For as long as he could remember, Yuri had been groomed to obey any and all orders. Like the rest of Academia's students, he was to get his orders and fulfill his mission no matter what, and of course, Yuri delivered without question. However, when it comes to truly fulfilling these orders,the Predaplant user found that it's usually how you go about doing them rather than following them to the letter, after all as long as the orders are fulfilled there's always room for having some fun.

Yuri was always the strongest, the smartest, the best, the most ferocious out of his fellow students. No one was equal to him, which made others fear him, despise him even, be wary of what he can do to them. He was always ruthless when he dueled even as a child, and it made others avoid him like the plague.

These feelings of isolation and hate festered inside him like an infection. Until that fateful day that Professor Leo Akaba approached him and offered the purple-haired boy a position of power, giving him a purpose and a use to help him suppress the feelings of rejection and loneliness, replacing them with anger and an intent to hurt, the more he caused pain, the more he showed everyone around him his true powers, satisfaction filled him. He was stronger, better than them all, after all, in this place the strong survived while the weak was left to perish.

Yuri was given one of the top positions in Academia, towering over most students, he relished hearing Starving Venom roar in his ear approvingly as he destroyed indiscriminately.

Yuri stood before the Professor after he was summoned once more, he was given an image of four girls with identical faces, with eyes and hair that vary in color. His task was to gather these girls no matter the cost. They already had one of them; the Academia "Princess" Serena as most of the Obelisk Force and teachers had taken to calling her.

She seemed naive to Yuri. She always sought attention from the Professor and wanted to go into the frontlines of the Heartland invasion, but she was never allowed to go, with the Professor constantly giving her the tired excuse that she was "not ready". Given that she was one of four parts to this so-called "Key" Yuri figured it meant that the girl was an asset that the Professor couldn't afford to lose, regardless of how strong she really was.

But Serena wasn't the focus right now. The Professor's eyes were on the girl with pink hair and blue eyes.

"I currently do not have any spies in Standard," Professor Akaba explained. "However I did meet her with her father once alongside another man I had considered a friend. Her name is Yuzu Hiragi."

"Interesting," Yuri said, narrowing his eyes at the projection. He saw nothing special in this girl, what sort of key would she and the other three even make? Ugh who cares? Yuri thought with a smirk. I get to be in a game of cat and mouse, so why not? Professor's orders and all.

"Does she specialize in any summoning technique?" Yuri asked. He was quite confident that he wouldn't have any problem facing these girls.

"When I left that dimension, most summoning methods were hardly known; I expect she only knows tribute summoning. I want you to take her as discreetly as possible, or unneeded trouble and suspicion will rise. After that, we will set our eyes on the one in the Xyz dimension. Because of the recent invasion, all of the survivors would be rather weak and exhausted from the fight. She herself would be open for you to sweep in and take her," The professor said, clenching his hand into a fist in front of him and narrowing his eyes.

"But that would take away all the fun," Yuri said with a mock pout.

Akaba raised his eyebrow but ignored Yuri's so called 'playfulness'; this was just a part of Yuri that he had to deal with, like it or not he was still the best and strongest student Leo had. "The last girl was found in Synchro, apparently she's the kind that causes a lot of trouble so she was easily spotted, however getting to her might be harder that Roget originally thought due to… a change in management."

Yuri chuckled and raised his eyebrow. "Oh? What happened? Did he lose his position or something?"

"No, he's still in a high position and is working hard to keep it, the actual details are unimportant, simply, be careful not to get spotted."

"Of course," Yuri replied with his usual amused smirk as he bowed to the Professor with a hand over his heart.

Akaba narrowed his eyes. "And remember Yuri, I do not want these girls harmed. Not a single scratch on any of them, is that understood?"

"Your wish is my command, Professor," The smirk never left Yuri's lips.

"Good, now leave, you are dismissed."

"Yes, Professor," Yuri remarked before turning around and leaving, preparing his duel desk for the trip to the Standard Dimension.

Professor Leo Akaba's eyes trailed back to the projection of the four girls, his heart heavy as he thought of just one girl with that face, with beautiful eyes, a caring heart and a headstrong personality.

Ray... He thought. The time that you will return to this world is drawing closer. You will return, here by my side, and the demon that caused all of this suffering will be slain at my feet. And he will never ever take you away from me again.

Please wait until then, my beloved daughter. Please wait.


"Come on, Yuya," A pink haired girl groaned at a red and green boy goofing around. "Can you please take dueling seriously right now?!"

Said red and green haired boy was riding on the back of an adorable looking pink hippo wearing a vest and top hat as if he was a cowboy at a rodeo. Yuya laughed as his Hip Hippo galloped happily across the field, Plain Plains, as Yuzu and their friend Noboru Gogenzaka watched.

"Oh come on, Yuzu. Just lighten up!" Yuya Sakaki said with a big show stopping grin on his face, a trait he inherited from his father, Yusho Sakaki. "What's the point of dueling if not to have fun and make others smile?"

Yuzu Hiragi, his childhood friend, sighed as she stood on the circular stone platform in the center of the field. She usually didn't have a problem with Yuya's playfulness, however Yuzu had been on edge for a while, as if someone was following her around, ready to attack her any second, and Yuya's usual playfulness was rubbing her the wrong way. "I don't know! Winning?! You know sometimes that's important too, and considering the amount of people you lost to-!"

"Yeah, yeah I know, but come on, Joey and Mana aren't exactly easy to beat. How many times have you lost to Mana by now?" Yuya said dismissively.

"That doesn't mean giving up and stop trying when there are people stronger than you Yuya! You need to get stronger! Can you at least take this duel against me seriously?" Yuzu sighed as she had her strongest monster, Mozarta the Melodious Maestra, patiently waiting for the duel to continue.

"Not until I make that frown of yours upside-down!" Yuya said with a big goofy grin. "After all, you can gather more flies with honey than vinegar!"

"Okay, that's it!" Yuzu shouted before turning to Gongenzaka. "Turn the field off, I'm going for a walk!"

Gongenzaka groaned; this wouldn't have been the first time he had been asked to disable the Action Field because of their arguments. "Fine, fine."

Yuzu sighed as the Action Field dispersed and she began to walk off, frustrated, irritated, annoyed and downright pissed off at having her best friend not taking his duels seriously.

"Yuzu! Yuzu, don't go!" Yuya exclaimed. "I'm sorry!"

"I don't care! I just need to go for a walk!" She yelled at him before grabbing her bag and getting out of the school.

Yuya sighed before turning to Gongenzaka and started to say something before stopping, with a shiver falling down his spine not for the first time in the past four days.

"Is something wrong?" Gongenzaka asked.

Yuya shook his head looking up at the rooftops. "I'm not sure... something just...feels off somehow."

"Should we go after Yuzu?"

"No, let her cool off first," Yuya answered, looking at the time on his Duel Disk. "She'll probably go get something to eat and then walk home."

"Speaking of which, I am feeling hungry. Perhaps we should call it a day?"

"Yeah, why not? Oh I know this good ramen place that opened up recently…"

"That sounds perfect," Gogenzaka said with a nod.


It had been four days… four days for Yuri to be hiding and stalking the girl named Yuzu Hiragi as the Professor had called her. From her going to school, to heading to this You Show "Duel School", to her returning home and having a calming dinner with her father. He watched her, and watched the people of this dimension. How they interacted, how they dueled, how winners treated losers.

It was quite different to the Fusion Dimension. With most people living relatively luxuriously. It sickened Yuri to some extent, especially seeing all these duelists duel for fun, instead of showing their power and destroying their opponent. Even the powerful duelists that Yuri had gotten a glimpse of were never as vicious or as determined to win as much as the Academia Students.

What did give Yuri pause most of all was the boy with his face, Yuya Sakaki, a goofball at the best of times, with a far too cheery attitude that was amusing at the start but began to get annoying quite quickly if you asked Yuri. "Dueling to make people smile"? Heh. The only one smiling is the victor, the loser is to be left behind, they're nothing but stepping stones.

