Title: Fixing Things
Author: Willow
Leo and Josh try to fix the church roof.
Episode: Post season 4, Holy Night.
Characters: Leo and Josh
Rating: G
Disclaimer: They all belong to Aaron Sorkin, NBC, John Wells and many others who aren't me.

Josh watched through the glass as Toby and Julie stood together and listened to the music. He smiled a little sadly and turned back to Leo, who was sat watching him curiously.

"You still with me?" Leo asked

"Yeah, sorry," Josh replied.

"What did Chadat say?"

"Turkey's got to be the priority for now. But he's gonna let me know in the next thirty minutes whether they've got anyone."



"About the same. Whalley says he'd be able to help, if it weren't Christmas."

"Ahh," Josh smiled, "yet more irony."

"Umm," Leo tried not to smile. "What were you watching?"

"The choir."

"Never had you down as a Whiffenpoofs fan," Leo smiled.

"Oh I'm not," Josh agreed. "Toby and his father seemed to be enjoying it though. I think."

"He's a little mad at you."

"I'd noticed."

"why'd you get involved?"

"His brother, David, called me last week and asked if I could help," Josh shrugged. "Seems that him and his sisters have all made up with their father, they thought it was about time Toby did too."

"I don't think Toby agrees," Leo pointed out.

"Apparently not," Josh said. "Still, the weather and lack of hotel rooms appear to be conspiring to get them together, for tonight at least."

Leo knew full well why Josh had offered to help David Ziegler. He wondered whether David knew how lucky he was to have chosen to ask Josh. "Why'd David phone you? I mean you don't know him, do you?"

"No, he'd already asked CJ, who'd said no."

"Which should have told you something," Leo interrupted.

Josh continued, "Then he tried Sam, who wanted to help but couldn't, so he gave him my number."

"Does Toby know about Sam's involvement?"

"No. I think it's best that he's just pissed at one of us, don't you?"

"Yeah," Leo agreed.

"We'll be fine," Josh reassured him. "It's not like Toby and I haven't had fights before."

"Except that usually it doesn't look like he actually wants to hit you."

"True," Josh agreed. "Maybe I shouldn't have got involved, but.... it was nearly 50 years ago, Leo, he's paid his debt, he's been straight for 20 years." Josh glances back into the lobby. "He's his father."

Leo remembered when Sam found out about his father's affair, how Josh had pledged that Sam would call his father and talk to him because, at the end of the day and no matter what he'd done, he was still his father. Now he was doing the same thing with Toby. 'Thank God he never met Jed's father,' he thought.

"Josh, you're a compulsive fixer."

"Yeah, I know," Josh agreed with a slight smile.

"Then let's use your powers for good, and fix the church roof."

Josh picked up his cell phone and started to dial, but something occurred to him. "Shouldn't you be at Mass tonight?" he asked Leo.

"I haven't been to Church voluntarily for longer than I can remember," Leo replied.

"It's just a night of ironies," Josh smiled.


"A lapsed Catholic and a Jew, working Christmas Eve to fix the roof of the Church Of The Nativity." Josh watched Leo with a smile, before answering his ringing cell phone.