"Biju/summon talking"

"Biju/summon thinking"

"Normal talking"

"Normal thinking"

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Naruto made it to river country in an hour and was looking for the cave where the tailed beasts were sealed.

"Where the hell could they be?" He said to himself.

He tried extending his sensing abilities but there was something blocking him. He went to the area where the blocking was coming from and walked around for about 2 hours looking for the hideout. He located the area and found a cave with a barrier seal on it.

"So this is why I couldn't find them. A barrier seal that requires you to remove four other seals before you can take this one off. Child's play for someone like me." He said he created four clones and had them search for the other 4 seals.

"I can simply override this seal but I don't know if it's booby trapped on the other side and I don't want to risk it." He said

After waiting for 3 hours his clones finally located and removed the other 4 seals and he removed the main seal from the boulder that was blocking the entrance.

Universal pull

He used his gravity attraction to remove the boulder from the entrance of the cave and walked in. He looked around and saw the dead bodies of the other 4 jinchuriki since Isobu wasn't sealed when he was captured. He noticed the blonde hair girl that looked about 10 years older than him.

"That must be Yugito. Samui's former jonin sensei." Naruto said and he sealed her body into a scroll. He sealed the other bodies as well and sent them all back to their respective villages for a funeral. He walked around some more until he came face to face with a giant statue that had 5 eyes open and 4 closed.

"You must be the gedo statue. Too bad you'll never be used again. The era of jinchuriki is ending today. Your existence will no longer be needed." Naruto said

He got to work by creating a giant sealing circle around the gedo statue. All of the kanji on the ground were all around the statue and connected to it. After it was done Naruto began going through hand signs.

"This unsealing will take a while due to me having to remove them basically all at once. I guess I'll take around and see what I find." He said after 5 minutes he was done with his hand signs and placed them on the sealing circle connected to the gedo statue.

Uzumaki sealing: multiple tailed beast removal

He activated the seal and it began to glow a bright red color. The gedo statue let out a roar as if fighting the ritual but Naruto used his rinnegan to force it to relax and be quiet.

"I didn't know I could do that." He said as he walked away to look around the cave. He didn't find much, just some money laying around that he had to guess was from Kakuzu. He found some swords and a golden bo staff.

"How the hell did they get this?" He asked himself

He sealed away the bo staff and walked around some more he found pictures of Konan, Nagato and an orange haired boy who he had to guess was there other friend and creator of the original akatsuki, Yahiko. He looked through the picture and saw a young Konan about 18 in lingerie and some of them were nude.

"So she has nipple piercings as well. I'll send these to her. I don't want them getting in the wrong hands." He said as he sealed the pictures in a scroll and summoned a messenger fox to have it take them to her. He walked around some more and found nothing useful, so he went back towards the gedo statue and waited for the removal process to be over. He looked at the sealing circle and guessed it would take another hour to finish so the tailed beasts would be removed. He unsealed a bento box filled with miso ramen and began eating it. Halfway through the bento he froze after he realized something.

"I forgot to tell Samui-Chan I was leaving again. She's going to be pissed off at me. I know she is." He said but just shrugged his shoulders and went back to eating.

"She should understand why I left so abruptly. If not then I'll sleep in another room tonight." He thought

He finished the bento box and began to just think about what's been happening lately.

"I finished off the akatsuki, fought in a war and killed Orichimaru. That's essentially 3 "immortal" people I've killed. Kakuzu because of his 5 hearts, Orichimaru because of him sealing pieces of his soul in other curse seal users and Danzo because of him using izanagi. Married the love of my life and helped out somebody I should've been friends with this entire time. I can't believe Sakura's own mother would do that to her. She was basically her daughter's pimp because of that seal. I can't believe Kiba had been raping her for 3 years either. Castration is better than death, since he has to live with the fact that he no longer has a penis. I wonder if we should have Sakura take therapy lessons with Inoichi." He said

He was interrupted by the gedo statue letting out another roar and it's eyes starting to close. After 5 minutes all of the eyes closed and the statue's mouth opened up. Out of the mouth came all 5 of the tailed beasts that were sealed away. They were all sleeping still so he made 4 clones and they each put the blocker seal on the tailed beasts. After they woke up they looked and noticed Naruto standing there.