The kid gave him a headache, and Yuri desperately wanted to teach him a lesson, maybe seck Starving Venom at him and teach him the meaning of fear, but sadly, he had to obey that Professor and be inconspicuous, at least he can have his fun with scaring the girl off.

After days of waiting for the bubblegum hair princess to finally be alone, Yuri was gonna take full advantage of that. It was sunset, there was no sign of anyone in sight, the girl only knew Tribute Summoning, this will be easy...and simultaneously boring. Yuri rolled his eyes and followed Yuzu, he can't place physical scars on her, but making her scream would be as enjoyable, Yuri thought as his smirk widened.

After all, he did promise the Professor not to leave a scratch on her.


"Ugh what's wrong with me?" Yuzu asked herself with a sigh. "I've never been this jumpy and short fused about Yuya's dueling before. I mean, yes, it could get pretty annoying but it would usually take more than that to make me snap at him," Yuzu muttered this as she left a food cart that made crepes, stuffing herself into one filled with strawberries, whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup. She usually would have one of these whenever she was feeling frustrated with Yuya. She tore through the thin pancake like she was a dog tearing through a steak, not caring that her mouth was covered in whipped cream.

"Now to be fair, I was quite annoyed by his antics with just one day of knowing him, I can't possibly know how much patience you must have to have years of that," A strange yet familiar voice came, making Yuzu freeze and turn around with a glare.

But the minute she locked eyes at that stranger, Yuzu gasped, dropping her crepe in surprise. Before her stood a boy the same age as her and with the same face as Yuya, only his hair had a different style and color, purple and pink instead of red and green, with pink malicious eyes that screamed danger instead of red eyes that were filled with humor and happiness.

"W-what the hell?" Yuzu gasped. "Who are you? What do you want? And why...why do you look so much like Yuya?"

"Call me, 'Yuri', princess," Yuri said with a bow, the smirk still in place. "And I'm here to take you into another magical land. Will you join me?" he asked, extending his hand, with a sweet smile that was filled with venom.

"No way!" Yuzu said, unable to not see Yuri except for how he looks like a sadistic and twisted version of Yuya. She wished that Yuya was there, stating that this was a joke and he'd apologize for scaring, Yuya wasn't there. She has to defend herself.

"Shame," Yuri sighed before his lips twisted back into his usual smirk. "Well, we're just going to have to do this the fun way." Yuri pulled out his Duel Disk, a design that Yuzu had never seen before, and slipped a deck of cards inside.

"Duel me, Yuzu Hiragi," Yuri cackled. "And let us enter the garden of death!"

Yuzu activated her Duel Disk. "Fine then! It's time for the show to begin!"

Yuri: 8000

Yuzu: 8000

"Ladies first," Yuri said, smiling at what he has drawn. Oh yes, he'll win this in less than five turns.

"You're going to regret this," Yuzu said, drawing her card. "Because I just drew the Spell Card Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen which allows me to Special Summon a Fairy-type monster from my hand when I have no monsters on the field!"

She played a Continuous Spell Card that showed a marble temple with two large columns on each side covered in vines and red flowers, the ceiling opening up to reveal the sky, and long red curtains draped over the walls. There was a stone throne on top of three steps and two statues of warriors wielding spears flanked the sides of the throne.

"And now I'm going to summon my strongest monster. Ready?"

Yuri narrowed his eyes as yellow music notes rose from the ground, rising like a tornado as Yuzu began to recite a chant for this monster.

"Enchanting melody echoing in the heavens. Awaken the sleeping virtuoso. Come forth! Level 8! Mozarta the Melodious Maestra!"

Rising from the ground was a tall fairy with silver skin, vivid white hair and a small red hat on her head. She wore a beautiful red gown with pink ruffles on the side, sleeves and hem of the skirt. She had golden trim on the bodice and skirt, and the dress also had short sleeves and red cuffs. She waved a thin conductor's baton in her right hand. Her feet were covered in pretty gold boots and, befitting the Fairy-type she was, she had beautiful glass wings with gold edges. (2600 ATK)

"Mozarta's effect!" said Yuzu. "Once per turn I'm allowed to Special Summon a LIGHT Fairy-type monster from my hand. So I Special Summon Aria the Melodious Diva to support Mozarta!"

Mozarta waved her hand as a new Melodious monster with pink skin rose. She had short purple hair nice and curled at the ends and wore a maroon skirt that also covered her handst with an orange floral skirt and pink nylon decorated with musical notes. She had a single harp-like wing with an orange border,and a similarly orange colored mask over her left eye. (1600 ATK)

"And why stop there?" Yuzu continued. "Since I have a 'Melodious' monster on the field, I'll Special Summon Sonata the Melodious Diva from my hand to join in!"

Next was a cyan-haired fairy in an equally cyan dress decorated with blue music notes and a cyan cravat over her neck. A blue G clef covered her right arm and she had a blue eight note on her left leg. She frowned as she ran a hand through her long green hair while she fluttered in the air due to her sole harp-wing that was green in the membrane and the border a dark blue. Like Aria, she also wore a mask, colored blue and covering her right eye. (1200 ATK)

"And Sonata's effect kicks in! Now all Fairy-type monsters I control gain 500 attack and defense points as long as Sonata is on the field!"

Sonata clasped her hand in prayer and sung as three spotlights shone over her and the other Melodious monsters. (Mozarta: 2600/2000 -) 3100/2500, Aria: 1600/1200 -) 2100/1700, Sonata: 1200/1000 -) 1700/1500)

"I end this with one card face-down," said Yuzu, slipping one more card into her Duel Disk. "And I end my turn there."

"If that's the best that you can do, then I'm afraid this will be over before I really had my fun," said Yuri, drawing his card. "And I'll start by playing this lovely Spell Card called Predaplast!" Yuzu shivered, knowing that whatever Yuri was about to do was not good for her.

"This allows me to reveal as many Predaplant cards in my hand and place Predator Counters on your monsters," Yuri explained revealing three monsters in his hand. "Now with every Predator Counter, your monsters' level becomes 1"

Yuzu found not sure how that would hinder her or help Yuri as she had never faced these monsters before, but for now these counters were not harming her or her monsters. Still Yuri's smirk unsettled her to say the least, can she get Yuya's happy smile back now please? She did not like looking into this...broken twisted fun house mirror of her best friend.

"Next I summon Predaplant Clamydusenduw," Yuri said, summoning a monster to the field.

It looked like part plant, part lizard, with red dots on its neck (600 ATK)

"W-what is that thing?" Yuzu asked, eyes wide.

Yuri chuckled, loving the fear he's putting in the girl. "Predaplant Clamydusenduw effect, any card with a Predator counter on it that is used for fusion summoning is treated as Dark. So I play the Spell Card called Predaprime Fusion!"

Yuzu's eyes widen at this Quick-play Spell Card. It was kinda like Polymerization, instead there were blue and red plants in place of the orange creatures in that card, and there was the silhouette of a massive dragon glaring at her.

" This spell card allows me to Fusion Summon a Dark monster using monsters from both sides of the field, and thanks to Clamydusenduw, your monsters can be considered as dark" Yuri's smirk mocked her, and Yuzu's eyes widened understanding what Yuri's about to do.

"So I'll think I'll choose hmm," Yuri places a hand over his chin pretending to think it over before a smile appears on his lips well let's fuse your Mozarta and Aria!" Yuri said, pointing at the two monsters.

The three Melodious monsters looked terrified as dark vines formed from shadows wrapped themselves around Aria and Motzerta and took them to Yuri's side before opening a portal and sucking the two of them in

"Two beautiful flowers with an insect-alluring fragrance! Now become one, and from the hell beneath your petals, give birth to a new terror! Fusion Summon! Appear! Poisonous dragon with hungry fangs. Level 8! Starving Venom Fusion Dragon!" Yuri chanted clasping his hands together, the wind from the portal.

Emerging from the portal was a dragon with green scales and large purple wings. Covering its massive body were red glowing orbs like flower buds. It had dark purple talons, two white horns on each side of his face, and the end of its tail had an ivory hook ready to lure in prey so they could be swallowed whole. (2800 ATK)

Yuzu's jaw dropped as she looked in horror at the newly summoned dragon that looked ready to eat her. She was like those princesses in the fairy tales she grew up with; paralyzed in fear as a dragon was about to snatch her into his gruesome claws.

