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"You want me to go with you?" Bucky asked honestly shocked but happy his heart had sank when she said Romania

"Only if you want to. I don't want you to go if you don't want to there is no pressure." Hermione said quickly thinking she had completely misjudged her relationship with Bucky

"I would love to."



8 weeks later Hermione and Bucky stood in the international portkey office. They had packed all their belongings and said goodbye to their friends and family with promises of visits.

"Are you ready?" Hermione asked as they were called to their portkey

"Ready to spend the rest of forever with you." Bucky said, placing a small kiss on her lips, his eyes momentarily darting to the ring that now set on Hermione's left ring finger.

Hermione had been surprised when Bucky proposed the night before. They had only been dating for 7 months almost 8 and she didn't see it coming. But in that moment with Bucky down on one knee in the empty apartment that he had filled with candles she knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him so without hesitation she said yes.

She smiled at her Fiance and together they grabbed hold of the old boot that was about to take them to Romania to the start of the new life and new adventure.

/Meanwhile in Sokovia/

"Is there any intel that says the Avengers might know where we are? They have attacked 2 research bases in the last month." asked Von Strucker

"There is no information coming in from our sources that say we have been compromised sir."

"Good, that means we have time to make sure the subjects are fully ready." Von Strucker said with a twisted smile on his face