"Naruto you have our eternal thanks for saving us." Matatabi said

"Yes thank you for saving us. Now, how will you go about not having us sealed again?" Son Goku asked

"I've placed a seal on you that will prevent you from being sealed away again it automatically activates when someone tries to seal you. It will also protect you from any genjutsu so we don't have situations like when Kurama attacked the leaf village." Naruto said

"Good now where shall we go? We don't exactly blend in with regular animals or anything." Isobu said

"You can go wherever you want to. Kurama decided to join the fox summons at Kitsune mountain in the summoning world. Shukaku is in Suna roaming around the desert. Chōmei is wandering the forests around fire country and Gyūki went back to Kumo who has a new Raikage whose name is Darui. Iwa has a new Tsuchikage by the name of Kurotsuchi. Ōnoki died during the war we just had and named his granddaughter Kurotsuchi the new Tsuchikage. Kiri has a new mizukage named Mei Terumi." Naruto said

"I'll go back to Kumo. Stay in the cave I found and protect Kumo from any threats." Matatabi said and left.

"I'll head back to kiri. I've seen Mei through Yagura's eyes. I like her." Isobu said and left.

"I'll head to Iwa. They have mountains large enough to make me look small. I like that kind of environment." Son Goku said as he left.

"I'll roam around for a bit before heading back to Iwa. I want to see what other countries look like." Kokuō said and ran off.

"I'll head to kiri as well. I like the waters they have and Utakata had an apprentice there, I want to look out for her." Saiken said and left.

"Now to make sure you can't be used again." Naruto said he pulled out his sealing supplies and made a seal to seal away the gedo statue. He didn't want to use another planetary devastation, somebody could easily release it again and he didn't want to take that chance.

Uzumaki sealing: dimension sealing

He placed the seal on the gedo statue and it began fighting the sealing process but Naruto once again used his rinnegan to control it and forced it to stop fighting the sealing. After the sealing was done Naruto picked up the piece of paper that the statue was sealed into and looked at it.

"Now you will never be used again." He said


He used his flames to burn the paper leaving the gedo statue stuck in the dimension it was sealed into forever.

He looked around at the cave and let out a sigh.

"This shouldn't have happened. To think Danzo was a main cause of the deaths of multiple people because he considered peace among the nations to be a weakness. I better head back to the village, I need to let granny know that it's done." He said and teleported away.

Naruto arrived in Konoha and headed straight for Tsunade's office. He arrived at her office after getting many cheers and hugs from civilians and kids. He read the note on her door and just left.

"She's probably getting laid right now." He thought as he looked at the clock on his wall and it was 7pm.

"I didn't realize I was gone so long. I better get home. But first I need to head over to the Hyuga compound." He thought and teleported to the Hyuga compound.

"Hey guys is it ok I go in? I have something for Natsu." Naruto said to the guards. They activated their byakugan before nodding.

"Sorry about the byakugan check on you Naruto. but Hiashi wants us to check everybody. Someone stole the eye of Natsu's daughter before the seal could be placed on her." The left guard said

"That's why I'm here. I got the eye back for her." Naruto said

"Well hurry up. She'll be happy to have that eye back." The other guard said and Naruto entered the compound. He searched for Natsu's chakra and found her in the office with Hiashi. He went to the office and knocked.

"Enter." Hiashi said from inside and Naruto walked in.

"What are you doing here Naruto? We don't have anything scheduled." Hiashi said

"I'm here to return something to Natsu. I believe it belongs to my niece." Naruto said unsealing the tube with the byakugan eye in it.

"Thank you. Thank you so much Naruto." Natsu said as she gave him a one armed hug since she was holding her daughter in the other arm.

"Who had the eye Naruto?" Hiashi asked

"Kakashi stole it. He wanted both eyes to give them to Kumo since he sided with them during the war. He didn't make it to blood prison so I guess he joined up with Kumo long before the war. I took the eye back before killing him myself." He said as he handed the eye over to Natsu.

