A/N I hope you enjoy this new part of Hermione and Bucky's story.

Hermione and Bucky landed in a field east of the Dragon reserve. Bucky landed on his back and Hermione gracefully landed and walked up to help him up.

"You okay?" she asked offering her hand

"Yes. I think i need a second." Bucky said sitting up slowly feeling like his organs were not in the right place


Came a loud voice. Bucky turned to see a long haired redhead embracing his fiance. Bucky frowned a bit before processing he must be a school friend of Hermiones. He stood up and made his way to Hermione and this new person.

"Charlie! It is so good to see you." Hermione said hugging the redheaded dragon tamer

"It is good to see you too. I am happy to have you here." He said with a smile. He looked over and saw Bucky who had gotten up and was making his way over to them

"This must be Bucky. I am Charlie Weasley" Charlie said extending his hand out

Bucky shook his hand registering that this man was a sibling of Hermione's friends

"It's nice to meet you." Bucky said

"Well as excited i was to see you both, I was actually sent out to bring you to the reserve and show you where you will be staying."

Charlie led the way to the reservation. When they got to the gate Charlie tapped his wand to the gate letting them in.

"We will add you both to the wards so that you can get in."

He led them to what to Bucky appeared to be a small tent. He turned and looked at Hermione with confusion. But all she did was shoot him a smile and a wink before following Charlie into the tent. Bucky was confused but followed them into the tent. Bucky was in utter disbelief when he walked in the tent and saw basically an entire house. The tent that from the outside looked like it could sleep at max 2 people was massive on the inside.

"Wow. I honestly don't think I am ever going to get use to magic." Bucky said causing both Charlie and Hermione to laugh

"Well i am going to let you two get settled and unpacked. Feel free to explore the reservations the signs are posted to make sure you don't get close to the dragons as well as how to get to different community areas and the village. I have to get to work but I get off at 7 for dinner. We can discuss that ring Miss. Granger." Charlie said before leaving Hermione and Bucky alone

Charlie left and Hermione took the shrunk down boxes out of her pocket and resized them. They spent the morning unpacking both by hand and with magic.

"What do you say we explore the reservation then make our way to town to get some groceries and maybe some lunch?" Hermione asked

"Sounds good."

Hermione and Bucky made their way through the reservation making of note of the medic tent, mess hall and ministry tent. They stopped in the ministry tent to make introductions with the 2 other ministry officials that worked on the reservation before heading to town. There wasn't much in town, a few pubs, a small book store, apothecary, clothing store that catered more toward work gear for the tamers, and a grocery store. They made their way into the pub and ordered some lunch before making their way to the grocery store before heading back to their tent.

"So when do you report to work?" Bucky asked

"Monday morning. They gave me the weekend to get settled in."

"So we have 2 days to ourselves" He said pulling Hermione in to him with a knowing smirk on his face

"Hermione Granger!" came a voice from outside the tent

"Seriously" Bucky said with a sigh causing Hermione to laugh as she removed herself from his grasp

Ginny Weasley bounced her way into the tent.

"What are you doing here?" Hermione asked with a smile hugging her best friend

"Well I was going to come visit Charlie before the season starts and since you were coming i thought why not move up my trip. OH MERLIN" Ginny said, freaking out as she noticed the ring on Hermione's finger grabbing her hand

"When did this happen?"

"Last night." Hermione said unable to keep the smile off her face

"Oh I am so happy for you both." she said hugging Hermione and Bucky

Hermione, Bucky and Ginny sat in the living room talking and catching up till it was time to head to the mess hall for dinner. They made their way in and met up with Charlie.

"So when did you get engaged mom never said anything in her last letter."

"Yesterday actually." Hermione responded while making her plate

"Really, congratulations. I guess that means i should expect a visit from mom once she finds out." Charlie said laughing

"Plus a new focus on the fact that you are single" Hermione said with a laugh

"Please don't remind me. I swear she thinks I am going to die alone. I am not even 30 she needs to calm down." He said rolling his eyes

The 4 of them ate dinner and Charlie introduced them to a bunch of people.

"So what are you going to do while you're out here?" a burly looking man names Chuck as Bucky

"I do some freelance work here and there when they need me." He responded vaguely not sure how to explain to the man that he worked for the Avengers

"What kind of freelance?"

"Security. I used to be in the army."

"Nice." the guy said turning away to talk to the person next to him