"Oh, we're not done yet~" Yuri singsonged. "Thanks to Predaplant Clamydusenduw's other effect I can Fusion summon another Fusion Monster using it and any other dark monster."

Yuzu trimpled as Predaplant Clamydusenduw glowed and Yuri sent it and another card to the graveyard with the fusion portal opening once more."

" Flowers growing in the garden of hell, let your petals fall and from your roots let a new monster grow! Fusion Summon Level 7!Predaplant Chimerafflesia."

Predaplant Chimerafflesia appeared from the portal behind Yuri, it looked like a sentient giant flower with red and white it looked like it had arms made of flytrap flower ready to bite her and eat her alive (2500 ATK)

Yuzu could feel her heart hammer in her chest, as she began to breathe hard, unsure what she could do, her hands were shaking from fear, looking at the ferocious dragon coming towards her monster ready to destroy her. Her eyes widened before time seemed to slow down into a crawl and freeze, Yuzu gasped before her eyes blinked open, she looked around still in shock and fear as she found herself in a black void, almost endless and terrifying in its vastness.

"Hey! What the hell is going on?" She heard a girl's voice that she didn't much recognize. Yuzu looked around before the shadows dissipated to reveal to Yuzu's utter shock a girl with the same face as hers, only looking pissed off as all hell, glaring at Yuzu with amber eyes, her hair looked shorter than Yuzu's with green hair and lighter green bangs. She looked ready to attack Yuzu.

"W-who are you?" Yuzu asked.

"I could ask you the same damn question, and why do you look like me?" the girl asked, placing her hands on her hips.

"I…" Yuzu started to say but wasn't sure how to even respond, everything about today had been a shock after the other and this...void and other girl who looked almost identical to her were just adding more. "I...I don't know!" Yuzu telled before falling down on her knees.

"Uh…" The girl looked taken back at Yuzu's outburst, taking a step back, and blinking at the crying girl.

"Hey, are you okay?" A softer voice asked before another girl appeared beside Yuzu and kneeled beside her, placing her hands on Yuzu's shoulders. The girl also had the same face as Yuzu with lilac colored locks, her hair tied back. The girl didn't hesitate to smile reassuringly at Yuzu before taking her hands and squeezing them.

Yuzu sniffed and smiled at the girl beside her, yes this was all weird and creepy but at least the newer girl seemed sweet and nice and not ready to attack her.

"I...I think I'll be fine," Yuzu said with a shaky voice.

The girl smiled sweetly and nodded. "I'm Ruri Kurosaki from Heartland."

"Yu-Yuzu Hiragi," Yuzu introduced herself. Both girls looked at the third one who seemed to have relaxed a bit.

"I'm Rin,"she said with a sigh.

"Just Rin?" Ruri asked as she stood up and extended a hand to Yuzu to help her up too.

"Just Rin," the girl said, crossing her arms. "Now-"

"Hey!" Another angry yell came and the three girls looked at the newest girl, again, like the three of them she had the same face, her hair however was purple with cyan colored locks, her hair tied into a ponytail with a yellow ribbon. "Where are we, and how did we get here? Actually who are any of you?" She asked, eyeing the three of them with untrusting eyes.

"Well to answer that is. We don't know, we have no clue and before you ask I'm Rin, the girl with feathers in her hair is Ruri and pink hair is Yuzu," Rin said, counting on her fingers.

The three girls stared at her. "What?" Rin asked with a shrug. "Might as well get it over with," she looked back at the fourth girl. "And you are..?"

"Serena," Serena answered, before crossing her arms.

"Hold on," Ruri said looking at Serena and noticing the girl's red coat. "'re from Academia!"

"Yeah, what of it?" Serena asked, raising her eyebrow.

Ruri frowned before she bawled her hands into fists and raised her hand, eyes wet with tears. "What of it...WHAT OF IT?! I'll show you 'What of it' right now with a -" She looked down at her bare arm and gasped. "My Duel Disk! It's gone!" She yelled in a panic, which prompted the three girls to look at their arms as well.

"What's going on here?" Yuzu asked.

Rin snarled. "Okay whoever the fuck is doing this, you better show yourself or else!"

"You'll do what? Snarl at the void?" Yuzu asked.

"Well at least I'll be doing something!" Rin yelled.

Ruri started moving around with her hands in front of her trying to look for something solid to no avail.

"Okay I know I wanted to leave the damn island and go to the front lines but this is not what I wanted!" Serena yelled to the voidness.

Ruri's body seemed to shake with anger before she turned to Serena with tears filling her eyes. "What? Come to our dimension to just destroy it! All of you really are heartless!"

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Serena asked, glaring at Ruri.

"Don't play dumb! You Academia goons came into our home and destroyed everything, you carded everyone, families lost, our land in ruin, and we live in fear because of the war you started!"

"What?! Listen here you…" Serena advanced towards Ruri as if ready to fight the girl hand to hand.

"What's happening?" Yuzu asked, turning to Rin.

Rin shrugged, seeming just as perplexed as Yuzu was.

"We should stop this," Yuzu said.

"I don't know; it could be fun seeing a brawl," Rin said with a small amused smirk.

Yuzu scowled and with a growl she moved in to stand between the two girls. Rin sighed and rolled her eyes before she went to help Yuzu.

"That's quite enough!" A voice sounded as the shadows parted ways again to reveal a new commer. The four girls froze as they looked at her, she looked like an older version of all of them, with pink and auburn hair. She seemed to radiate power and anger, the four girls could say nothing only stare in wonder and amazement, they could almost hear their hearts pounding in their chests, the woman seemed familiar as if they knew all of their lives, something inside of them compelled them to listen to her every word, she was important, she was their Lady.

"Good," she said with a nod. "Now, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Ray Akaba."

"Akaba?" Serena and Yuzu asked. "As in the Professor/Reiji uh…" both Yuzu and Serena asked before exchanging looks.

Ray nodded. "Yes, I'm the bastard's daughter, or was. That man is no father of mine," she said with narrow eyes.

"Hold on," Rin said. "I don't understand, what the fuck is going on? Who is this professor? What is this war? What is Academia? And if you're the one who brought us here, why?"

"These questions will be answered all in good time but for now, I need you four to do something very important."

"Which is?" Serena asked, raising her eyebrow.

Ray smirked. " I am asking you four if you can help to resurrect me and my beloved."

The four girls looked at Ray in shock.

"I...what?" Yuzu asked. How were four girls supposed to bring the dead back to life?!

Ray sighed. "Long ago, my...lover, Zarc and I became two of the most powerful beings in existence. But some people did not like that, feared our might and our strength. My father, Leo Akaba was one of them. Defeating us wasn't easy, but four duelists from different times had arrived to face us, thanks to the magic of the cards my father created, Zarc and I were split into four, our lives ending. Zarc is not awake yet, but I am, and you girls are my vassals. Through you I can resurrect us both."

"We…" Yuzu said unsure.

Ray's aura rose, veiling her and the four other girls in them, making the younger girls relax slightly and continue to listen. "It's alright, you don't have to be scared of this. You will not do this alone, or as you are. I will give each of you power and control, as my vassals should have. The power to end your war, Ruri, to return Heartland to the beautiful place it once was," She placed her hand on Ruri's shoulder, as all the girls saw flash of a beautiful city being reduced to rubbles in a flash, all of them gaining the sense of sadness anger and mourning, they wanted it to stop.

"Rin, you and Yugo will have the life of luxury you desire, I will grant power to all of you so that nothing can stand in your way to achieve your true desires."

Rin looked down thinking the words over.

"Serena, you'll never have to prove yourself to anyone again, you'll have the freedom to do what you want, to go wherever you like without the Professor getting in your way, you'll have the respect you desire."

Serena's eyes widened.

"And there is something for you as well Yuzu. I know some people look down on you, I know you want to prove yourself to reach out and learn more. I can help you, give you everything you want, help you and Yuya."

