"Once upon a time a hot headed hunter was given a T-shit laced with blood from a centaur by two brave and stupid sons of Hermes. While laying in her bed she discovered a strange book by someone called Curious Kitsune654 titled 'The other side'. Clearly not written by the same fox spirit inside of the boy, Menma, who has captured the heart and mind of the dearly departed Artemis fowl. This book was then suggested to be read to the camp where demigods have read it aloud too their fellow winter companions of headaches, the farmyard animals that take care of them, the other hunters who seem to have lost their names and are called random something or another, the coming and goings of the gods. Lastly the wonderful and pretty dryads while the party pooper horseman watches over all with an annoyed look on his face as I narrate. Clearly he does not understand that as the god of festivity this story has been a good one."

"Mr D perhaps you have been sober a bit too long." A paniced voiced yelled in the distance.

"Sssshhhh dear reader. Am I breaking the fourth wall speaking to you and having your reviews answered? Or are you breaking the wall to speak to us? What a question on existentialism. Never mind all those who say great chapter or the like. To think that only a few of you have reviews that are related to the last chapter even if it was 12,117 words with our words recorded and the author's comment at the end. Is the author a demigods here as well or one of you who answers? And speaking of on one of you, Shirou Emiya1... Leto is now lost her mind with wedding bliss and the hunters are burning down the camp."

The god of madness looked up from his typewriter as the wind shifted to blow smoke towards the big house as the flames grew higher into the sky. After the last time the hunters burned down the camp Chiron had pushed hard for fire protection to prevent damages from getting out of hand. Thankfully the hunters were only burning the green and the clothes of the daughters of love. But the claymores of the Ares cabin were set off and the god of war's cabin was currently burning down for the something or another time. Chiron had tried to ask the gods to get Ares to remove them but Ares refused. So far disappointedly no one had died but Mr. D was sure the bill to rebuild was going to get someone killed by a very angry trainer of heroes. Thankfully it was the Are's campers fault to yelling out that review for all to hear.

With a smile the god picked up the book. It wasn't like anyone would care if he head the book out loud while they fought the fire. As for the reviewers? What were they going to do? Make lame reviews about the chapter or comments about how he was reading while not helping?

"Sheesh, Choji wasn't kidding when he said these guys had collected a lot of junk." Naruto said from inside a moderately sized cavern as he and his two 'sisters' sifted through one of several haphazard piles of stuff such as kunai, shuriken, swords, and other bladed weapons in varying conditions, camping gear like broken tents and pots, all sorts of random knickknacks, and even a random bone or two of dubious origin.

'Much like the shed.'

The whiskered boy had decided to check out the junkheap after getting something to eat to see if he could find anything that could prove useful for later like Ino and Choji, though so far all he'd really managed to do was refill his supply of shuriken and kunai. "I think somebody might have a hording problem."

"More likely, they just don't like having their home covered in garbage and actually bothered to clean it up unlike the ones who left this stuff." Artemis stated dully with a tinge of disgust in her tone.

"You humans do have a particularly nasty habit of leaving your trash around wherever you please." Diana muttered grumpily in agreement, tossing aside an old arrow she found after the head fell off from a light flick.

"You gals know that was a joke, right?" The blonde asked rhetorically while eyeing a well-conditioned looking Kunai he found, rolling his eyes when all he got in response was a mumble pair of acknowledgements from the goddesses before they continued to fume over littering and pollution. "In all seriousness though, we should probably come back here after the exams and do something about this mess. Heck, we could at least take all these old weapons to Ten-chan, she'd probably go bonkers for all this free scrap metal."

"Assuming she doesn't throw a fit first from seeing so many perfectly good weapons that had been left out to rust." Diane countered as she picked up a tanto that just needed a bit of sharpening, making Naruto grimace at the thought.

D smirked at the comment. It was clear to him that this Tenten was similar to his brother the smith and annoying owl sister.

"D! Do you think Artemis would prefer a silver wedding dress or white? Or perhaps a mix with some greens and browns?" Leto appeared with a large grin on her face in front of Mr. D who shivered. "I think she wears too much of her pale white and silver to be a good fit but I know my girl would hate reds."

