Hey! This is gonna be a reboot of Adventure, with the main cast of RWBY. However, they'll enter one at a time. I don't like my old writing, and the reason why I wanted to do this was simple. I am not a fan of when people insert their own OCs into a world, and I didn't like that I was doing that very thing. I apologize for the folks who wanted me to continue that, but I'll hopefully be able to sate your interests with this instead.

This will be going off of end of season 2 rwby.

Also yes, futa RWBY.

Ruby swung her scythe through the flesh of yet another beowolf before twirling it overhead, cleaving a small griffon in two. Her eyes scanned the surrounding area, taking in the other grimm that were slowly surrounding her team.

"Guys, we need to get out of here! I think there's getting to be too many of them!" Her voice was barely audible above the sound of battle, but the members of her team nodded in agreement all the same, showing that they had heard her.

She turned once more, just in time to stop a beowolf from pouncing on her. As it turned to dust, her eyes fell upon a cave that was barely viewable through the foliage in front of her. After taking down yet another grimm, she pointed, calling out to the team, "Head there! It'll be easier to defend until help arrives!" The others glance over at the place she was pointing at before starting to move towards it, slowly. Ruby moved ahead, cutting a path out towards it. As she drew closer, she found something… strange, about it. It shimmered slightly. However, she couldn't think too long about it. She got to the mouth of the cave, her eyes glancing back at her group. They would be there, but it would take them a minute or two.

Her eyes returned to the mouth, seeing the shimmering once more. She wasn't sure what was in there, but she decided to check it out. She would rather her team not be cut down by a grimm from behind while they were defending from grim outside of the cave. She took ten steps into the cave before feeling the ground shift out from under her, her eyes widening as she started to fall.

"Hello, child~"

Ruby shook her head groggily. What had happened? It felt like a goliath had stomped on her head. When she opened her eyes, she quickly closed them once more, shielding her eyes from the heavenly light that came at her from every angle.

The next time she opened her eyes, it was much slower, more gradual. She started to take in her surroundings. Everything looked like clouds, she even saw that it looked like she was lying on clouds!

"Pay attention, girl!"

Ruby snapped to attention, her eyes facing forward towards the speaker as she shouted, "Yes ma'am!" Even with snapping to attention, however, she couldn't help but let her eyes drift slightly to stare at the person talking to her in amazement. It was an angel! A real life angel! Or, maybe a better term would be goddess. She had wings, of course, but she also had a crown! Ruby stared in admiration, not realizing that the other person was talking.

"Young lady, if you don't stop zoning out I will smite you where you stand."

That definitely brought Ruby back into the land of the living instead of her own personal thoughts. She blushed, looking down. "I'm sorry."

"Good, you should be. Now, I am the goddess Illias. Many, many years ago, in a time man cannot comprehend, I created a world. This world is separate from yours, and I apologize that I had to bring you here, but it had to be done. Anyways, first I created the earth, sky, and sea. Then the animals, birds, and insects. Finally, I created humanity."

Ruby's eyes widened. "Wow, you're god? Really? That's so cool!" Illias smiled at that, saying, "Thank you so much! I try, really." She blinked before shaking her head. "Sorry, I got off track. Anyways, while I am a goddess, I am not perfect, sadly. While creating humanity, I had many failures. These failures are monsters… a truly detestable existence. Monsters are nothing but evil. They will seduce humans to commit forbidden acts. Sometimes committing great acts of violence."

Ruby blinked at that, confusion slowly entering her face. "You know, I was thinking you were talking about grimm until you said…" She blushed, embarrassed, "You know. Seducing."

Ilias nodded to her. "Oh, don't worry. Monsters are just as bad. And even if humans are weak, I still love them, and so I want to protect them from these monsters that bring them only harm." She gave a small sigh. I would have not sent for a person from your world if I didn't need one. In this world, there is a being called the monster lord. If you kill her, the monsters will all be forced to go back into the dark pits where they came from. Be warned, though. Not since Heinrich, the greatest of heros who came to this world over 500 years ago, has a human been able to defeat the Monster Lord."

Ruby gave her a small nod, "So save this world, and then, umm, I guess you send me back to mine?

The goddess smiled at her. "Yes, that is the plan." She held out her hand, saying, "Now, go… um, what's your name?" "Ruby Rose." The goddess nodded, like she knew all along and was just testing the girl. "Yes. Now, go Ruby Rose! Defeat the monster lord! And never fear, I will always be watching over you."

Ruby's eyes slowly opened. She was lying down, her back being cushioned by the soft grass. She glanced around, taking in the area. She was on the outskirts of a forest, one rather like the one she had just been fighting in, but with a very big difference. To her left, she saw a village, one that looked like it came from hundreds of years before her time. She frowned in confusion, slowly standing and walking over to inspect it. As she hit the edge of the town, she heard someone scream, "H-help!"

Her eyes shot to the direction of the man, and she ran to help. As she did so, she saw more and more people running by with fear coating their faces. "What's going on! What's happening?"

One of the folks yelled back at her, not pausing in their stride, "M-monster! In the forest!" She gave a small nod before rushing towards where they were running from, planning on helping the villagers, as well as see what the big deal about these 'monsters' was.

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