Welcome Guys ! to my first-ever story . This is the first story which I'm going to publish from my drafts. Please don't judge the story too harshly. And please be patient with me because updates won't be regular but I'll post the story step-by-step. I've it all planned to the last.

Comments are welcome and please respect one another and me as you comment.

Fear them not therefore : for there is nothing covered , that shall not be revealed ; and hid , that shall not be known.

She's all about mystery , adventure and risk for freedom . And her heart was wild and full of magic.


Bella likes a quiet life, without drama, and certainly without all that mate crap that the world seems to revolve around. To her exasperation, it seems to be all anyone cares about, looking for, finding and then claiming their mate.

Well, that won't be her. She has a secret. She has managed to suppress her scent, so her mate can never find her. She has other plans and they don't involve having her head and heart messed up by hormones and matehood.

Because she knows who her mate is.

Edward, warrior and son of the Clan leader.

Her friend.

And if he ever finds out...