An arrow flew over the goddess's head making her squeal with joy before hopping away while several hunters raced after her while others tried to destroy the wedding magazines held by the daughters of love. Summoning popcorn the god laughed as he popped some into his mouth before looking back at the book.

He could read and watch at the same time. Well, perhaps it was best not to as it seemed that the hunters had taken over the cabin five's tank. A shot rang out as it blasted apart Hera's cabin with cheers from the near immortal females. Of course that meant that the Athena demigods would have to break out their anti tank missiles they had smuggled in with the help of Hermes.

If there were two things he'd learned not to do when in the weapon specialist's presence on their mission, it was to A: Not crack a joke about her hair making her look like a panda (poor Choji learned the hard way) and B: Never EVER let her see you improperly care for a weapon.

"Good point Diana-neechan, best make sure she's in a good mood before we do that just to be safe," Naruto said, tossing aside the kunai when he noticed the subtle cracking around the handle before standing up and dusting himself off. "Alright, I'm not finding anything we need and we're pretty much out of time, how about you two?"

"Nothing but useless junk," Diana said as she did the same as the blonde before suddenly dispelling into smoke. "I say we go back to the others, the sooner I am away from the presence of this filth, the better."

"Our companions likely picked away anything of value to be found whilst we were-Huh?" Artemis started to say as she got up as well, before pausing when she noticed something stuck on her sleeve. Raising the arm up to her face, the Grecian goddess blinked in surprise upon seeing a thin silver chain snagged to her wrist with a medallion hanging off the end.

It was made of pure silver just like the chain and roughly the size of her currently preteen-sized palm with surprisingly almost no tarnishing or grime at all aside from some dirt. What was more intriguing to Artemis however, were the engravings of the necklace itself.

On one side, there was a complex maze pattern surrounding the kanji for 'Retribution', whilst the other had a faded design of a crescent moon with a howling wolf sitting in the inner circle.

D blinked and slowly placed down the book. Moving swiftly he made his way into the big house. That necklace sounded like it should have been familiar, but where? There had been may items of value rewarded to demigods and mortals over the years and Mr. D was sure that Chiron had a catalogue of them all. Somewhere...

Hestia looked at her nephew's sleeping form and shook her head. From his sleeping giggles she was sure that he was thinking about booze and his wife or something as funny. "Seems a shame that he missing the reading. How is the grilled cheese dears?"

A chorus of sounds and words of enjoyment filled the air as the crowed ate Hestia's cooking. The appearance of the goddess of the hearth was a surprise but not unwelcomed as she had passed out her homemade cooking, much to the cheers of the demigods and hunters. The flames were golden and warm, a reflection of the wonderful taste each got with every bite of Hestia's food. No one was complaining that the goddess asked to read either.

"Oh cool," Popping up beside the Greek goddess, Naruto patted her on the back while grabbing the medallion part of the necklace and looking it over curiously before holding it up to her neckline. "Nice find Arty-nee, this would look great on you."

"Cute Naruto." Phoebe said asfter swallowing her last bite. Eyeing the stack of sandwiches she held out for only a moment before grabbing another with a large grinning and a girlish giggle.

Travis and Connor shivered as the girl took a bite of her food.

"Dude... did she?"

"Don't look brother. It's a trap."

"I appreciate the praise," Artemis stated as she shook her arm free of the necklace's chain. "But I have no need for shiny baubles *Poof* Now let's get going."

'Yeah, yeah, I'm going.' Naruto thought with a chuckle as he headed back towards the exit while idly stuffing the medallion into his pocket. As he stepped through the earthen tunnel and back into the main chamber, about midway up to be exact, the blonde quickly glanced around until he spotted Chui and Choji at the bottom level standing just outside the nursery.

The former had an amused yet exasperated expression on his face as he slowly shook his head whilst the latter was grinning as he cradled something in his arms.

"Hey guys, what's going on?" The blonde asked as he slid down to the sloped wall until he was right next to the pair, before his brow shot up into his hairline upon getting a good look at the thing in Choji's arms. "Is that a bunny with antlers?"

"Jackalope." Leto shook his head with a smile. Artemis was clearly involved with that punishment of the girl who had attacked her Naruto. Sniffling a laugh, the titan was sure that her daughter would most defiantly become more like a fussing mother with how much she cared for Naruto, Greek and Roman.