The four girls were lost in thought at the offers, it should worry them yet somehow, they wanted to trust Ray's words, to help her achieve her desire, and resurrect her and become one.

"Reach out to me girls, take the power I offer, and the task I give you."

The girls looked at Ray, a promise of help, to get everything they wanted. End the war, be free, be powerful, achieve their dreams, it all seemed far too sweet, and they all wanted to take the offer and not look back.

"One more thing I do offer you," Ray added, and the girls' head snapped to her. " Protection," she said.

"Protection?" Ruri asked, Ray nodded.

"Thanks to Serena and Yuzu's memories, I have inferred that my so called 'father' had sent Yuri to collect you girls, after all, he went after Yuzu, it is only a matter of time before going after Rin and Ruri."

"Wait...why?" Serena asked. "What would the Professor want?"

Ray sighed. "My father had always had this perfected version of me in his head, I wasn't all he thought I was though. And he certainly doesn't seem in his right mind, he sent an army of children to destroy an entire dimension, from Serena's memories, it is to power a machine that would make a Utopia or whatever,"Ray explained with a sigh. "He will do anything to get what he wants, and you girls are simply tools for him to get me back, he'll take you, imprison you away, and do anything to keep you by his side until your usefulness ends."

"The fuck!" Rin cried in courage. Ruri looked vaguely like she was about to be sick, tears gathering in the corner of her eyes, Serena looked shocked and Yuzu looked in fear covering her mouth as if to not scream. "No, no, no, no, we can't let that happen!"

Ray nodded. " If I am going to return, I'm returning on my own terms, not his. I know that control freak; he'll make sure Zarc won't return either, meaning Yuri, Yuya, Yugo, and Yuto will be terminated one way or the other."

"What?!" Yuzu screamed.

Ray nodded. " Your boys are the four pieces of Zarc, my father will do everything he could in order to not let him be revived, destroying these boys will be something he wouldn't hesitate to do."

"No!" Rin said. "I won't let that happen!" She growled.

"I can't lose Yuto..." Ruri said, shaking her head.

Yuzu hugged herself agreeing with both her counterparts.

"Do we have a deal then?"

"I'll take it," Rin said immediately.

"Are you serious?" Serena asked her.

"Power, a way to protect me and Yugo and a faster way to become one of the Tops, coming from another version of me, sure, I'll take my chances with her than being kidnapped by a psycho professor and getting my best friend killed, thank you very much."

"But he's not…"

"I'm in too," Yuzu said. The four other girls looked at Yuzu. "If what you're saying is true, the war, the professor-"

"It is," Ruri said.

"Then Yuya and I are not remotely ready! All we got is tribute summoning, and I was called him Yuri? And he got this terrifying Dragon!"

"Starving Venom…" Serena nodded. "He's ferocious…"

"I'll do everything I can to get stronger, but I think I'm out of time, I'll take the deal," she said looking determently at Ray.

Ruri nodded as she came forward. "I will too," she said. "Heartland is facing an army of heartless monsters led by the professor, if you will take him down, and if it means getting Heartland back to what it used to be then I'm in. This is the only hope we have left."

"And you, Serena?"

Serena looked away unsure, and Ray stepped towards her, placing a hand under Serena's chin and gently tipping her head to look at Ray.

"My father will never recognize your power Serena, you are nothing but a sacrifice, a lamb to the slaughter in his eyes. Join me, join us, and gain the recognition you desire from others, no longer be alone, or a princess trapped in a tower."

Serena's eyes narrowed. "Fine!" She said with a nod. "I'll take the deal, but...Can you promise me that we won't just...disappear?"

Ray smiled. "Yes, I can, I will make sure that the eight of you are not erased."

"Then I accept," Serena said, looking away.

A dark aura surrounded the four girls just like Ray, it became bigger, the girls' eyes widened as each glowed. Ray smirked.

"Your tasks are to get Zarc awakened in your boys, however you see fit, you know your boy the best. Do not try to fight your instincts, the one thing we should want most of all, the one mission that must be fulfilled is to awaken Zarc! My desires are your desires, to gain what we all want."

"Yes Lady Ray," The three girls answered in harmony.

Ray smirked as more of her powers were divided between the four of them, sharing with them a few of her memories and emotions.

"Now as for Yuri," Ray's smirk widened. "I'll take care of him."

"Yoohooo~," Yuri called, getting pretty annoyed as Yuzu had been frozen for a few minutes " What? Frozen in fear at how my monster will tear the wings off your fairies?"

Yuzu's deck glowed, making Yuri frown looking at it then at Yuzu again."...Oh, no, not at all," Yuzu said in a strange voice making Yuri's smirk drop and narrow his eyes. "...Yuri was it?" she asked with a voice sugary sweet, the girl that was before him was not the same one that stood here a few seconds ago; this one was not prey in any sense of the word, and his eyes widened at the realization. Everything about the girl seemed to change, her stance, her demeanor, her confident smile, it's like Yuzu was replaced with an entirely different person in her body and Yuri didn't understand what that was about.

Yuri tensed. "What's going on?" Yuri thought to himself. Something about that girl was off. No longer did she feel like a cutesy little princess surrounded by sweet fairies; the look in her eyes made Yuri shiver to his core, and...did their color change or something? It is a feeling he has never felt before, and he wasn't sure what it was. "Who is she?"

Ray smirked as she watched Yuri struggle to figure out what to do. She had this in the bag. She looked at Starving Venom and smiled nostalgically at the ferocious dragon, and back to Yuri, different hair, different colored eyes, but she can see her Zarc in him, a side of her Zarc, and like it or not, she was gonna get him back, no matter the cost. But first... she had a dragon to tame

Starving Venom crooned and Yuri's eyes snapped to his dragon, that was the weirdest reaction that Starving Venom had ever given anyone, usually his dragon would hiss and roar and scratch, spread his wings and whip his tail around to destroy and break anything in his way. Yuri glared at the pink haired girl and placed his hand on his hip, trying to get a better look at the girl before he smirked and chuckled.

"You seem confident now, you were trembling in your boots just a moment ago? What changed?" Yuri asked, raising his eyebrow with a small mocking smirk. "You're not gonna just run away are you, or are you expecting back up?"

"Yuzu" shook her head. "None of that," she said, making Yuri raise an eyebrow in confusion before shrugging with a smile.

"Fine then," Yuri said his smirk widened. "If you're this confident, better make it actually fun, okay princess?"

"Yuzu" grinned at the challenge and motioned with her finger for Yuri to come at her.

Yuri smirked confidently back at her. "Once per turn Chimerafflesia can banish a monster with the same level or lower, so say goodbye to your Sonata~" Yuri said activating his monster's effect and Chimerafflesia vines wrapped around Sonata as a dark hole opened up beneath the monster and swallowed her.

"Yuzu" didn't look worried in the slightest. It made Yuri a little excited. He's not gonna lie, he's not expecting much, but he was curious.

"Predaplant Chimerafflesia attacks you directly!" Yuri declared.

"I activate my face down card Back to the front and Special Summon Mozart in defense position!" "Yuzu" declared as Motzarta the Melodious the Melodious Mastra, coming back through with a light and a melodic sound as she takes a knee and crosses her arms in defense mode.

Yuri laughed, his shoulder shaking from amusement "Is that all? I still attack!" he declared

"Yuzu" "I discard Score, the Melodious Diva from my hand reducing you monster's attack and defense to zero!"

Yuri's eyes widened as his monster lost its attack points. (2500-)0 ATK) Chimerafflesia vines wrapped around Motzarta before the Melodious monster prided them off of her and made Chimerafflesia back away.


Yuri laughed with mirth and clapped. "Good for you, you actually damaged me," he said with a mocking smirk before placing his hand on his hip. "That's more that I thought you could actually do."

"Yuzu"laughed. "I'm guessing you're not used to having a challenge are you?" she asked.

"Hm," Yuri huffed in amusement. "Starving Venom, destroy the annoying fairy," Yuri said in an almost bored tone.

Starving Venom roared as he attacked Mozarta and destroyed her easily. "I end my turn," Yuri said with a smug smirk.

