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(You know what also well annoys me about the Fusion cards Akaba gave the girls? If they already have the materials for the Synchro or Xyz Summon then the fusion is completely useless. Rin's fusion doesn't offer her more protection, in fact it outright takes it from her and she has to have destroyed a big monster in order to even gain a good effect, and While Ruri's fusion Monster is good with it's effect SHE CAN EASILY WIN THE GODDAMN DUEL FASTER WITH HER XYZ. THESE CARDS ARE MEDIOCURE AT BEST.

like no Ruri's fusion monster is pretty and I would like the card but to have an actual powerful monster you have to get at least 3 Xyz materials and fusion summon it with a fourth to get at least 2500 Attack with the only protection being that spell cards can't effect it, Okay NEWSFLASH ASSHOLE IT CAN BE DESTROYED THROUGH BATTLE AND IT DOES NOT HAVE A FLOATING EFFECT So what the fuck when regular Lyrilusics had BETTER PROTECTION

I'm infuriated this card is infuriating It's not a last minute monster to be used, it's a step in the same place if not one backwards

with Rin at least you can get the ordinary Winter Bell and maybe Ice Bell with a 500 Burn but what the fuck even is Independent Nightingale?)

I actually had more to say but I legit went to a rage from thinking about these cards. Why do I like arc-V again? Ugh, sorry. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the chapter. Next chapter we'll be back to Standard, and I do promise more focus on Yuya and Yuzu.

Needless to say, Divine was… shocked, flabbergasted, absolutely stunned, and out of words, that Akiza Izinski, the Black Rose Witch, his most powerful student, lost to an orphan boy from the Commons! What?!

Admittedly, strong people from the Commons exist, seeing as the Enforcers were all duelists who hailed from there. Divine was many things, but unable to see talent and power because of social status was not one of them. In fact, it's quite idiotic that he couldn't. After all, many of his students were from the Commons and they showed great power and anger, and Rin, the girl who he was interested in obtaining was from there as well.

However, a young boy who did not seem to have any powers had beaten Akiza, and yet he couldn't see it. Akiza said that the boy might have some powers, she said it was like he could talk to her dragons, he certainly loved seeing them, and admittedly someone looking at Black Rose Dragon without being terrified was a new thing, given Akiza's reputation.

Divine wanted to see the boy for himself, test him, and see if him defeating Akiza was simple luck or true skill. But how? Akiza did say that the both of them agreed to come to visit with her so perhaps if they ever came, Devine could separate them both and take Yugo to test him, if he was truly powerful, then he gets two birds with one stone, for now, he's going to have to be patient until the two of them do come to visit.

For now, it would be better if he left coaxing the two of them to enter this facility to Akiza. She did appear to have gotten the two's trust and if either of the kids would see Arcadia students spying on them then they might lose their trust in her. Rin would be enticed by the money and the luxury that they offer. After all, isn't that what they both want? The reason that the two children want to join the Friendship Cup?.

Well, the Arcadia Movement could provide that and more; a place of solidarity, a place to hone her skills, a place where she could receive guidance. From what Divine has glanced through reports, Rin was like the wind, wild, unruly, and destructive. She was not a force to be messed with and that was before she showed any Psychic powers. Now that she did she would certainly be harder to control, but it would be worth it, to have someone as powerful as her, someone, who can rival Akiza in power. And once she honed her skills more, he could fulfill his end of the bargain with Roget and send her as one of the students who will try to defeat the Monarchs in the Friendship Cup.

After all when you have students who can affect the world around them by a duel, to presumably ordinary people, then the Psychic duelists would certainly have the edge.

And if the Monarchs - their biggest obstacles - are gone, then that's one step closer to their ultimate goal to control all of Neo-Domino City.

He should be patient, the butterfly will be in the spider's web soon enough.


It had been a normal morning so far for both Rin and Yugo, both of them did their morning routine, made some breakfast, and opened their laptop for the news channel in case they had missed something important the night before, or this morning. Nothing too important was reported on, even the small duel that Crow Hogan had been in was unremarkable, crafty, but unremarkable.