"Yep!" The big-boned boy said happily as he gently pet the critter, which was indeed a rabbit with fluffy dark red fur and a pair of short antlers sticking out of its noggin, as it nibbled on a large blade of grass. "Can you believe it? An actual Sumi Usagi! Shikamaru's are gonna be so psyched!"

"Uh… a Sumi-what now?" Naruto asked with a tilted head, causing Choji to abruptly stop his little happy dance.

"Ah right, you probably haven't heard about them before," He said sheepishly while rubbing the back of his head. "They used to be really common around here but during the second Shinobi war they were almost hunted to extinction since their antlers have multiple medicinal properties, not to mention they made a great rabbit roast."

Loud growls rumbled from embarrassed hunters who blushed pink.

"Typical humans, always plundering until there is nothing left." Diana muttered with a frown.

'Hey, I resent that!'

"I said typical humans Naruto, you are anything but typical."

"He's her favorite." Greenshade uttered with a teasing tone at a hunter who shrugged. It wasn't false.

'…I still can't tell if you're insulting or complimenting me.'

"Both." Was the deadpanned answer.

"Take it as you wish, I just state the truth."

-Within the Seal-

"Hmm, so Jackalopes are actually a species within this world, how interesting." Artemis mused while rubbing her chin.

A dryad raised her hands. "They could be a result of a certain hunter's love of them."

"Indeed," Diana agreed with a small nod even as a deep frown creased her lips. "It does make things a bit easier at least to keep what that thing really is, or rather whom it is, a secret. Though I still say we should have just killed her."

"That decision was neither of ours in the end Diana and you know it." Artemis said while giving her roman counterpart a firm look.

"I am well aware, doesn't mean I have to like it."

Leto and Hestia shared a worried glance at a speed only a true immoral could detect.

-And Back-

"Shika and my families has been trying to catch any of these guys for years but without much luck," Choji continued, snapping the blonde back to reality. "They developed an extreme wariness of humans so nobody could get much more than a glimpse of one before they'd bolt."

"Then how come this one seems so calm? And for that matter how'd you catch it?" Naruto asked while bending over to get a closer look at the red ball of fur.

'Truama from becoming an animal.' Phoebe thought. It was a common reaction whenever her mistress transformed an idiot. Artemis claimed that they were a result of the culture of the United States, but she was sure Artemis loved the idea of mixing the antlers with a cute animal like a rabbit. It triggered her maiden side of her domains Phoebe was sure.

"I've got no idea, and I didn't catch it, the wolves did just after they brought us all here." Choji admitted while petting the rabbit's head between the antlers.

"We were intending to use it as a practice prey for the pups to get a taste of how to hunt, but this one was quite insistent on keeping it alive," Chui stated. "A waste if you ask me, those things are quite delicious, well worth the effort it takes to hunt one down."

"... I might be sick." Mark held his stomach at the idea of the once ninja being reduced to prey to a wolf related to the one she had killed. Even he had standards.

"Oi, don't think that just because I don't know what you're saying means I can't tell what you're thinking, you not eating Mochi." Choji said, giving the wolf the stink eye when he noticed him licking his chops though missing the deadpan look he got from Naruto at hearing the jackalope's name.

Snickers broke out at the name.

"I know boy, you have made that abundantly clear." The canine said while rolling his eyes in mock exasperation.

"Congrats on the new pet then I guess," Naruto said with a shrug before idly glancing around.

Silena rolled her eyes. "How long will the transformation last given that he was channeling a weaken goddess's power through him?"

"Who cares." Pollux answered.

"I do." The daughter of love pursed her lips. "If this Tayuga is going to be a pet doesn't that mean Choji is going to take care of her?"




People watched with interest. Just what was she trying to explain?

"... His bedroom?" Silena pushed making the son of Mr. D blink.


She covered her eyes. "Pollux. If he is getting dressed she will be there."

"Oh. OH."


"She is a pervert. Naruto was right." At Pollux's words several of the females groaned much to the snickering of the males and a few other female demigods.

"Where's Ino by the way, I thought we agreed to meet back up in twenty minutes."