"Can you stay while I put her eye back in Naruto? I can use medical ninjutsu but I'll need a medical seal to fix up anything else that I missed while reattaching the nerves." Natsu said

"Yeah I can stay." Naruto said

"You're dismissed Natsu. You can go heal your baby, I'll let the clan know that the eye has been returned." Hiashi said both Naruto and Natsu bow before leaving. Naruto followed Natsu to the medical area and she began the surgery. After 4 hours of reattaching the eye, the surgery was complete and Naruto placed the seal in his niece and noticed all of the chakra into the seal was going to her eye. After about 10 minutes the seal finished working and Naruto removed it.

"All done Natsu. Akemi is fully healed now and her eye works just as good as any other eye." Naruto said

"Thank you again Naruto. But shouldn't you be getting home to Samui. I'm sure she's waiting for you. It's almost midnight." Natsu said

"Yeah I'm heading there now. I just came to return Akemi's eye to you. I'll see you later." he said and flashed away.

He reached his house and entered but didn't see Samui on the couch like she usually was. He walked upstairs to their room and smiled at what he saw. She was sleeping in one of his shirts with her panties on but she was cuddled up with his pillow. He took his clothes off leaving him in his boxers and climbed into the bed. He used the Kamui to get his pillow from her and laid down. After 10 minutes he was asleep.

He woke up the next morning at 8am and he remembered Tsunade wouldn't be in her office until next week so he laid back down and went to sleep. He woke up again at 11 and Samui was still asleep. He went to take a shower and after 20 minutes he was done. He put on a pair of boxers and laid back down. He turned the TV on and flipped through the channels until he found an old princess gale movie about her growing up. 10 minutes into the movie Samui woke up and went to take a shower. She came back out with nothing on and crawled into Naruto's lap.


She reached her hand down and took his dick out of his boxers and began to stroke it.

"I need this. I need it badly. Can I have it baby?" She asked and he nodded and began sucking her nipples making her moan. She lifted herself up before lining him up at her entrance and lowering herself down taking it all in at once.

"Shit that feels good." She said and began bouncing up and down on his dick moaning as he kept licking and sucking her nipples. He reached a hand down and began to rub her clit with his fingers. She started to go faster and he picked up the pace adding chakra to his fingers making it rotate sending her over the edge.

"SHIT I'M CUMMING BABY." She yelled as she was squirting all over his lap. Her orgasm was so powerful when she started squirting, his dick was forced out her. He grabbed his dick and shoved it back inside of her and she screamed out from how good it felt. He added chakra to his hips and began thrusting up into her and she loved every second of it.

"I'M STILL CUMMING I'M STILL CUMMING." She yelled as her juices kept coming out like a waterfall as he was thrusting into her pussy. She reached down and began rubbing her clit making the orgasm last even longer.

"Shit your pussy feels so good baby. I'm gonna go harder." He said and went faster and harder.

"YES FUCK MY PUSSY JUST LIKE THAT. DON'T STOP DON'T FUCKING STOP." She yelled and she started bouncing up and down meeting him thrust for thrust. Naruto then stood up, placing his arm behind her knees and locking his fingers behind her as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Naruto-kun, fuck this pussy like you mean it." She whispered in his ear and started kissing and sucking on his neck.

"Gladly." Was all he said and began to pound into her so hard that she started to cum on the very first thrust he did. He thrusted into her fast and hard that her orgasm just never stopped.

"LIKE THAT JUST LIKE THAT. I LOVE IT, I LOVE YOU NARUTO-KUN. BEAT THIS PUSSY UP." She yelled as he was thrusting into her fast and hard. He was going so fast and hard that she could feel the vibrations on her ass cheeks.

"Put me down I want to suck your dick. Let me suck your dick." She pleaded in his ear. He let her down and she stumbled. He laid down on the bed and spoke to her.

"Come put that pussy in my face so I can eat it." He said and she crawled to his face and sat on his face. She leaned forward and took his dick in her mouth. He stuck his tongue into her pussy and added chakra to his tongue giving her more pleasure than she could handle. He moved his hands to her ass and started to play with it. He used it tongue to thrust in and out of her pussy making her moan as she had his dick in her mouth. He began to lick her clit and that sent her over the edge as she moaned loudly and started to cum all over his face.

"FUCK." She yelled out and reached a hand back to rub her clit making her cum even more. She used her free hand to jerk his dick while keeping him in her mouth. She took it all the way down her throat and began to play with his balls.

