"Biju/Summon talking"

"Biju/summon thinking"

"Normal talking"

"Normal thinking"

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October 10th was just another normal quiet day in the hidden leaf village. Everyone, civilians and ninjas were walking around enjoying the cool air of the night however all good things must come to an end.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH" a voice yelled in a private room of the hospital


"I'm sorry kiyomi-chan but just hang in there it will all be over soon you're almost there" said Minato if you are wondering yes this is the same Minato Namikaze the yellow flash and konoha 4th hokage. You may wonder what's going on. Well long story short Minato and Kiyomi are having a baby. You may wonder why the room is private. The answer is simple. The uchiha clan are against relationships between an uchiha and non uchiha however Minato and Kiyomi have been seeing each other in private since they became genin.

"Ok we're almost there just one more please kiyomi-san and this will all be over" said one of the doctors

"You hear that one more push Kiyomi-chan come on" says Minato

"AHHHHHHH" yells Kiyomi as she gives one more push. The next thing you hear is a baby crying as loud as he can. You can see the tears of joy on Kiyomi's face as the doctor's hand her their baby.

"Congrats Hokage-sama Kiyomi-san you have a healthy baby boy" says the same doctor from earlier as he looks at the happy family hugged together

"Minato look at him he's so handsome" says Kiyomi as she kisses the baby's forehead

"Yeah he sure is." says Minato as he wipes tears from his eyes being overwhelmed at the fact that he is a father now. He looks at his newborn son and notices his features. He has a head of black hair from his mother however he notices his son has his bright blue eyes.

"This may cause some stir within the uchiha clan when they see him. I don't want to have to take out some of my wifes own family to protect my child" Minato says

"Don't worry minato I'm from a branch family the elders, main house families and the clan head doesn't pay attention to us. The only one who actually talks to us outside of the branch families would be mikoto."

"Mikoto huh.? Is she still mad at me about the Kushina situation."

"No she isn't mad at you anymore I talked to her and explained everything."

You see back when Minato, Kiyomi and Kushina were genin Minato saves Kushina from a group of Kumo shinobi sent to kidnap her and lets just say Kushina didn't take the rejection from Minato too kindly.


Minato was out late at night training his taijutsu katas and speed when he noticed a trail of strands of red hair and he immediately knew it belonged to Kushina. He follows the trail and see's Kushina tied up surrounded by 3 kumo shinobi who Minato suspects are chunin at the least and high jonin the most. Minato decides that stealth is his best option of attack. So he takes to the trees and conceals his chakra as low as possible just in case they have a sensor in the group once he is close enough he pulls out a kunai and makes his move. His first victim is the tallest one bringing up the rear. The unexpecting shinobi is walking thinking about the amount of money he is getting from this mission. He was so in his thoughts that he didn't recognize the mop of blonde hair sneaking up on him until it was too late when he felt his throat get slit and stabbed in his temple before the assailant was gone. All the two shinobi in the front heard, was a thud and looked back to see their leader on the ground dead.

"Shit we were followed" said one of the kumo shinobi

"Quick back to back so whoever it is can't sneak up on us" said the other shinobi

They stand back to back and hear a whizzing sound and barely have anytime to dodge the kunai. One shinobi managed to jump out of the way however the other was not as soon as he was about to jump it was too late the kunai was already embedded in his skull.

"Damn that was my last kunai I had. I was hoping to take them both out at once." Minato thought as he looked at the last kumo shinobi who was on the branch below him armed with two kunai looking around. Minato needed a plan to take out the last shinobi so he could grab Kushina who was still walking ahead not realizing what's going on. Minato notices a thin branch that looks easy to pull so he takes it pulls it back and lets it go as he falls down to the same level as the kumo shinobi. His prey make a mistake that would cost him his life he looked up to the sound of the branch snapping all he knew next was a foot connecting to the side of his face sending him flying into another tree with a sickening crunch sound as his skull hit the tree and his neck snapped. Minato landing on the ground watched as the last shinobi lifeless body hit the ground. He made his was to Kushina who was still walking aimlessly ahead in the same direction.

"Kushina" Minato says

Kushina looks up at the sound of his voice, gives a weak smile and before she can speak her legs give out and Minato rushes forward and catches her and unties the ropes picks her up bridal style and leaps into the trees.

"Hey what are you doing?" Kushina says while trying to hide her blush as she looks up at Minato and notices how handsome he looks with the moon shining on him.