"Yuzu" smiled. "My turn," she said and drew her card before flipping it in her hand to show it to Yuri. "I activate the spell card Card of Sanctity, now both of us will have to draw until we get six cards in our hands."

Yuri raised his eyebrow. "That's quite the gamble isn't it? After all, you might have gotten a new hand, but so did I ."

"Oh I know, trust me," "Yuzu" said with a confident smile "You'll need these cards."

Yuri frowned before Starving Venom wrapped his tail around him protectively making Yuri blink and raise his eyebrow at his dragon, Starving Venom like Yuri had always reviled in destruction, chasing the pray and putting fear in their hearts, seeing them tremble and cry always made them both excited, the way Starving Venom was acting now was strange, and a part of him, a small spot in his heart felt something familiar stir, what was this feeling?

Both Yuri and "Yuzu" drew cards until there was 6 cards in their hands.

"Since I have no monsters on the field I can Special Summon Rowena The Sovereign Siren from my hand."

"Yuzu" showed a card in her hand before summoning her to the field, the monster appeared twirling around before standing in front of "Yuzu" with a smirk, and half laid eyes before her grin widened and got a mischievous look as her gaze was placed on Starving Venom.

The monster was a woman with curly maroon hair and black eyeliner, wearing a shimmering gold strapless bikini top, and a short skirt with black seashells embroidered on it, golden cuffs and leg cuff around her right leg, with a golden tattoo running down her waist and three silver scales running down her right arm (1500 ATK)

Yuri had to blink a few times "W-what are these monsters?" Yuri asked.

"They're Sirens," "Yuzu" answered with a small chuckle.

"Sirens?" he asked, raising an eyebrow in confusion, blinking. Did Yuzu change her deck all of a sudden? No, it couldn't be possible, he never saw her change a single card in her deck, how did these monsters get in it? And where did she get them?

A feeling of unease washed over Yuri, what was happening? Through four days he had watched this girl, and it's like she was replaced with someone else again… what was happening?

"Hmm… interesting, okay, I'll bite," Yuri said with a smirk crossing his arms. "What do these...Sirens do?"

"Yuzu" chuckled. "You can bite, just don't poison me," she said with a confident smile startling Yuri for a second. "Well Yuri, you're pretty familiar with Counters correct? You use them pretty well after all."

"Sure I am, so this is gonna be a mirror duel then? Isn't that a little boring?"

"What like fighting only fusion based decks isn't?" "Yuzu" asked raising his eyebrow

"... Touche," he said with a smirk and a shrug before he realized that this girl probably shouldn't know a thing about fusion, she certainly was more dangerous than she seemed. Yuri prepared himself.

"Now then," "Yuzu" winked and extended her hand. "It's showtime!" she said it in such a grand way that Yuri had to look around to make sure there wasn't an actual crowd watching them. He went to great pains disabling whatever security cameras around, which begs the question Why were there security cameras around and why so many? It made Yuri's job of stalking and capturing Yuzu inconspicuously a lot harder!

"Since Rowena was Special Summoned I get to take one Siren Monster from my deck to my hand and I choose Adriana The Sovereign Siren," "Yuzu" explained, showing Yuri the card.

Yuri tilted his head with an amused smirk, hand on his chin and nodded as if he was listening to a lecture and he acted as if he's in complete agreement with the professor when he wasn't in any way impressed.

"Next since I have a Siren Monster on the field I can Special Summon Vallanthria The Sovereign Siren in defense mode"

A monster rose with her eyes closed and her face looking to the side her wrists crossed in the air as if posing for someone. She also had curly dark aquamarine hair and her attire consisted of a backless mermaid dress. Dark green marks down her face, and three scales on her wrist, wearing a white pearl necklace and earrings, before she took a knee and crossed her arms in a defense position, and opening her eyes looking at the field through her lashes before smirking smugly (1200 DEF)

"Since she was Special Summoned," "Yuzu" continued. "I can target one Face-up monster on the field and place a Siren Counter on them and I choose Starving Venom."

Vallanthria opened her lips before a melodic sound came out of it and sound waves were sent towards Starving Venom. The dragon roared annoyed, but he wasn't angry, Yuri felt like he was really missing something. What was happening?!

"So did that remotely do anything?" Yuri asked, narrowing his eyes in confusion.

"Not particularly, your monsters aren't affected by the counters. Well not immediately ."

"So what's the point of them then? I can still fuse them however I want and use their effects."

"Correct, but trust me, you'll see the effects of my Sirens' songs soon enough," "Yuzu" said with a smirk. Yuri matched it crossing his arms ready for the amusement.

"Next I summon Diantha the The Sovereign Siren," "Yuzu" said, placing a Third monster on the field. The third monster appeared on the field before running a hand through her hair she was a woman with sea green hair that reaches her back, and blue eyes with three silver scales running down her face, her lower lips colored blue, with a light green tattoo running down her right shoulder ending in a spiral shape, she wore a backless dress that was slitted high showing her legs(1300 ATK)

"I activate Daiantha's effect, in my main phase I can reveal a Spell Card in my hand and place a Siren Counter on one of your monsters, and the second counter goes to your Predaplant Chimerafflesia."

"Yuzu" showed a spell card in her hand it had on it three siren monsters kneeling on the ground, they looked beaten up and weakened, with scratches over their bodies, and bruises as they stand to face D/D/D Cursed King Sigfried, the three of them seemed to be singing, and like Vallanthria before her Diantha opened her lips and a melodic sound came, with sound waves heading towards Predaplant Chimerafflesia, placing a counter on it.

"Now then," "Yuzu" declared. "First I tune my Level 3 Siren Rowena and my Level 4 Siren Vallanthria together."

"Tune?" Yuri asked, eyes wide, "Hold on, you're…you're…!"

"Synchro Summoning that's correct!" "Yuzu" said. "Ready girls?"

(*4 + *3 = *7)

"Soar agents of entropy and by your shrieks give birth to your Lady of Chaos Synchro Summon Level 7! Descend Eris The Chaos Countess Siren "

Two of the Siren flew in the air with Rowena turning into three green circles and Vallanthria turned into four stars before a new monster descended from a shining light

A woman with wite hair and cyan colored locks floated down, with a golden caller around her neck and golden apple dangling from it, wearing a strapless light blue dress, with a slit from both sides, with black tattoo circling above her knee, two golden cuffs around her arms, and three silver scales on her shoulder, she tilted her head with a confident smile (2500 ATK)

"And I'm not done yet!" "Yuzu" said "Lets use a card you're quite familiar with shall we?" she said showing a Polymerization card in her hand, Yuri's eyes widened more: Synchro and Fusion ? Just who was this girl?

"I fuse Diantha the Sovereign Siren with Hellena the Sovereign Siren!" "Yuzu" said as she imitated Yuri's previous actions and clasped her hands together as a fusion portal opened behind her

"Two hypnotic monsters singing a melody of obedience, become one and give birth to a lethal song of destruction soaring above us all! Fusion Summon Level 7! Come to the field Circe The Graceful Countess Siren!"

From the portal came another monster, she was a woman with white long straight hair, paled turquoise lips, a tube top and a short skirt with the same color and a sash falling down from the back of her skirt, with three scales down her waist, with blue tattoo lines descend down her legs once again ending in a spiral shape. (1500 ATK)

Wind ran through the streets rustling Yuri and "Yuzu's" clothes. The purple haired boy stood there for a few minutes looking at both of the new monsters who seemed amused, grinning sharply showing a hint of deadly teeth as they stared directly at Starving Venom, before the fusion one...Circe's eyes slid to him, and widened with mirth.

"And since I used Hellena the Sovereignty Siren in a fusion I get to return a Polymerization card to my hand," "Yuzu" said, taking the Polymerization card into her hand and showing it to Yuri.

Yuri's finally smirked. "Interesting monsters you have there, using more than one summoning method is quite the feat, and I'll be honest, I didn't actually expect much, this is way more fun than I had hoped for."

"Yuzu" bowed "Ow, thank you, that's quite the compliment," she said sarcastically, making Yuri chuckle.

"Alright, so what else does your monster do? because Circe sure is weak for a level seven monster."