Rin had gotten out of the apartment for a small walk, Yugo had asked if she wanted some company but she told him that she just needed to stretch her legs for a few minutes. She got herself a can of coke from a vending machine, and got back home, through her walk she had felt eyes looking at her and following her, yet when she looked around she didn't see anyone, in particular, a shadow here and there.

She opened the door to the apartment seeing Yugo sitting at the laptop browsing something, he looked up from the screen and his face let up.

"Had a nice walk?" Yugo asked.

"Yeah," Rin replied, "though it almost feels like someone is following me ya know? I just have this feeling."

"Well, if you're feeling unsafe-"

"Nah, it's okay, I can handle myself," she answered, opening the can and taking a drink. 'Now more than ever,' she thought.

"You walked all this way and you still haven't drunk that? Isn't it hot by this point?" Yugo asked, looking at the can in Rin's hand.

"Oh no, my icy stare freezes anything," she said jokingly as if saying an inside joke only she and Yugo would understand, making Yugo snort.

Rin sat down on the couch and looked at one of her new cards as she pressed herself comfortably against Yugo, she turned to him and smiled looking at his happy smile and handsome face, she never wanted to lose Yugo to anything, it terrified her. Her hand reached out tucking the blue locks of his hair behind his ear gently making Yugo blink at the touch and look at Rin who smiled fondly at him, Yugo's cheeks reddened a bit as he looked at her.

"What? What is it?" Yugo asked, and Rin's smile widened more before leaning in closer and kissing Yugo's lips. Yugo blinked a few times before closing his eyes and kissing Rin back, getting used to this new level of affection from her.

Rin broke the kiss and looked at Yugo, whose crystal eyes were turned to slits for a few seconds looking as if he wanted to do more, before letting out a breath and letting his eyes return to normal.

Rin licked her lips, running her hand through Yugo's hair. "How about a duel?" she asked smiling.

"Huh?" Yugo asked, just enjoying Rin's touch.

"I need to test these right? I can't just add cards into my deck without balancing them and figuring out new strategies, hypothetical ones aren't exactly perfect."

"True… yeah sure! Let's have a duel."

"Great! And no holding back got it?"

"But you got new cards and you're still learning."

"Yugo," Rin said with a frown, "Going easy on me is not gonna help, if you don't give me your all I'll be very mad at you, got it?"

"Yes Ma'am!" Yugo said enthusiastically and Rin giggled. "No complaining if I win in two turns though."

"Oh, that confident are we? We'll see~" Rin teased before, lowering her eyes lids, eyes looking a cold amber and a smirk on her lips before pressing herself to Yugo and hovering her lips near his before moving back a step, making Yugo whine. "Let's make it more fun then, how about a bet if you're that confident."

"A bet?" Yugo asked, grinning, and raising his eyebrow.

"Yep, if you do win you get to decide what I wear for the next week," Rin said with a grin.

"Huuh?! Are… are you serious?"

"Yep, but within reason of course," Rin said with a smirk, making Yugo swallow and nod. "And if I win... I get your Clear Wing for a week!"

"Haaa! Not fair!" Yugo yelled.

"Oh?" she said, raising an eyebrow. "Are you backing out?"

"What?! No way! I'll win this, I'll make sure of it!" Yugo said grinning confidently.

Rin giggled. "Alright then," she nodded confidently. "Let's find a good place to duel."

"Right!" Yugo said with a nod.

The two of them changed to their riding outfits and headed for the door, getting on their D-wheels and riding to get to the battlefield, unknown to them were the people watching them, and subtly following them.


Grady watched as the two young duelists rode on their D-wheels and headed somewhere on the outskirts of the city. He wanted to keep an eye on both of them in case the Arcadia Movement made a move.

It was very clear that Arcadia was dangerous, and that they had their eyes on Rin, why else would they send Akiza to befriend her? And after the display she made against Frank, Grady knew that if Arcadia fed her lies and trained her more, that she'll be one of the strongest people in the city, despite her young age, she might be able to even rival the Monarchs, he couldn't let that happen. So he opted to watch her and try to interfere if things turned for the worse.

CarliXCX: In position?

: About to be. How's Armstrong doing with that favor of his?

CarliXCX: Says he's still trying to get an audience.

D. Pitt: Alright, keep me updated, they're about to head out.

CarliXCX: Sure, and be careful! Got it?