"Ino-sama is in there," Chui stated while jabbing his snout towards the nursery, a coughing laugh escaping from the wolf's lips. "She said she wanted to see the pups for herself before you left."

"Oh… oh crap," Naruto muttered, facepalming once he realized what the green canine was chuckling about. "I'll go get her."

"Puppy heaven." Connor nudged his seatmate making her giggle.

Slipping through the somewhat narrow tunnel while ignoring Chui's laughter, the whiskered blonde's theory was immediately confirmed by the sight he was greeted with when he reached the other side.

"Hahahahaha! So much fluffy Kawaii!" Ino cheered as she lay on the ground, hugging a puppy that was laying across her chest while it along with many more playfully licked her face and/or snuggled up to her.

"We need a puppy room." Malcom sagely said with a straight face. He wanted puppy time too!

"Here here!" Came a chorus making Chiron pale.


"Hey Ino, we got to get going, still have an exam to finish and all." Naruto called out while walking up to the literally dog-piled girl. Not getting any response, the whiskered boy rolled his eyes before reaching into the pile and grabbing Ino's ankle. "Come on Ino, it's time to go."

"Just ten more minutes! Fifteen tops!" Ino exclaimed while trying to pull her leg free to no avail as Naruto dragged her free of her fluffy confines.

"Yeah! Let her play!"

"I wanna be pet more!"

"Play with me! Play with me!"

"No me! Me!"

"So cute." Leto gushed over the images. Perhaps a donation of a puppy room to relax and heal demigods was needed at the camp.

"I'm sorry guys but we really got to get going," Naruto said, petting the puppy still sitting on the girl's chest before gently nudging it off as he spoke to the horde of fluffballs that were quickly surrounding him. "You can play together next time, promise."

That seemed to do the trick as the pups backed off, albeit with pouts and sad whimpers of boredom.

Hestia shivered. "Must... resist... cuteness.. overload."

'Dammit… so adorable… must resist cuteness.' Naruto thought,

The goddess of the hearth hung her head as she realized she had said what Naruto had thought much to delight of the demigods.

his brow twitching as the literal sad puppy dog eye looks he was getting tore gouges out of his will.

"I've had enough of these theatrics." Thankfully, before the blonde's resolve broke completely, his eyes turned a cold silver as Diana took control and marched out of the room. "Let's go girl, my patience has expired."


"Puppy hating roman!"

"The poor puppies!"

Mr. D snorted and shifted in his sleep from the noise.

"Noooo!" Ino yelled dramatically, her fingers digging shallow trenches in the ground as she tried to stop herself from being dragged away, making the moon goddess roll her eyes.

"I am surrounded by imbeciles."

"So does that mean your hunters are-"

Several arrows landed dangerously close to the the eyes of the foolish Lee who spoke without thinking. He whimpered as the hunters lowered their bows, having the last of his dignity flow out of him.

"Hey! Who are you calling an imbecile!?" Snapping out of her fluffy craze, Ino quickly got up to her feet and glared at the possessed teen.

"Do you really want me to answer that?" Diana asked back with a coy smirk as they emerged at the main chamber, making the platinum blonde's eyebrow twitch in anger.

"Oh, you are just asking for a whooping Artemis, don't make me come in there and-"

"I am not Artemis."

"Pummel your… wait what?" Ino asked in bafflement, cutting herself off midsentence once her brain registered what Diana said. And she wasn't the only one confused as Choji blinked in confusion.

"I said, my name is not Artemis," The Roman goddess of the moon stated. "Since Naruto forgot to introduce me I will do it myself, I am a new… resident within this boy's mind, the name is Diana, don't forget it or else you'll regret it." 'Ugh, great, I sounded like Apollo for a moment.'

"Nothing wrong with that my moon pie."

"Please don't ever do that again."

Nico shook his head. "Is she telling herself not to act like Apollo?"

'I thought it sounded kinda cool Diana-nee.' Naruto thought with a mental grin.

The hunters groaned. Of course Naruto would like it.

"Whatever, get back out there already." Diana muttered while Naruto stumbled and gripped his head as he was suddenly given back control.

"Jeez, why do I always end up with a fricking headache?" He groaned as his head throbbed briefly before managing to shake it off.