"Yuzu's" smirk widened. "Circe effect activates, she can attack the opponent directly, and for every monster with a Siren Counter on the field, she gets to attack once more!"

"What?!" Yuri yelled in surprise before his eyes widened as Circe spread her arms wide and slouched letting out a shriek before the scales around her waist spread, her skin turned gray her teeth became far sharper, her nails grew exponentially, her clothes seemed to melt over her body as grey scales covered her breasts and down her legs, leather wings grew from her arms her irises were gone.

Yuri's jaw dropped at the monster's transformation as Circe leaped up and spun in the air before flying down straight at him like, Starving Venom roared but couldn't do anything as Circe's claws scratched Yuri once before Yuri's other two monsters glowed with an aura that Circe seemed to absorb. She smirked once more and Striked Yuri twice more.


Circe leaped up and spun in the air before gracefully landed back in front of "Yuzu" before transforming back to her other form before playfully sending a kiss to Yuri. Making the young boy blink.

"Now Eris, attack Predaplant Chimerafflesia!" "Yuzu" yelled. The same transformation happened to Eris as well, turning into a monster as she attacked flying in the air her claws extended.

"Predaplant Chimerafflesia's effect activates!" Yuri yelled "When I have this monster engaged in an attack I can raise its attack by a 1000 while decreasing the attacking monster by the same amount!"

"I activate Eris' effect, Once per turn I can discard one card from my hand and any monster with a Siren counter gets their effects negated until the end of this turn!" "Yuzu" said, sending one card from her hand to the graveyard. Eris opened her lips and shrieked, sending sound waves towards Yuri's monster, making it slouch as she descended down. Both monsters got destroyed.

"Well that was pretty stupid, negating effects is pretty powerful, getting rid of this Siren does not bode well for you," Yuri said still looking confident and at ease as ever. He still had Starving Venom on the field

"Yuzu" shrugged. "Since Eris was destroyed in battle I get to return one monster that was used to summon her but her effects would be negated, so come back Vallanthria the Sovigent siren.

Valanthria came back and knelt down before stretching her arms as if waking up from a nap, then crossing them, and looking back at the field in amusement.

"Why not get the tuner back?" Yuri asked, thinking there was a possibility of another Synchro summon. "Yuzu" shrugged.

"I end my turn," "Yuzu" said.

"And I take my Predaplant fusion card back since my monster was destroyed," Yuri said, taking Predafusion from the graveyard.

Yuri raised his eyebrow looking at the field and back and "Yuzu". The girl was practically defenseless, with only one weak monster on the field. He could just copy Circe's effects with Starving Venom and attack her twice, it wouldn't kill her but it would lower her life points considerably, and given that he has a trap card that could stop the Siren in her tracks, but… that just might not do… Yuri didn't know what these Sirens were capable of, and he should try to end her then and there and get her back to the Professor, he was sure he'll be quite surprised at what Yuri learned about "Yuzu" she was no ordinary girl that's for sure.

"Alright then, my turn! I draw!" Yuri declared drawing a card and smirking. "First I play the Spell card Predaponics!"

"This card allows me to special Summon a Predaplant Predaplant monster but their effects are negated, so I choose Predaplant Squid Drosera!"

It looked like a shrub with eyes on it's small bark and leaves that were green on one side and red on the other side and it made it look like it has several half jaws with sharp teeth (800 ATK)

"Next I plays the spell card Predapractice which allows me to Special Summon another monster from my hand and get one Predaplant Card to my hand but I can't special Summon from the extra deck except Fusion monsters."

"So no hindrance at all is it?" "Yuzu" said with a shrug and Yuri chuckled

"Right, so I take Predafusion to my hand," Yuri said grabbing the card and showing it to "Yuzu"

"Then I activate Flytrap's ability and Place a counter so let's go with hmm… ah Vallanthria," Yuri said after pretending to think for a while. "Yuzu" raised an amused eyebrow while Vallanthria seemed annoyed as she looked at the counter on her chest and seemed to slouch a bit with a sigh

"Next I summoned Predaplant Spinodionaea in attack mode. And with three monsters on the field I can summon one of my most ferocious monsters!"

With a manic grin Yuri activated his spell card.

"Dark flowers blooming with poisonous thorns growing become one and unleash a three headed terror, let your poisonous fangs seep into the blood of the enemies Fusion Summon Level 9 Predaplant Triphyoverutum."

From the portal descended a monster that gave a deafening roar with three heads like a green hydra, its wings spread with a red flower on each side and from its tail thorns grew. (3000 ATK)

"Now I activate Starving Venom's effect!" Yuri said and Starving Venom roared. "Once per turn I can target one level 5 or higher monster on the field and make its name Starving Venom's original name and have its effect and you bet I choose your Circe to copy. And wasn't her effect that she can attack once more for each Siren Counter? Starving Venom still has his after all~ Go Starving Venom, attack directly!"

Starving Venom screeched and flew at "Yuzu" directly.

"I activate Adriana the Sovereignty Siren's effect!" 'Yuzu" said, showing the monster card she got from summoning Diantha. "If a monster is about to attack me directly I can special Summon her from my hand, target one Face up monster on the field and give him a Siren Counter, then make you skip your battle phase." "Yuzu" explained as she Special Summoned another Siren from her hand in defense mode it was a girl with long white hair held up in a high ponytail that reaches down the small of her back with a golden choker tied to a pink fabric, covering her breasts leaving her chest revealed a bit, a golden ring around her waist keeping the fabric together, with a short light pink skirt.

Starving Venom stopped in his tracks and hissed at the newly summoned monster, Adriana just smiled smugly before patting Starving Venom, who flinched back from her touch in annoyance.

"Adriana places a counter on your Predaplant Triphyoverutum," "Yuzu" said and Adriana let out another melody giving Predaplant Triphyoverutum a counter.

"I place a card face down, and end my turn," Yuri said.

"Yuzu" tisked. "That's twice you fell for the same trick. I'm guessing fighting the same deck type makes a duel lack any surprises doesn't it."

Yuri laughed " Oh, you have no idea, the times Starving Venom crushed Gear Golems. Every duel is just the same."

"Today must have been a pleasant surprise then," "Yuzu" said.

"You know, not gonna lie, this you, whoever she is, is the biggest fun I've had in awhile."

"I'll remember that, don't think you're safe, this duel isn't done."

Yuri smirked. "We'll see about that."

"My turn, I draw!" "Yuzu" said, drawing her card and looking at it before smiling, Yuri tilted his head a bit.

"First I sacrifice Vallanthria to summon Rainara The Sovereign Siren,"

A woman with white hair and pink streaks, and celeste colored eyes, wearing a black strapless dress that reached her knees, with red outlines, with black pearl earrings, and three scales on the back of her knee, red eyeliner, and black nails (2000 ATK)

"Now every Monster with two or more Siren Counters is Considered a Siren Monster, once per turn I can take control of a monster with a Siren Counter on them and have control over them, but their effects are negated and they can't attack," "Yuzu" explained.

"Take control of a monster?" Yuri's eyes widened, a small hint of fear carrying in them.

"I think I'll take control of… your Predaplant Triphyoverutum!" "Yuzu" declared.

Yuri's eyes widened as Predaplant Triphyoverutum! roared through its three heads as Rainanra extended her hand and closed her fingers slowly as if she's pulling the monster in and bringing it to her side.

"Now, since you took me seriously by summoning one of your biggest monsters and not just relying on Starving Venom's effect I think I'll do you the same curtsy," "Yuzu" said with a smile.

"Hold on, you knew what Starving Venom's effect was?" Yuri asked.

"Yuzu" smiled darkly. "With your extra deck monster and my two Sirens I fusion Summon one of my strongest monsters!"

"You're gonna use my monster for a fusion summon? It only has one counter, it can't be considered a Siren," Yuri said, considering all the other monsters required, specifically a siren monster.

"The conditions are met, one extra deck monster and two Sirens," "Yuzu" said and Yuri's eyes widened as she played polymerization and got rid of one of his strongest monsters so easily.