"Fuck that feels so damn good baby." He said as she came up from deep throating his dick. She placed the tip in her mouth and began to suck the tip still playing with his balls. After a while she stopped sucking his tip and got off of him. She was on her hands and knees shaking her ass at him.

"Come give me that dick baby. You know you want to. Don't keep me waiting." She said and started rubbing her clit slowly. He came up behind her and in one hard thrust he was fully inside of her and she instantly started to cum again. He started thrusting into her hard and fast, not even bothering to go slow to give time to adjust. He was thrusting so hard that her ass was turning red and he could see her pussy gripping his dick every time he would pull out.

"FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD." She yelled as she could feeling her pussy getting tighter and tighter around his dick. He grabbed her hips and started thrusting into her even harder. Everytime he would thrust into her he would pull her back each time making her scream out in pleasure. She couldn't focus anymore. Her eyes were white from the amount of pleasure she was feeling. Naruto noticed her body going limp and went for the final nail in the coffin. He stuck his thumb in her ass and added chakra to his hips. He was moving so fast that his hips were a blur.

"OH SHIT I'M CUMMING. DON'T FUCKING STOP IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD." She yelled as she started cumming again and her body went limp arching her back. Naruto stood up on his feet giving himself better leverage and starting thrusting hard into her and she could only moan into the sheets as her body had given out on her. Her pussy was still dripping and it was swollen from how hard they were going at it. He felt himself getting close and sped up some more.

"Are you ready to have a baby Samui-Chan? Because I'm about to cum deep in this pussy of yours." He said as he was getting closer and closer.

"Yeah I'm ready. Fill my pussy with that delicious cum of yours baby." She said but it all came out in a mumble as she was on the verge of passing out. He sped up some more and her legs gave out on her. So he readjusted himself and thrusted so hard into her that she started to shake from the orgasm he had given her.

"Shit here it comes." He said and gave her one powerful thrust as she felt his warm cum film her up. His thrust was so hard that her legs locked up and her pussy clenched around his dick milking him for as much cum possible as she squirted again this time it was so much a puddle formed underneath her. He did a couple slow thrusts making them both moan he pulled out as soon as the tip was about to come out he started to cum inside of her again. She was passed out so she didn't feel it. He pulled all the way out and stood up to put his boxers on. He looked at her passed out body on the bed and picked her up so he could change the sheets that looked like they were dipped in water.

Lemon end

He was holding onto Samui whose body was completely limp in his arms. If you couldn't see her breathing then you would think she's dead. He created a clone and had it change the sheets. After the clone was done he laid her down and tucked her in. He took a shower and laid down in bed with her. She woke up with a groan.

"Oh you were such a beast baby. I better get pregnant from what we just did. I can't move at all. I want some again but just slow and sensual. Can you give it to me?" She asked

"I don't know baby. You said you can't move right now. You don't know this but after your body collapsed you had the biggest orgasm and left a puddle in the bed. Your body locked up on you and I came in you twice but you couldn't feel anything else after you passed out." He said when she didn't respond he looked at her and she was asleep again. He chuckled and kissed her on her lips and went to sleep right after that.

A week later he is in Tsunade's office letting her know what's going on with the tailed beasts.

"So let me get this straight you already released the tailed beasts and they are roaming around the countries as they please." Tsunade said

"Yup. Isobu and Saiken went back to kiri. Matatabi went back to Kumo. Son Goku went back to Iwa and Kokuo is traveling around before heading back to Iwa. All 9 of the tailed beasts have the seals on them so they can't be resealed and I got rid of the gedo statue forever." Naruto said

"Well that's good I guess. We need to fix a few things up in the village starting with the civilian council. But I can have that problem fixed within a few more months. Jiraiya officially retired yesterday, so now you completely run the spy network and I guess Hanabi and Tayuya are your partners in the new legendary Sannin. The snakes have taken their scroll back to their summoning world. Katsuyu told me they have civil war going on. Some snakes want to continue what Manda has done and others want to end that way and live more peacefully to gain respect for the snake summons." Tsunade said

"Yeah I know about the snakes, Helios told me when I visited the dragon realm yesterday. But besides that, I came here because I want to buy the land that all of the brothel houses are on. I said I was going to fix up the buildings for them and since I have the time to do it I want to get started now." Naruto said

"Naruto, that's 4 blocks of land that you want to buy. Are you sure? That's going to cost you about 4 billion ryo." Tsunade said

"Yeah I know. So can I buy them?" He asked

"Uh sure." She said and got out the paperwork for the purchases and they began the transaction. After 2 hours of paperwork and money transferring Naruto officially owned 10 or 11 blocks in the red light district.