The black-haired man placed his phone back in his pocket and put his helmet on then revved up his own motorcycle before following the two of them from a safe distance, making sure that they didn't notice him.


The two of them reached the old abandoned factory at the outskirts of the city and parked their D-wheels, making sure to put in the electronic lock in case someone tried to steal them, which might be hard to do with the two of them being close but it's always better to be safe than sorry, they had spent far too much time together to build their D-wheels to the point that food was scarce sometimes and had to do with as little as possible, but it will all be worth it soon, they just knew it, one of them had to reach the throne, and their dream will come true, and with Rin's new cards… hopefully, they will reach it soon.

Rin came closer to Yugo and gave him a kiss. "Good luck kiss," she said with a smile before it turned into a smirk. "You'll need it."

"H-hey!" Yugo protested half-heartedly, cheeks red and Rin giggled before moving away and activating her Duel Desk. Yugo was quick to activate his own Duel Disk.

"Duel!" Both of them yelled.

(Yugo: 8000)...(Rin:8000)

Grady watched the two kids activate their Duel Disks. Armstrong was right too, the two are pretty close, it's easy to see that. A thought crossed Grady's mind, he saw how far Rin's anger goes and wondered if Yugo has the same sort of anger and danger.

Glad that his phone had a full battery, Grady began to record the duel on his phone.

The dragon Armstrong talked about would be quite interesting to watch and see if there is a way to combat it, after all a monster that can negate other monsters' effects is very powerful, he just hoped he's not spotted by anyone.

"I'll start!" Yugo said drawing a card, his grin widened looking at his opening hand. Almost wanting to laugh. "I summon Speedroid Horse Stilts into the field,"

A toy horse with stilts for front legs and a green main ran into the field. (1100 ATK)

"And using its effect I can special Summon another Speedroid monster from my hand so I summon Speedroid Den Den Duke to the field."

A small toy soldier wearing a red cap a French hat with lightning-like shoes and a den den daiko drum stick in his hand with him holding it like a staff (1000 ATK)

"Toys?" Well, that something Grady didn't expect. How strong can these things be?

"And we both know what that means don't we? I tune my two Speedroid monsters together!"

"Already? He really must be good," Grady thought.

The monsters flew in the air with Den-Den Daiko Duke turning into three green circles and Horse Stilts turning into four stars before the light shines through them with a monster appearing from them.

(3*+ 4* = 7*)

"Spread those wondrous and beautiful wings. Strike down our enemies at light speed! Synchro Summon! Come forth! Level 7! Clear Wing Synchro Dragon!"

Clear Wing spread his wings and roared as he was summoned to the field, his tail swiping around, crooning a bit as he saw Rin smiling up at him.

Rin chuckled. "Hey you," she said a big smile. Even if Clear Wing was hard to beat it didn't mean she liked seeing him any less, he was always protective of her and Yugo.

Wait... that dragon's friendly with Rin?! Grady thought. Okay, that might be troublesome. And that's right...why exactly is it called Synchro Dragon?

"Next since I have a Wind Monster on the field I get to Special Summon Speedroid Taketomborg into the field," Yugo said, showing the card and placing the monster on the field.

It looked like an action figure of a bug with a blue head and body, big eyes, and two yellow antennas on its head with yellow screws on both the side of its lower body and yellow and orange legs and arms. (600 ATK LV3)

"Then I banish Den-Den Daiko Duke from my graveyard so I can Special Summon Red-Eyed Die!"

Floating in the air next to Taketomborg was a large golden die, with its pips being red marks. The side that had a sole pip was a large eye with a crimson pupil. (300 ATK LV3)

"And you know what that means Rin~," Yugo said with a grin. "I tune my Level 3 Taketomborg and my Level 3 Red-Eyed Die!"

The two monsters flew in the air with the Tri Eyed Dice turning into three circles with Taketomborg turning into three stars with

(3*+ 3*= 6*)

"Magical sword with the form of a cross. Use your power to rend all enemies! Synchro Summon! Appear now! Level 6! High-Speedroid Devil Sword Dama!"