"I'm rescuing you, what does it look like I'm doing? You're hurt and can barely walk this is the quickest way to get back to the leaf and have a doctor check you out" he says with a smile on his face

"No I mean why are you saving me. Everyone thinks I'm an outsider and picks on me. During the academy you never stood up for me, only stared at me with a look of pity and always looked away when I saw you staring. How did you even find me?" she replies

"I'm helping you because you are a leaf shinobi and we always stick together and help our comrades. I never stood up for you in the academy because I knew you could handle yourself against those bullies I always stared at you because you were cool and I was hoping we could become friends one day but you looked at me as if you wanted to hurt me as well so I never bothered and I found you because I seen the trail of red hair you left behind and I immediately knew it was yours."

While he is talking she is looking up at him with a slight blush on her face that he doesn't see due to him looking ahead leaping through the trees

"Hey Minato"

"Yeah Kushina wha-" he was cut off by her lips meeting his his eyes are wide while she stops and has a huge blush on her face

After a moment of silence due to him getting his brain functioning again and her looking away with a nuclear blush on her face. Minato speaks

"Kushina Im sorry but I can't be with you if that's what you are hoping for I'm sorry"


"I'm sorry Kushina but I have somebody else and we've been together ever since we became genin. Im sorry but if I never met her I would be open to dating you or seeing where this goes but for now all I can give you is friendship."

Kushina still mad replies

"Whatever Minato just take me to the damn hospital."

After Minato takes her to the hospital he heads home but stops at a training ground where he sees his girlfriend Kiyomi training her shuriken-jutsu and before she can start again she notices Minato but the look on his face is a look of sadness and guilt. She asks what's wrong and he breaks down and tells her everything she comforts him over his first 3 kills and although she was originally mad at the kiss it wasn't his fault and she couldn't blame Kushina since she didn't know. After Minato calms down he thanks him with a kiss and goes home. The next day he is at the academy waiting for his team assignments when an enraged mikoto comes up to him and yells at him accusing him of using kushina to try and get in her pants calls him a loser and a horrible person and walks away leaving a stunned minato and crowd.

(Flashback end)

After that Mikoto became cold to Minato and had a deep hatred towards him even after Minato and Kushina made up, they even became friends actually they were more like brother and sister.

"That's good I was hoping our kids would be friends. She recently had a son a couple months back right."

"Yes she named him sasuke" she replies

"Well congrats to her we will have to" he is cut off by a loud roar

"What the hell was that"

A shinobi has busted through the doors he was guarding




"Kiyomi-chan I- "

"I know minato go I'll be waiting" he kisses her and disappears in a yellow flash


Minato is standing on his face on the hokage monument when the kyuubi starts gathering red and purple chakra into a ball. Minato sees this and gets out a tri-pronged kunai going through hand signs. When he is finished the kyuubi launches his tailed beast bomb but a barrier appears absorbing the attack sending it far away into the forest. However before Minato can breathe and man appears behind him and tries to absorb minato into some kind of vortex however minato escapes and the man leaves to find him

(Cannon fight between minato and madara aka obito however they dont know its obito)

Minato flashes back to the battlefield to face off against the Kyuubi

After going through hand seals Minato yells out

Summoning jutsu- food cart destroyer

Out comes a giant read toad named gamabunta who lands on top of the nine tails

"Bunta I need you to hold down the nine tails while I get ready I have a plan"

"Easier said than done Minato but I'll try"

"Minato what's the plan what are you doing" asked an elderly man holding a staff know as the professor of shinobi and the third hokage hiruzen sarutobi

"I'm going to seal it away to save the village from anymore destruction. I'll be back". Before hiruzen can reply minato flashes away

(Hospital Kiyomi room)

Minato arrives at Kiyomi room to tell her his plan and what he sees before him is heartbreaking Kiyomi is dying while shielding her some from the KI and demonic chakra in the air from the Kyuubi she smiles weakly at minato with tears in her eyes knowing she won't live after tonight. No words are said as she already knows what Minato plans to do and he begs him to come along to be with her family one last time. Minato grabs her as she holds on to their son and flashes away to start the sealing process.


Minato arrives back on top of Gamabunta and asks him to hold him for a little while longer so he can gather enough chakra. Once he has enough chakra he flashes himself, his family, Gamabunta and the kyuubi away. After they land in another part of the forest Minato sends Gamabunta back to his summons world and faces the kyuubi. The Kyuubi, realizing he is free, gets ready to attack when golden chains made of chakra hold him in place while creating a barrier to keep anything from leaving or entering.

"KUSHINA" Minato and Kiyomi yell seeing her condition. She is battered and has bruises all over her body with some cuts on her arms while her clothes are torn up.