"Well what are you going to do with the buildings?" Tsunade said

"I'm just going to tear them down one at a time and create new ones. I've been inside of these brothel houses as a kid and trust me it's disgusting. They raised me so this is my way of paying them back. I fixed up some apartment complexes for them and they're all cheap and affordable despite them being as good as or if not better than some of the apartments located towards the middle of the village." Naruto said

"Well good luck. By the way your nieces, and goddaughter have been looking for you. You might want to go over to Anko's house." Tsunade said

"Yeah I know I'm heading there now. I just came to check in with you first." Naruto said he gave her a hug and left through the window.

"He'll never stop that. But in 7 months I won't care as I'm passing on the hat to him as a surprise birthday gift. By that time I should be pregnant." Tsunade thought to herself as she continued doing her paperwork.

Naruto went to Anko's house and played with the kids for the entire day, even Ayame stopped by with Teuchi. He went home and saw Samui asleep on the couch as usual.

"She does realize we have a bed right?" Naruto thought as he picked her up and took her to their room.

"You're back." She said as she woke up

"Yeah sorry I took so long. I met with granny this morning about some stuff and I went to visit the kids. I got caught up playing with them that I didn't realize it was so late." He said as he got in bed.

"It's ok I understand. Now come here." She said and he moved closer she just gave him a kiss filled with love.

"I love you Naruto-kun." She said

"I love you too Samui-chan." Naruto replied she laid her head on his chest and they soon fell asleep together with smiles on their faces.

7 months later

7 months passed and it's October 10th Naruto's 19th birthday. He woke up early because Tsunade told everybody in the village that she had an important announcement to make. He was downstairs waiting for Samui to come down.

"Baby are you ready yet? The announcement is in 30 minutes." He said

"Yeah I'm coming. Don't forget it takes me a while to get ready now." She said coming downstairs. She was taking her time because after that first night they had sex after the war she did in fact get pregnant. She was 7 months pregnant right now with twins, two girls. They were going to name them after his mother and godmother.

"I'm sorry baby you should've said something. I would've helped you get ready and carry you down the stairs." Naruto said

"It's ok don't worry Naruto I got it. It's my exercise walking up and down these stairs. After this announcement I'm coming home and sitting on my ass until this pregnancy is over with. My feet are killing me and they feel swollen." She said as Naruto helped her put her shoes on.

"Don't worry when this over I'll give you a foot massage and make you dinner. How does that sound?" He asked

"Sounds heavenly. Can you make me some ramen with chocolate shredded on top of it with some pickles and ice cream on the side?" She asked with puppy dog eyes. He just laughed at her.

"Anything for you my queen." He said and kissed her on the lips.

"Ok now let's go to this announcement. That food and foot massage is calling my name." She said and they left the house. Naruto didn't want her to walk since her feet hurt so he summoned Shadow and had him fly over to the hokage tower. He sent shadow home with a giant pile of fish and they went to the top of the hokage tower. He saw Tsunade standing up there with Jiraiya and Shizune. Anko, Kurenai, Fū, Ayame and Sakura were all up there with their kids who wanted to play with Naruto as soon as they saw him. Sakura gave birth to her daughter who looked exactly like her but with Kiba's facial structure. She named her Kireina. Tsunade was also 4 months pregnant with two boys who they decided to name Yahiko and Nagato. Shizune was only 4 weeks pregnant so she didn't know what she was having.

"Naruto, Samui it's good that you decided to join us." Tsunade said hugging them both.

"No problem granny." Naruto said

"So Samui how are the girls treating you?" Shizune asked

"They're actually not that bad. They only kick when Naruto's around so I'm usually relaxed unless I need to get up and walk somewhere. But unless it's the bathroom, this handsome man right here does everything for me. He even gives me baths and shaves me when I get too itchy down there since I can't reach it." Samui said and kissed Naruto on his cheek.

