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Lily was the last one to wake on a bright sunny day. The sun shined through her window in a calming glow that brings hope that maybe James is watching his family this morning. Lily smiled and got out of bed but in the back of her mind, she will always think of James and how she will tell Harry the whole story on how his father died a hero. Lily sighed and ran a hand through her red hair and heard a knock on her bedroom door. "Mummy? Mummy are you up? Guess what day it is?" Harry calling happily. Lily smiled and opened the door to see Harry jumping up and down. "Guess," he said again smiling. Lily put her hand to her chin and hummed.

"Is it tickle Sirius day?" Lily asked making Harry giggle. Harry shook his head and laughed even more.

"No," he said still laughing. Lily laughed as well before she gasped and said:

"Oh, it's your birthday and how old are you puppy?" Lily asked Harry who giggled again and held up five fingers. "Five! Oh, you are such a big boy now. Come on I bet Moony and Padfoot have something special for you," Lily said laughing a little taking Harry's hand and the two walked down the stairs. 'He's five now James.' Lily thought with a small smile.

Remus and Sirius were setting the table and laughing a little when Lily came down with Harry running over to the two. "I got mummy up!" Harry cried laughing with a small smile. Sirius laughed at his excitement and nodded.

"I can see that. Moony do we have everything ready for the puppy's special day?" Sirius asked looking at Remus who nodded but he did not say anything for the full moon was yesterday. However, Sirius, Lily, and Harry understood why. "Great well, then let's get started on this special day," Sirius said making Harry giggle and everyone hearts melt Harry sat down at the large dinner table and started to talk about the dream that he had and then started talking about Hogwarts. It warmed Lily's heart to hear her son speak about such simple things like going to Hogwarts and his dreams that are not nightmares, but she knew that occasionally he had a nightmare about that night.

"Lily?" Remus asked cutting Lily out of her thoughts while they were eating. "Are you all right?" Remus asked when Lily looked at Remus and then to Sirius who was laughing about Harry's new nickname for him while he was Padfoot. Lily sighed and nodded.

"Yeah, I'm fine just thinking about Harry's birthday party tonight and I bet he can't wait for it. Right, Harry?" Lily asked Harry who's eyes grew wide and nodded.

"Yes!" he cheered and got off his chair before he ran into the living room. "Can it start now?" Harry asked jumping up and down. "Is daddy going to be watching?" Harry asked still jumping and Lily could not help but smile a little at this. She then took a deep breath and looked at Sirius and Remus who had tears forming in their eyes. Remus nodded and sighed.

"I think you should tell him what happened that night Lil," Remus said standing. "We can help if you need it," Remus added with Sirius standing also. Lily smiled at them and stood as well.

"Yes, Harry he will be watching. Right now, though I need, we need to tell you what happened that night. The whole story. I know you are still young and.."

"Mummy," Harry wined. "I can handle it. I want to hear the story of how daddy saved us. Daddy is a hero and I want to hear it," Harry said in a voice that sounded much like James. Lily took a deep breath and smiled at her son. She then nodded to Sirius and Remus who followed her into the living room and sat down. Remus sat down next to Lily while Sirius sat down next to Harry who was staring at Lily.

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