"I'm pretty sure you have more things to worry about than just headaches Naruto," Ino said uneasily as she looked at her teammate with concern. "When we get out of here, you are going straight to the doctor."

"Yeah, I think you might have hit your head a bit harder than you thought." Choji agreed with a short nod.

"Yep. Hitting your head leads to a goddess multiplying." Kate rolled her eyes.

"Come on Ino-chan, I'm fine," The whiskered blonde said dismissively with a wave of his hand. "So I have another person living inside my head, it's not that big a deal."

"…I don't even know where to begin with how wrong that was," Ino muttered while massaging the side of her head. "Let's just go before I start hearing voices too."

"What's wrong with hearing voices in your head?" Castor asked his brother who shrugged. So they heard voices too, it didn't mean they were mad either.

"Aw you sure about that Ino-chan? It can be some pretty nice company-Ttebayo," Naruto said jokingly, earning a dry half amused look from his fellow blonde before he turned towards Chui. "Do you know anyone who could take us to the tower in the middle of the forest?"

"Of course, in fact one of our hunting trails leads almost right to that place," Chui said with a nod. "However, that path is not exactly meant for your kind in mind, so to efficiently use it we'd have to do something a bit… unconventional, if that's alright with you Naruto-sama."

"Unconventional how exactly?" The whiskered blonde asked with a raised brow, getting a wolfy smile in response.

-Fifteen minutes Later-

'THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME-TTEBAYO!' Naruto screamed mentally with a massive grin on his face while riding on the back of a red and grey furred wolf as the canine zipped through the Forest of Death at high speed.

The hunters all started to laugh with tears falling from their eyes in joy at the sight.

"Ride that wolf you wonderful cowboy ninja you!" One hunter yelled out with a cheer, raising her bow like it was a hat.

With ease only attainable through years of experience, the blonde's ride effortlessly traversed the rapidly changing terrain, going from sprinting on the ground to leaping through the tree-line to even hopping across small islands to cross over rivers and swampy areas with barely even a pause.

"Artemis and Diana no doubt the reason." Chiron hummed in amusement.

"Whaaa!" Ino yelped as she clung tightly to Chui's back while he leapt over a huge decaying log, a mixture of pure excitement and mild terror all over her face. Meanwhile, at the back of the group, poor Choji was starting to look a bit green on the large grey wolf he was riding, Mochi held tightly in his arms.

Kowalski snorted. "Wimps."

"Stop with the screaming already!" Artemis yelled back at the blonde irritably, making him cringe slightly as the shout reverted in his skull.

'Sorry Arty-nee, it's just-'

"Yeah, we get it, just keep it to yourself."

'Uh… how? You gals are literally in my thoughts.'

"…Oh look, we're here." Diana stated suddenly, snapping the blonde's attention back to reality just as the wolves came skidding to a halt at the entrance of the tower.

'It is more and more likely Lupa would want to meet this wolves.' Chiron thought to himself. 'Perhaps our meeting during the spring equinox will be more interesting this year beyond the usual politics.'

"Huh, that was fast," Naruto muttered aloud as he dismounted the wolf and gave it an appreciative scratch on the head. "Thanks for the ride Jinsoku."

"It was my pleasure Alpha-sama." The now named Jinsoku said in a soft feminine tone, leaning into the petting with a happy sigh while the blonde turned to his teammates and sweat-dropping almost immediately.

"Ten says they are covered in mud and leaves." Travis said to his brother.


"Are you guys okay?"

"Uuuuuh… I'll tell you when my insides stop trying to become my outsides." Choji groaned weakly, laying on the ground in misery

"Tch." "I knew it."

with a hand cupped over his lips while the wolf he'd been riding chuckled.

"I told you that one last leg of boar would come back to haunt you pup." The large grey canine said with a shake of his head.

"Quit laughing at me you furball, uuuugh."

"Ha… ha… that was so freaking cool," Ino gasped out with a big grin on her lips, her whole body trembling from adrenaline as she tried to climb off Chui, only to end up almost collapsing until the green canine caught her by the scruff of the neck and set her back onto his back. "Thanks Chui, I'll just stay here… enjoy the fluffy just a bit longer."

"Dam. We tied."

