It was late at night and little Aurora was awake. She was in her bed looking up at the night stars through the open window cuddling while she was holding her teddy bear. She wondered when or whether her parents were ever coming back from their mission in China. So, after a while of staring off out of the open window, she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Next Day~

Her servant woke her up from the long night rest.

"Princess Aurora, your mother and father have a visitor for you.",he said.

Aurora was confused and kept a confused look on her face from the moment as she left the bedroom and took the face downstairs to the main entrance of the palace to see her parents. With them was a small girl about her age with raggy clothes and messy hair. Her big round eyes were looking at her,

. She tugged on Aurora's mother's dress shyly,

"Aurora ,this is Mulan,your new sister."Aurora's mother lovingly

as Aurora was shocked she couldn't believe it that she got a sister who is going to love her and protect her one day...