"A melody of sounds becomes a crescendo of shrieks at your wake. Rise from your throne to tear through your enemies! Fusion Summon! Level 10! Grace us, Lilith The Supreme Monarch Siren!"

From the fusion portal came a new monster, A woman with royal blue hair and purple streaks along with pale skin, with blue lipstick, along with blue smokey eyeshadow, with a colorful shimmering bikini top dress with a slit skirt that's just as colorful, shimmering the blues, pinks and whites, that reveals her legs, with a built of sea shells wrapped around her waist under both her knees are three scales with one atop of two others, with a ring of sea shells around her leg. Sha landed beside Circe gracefully, running her hand through her lucks and smiling a sultry smile looking at the field through her lashes (3000 ATK)

"Lilith's effect activates," "Yuzu" said. "For every monster on the field with a Siren Counter she gets an extra 300 ATK points, and as you told me, Starving Venom still has a counter on him." (3000-3300 ATK)

Yuri glanced at Starving Venom before narrowing his eyes at "Yuzu."

"Yuzu" was still smiling confidently. "Go, Circe, attack him directly!"

"I activate the trap card Shadow Spell! Now your monster can't attack and she loses 700 ATK Points!"

From the trap card several chains spready wrapping Circe in them making the Siren shriek and try to get out of the binds.

"Lilith! Attack starving Venom!" "Yuzu" yelled and Lilith's smiled transformed into a sharp smirk as her body like Circe before her transformed she flew towards Starving Venom and scratched him with her claws destroying him


"Starving Venom's effect activates! When-"

"When he is destroyed then all of my special Summoned monsters are destroyed," "Yuzu" said, smirking like one of her Sirens. "However, Lilith is not affected by card effects, only Circe goes."

The phantom tail of Starving Venom appeared and passed through Lilith without harm, but destroyed Circe in the process.

"You… You knew Starving Venom's effect? How?! Who are you?"

"Yuzu" laughed. "All in good time, Yuri, don't worry, everything will be clear soon enough."

Yuri growled before he calmed himself down and smirked at "Yuzu" before laughing. "I can't actually believe it, you've managed to take so much of my life points down all on your own, really you do deserve praise, you have impressed me, but it's time for you to fall!" Yuri declared and drew a card before he grinded and laughed.

"First I use Cortecepts Special ability from the graveyard and banish it to summon back to the field Predaplant Spinodionaea," the lizard plant came back with a roar and it snapped its mouth at "Yuzu" (1800 ATK)

"And Predaplant Clamydusenduw," the plant monster rose from the graveyard, (600 ATK)

"Next I use the Spell Card predaponics and Special Summons from the graveyard Predaplant Flytrap, but its effect is negated." (400 ATK)

"I use Predaplant Clamydusenduw ability and Fusion Summons Predaplant Triphyoverutum once more!"

"Dark flowers blooming with poisonous thorns growing become one and unleash a three headed terror, let your poisonous fangs seep into the blood of the enemies Fusion Summon Level 9 Predaplant Triphyoverutum."

"A standstill then?" "Yuzu" asked and Yuri chuckled. "Oh, not at all~" Yuri said with a manic grin on his face, "I activate the spell card Predapruning!" Yuri called showing a spell card with Predaplant Squid Drosera surrounded by its side by an electric metal fence.

"This allows me to Special Summons a "predaplant Monster and Equip this card to that monster and I Predaplant Triphyoverutum!"

"Predaplant Triphyoverutum one, attack Lilith!"

"I activate Lilith's effect, once per turn if she is targeted for an attack I can Special Summon a monster from my extra deck and transfer that attack to them, but their effect is negated!"

Yuri laughed "Predaplant Triphyoverutum effect activates! Once per turn if you're Special Summoning a Monster from the Extra deck, I can negate the Summon and Destroy that monster.

"Yuzu's" eyes widened as the Siren she was about to summon was destroyed and sent to the graveyard instead.

Yuri laughed "Go! Predaplant Triphyoverutum destroy Lilith!" Yuri commanded and with a roar the three headed monster attacked the Monarch Siren only to have the Siren herself fly up in rage, her claws extended as both monsters were destroyed.

"Now my second Predaplant Triphyoverutum attacks you directly!"

"Yuzu's" eyes widened as the monster's thorn filled tails attempted to strike her, making her fly back and clutch her chest where she was hit.


"I end my turn, and you're not waking up from this nightmare, princess."

"Yuzu" was looking down, her shoulders shaking, Yuri thought she was sobbing. "Oh, what's the matter? And you were acting so mighty before, did you break that easily?"

The shaking continued before a loud laugh came as "Yuzu" threw her head back and laughed harder. Yuri blinked in bewilderment as "Yuzu" clapped.

"Solid plan you got there, with that monster around I can't summon a monster from the extra deck, and I don't exactly have anything in my hand to perform any a second summon."

"So why are you laughing?" Yuri asked glaring.

"Yuzu" closed her eyes before she drew her last card and looked at it from the corner of her eyes "Here it is," she thought.

"A mirror duel it truly was," "Yuzu" said "I activate the spell card Siren Selection!"It was an equip spell card that had a staff with a pear impeded in it standing on the ground as a hand of a transformed Siren takes it.

"This allows me to target one Siren Monster in my graveyard and Special Summon her, equip her with this card. And do you know the Siren I'm bringing back?"

Yuri frowned, usually duelists would get their biggest monsters back when they have something like Monster Reborn or call of the haunted, but if "Yuzu" was going to do that then she would summon Lilith and be at a stand still...unless…

Yuri's eyes widened. "No…"

"Rise once more, Circe The Graceful Countess Siren!"

(1500 ATK) The Siren seemed far too pleased with rising again, placing her hand on her hip, as she looks predatorly at Yuri's monster.

"Damn it!" He had nothing to stop this monster from attacking him directly now, this...this duel was over?!

"Go Circe! Attack him directly!" "Yuzu" commanded and Circe once more showed her monstrous form as she flew over Predaplant Triphyoverutum and hit Yuri with her claws making him fly back and hit the ground.


Yuri's head snapped to Yuzu, teeth gritting and about to shout at her before he froze as she walked calmly towards him with a smirk on her face, a dark aura surrounding her, making Yuri wary and unsure of what to do. The Professor never warned him about something like this, or that the girls can do that… Can all of them do that? Can Serena? If so, then why didn't she use it before? But he knew something was off, whoever this girl was, she was not the same girl he started the duel with. And he wasn't sure how that happened. What were these monsters she used? Where did they come from? He'd just...lost… for the first time in his life he lost! He wasn't sure if he wanted to scream or laugh.

Yuzu came closer and Yuri found himself unable to move. The pink haired girl placed her palm under his chin, making Yuri's eyes widen and flinch back, he felt his face heat up and a blush coloring them as he looked at her.

"W...what are you?" Yuri whispered the dark aura still surrounding her, making him shiver.

"Yuzu's" placed her hand on Yuri's cheek and began to caress it. This gesture should have annoyed Yuri, he should have broken her hand just for touching him...but he couldn't help but crave her touch, his eyes widened at the realization. He shivered again, part of him wanted to get away from this girl, run or fight he didn't care he just wanted to leave, the other part however wanted to stay, wanted to be around her more, he craved this simple touch from her, it made his heart beat quickly in his chest. This was...affection, It made him more afraid, and fear was never something that came to Yuri easily, but it also excited him.

"Didn't that feel good, lily?" "Yuzu" asked.

"L...Lily?" Yuri could have sworn his voice cracked. Yeah he learned that his name could be translated as that flower, but no one has ever actually called him that...or at least no one ever called him like that without making it an insult… well, before he had crushed whoever had dared say it to the ground with his monsters "You're're not Yuzu Hiragi are you?"

"Yuzu", or whoever this girl was smiled at him gently and shook her head. "Well no, I certainly am not her. Well, not only her, " her voice had an eerie echo to it.

"...What do you want?" Yuri asked, not sure how to react to her at all. He never ever faced this type of scenario before.

"I want much," she answered with a smirk. "I want revenge, control, to rule once more, but most of all I wish for me and my beloved to return whole once more."