"Minato I was attacked by a man in a mask claiming to be madara uchiha he ambushed me and ripped out the kyuubi from the seal"

"I know Kushina it's not your fault he snuck up on you he also fought me but I managed to get a hit on him with my rasengan and he retreated. Now I'm about to seal him into my son. I know it's wrong but it's the only option I cant reseal it into you as it would just break out again this is the only way.

Kushina smiles sadly knowing he is right

"Can I hold him please?" she asks weakly

Kiyomi smiles and hands her their son

"What's his name?" Kushina asks

"His name is Naruto" they both reply

The Kyuubi roars as he fights against the chains but they won't budge. Minato seeing this summons an altar and places naruto on it he begins going through hand seals to start his plan.

Reaper death seal

Hiruzen arrives at the sealing area and recognizes those hand signs and tries to stop Minato from summoning the shinigami but it's of no use as he can't enter the barrier. He can only watch on as his successor and 2 of the best kunoichi sacrifice their lives to save the village.

After Minato finishes the hand signs a spectral of the shinigami appears.

"Mortal why have you summoned me to this world?" the shinigami asks

"Shinigami I would like to seal the kyuubi into my son Naruto" Minato says

"Very well however the cost of this sealing is your own soul" says the shinigami as he begins to chant while he stabs and cuts open his stomach. After the chant is done the shinigami reaches out and his spectral like hand goes through minato as he winces from the pain. The hand then grabs hold of the kyuubi but for some reason the chains weaken enough and the kyuubi lashes out at Naruto to kill him however Minato, Kiyomi and Kushina jump in front of the the kyuubi claw and are impaled by it. On the outside Hiruzen can only watch in horror and sadness as all of this is happening when 2 anbu appear behind him.

"Hokage-Sama the civilians are secure in the bunker with genin on watch with kakashi hatake on stand-by" says one anbu

"Good I want you and all available chunin and jonin anbu to start looking for any and all casualties while you two stay with me."

"Hai hokage-sama"they reply both anbu leave however both jonin stay behind.

(In the barrier)

Minato and Kiyomi have just finished saying their last words to Naruto.

(Cannon speech just replace Kushina with Kiyomi)

Meanwhile Kushina says a few words of her own.

"Naruto this is your oba-chan I wish we could've had more time to be together you would be like the son I never had. I leave to you all the uzumaki sealing items its all I have left in life something tells me with you being the son of Minato you will be interested in Fuinjutsu." She pauses to cough but blood comes out. "I know how the life of a jinchuriki is. It will be hard but you cant let the hate and anger of the bijuu take over you must counter it by love and happiness so please no matter what happens do not go down a dark path in life. I love you. I wish you the best in life" she finishes with tears coming down her face.

Minato looks on sad that neither will be allowed to live to raise his son but trusts the sandime to look after him. He smiles as he says his finals word.

"Seal" the kyuubi roars one last time as he is sealed inside naruto.

After the seal is complete the shinigami removes his hand from minato while removing his soul. At the same time kushina and kiyomi both fall to the ground on their last breath. The barrier drops and Hiruzen and the two jonin with him come rushing in.

"Kiyomi Kushina hang in there. I have medical help on the way."

"It's no use hokage-sama, we're done here it's time for us to move on." Kiyomi says "His name is Naruto." She says motioning to her baby boy "I want you to give him Kushina last name of Uzumaki I don't want him to be used as a weapon for the uchiha clan if he awakens the sharingan and he cant take Minato last name due to Iwa being willing to do anything to kill him or his legacy wait until he is a chunin or jonin to tell him about us unless he awakens his sharingan you can tell him about me but you must not tell him about his father until he is chunin or jonin or when you deem him worthy of knowing. I left him all my notes on my taijutsu style. If he is like me he won't be really good at the uchiha style of taijutsu even with the sharingan." She reaches in her robes and pulls out a scroll. "This is for him from me I want you to give this to him after you tell him about me minato has one as well but it is sealed in your office with a blood seal only able to be opened by naruto. Please take care of him Hiruzen, that's all I ask please. I love you Naruto." She kisses her son one last time before she takes her last breath.

Hiruzen looks down in sadness with tears in his eyes. He looks over at Kushina and sees that she is no longer breathing but has a scroll in her hand and assumes it's for Naruto so he takes it and puts it away. As that happens the jonin appear and help him with the bodies looking down in sadness and hatred at the bodies of the hokage and 2 of the most powerful kunoichi from the leaf village and the newly born jinchuriki who they wish they could kill. Hiruzen seeing the hatred in their eyes can only sigh as he knows he would have to retake the mantle of hokage to protect naruto.

They collect the bodies and leave to deal with the backlash of the attack.