"It's started when we had to go into hiding," Lily started not looking at her son, but Harry did not stop looking at her. Lily knew that her son might be crying. Remus shared a look with Sirius and sighed. Lily shook her head and continued: "This was going well, but…. when Halloween came. We…." Lily cut off with tears pouring out of her eyes. Remus sighed along with Sirius.

"Do you want me to finish it Lils?" Remus asked running his hand through his hair and wincing a little. Lily wiped the tears from her face and shook her head.

"I think I got it, Remus," Lily told him taking a deep breath before she said: "We were betrayed. Betrayed, Harry means that someone wasn't on our side anymore and he turned on us. There was an evil wizard because not every wizard or witch is good Harry. His name was Voldemort people were scared to say his name," Lily shook her head as tears filled her eyes again but the look of fear and intrigue on her son's face made her continue: "Voldemort wanted us because we were powerful wizards and he wanted to get you for some reason. I don't even know the reason. Anyway. We.. we were playing with you that night. It was late at night and you did not want to go to sleep. it was a calm night. Until…" Lily cut off again hot tears poured out of her eyes. Harry got off his chair and walked over to Lily before he hugged his mother.

"It's ok mummy. Then daddy saved us?" Harry asked looking at Sirius and Remus who smiled at the new five-year-old.

"Yes, then your father told Lily to run with you. For some reason, Voldy did not kill you because Lily also saved you and your father saved Lily by love. The most powerful spell ever," Sirius said looking at Lily who was still holding on to her son. Harry let go and cheered before he ran away from the room still cheating.

Remus and Sirius decided to allow Lily to spend time with Harry so they both went out to get some last-minute things for Harry's birthday. The store was not busy, so Remus was not too worried. The two friends walked down the aisle in silence. Remus was worried about Lily as they walked using his cane as he walked. Sirius was mad but he did not show it, nor did he need to show it to his best friend. For Remus knew that he was mad. "Moon?" Sirius asked as the two picked up the cake.

"Yeah, Pads? You feel bad for Lily too?" Remus asked the question that Sirius was going to ask him. Sirius sighed and nodded slowly. "I mean she's still upset about the whole thing but then again who wonted be," Remus added looking down to his cane when he saw someone looking at him sadly.

"Yeah, who else is coming to Harry's birthday? I know Dumbledore and some of the older are coming. I invited the Weasley's. They have a son the same age as Harry. Well, that and they have six other kids. We should use the upstairs dining room," Sirius said as they checked out. Remus smiled and nodded.

"I think that is everyone coming," Remus told him while Sirius paid. "Thank you," Remus said to the clerk. The clerk nodded and watched the two friends walk out of the store.

When Sirius and Remus got home, Harry was running around in the backyard cheating and laughing. Sirius smiled before he turned into Padfoot and ran to the back door with Remus watching with a smile on his face while he put the cake down. "Well, what do you think Prongs?" Remus asked laughing to himself, but he stopped when he got a sense of dread filled his stomach. James always talked about how he could not wait to spoil his son on his birthday, but he can't do that now. Remus let out a sigh. Everyone was sad about James even five years later, but Remus hid it better. His friends will never know the sadness that he feels inside.

"Moony come on and play with us!" Harry called before Padfoot started to lick him making the new five-year-old giggle. Remus laughed a little before he walked over to the back door to join his family.

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