Chapter One: The Oregon Trail

*Note: Slight Virtual Reality Spoiler. Just thought I'd give the warning.

"Yahoo!" Joey Wheeler cried, punching his fist into the air as he and his friends ran out of the school building one sunny afternoon. "Summer!"

Yugi Motou sucked in the pollen-fragrance of the air, as if summer itself had a new scent to go along with it. It felt good to know that every responsibility had been taken off his shoulders. Well, every school related responsibility at least.

Behind him, Ryou Bakura sneezed.

"Well," he said, rubbing his eyes. "What should we do on our first day of summer vacation?"

Triston Taylor checked his watch.

"Man, I've got to be home in twenty-minutes so the whole family can be there for "family dinner," he muttered, starting off down the sidewalks, slowly becoming more and more empty as the other kids went home.


"And I'VE got dance class," Tea announced, following Triston. "Bye Yugi! I'll see you all tomorrow!"

The remaining people (Duke Devlin, Yugi, Joey, and Bakura) stared for a moment at the sudden loss of two of their "playmates" for the afternoon.

"Um…correction, what should the REST of us do on our first afternoon of vacation?" Bakura repeated.

"Maybe you'd like to become test subjects in my new game," Came a new voice from behind them.

The four turned around to see Seto Kaiba standing there.

"I need people to test this new game, and the only people I know who would be willing are Yugi and his friends," Seto thought to himself. "As much as I hate to invite them, they'll give me a real opinion on the system. Maybe not Joey, though." he added.

"It's rare Kaiba ever asks us to do anything, so either he's in a really good mood, or he really wants to test this new game," Yugi thought to himself.

"What kind of game is it?" Yugi inquired.

"It's a CD-Rom game…" Seto began, but Duke cut him off.

"And that's new and different, how…?" he asked, twirling a lock of hair around his finger.

"It's a CD-Rom game, but the players play it INSIDE Virtual Reality," Seto finished.

"So, like, we ACT out the game??!!" Joey asked, excitedly.

"You could put it that way," Seto replied.

"Cool!" Bakura agreed happily. "I'd love to try it out!"

Yugi looked a little nervous. Both of his…THEIR…previous visits to Virtual Reality ended up in chaos and became pretty dangerous. The first time, they nearly lost Joey, Mai, and Mokuba in a fight with the Big 5. The second time, *the whole place ended up blowing up thanks to Yami Malik.

"Is…it…you know…safe?" Yugi asked, unsure.

Seto nodded.

"I've made sure the system is safer than before, but that's another reason you're going to be the test subjects," Seto replied, walking over to his car. "Come on!"

"Let's go!" Duke called as he and Joey bounded over to the car, followed by Bakura, and lastly Yugi.

* * * * *

Twenty minutes later, they had been taken away from the orange afternoon sun and down into the lab of the Kaibacorp building.

"Don't touch anything," Seto said sternly as he flicked on the lights and began typing on a computer.

"Sure…" Joey muttered, looking around at all the strange objects. "What does this do?" he asked, pointing to a large lever.

"I said…DON'T touch anything," Seto snapped, turning around.

"I didn't! I didn't!" Joey cried defensively. "I just asked what it did."

Seto sighed and sat back down again.

"You'll see," he replied, opening the CD-Rom drive and put in a disc.

Suddenly, the lab door flew open and Seto's younger brother, Mokuba Kaiba, walked inside.

"Hi Ni-sama! (respected brother)" he said cheerily, walked over to him.

"Hello, Mokuba," Seto replied, hitting enter and then standing up. "I think everything's ready now."

Mokuba turned around and saw Yugi and the others.

"Are they going to test it out to?" he asked.

Seto nodded.

"So…" Yugi muttered. "What game are we playing?"

"You'll have heard of it before," Seto replied, holding up a case. "It's the Oregon Trail."

"Ah!" Joey said, snapping his fingers. "I like that one. Except I killed all of my team."

**For those who don't know, The Oregon trail is a game where you and 4 or 5 teammates, (you choose the names) embark on a journey to a new land. You have a wagon and oxen to help you along the way and you need to choose both your routes and supplies carefully in order to make it to the new land with everyone still intact.**

Everyone sweat-dropped.