"That's so sweet. We wish our men took care of us like that when we were pregnant." Anko said, getting nods of agreement from Fū, Ayame and Kurenai.

"Ok anyway it's time for my announcement. Samui I have a chair for you to sit on. Naruto, you stand next to her." Tsunade said as she walked up to the podium to begin her announcement. Naruto helped Samui sit down in her chair as he stood next to her.

"People of Konoha." Tsunade said getting everybody in the crowd to be quiet.

"As you all know I have an important announcement to make. This is about the future of this village. I've been your Hokage for 5 years now and time sure has flown by. I remember coming back to the village right after the Oto invasion and you all accepted me with open arms as your first female Hokage. We've had a lot of ups and downs during my time but we always pulled through. We've had somebody walk into the village and destroy it. We've had a lot of bandit attacks on our village over the years and we've just won a war with kumo and Iwa combined. Now I am proud of everyone here today for everything you have done for this village. I stand before you today a your 5th Hokage and I am here to announce that I will be retiring today." She said and the crowd immediately broke out in an uproar. She held her hand up to silence the crowd.

"The reason I am retiring after only 5 years in office is because I want to raise a family with Jiraiya. He's already retired and passed along the toad contract to Hanabi Hyuga. His grandson Naruto has taken over the spy network. Now another reason I am retiring is because I am 4 months pregnant. Due to my uzumaki genes I can still produce children even at my age, which I will not tell you. Now the village will be left in good hands and will lead us into an era of peace and prosperity. This man is well respected amongst both the civilian and ninja sides of the village. Has protected this village multiple times and was able to gain our village many allies and has also guided us to victory in the previous war. I am extremely proud to pass on my title to this man no matter how much he gets on my nerves. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you your 6th hokage, my grandson, Naruto Namikaze." She said

The crowd immediately cheered for him and everybody started clapping and he stood there in shock. He wasn't expecting to become hokage until his mid to late twenties. A nudge from Samui broke him out of his shock.

"Congratulations Naruto-kun." Samui said kissing him on the lips she broke apart from him and started clapping with tears in her eyes. He walked up to Tsunade and she took the hokage hat off and handed it to Naruto. He placed it on his head.

"So how do I look?" He asked her.

"You look like a man that will lead this village in the right direction. I'm counting on you Naruto. Don't let me down." She said and gave him a hug which he returned.

"I promise I won't let you down." He said and broke the hug. He walked up to the podium and removed his hat making the crowd cheer even louder.

"Umm I wasn't really expecting this so I don't have a speech or anything. I'm glad I'm able to share this all with you, my closest friends and family. My grandparents Tsunade and Jiraiya. My three sister figures Anko, Ayame and Kurenai. Last but not least my beautiful wife and in 2 months the mother of my children, Samui. If it wasn't for any of them I don't think I would be here. Since it's my birthday my first order of business is for all of you to celebrate. Celebrate Tsunade's great 5 years as hokage and celebrate for me since I will be at home taking care of my wife. I'm placing the village on lockdown so all ninja can party as well. I know it's unusual but I'm the hokage now so what I say goes. Now next week I'll be in office and I will begin my job. Now as for my assistant I chose my lifelong friend Shikamaru Nara. Get all the sleep you can because next week we start work. Now everyone go party." He said and cheers broke out as the crown left to begin partying. He activated the barrier around the village so nothing gets in and nothing gets out.

"Congratulations Naru-Chan you finally became hokage." Anko said as she walked up to him giving him a hug.

"Yeah now we can't tease you or we'll risk losing our jobs." Kurenai said and hugged him as well.

"I guess all of your dreams came true Naruto. You started an era of peace, married the girl of your dreams and became hokage." Ayame said

"Yeah I guess I did. As for your jobs Anko and Kurenai. Why don't you just retire I doubt you'll both be able to do missions while you're pregnant." Naruto said

"But we're not pregnant." Anko said

"Yes you are. You both have a second chakra signature inside of you. Don't worry Fū is pregnant as well so you so you won't be alone." He said and all 3 of the girls had their jaws on the ground. Tsunade walked up to them and double checked.