"If that is you wish Ino-sama." Chui said, not at all bothered as the blonde girl snuggled against his back with a content sigh, in fact he was looking quite happy at the development.

'Man, Chui really seems to like Ino.' Naruto thought as he watched the large canine dote on his teammate, like a dog wanting to please its owner.

"Indeed, if I didn't know better I'd say he was smitten." Artemis stated amusedly while Naruto chuckled under his breath.

"Weren't the conversations between Naruto and Artemis while she was in his head underlined?" Hestia asked Phoebe who shrugged.

"Crude humor aside, it would seem he sees the girl as a second alpha for some reason," Diana said with a slight edge of confusion in her tone. "Though what that reason is beyond me."

'Maybe he just likes blondes.' Naruto suggested jokingly before shaking his head and switching his attention back to the wolf still at his side. "Be careful on the way back, another team could be by at any time and I don't want you to get hurt by some over-eager idiots."

"Don't worry Alpha-sama, me and Fudo can take care of ourselves," Jinsoku said, nuzzling the whiskered blonde's cheek affectionally before she and the grey wolf started to leave. "You take of yourself as well, oh and make sure to keep an eye on the pup while you're at it."

"Pup?" The daughters of love all perked at the word.

"…The pup?" Naruto repeated questioningly with his head tilted in confusion, which only grew as the pair of canines laughed in sync before Fudo started to speak.

"It'll make sense right about-"

"WAIT FOR ME!" *Thump* "Ooof!"

"…Now." Jinsoku finished with a grin as a yellow blur rocketed out of the tree line and crashed right into the whiskered boy's gut, sending him tumbling to the ground.

"Puppy missiles. The perfect tool to take out blonde ninja with cuteness." Mark snickered as he hide his desire to have a puppy.

"Uuuuuugh," Groaning in pain, Naruto shook his head a bit to clear the cobwebs in his thoughts. "What hit me?"

"Another headache." Diana muttered dully as the blonde's vision cleared enough to let him see a familiar golden pup sitting on his chest.

"Hi Naruto-sama!" Liru said energetically despite panting heavily as her tail wagged like crazy. "Why'd you leave so soon? I wanted to play with you! Can I? Can I? I know so many fun games! Oh, or do you have any stories to tell me? I love stories!"

A satyr giggled as the words were often what he got when talking to puppies.

The young wolf continued to spew out questions and statements at high speed, not leaving Naruto any time to answer or respond at all. Not knowing what to do, the blonde glanced towards Jinsoku and Fudo for help, only to swiftly end up deadpanning when he found both of them conveniently missing from the scene.

"Wimps." *SMACK* "OW!" *SMACK* "Stop that!"

Silena gave Mark a dark smile. "Why?"

'Does anyone else have the feeling this ain't the first time this has happened?'

"I believe the appropriate expression for that question is 'No Shit Sherlock."

Rolling his eyes in amusement at Artemis's snippy remark, Naruto didn't bother to respond as he grabbed Liru and stood up, making the young wolf yip in surprise from the sudden shift.

"Hello Liru-chan, decided to tag along did we?" He asked rhetorically as he held the pup with almost no effort despite her being a little over half his size.

"Yep! I wanna hang out with Naruto-sama more! So here I am!" Said pup said with a grin while licking the boy's cheek.

"Well since you're already here I'll let you stay, but you better stay on your best behavior." Naruto said with a slightly stern look.

Barking happily, the little wolf began licking the boy's face repeatedly. "Yay! Yay! Thank you!"

Hestia smiled as Leto took photographs of the puppy and Naruto to save.

"Whoa, easy there, calm down you rascal," The whiskered blonde said while setting Liru down and wiping the slobber off his face before turning his attention back to his teammates. "Come on guys, enough lounging around, we still got an exam to finish-Ttebayo."

"Burn! Burn! Maw hahahaha!" Everyone jerked as Mr. D started to yell, turned over and fell to the floor with a thud.

"I think I'm-urp- good to go now." Choji burped out, his face having gained back most of its normal color.

"Me too, let's do this." Ino said as she hopped off Chui's back, having recovered from her adrenaline rush enough to stand on her own again, though that didn't stop the green wolf from hovering around her protectively.

