weeks, you should go. Also I figure you should know I'm pansexual," he told him. Ernest smiled with tears in his eyes.

"We should go as a family," he said.

"We should. I'm aromantic asexual after all,so I'm lgbt too," the three turned at the voice of the final denouement triplet. Kit smiled.

"Guess I should tell you all I'm bisexual," she whispered. Dewey smiled and gave her a hug.

"Have you ever dated a woman?" Ernest asked her.

"I have not," she replied. Ernest smiled.

"Don't see why anyone would choose a woman when there's men as options. But anyway, I'm glad you finally managed to come out to the people you care about. I love my bisexual bestie," he said. She smiled.