Riding onto the field was a violet vehicle that looked similar to a cross and mallet formed together with four spikes on its tires and two black half-orbs on each side. (2200 ATK)

"Next I use Kendama's effect and banish Taketomborg from my graveyard and reduce your life points by 500." Kendama went flying towards Rin, grazing her a bit.

"Two Synchro monsters in one turn," Grady saw, he might have underestimated these monsters after all.

(Yugo: 8000)...(Rin:7500)

"Uh," Rin sighed, a little burning from Yugo was nothing, but he already had two monsters on the field meaning she had to match him with something that is either more powerful than his monsters or won't be destroyed that easily, usually, Snow Bell was good at that, but now with the new cards she might have new ideas.

"I place two cards face down and end my turn," Yugo said, placing two cards face down in the Duel Desk slots.

"My turn then I draw!" Rin called, drawing her card and looking at it, she didn't have Ice Bell in hand so her usual compo won't be the opening but she still had good cards in hand to bring a big monster that can withstand Clearwing, "First-"

Yugo cut her off. "I activate the trap card Dragon Bind and target Clear Wing with it!"

A trap card that had a giant pink dragon flying in the sky sending what looked like sound waves down appeared and a white aura surrounded Clear Wing making him roar as he was targeted by the trap.

Rin froze looking at the card in surprise before she screamed in outrage "What?!" Yugo started to laugh, and Grady raised his eyebrow, how bad can that card be? "Are you kidding me? I can't Special Summon a monster unless they have more ATK points than Clear Wing, how is that fair?!"


"Hey I can't special Summon either right now," Yugo said with a grin.


Grady shivered, how is Yugo not worried when Rin seemed that furious with him, after what he saw from her other duel, she's really not a girl to be underestimated.

Yugo just grinned. "If these are the cards I get from your good luck kiss can I get one before all my duels? I'd probably win in two turns flat." Rin's reply was to screech in frustration. Yugo knew he was gonna pay for this, but it was worth it.

Rin's eyes narrowed, becoming determined. They weren't icy, a good sign for Yugo, she wasn't gonna kill him for this. Even though he does get pleasant shivers whenever the icy look and hard eyes appear, she was terrifyingly gorgeous, her explosive anger is easy to deal with, it was like his own, when she became calm and cold that's when people should fear for their actual safety.

"Ugh, fine, I summon Windwitch Glass Bell."

A green-haired witch in a white suit with blue lines on it and a pink bow with a blue jewel impeded in it, blue shoes and a blue witch's hat with another pink bow, she arrived giggling at the field before blinking and looking around her seeing the Clear Wing, Kendama and the trap card, her eyes widened and she gasped looking at Rin in confusion before crossing her arms and pouting. (1500 ATK Tuner)

"I use her effect to take a Windwitch monster to my hand, and I choose Windwitch Ice Bell," she said, and Glass Bell extended her hand with a small ball made of blue light appeared and Rin took a card in hand showing her to Yugo and placing her in the other hand. "Then I place two cards face down, and end my turn."

Yugo grinned wider and drew a card. "I'm so winning this bet, Rin," He said, making Rin narrow her eyes and crossing her arms. Yugo looked at the card then turned his sights at Kendama. "I use Kendama's effects and banish Hours Stilts from my graveyard, costing you 500 more life points."

Kendama sent another piercing beam of blue light at Rin making her wince and jump back a bit.

(Yugo: 8000)...(Rin:7000)

"Fuck…" Rin was clearly annoyed.

Yugo laughed, "And I'm not done yet, Kendama go, attack Glass Bell!" Kendama flew over and pierced Glass Bell, making her shriek.

"Ugh!" Rin groaned at the wind hitting her. Her monsters were made to be Special Summoned easily like Yugo's; if she can't do that she's basically like a small leaf against an oncoming storm.

(Yugo: 8000)...(Rin:6300)

"And you know what's next, Clear Wing attacks you directly!"

"Shit!" Rin yelled as Clear Wing roared, his wings spread as he flew at Rin and with a wave of his tail sent Rin back a bit.

"Oof, ohh that hurt," Rin growled, raising her head and having an annoyed smirk on her face, making Yugo shiver in fear, he knew if he was anyone else they'd probably be murdered for that, and if she can destroy his Trap Card then she probably won't be merciful on her next turn.