"Well, that's why we're not going to let you be the one to make the decisions," Seto replied icily.

Joey folded his arms muttering something angrily.

"Now, just enter your names up here, and then climb into the virtual reality pods. I'll set it on auto so we can automatically start when we're all situated," Seto replied, pointing to the computer to sign. "And don't worry," he added, as Yugi nervously hunted and pecked for his keys on the keyboard. "I've got a safe guard button programmed in several spots in the game. They've all been tested so we won't get trapped."

"Okay," Yugi said a few minutes later, once everyone, including Seto and Mokuba, were situated in their own pods. "I'm ready."

"Start!" Seto said sternly, and the pods activated.

A few seconds later, they all found themselves in Virtual Reality world, standing on a dusty trail in the middle of an old-fashioned town.

"What happened to my clothes?!" Joey cried, seeing he was now wearing a faded green button-up shirt and old brown pants.

"This isn't modern day, Joey," Seto snapped. "Your new fashions won't be available. If you want…" he gestured toward the general store. "You can go pick up some new clothes."

"I'll go check it out," Joey replied, going inside. "I'll get our supplies while I'm at it."

"We'll die if that dog gets the supplies," Seto muttered, shaking his head. "You," he pointed to Duke. "Go get something real."

"And you," he pointed to Bakura. "Go buy the animals."

"Uh…okay!" Bakura said nervously, heading off to the barn.

"I'll get wagon, Mokuba," Seto said, pointing to the wagons. "You can wait here if you want, with Yugi."

Mokuba nodded.

* * * * *

A few minutes later, Joey and Duke returned with corn-sacks full of supplies. Yugi and Mokuba helped them load everything into the nice wagon Seto had managed to get them.

"Where is Bakura?" Duke asked, wiping his forehead off.

Seto looked around.

"I hope he isn't lost," he muttered, angrily.

"Bakura?" Yugi called.

Suddenly, a shrill scream filled the town air. Everyone, except the Virtual people, turned to look at Bakura, who was holding an armful of chickens, and was chasing after about 10 oxen.

The feathers were flying off as he ran, causing him to sneeze.

"Help! *achoo*" he cried, staggering around under the weight of the moving chickens. "Help me!"

Duke slapped his forehead.

"Oh no!" Yugi cried, running into the shoe store to avoid being trampled.

"Get those oxen!" Joey yelled, running after them.

Duke and Seto followed, Mokuba helped Bakura with the chickens.

"*Achoo!* Thanks…" Bakura muttered as they shoved the clucking hens and roosters into the wagon. "I hope they don't eat that food back there…"

"This is harder than a I thought," Mokuba sighed.

After several minutes of chasing, ducking, scrambling, and catching, Seto, Duke, and Joey returned with all but one of the oxen.

"We couldn't catch that last one," Joey sighed as they put the reigns on the nine remaining. "Oh well. This is plenty."

Yugi came out of the shoe shop with a tower of shoes.

"I got some nice shoes!" he said, dumping them in the back, then climbing back in the wagon himself.

The others joined him.

"Are we ready now?" Seto sighed, looking back at the cramped wagon.

Everyone nodded.

The oxen started to pull, but then stopped.

"What?!" Seto asked, looking at the back again. "Oh, we can't all ride in the wagon at once. Bakura, you and Joey walk for a while, then Duke and I can."

"Wait!" Joey protested. "I'm NOT walking, even if it is VR. I'm buying a horse."

"Me too, but can you get it for me, Duke?" Bakura asked. "I'm not sure how it will react to me, after the last experience."

Duke shrugged.


* * * *

Ten more minutes later, Joey and Duke returned on their horses.

"Okay, is everyone ready now?" Seto asked with a sigh. "I want to test how the game itself works, not how well you can buy supplies from it."

"Okay!" Yugi cheered. "Let's go!!"

* * * * *

End of Chapter One

There is much more to this story than just the Oregon trail game, I should let you know. I think it's always good to have a funnier first chapter to get into the mood. -Seto-Kaiba

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