"Whole?" Yuri asked, narrowing his eyes.

Her grin widened. "From what I gathered, me and my beloved have been split into four parts; each part is in each of the new dimensions that were created. I wish to gather us all to be one again."

Yuri paused as he recalled the Professor showing him the four girls: Serena, Yuzu and the other two from Synchro and Xyz. All of them together, needed for a sole purpose...

Is… is that what the Professor is trying to do? Gather these girls for something.

"And where do I fit in?" Yuri paused, remembering Yuzu had said her and her 'beloved' had been split into four, with Yuya having the same face as him did that mean…

"Am I… him then?" Yuri asked, skeptically narrowing his eyes.

She giggled and it was quite strange to Yuri. It wasn't sarcastic, and it wasn't cruel, yet Yuri felt his heart hammering in his chest and his face heating again. He had never felt like that before.

"Clever boy," the girl whispered, placing a soft kiss on Yuri's cheek, making him flinch back, Yuri hated how much weakness he was showing, he was never like this! One lost duel just reduced him to… to this? Yuri glared at the girl with hatred, but he found he couldn't keep the anger up the more he looked at her. "You are," she answered sincerely. "The one that holds the sadistic side of my beloved, wanting to unleash bloodshed upon the masses and laughing at how the prey is unable to do anything except watch, wide-eyed in terror as he devours them whole."

There was no venom in her words, no disgust or fear, just pride and amusement. Yuri's breath hitched. "And what if I don't want to become 'whole' as you put it? Maybe I don't want to become someone else. Are you supposed to be my prize or something?"

The girl giggled again, before her dark aura extended to Yuri, making his eyes widen and gasp once more. His face turned a darker shade of red. "If you join me, and help me become whole then I shall give you what you desire. Power. You will have more power than you can ever imagine," she whispered huskily, as she wrapped her arms loosely around his neck. "I remember and adore you, every part of the true you," she purred. "A king with one equal. Me by your side. And I helped you rule over the world of these corrupt human filth, who wanted nothing more than to see the arena covered in blood. They wanted violence so we gave it. Violence on them, so they knew what it was meant to be inflicted with such pain, so that they would learn to regret their monstrous desires.

"You want that don't you? The power, the destruction, the thrill of the hunt. It's all in those pretty eyes, Yuri."

"P...pretty?" Yuri stammered. No one ever called him pretty. And he had never cared before, what was this girl doing to him?

Her smile widened again. "Very pretty, such fierce dragon eyes you have."

Yuri's eyes widened, his pupils briefly shifting into reptilian slits.

"That's it," she said, placing a kiss on Yuri's cheek, making a shiver run down Yuri's back. "Be mine, be whole, bring my beloved back to life. Supreme Dragon King Zarc."

Yuri's eyes widened more, his eyes glowing a pink glow, as he felt a fog surround his mind, making him feel lighter, filling him with a desire, a need, something beyond Yuri's reach was guiding him, powerful and it felt so good to listen. He heard Starving Venom roar in approval and scratch loudly, feeling the strange power inside him increase. "Yuzu" giggled. "Yes, Starving Venom, we shall return soon," she purred happily.

"...You can... hear him too?" Yuri asked softly. "Yuzu" nodded.

"I hear him, loud and clear. He wants to be with his brothers once more, to reunite as one, be with his Master. Odd-Eyes, Dark Rebellion, Clear Wing. They will be one once more."

Yuri closed his still glowing eyes, briefly seeing a red dragon with dichromatic eyes, a dark dragon that flew among thunder filled clouds and a silver dragon with clear wings. Yes, he wanted them, wanted them more than whatever the Professor gave him. To be whole, together, Reunite as one. "Reunite as one…"

"So what do you say?" She whispered. "Be ours, and you'll feel whole once more, gain powers, be given affection. Are you ours now, Yuri? Are you mine?"

"Yours?" And in a distant memory, he saw another girl with the same face, but different hair and eyes from the four that the professor had shown him. Older, confident, red hair streaked with black like blood and shadows. And a part of him reached out for her, wanting her.

Ray smirked looking at the unfocused golden eyes that had replaced Yuri's for a moment.

"Yes," he finally whispered with a soft smile on his face. He bowed his head as he added, "I'll be yours …Lady Ray."

Ray smiled, before leaning in and sealing this contract with a kiss on his lips, making Yuri's eyes glow once more. Power, pure power washed over his body mixing with the dark powers beneath his skin, and he felt a desire, a need to make Lady Ray happy.

Ray broke the kiss and Yuri pouted, wanting more, he felt light yet grounded in place as darkness rose inside. Ray caressed his cheek lovingly and Yuri leaned to it without a second thought. "Go on now, back to your dimension. Be by Serena's side, and she'll be by yours."

"Serena…" Yuri whispered, recalling the girl in the red jacket and yellow ribbon to tie her hair up.

"Prepare her for the day that she will come to this dimension. She will, she is quite angry, I can feel it. She knows that truth now that I am awake, and she will want more than ever to leave and rebel against the so-called man who she has put her whole focus on trying to please."

Yuri smirked, his grin was manic and it made Ray smile. Yuri bowed, his hand placed over his heart. "As you wish, my Lady."

"Get going. Make up any excuse you can to that professor of yours. And keep this a secret between us." She placed a finger onto his lips to silence him. "It's our little secret."

Yuri smirked tilting his head a little. "Of course, my Lady."

Yuri's shoulders relaxed as the aora disappeared, He activated his Duel Disk and was surrounded by blue light before he transformed into glittering sparkles, returning him to his home. Ray chuckled, knowing that with Yuri now on her side, things will go a lot smoother.

"Yuzu! Yuzu!"

Ray heard the name being called by that familiar voice and saw Yuya along with Gongenzaka round a corner. She smiled, yes, she could see Zarc's kindness and desire to entertain people just by seeing into Yuya's pretty crimson eyes. She couldn't wait to bring up that side of Zarc within this boy, make him smile at the fun he will bring to the wicked and nasty humans who might try to usurp their reign.

"Yuzu! Are you okay?" asked Yuya.

Ray returned the control fully to Yuzu, and the pink haired girl smiled at Yuya and Gongenzaka. "Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be?" she asked, crossing her arms.

"I don't know it just… I felt something strange… I couldn't understand what, but I just knew it was about you and I had to know if you were okay," Yuya tried to explain, not sure what the feeling he got was about.

Yuzu's eyes softened even more, he was quite adorable and sweet, and she knew she shouldn't be as frustrated with him as she has been, at least she knew why she was on edge so much for the past few days, and she knew she had a lot to think about, especially when it came to what she just learned.

"I'll see you guys tomorrow okay?" Yuzu asked with a soft smile.

"O-okay but…"

"Hm?" Yuzu asked.

Yuya looked down. "Never mind," he said, shaking his head.

"Okay," Yuzu nodded. The three of them parted ways and said goodbye to each other. Yuzu let out a breath as she entered the house.

"I'm home!" Yuzu called, smelling her father's homemade cooking. Her father usually cooked to save money for the bills and to keep You Show Duel School running. Tonight he was making his signature croquettes: pumpkin, curry and cream crab.

"Welcome home Yuzu!" Shuzo said from the kitchen. "Can you help me set the table?"

"Sure thing," she said and began to set the table and get ready for dinner.


Yuzu finished cleaning the dishes and took a bath an hour after dinner. Then, after hanging the towel, she slipped into some light pink pajamas, turned off the lights, and laid on the bed.

Her eyes faded, the only sound in that room was the soft ticktockticktock of her alarm clock. She didn't know how long it would be until she blinked and found herself standing in a spacious room. The walls were painted blue, decorated with crystal flowers made of ice, an open golden cage with a few birds in it singing their songs in one corner of the room, as the moon outside glowed. There were flowers growing in this room…

The three girls from before, Rin, Ruri and Serena each sat at the table, Ruri and Serena seemed to be having an argument while Rin seemed to be looking in rapid attention as she rested her chin on her hand.

The argument seemed to stop as she came closer, a dark aura surrounded all of them once more.

Finally Ray walked in.

"Shall we begin?" She asked with a smirk.