"Yup you're all pregnant I'd say about 4 weeks for each of you. Same as Shizune. Congratulations." Tsunade said and then she just left with Jiraiya. Kurenai and Anko looked at each other and shared a look before nodding.

"We retire." They said at the same time.

"Yeah I figured you would. Now go home and tell your husbands. I'll be taking Samui home to cater to her every need." Naruto said as he summoned Shadow to take him and Samui home.

12 years later

Naruto, now 30 years old, is sitting behind his desk with his feet kicked up on the desk since he finished his paperwork for the day. He thought about everything he was able to accomplish during his tenure as hokage so far. He had an alliance with Kumo and Iwa, they both reached out 3 years after the war was over. He changed the civilian council up. He got rid of everybody from the old council who would go behind the past hokages backs to do what they wanted. He chose Shibuki, Ayame and Guren for the civilian council and chose Hiashi, Tsume and Shibi aburame as the ninja council. He kept them at 3 on each side to lessen the headaches and they only had 4 meetings a year unless an emergency happened. He also changed the age of the academy to 12 when you can be enrolled and graduate when you are 16.

He and Samui were still going strong and still loved Each other as much as they always had. They even were expecting another child in 3 months. It was another girl and Naruto thought he was cursed since he wanted a boy. He was brought out of his musings when his door opened.

"Come on dad you promised you would train me and Kushina today. Your not doing anything but sitting down." Kiyomi said. Kiyomi had long straight blonde hair like her mother but had her fathers facial structure, bright blue eyes and her mother's skin color.

"Yeah dad come on it's 4pm you said you would be done at 3." Kushina said. She had long black hair, her mother's face, her father's skin color and had her mother's blue eyes.

"Yeah honey get up it's time to go home. I already made your dinner, let's go." Samui said she looked exactly the same as she did 12 years ago. Only difference is she grew her hair out and it stopped midway down her back.

"Alright alright I'm coming. No need to beat me up." Naruto said as he got up and kissed his wife on the lips.

"That's gross you guys. Can't you do that somewhere else?" Kushina said

"Well no we can't. Plus it's not gross at all. If it were so gross you two wouldn't have been born. This is what started the process of you being born." Naruto said

"Lalala we're not listening lalalalala." Kushina and Kiyomi said at the same time, running out of his office making Samui giggle.

"Do you have to do that to them everytime?" She asked

"Yes I do. Now lets go home so I can torture I mean train my daughters." Naruto said with an evil chuckle and lightning behind him.

"Riiight just make sure you don't kill my kids." Samui said as they walked out of the office. Arm in arm.

Many years later

Many years go by and Naruto has left the village in the care of his children, grandchildren, godchildren, nieces and nephews. Nobody knows where he and Samui are. One day they just vanished from the leaf village. they aren't the only ones who vanished. Anko, Ayame, Kurenai, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Fū, Karin, Sakura, Tayuya and their lovers, have also vanished from the leaf village leaving behind children and grandchildren. Nobody knows where they went but if Kiyomi and Kushina had to guess they knew where they went but decided to leave it alone. They respected their parents' wishes to vanish without telling anybody. Due to all of their efforts they were responsible for the peace that the world was currently experiencing. But they both knew one thing if the world ever needed them again they would show up and fight to protect what they fought so hard to achieve. Kushina was standing on top of the hokage mountain on her father's head. She let out a smile at how peaceful the village is. She felt a mall gust of wind behind her and turned around but saw nobody. She looked at the ground and it was a piece of paper on the ground she picked it up and read it.

"We'll always be watching over you and your sisters Kushi-Chan. We love you."

She stared at the letter before looking up with tears in her eyes.

"I love you too. Mom and Dad." She said and walked away. If she would have stayed longer she would have seen 2 pairs of eyes looking at her. One pair was blue and the other had a purple left eye with a red right eye with three tomoe in it.

"You ready to go Naruto-kun?" Samui asked

"Yeah I am. Let's go." He said and they walked into the trees vanishing into nothing while holding hands. The last thing Naruto did before leaving, was stabbed the kubikiribōchō in the ground. Waiting for the next worthy user to come and claim it to carry on the legacy.