"I end my turn," Yugo said, suppressing another shiver looking at Rin's smirk.

(Yugo: 8000)...(Rin:3800)

"My turn," Rin said and drew a card looking at it and her smirk sharpened looking at Yugo through her hooded eyes, Yugo swallowed.

Grady felt another shiver of fear go through him. Even Yugo looked nervous, but Grady wasn't sure if she could get out of this situation easily.

"First, I activate my Trap Card Snow Storm!" A Trap Card showed Windwitch Calamity, Windwitch Ice Bell, and Windwitch Angelus Bell dancing around in the snow as they appear to sing or recite a spell, as the winds begin to become stronger.

"Which allows me to choose to activate one or both effects of this card, Destroy a Trap/Spell card on both fields and return one Windwitch to my hand from the field or graveyard, so I choose to do both and destroys Dragon Bind, and my other face down card."

Both cards were shattered and destroyed, Yugo's eyes widened and a drop of sweat trickled down his forehead, knowing very well it was about to get a whole lot colder.

"And now, the second effect of the card activates, so I get Glass Bell back to my hand," Rin said, taking Glass Bell back from the graveyard and showing her to Yugo.

"And because I destroyed Weather Witch." A see-through card's image appeared and showed Windwitch Ice Bell on her flying broomstick with Windwitch Carol Bell sitting behind her, one hand wrapped around Glass Bell while the other is extended to the colorful sky while Windwitch Soulrain waits her turn. "I can search my deck and take one Windwitch to my hand and I take Windwitch Freeze Bell," she said showing Yugo the new monster in her hand. Too many Windwitches, not all of them can burn him, but he knew that this was gonna hurt.

"And I'm not done yet darling," Rin said her tone saccharine-sweet tone that was clearly full of annoyance. " So I send Windwitch Familiar Freya to the graveyard and take a Windwitch Spell/Trap card to my hand, and I choose the field Castle of the Ice Queen!"

"Uh oh…" Yugo swallowed looking at Rin's cold smirk.

Rin didn't really play that card before so Grady had no idea what it did, but Yugo clearly knew, could it really be that dangerous?

"Oh you're about to pay for Dragon Bind big time ," Rin said, her eyes narrow, still smirking.

"Oh come on, it was in my hand was I not supposed to play it?" Yugo brought up in defense. "We do have that bet after all~"

"Yes, but we both knew I wanted to test my new cards, and that was the most annoying move you could have pulled on my ass Yugo."

Yugo laughed nervously rubbing the back of his head. "True…"

Rin smirked again, "Now that that's out of the way, I'm still not gonna take it easy on you. I activate the Field Spell Castle of the Ice Queen." Rin placed the card in the field slot and snow began to fall and cover the land as a beautiful ice castle with a snowy forest rose from the ground.

"And we both know what that means, each time I summon a Windwitch monster to the field, you lose 200 life points, and each Windwitch gets a 300 ATK/DEF boost. Tell me Yugo, how many Windwitches do you think I'm about to summon?"

"Uh…" Yugo shivered, he's not about to get out of this duel without a few frostbites, he just knew it.

"Let's Start then shall we?" Rin asked, smirking, and looking at Yugo through her eyelashes. She showed him Windwitch Ice Bell in her hand. "Since I have no Monsters on the field I can Special Summon Windwitch Ice Bell."

Ice Bell flies into the field with a giggle, looking at Yugo with a grin and waving at him. She had blue and cyan hair with a white suit and pink lines, purple boots, and a pink skirt along with a pink bow on her chest with a blue gem impeded in it, with a wand in her hand. (1000-1300 ATK)

"Next since she was summoned this way I chain her effect with the Castle so You lose 200 Lifepoints, and another chain due to her and I get to Special Summon another Windwitch monster from my deck to the field and I choose Windwitch Bell Toler, and you know what that means, another Chain and another burn!"

Ice Bell google waving her wand in the air creating a cyan portal in the sky and a new Windwitch flew down, with a wink sending Yugo a playful kiss. She was a young witch with a crown of bells floating over her head like a balloon which she rang happily, flying on another bell-like broom. (1300 -) 1600 ATK)

In quick succession, gusts of wind hit Yugo twice, lowering his life points.