"Alpha-sama, I request that I-"

"Yes Chui, you can come along too." Naruto cut in with a nod, getting an appreciative nod from the canine.

And with that, the rather unusual group finally stepped into the tower, though in the process none of them noticed the emerald eyes watching them intently from the shadows.

'Have we found you at last?'

A lone hunter froze as all eyes went straight to her. Her emerald green eyes reflected the firelight as her hands went up.

-Within the Tower-

"If qualities of *blank* are your desire acquire wisdom to take your mind higher, if *Blank* qualities are what you lack train your body and prepare to attack. When *Blank* and *Blank* are open together the perilous path will become righteous forever this is the secret way that guides us from this place today. Oh wonderful, a riddle." Naruto said sarcastically after reading the inscription written on the wall of the large chamber he and his team found themselves within.

The children of Apollo leaned forward. A puzzle based on a rhyme?

Lee took out a notebook. "Clearly the answer is related to the earth and heaven scrolls."

"The order is Heaven and then Earth foolish brother of mine." His sister said as she wrote fast on her own paper.

"At least its pretty straightforward, two comparisons, two things opened, I'm pretty sure it's telling us to open up our Heaven and Earth scrolls." Choji said with a thoughtful expression as he rubbed Mochi's back.

"Yes but what does heaven and earth have to do with the mind and the body?"

"It would make sense, Anko said we needed both scrolls to pass so they must act like some kind of key or something to get through here." Ino agreed while the chubby boy fished out said scrolls from his kunai pouch, giving Ino the Heaven one and Naruto the Earth one.

Glancing at each-other for a moment, the blonde duo unrolled their scrolls at the same time.

*Hiss* "Kuso! They're boobytrapped!" Naruto yelled as he and Ino quickly tossed their scrolls across the room, unintentionally layering them over each-other in the process, and backing away when they started giving off smoke.

"Boss fight!" A daughter of the smith yelled as she twirled a hammer.

*Poof* Tensing up as a large cloud of smoke burst forth from the scrolls, the whole group got in defensive positions, with Naruto moving to stand protectively in front of Liru, Choji tucking Mochi under his armpit, and Chui curled around Ino with a snarl, all of them ready for anything…

"Ta-da!" "Va-va!" Only to be met with Anko and Teisho posing dramatically, the latter sitting on the formers head holding a paper banner with 'Congratulations' crudely written in crayon.


"Hey gakis! Glad to see you made… it…" Anko started to say, only to trail off when she noticed Chui when he growled threateningly at her. Her eyebrow rising slightly, the purplette's gaze swept across the room thoroughly and was quick to note Liru and Mochi's half-hidden forms as well. "Well, looks like somebody's made some new buddies."

"It's Naruto." Malcom grunted out. "He's like Percy, always in the center of something crazy."

"You wouldn't know the half of it," Naruto sighed, calming down almost instantly once he saw who it was, waving towards the green wolf to back down as he walked up to the new arrivals. As soon as he got close, Teisho leapt off Anko's head and into the blonde's arms, looking almost like she flew there as her wings fluttered wildly. "Hello Teisho-chan."

Smiling as the little lamia hugged his chest, Naruto returned the favor along with ruffling her hair before gently placing her atop his head where she promptly curled up with a happy hum. However, once that was done, the blonde's mood did a sudden one-eighty as his lips curled into a frown. "Anko, I know this is probably against the rules but I need to see Jiji right away. There's something important I need to talk to him about, now."

"That you have another person inside of your head?" Phoebe rolled her eyes. "Or that you are now the boss of a clan of super wolves?"

"Oh, is that so?" The scantily-clad kunoichi asked seriously, unnerving both Ino and Choji a bit as all traces of her normal teasing demeanor seemed to just vanish. "Would this happen to be about that large chakra surge two nights ago?"

Nodding again, Naruto didn't bother responding verbally this time as he lifted the front of his shirt up to reveal his stomach, which bore a faint outline of the seal Tayuya had used now seared onto his flesh.

That was all Anko needed to see though as she immediately pressed a finger against her ear, or more specifically the small radio in her ear. "This is Anko, get the Hokage to training ground 44 immediately for a code Kyu."

"Este stoty necesita más!" D yelled making Hestia fumble with the book. "Erschieße den Eber!"

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