(Yugo: 7600)...(Rin:3800)

"Next Ice Bell gets to burn you for 500 Life points~," Rin reminded him as Ice Bell giggled pointing her wand at Yugo and cold wind hit him.

Yugo shivered, rubbing his arms, and sneezed. Rin did not have any mercy after the Dragon Bind, and he's paying for it. He'll probably get sick after this duel. He hoped they would have enough food to make soup later.

(Yugo: 7100)...(Rin:3800)

Grady kinda felt bad for Yugo, being hit with that much cold winds could not be a good or a nice thing, and even the snow of the field spell felt real, which was not too good for him since he did not have a warm jacket to protect him from this cold.

"Next since I have two or more Wind Monsters on the field I can Special Summon Windwitch Snow Bell," a small white bell-like monster with blue markings and golden head appeared on the field ringing. (100-300 ATK)

"That's another 200 life points taken from you," Rin reminded him as another gust of wind hit him, making him shiver again.

(Yugo: 6900)...(Rin:3800)

"I'm not done yet~" Rin singsonged. "Since I have a Windwitch or more on the field I get to Special Summon Windwitch Freeze Bell."

"She wasn't done?!" Grady thought, eyes wide. "That was four monsters in quick succession!"

"Oh boy…"

The new Windwitch flew to the field on her broom, she had long purple hair that reached her back with a red and green visor with a blue witch's hat with a pink bow from behind and she wore a white suit with a pink bow in the front and purple skirt, she looked around at all the other Windwitches and then Rin, before looking at Yugo and tilting her head at Yugo and his monsters. (1200-1500 ATK)

(Yugo: 6700)...(Rin:3800)

"And I Normal Summon Windwitch Soulrain to the field, A young woman with blue and white hair a deep blue strapless dress, with a divided skirt, shoulder pads shaped like ice crystals the same deep blue as the dress, opera light blue gloves with snowflake embodiments. A black choker with a bell, light blue boots. A witches' hat with a bell, and white and blue visor (1800 -) 2100 ATK Tuner)

"And you do remember her effect right Yugo? For every Windwitch card on the field, you lose 300 Life points, along with the 200 from the field."

As the winds hit him again, a bow of ice appeared in Soulrain's hands and string a blue arrow of ice before releasing it at Yugo, splitting into six small shards of ice in the air and hitting Yugo at once.

(Yugo: 4700)...(Rin:3800)

"Five Windwitches… in one turn, and they reduced Yugo's life points this far… Man, these kids can be scarily powerful, " Grady thought, looking with wide eyes at the five monsters on the field.

"Next I use Freeze Bell's ability, so her level is raised by 1 this turn," Freeze Bell giggles and extends her hand with a small gust of wind her level rose by 1.

(LV 3- LV4)

"Now I tune Freeze Bell, Ice Bell, and Snow Bell together!"

(3*+ 4*+ 1*= 8*)

The three monsters flew up with Windwitch Snow Bell turned into a green circle with Freeze Bell and Ice Bell turned to seven stars as a light went through them.

"Cold winds of the starless night wail, decened to the ground like soft falling hail, ring your bells and sing a choir of sounds, Synchro Summon! Level 8! Arrive with the storm Windwitch Angelus Bell!"

The familiar monster appeared she was a young pretty girl with long white hair, the top of her head has two braids on either side of it that come together in the middle, with a blue witch's hat with a white bow a white and blue visor, a light blue dress and no shoes along with a black choker with a small bell on it, she smiled at Yugo sending him a wink. (2800-3100 ATK)

"And you lose another 200 Lifepoints," Rin said, crossing her arms. Another gust of wind hit Yugo.

(Yugo: 4500)...(Rin:3800)

"Okay…" Yugo said. "That was a lot," he said panting, his breath appearing in puffs from the cold.

"You did lock me from summoning Yugo dear, you get no mercy from me~ and we did agree to go all out didn't we?"

Yugo sighed "Yeah, but can I please not get sick? I'm cold Rin~ How do you never get cold or sick?" Yugo whined.

Rin shrugged. "I don't know, I like the cold, guess I'm just used to it with my Windwitches."

Yugo shivered again, Grady could sympathize.

"...Okay, tell you what," Rin said, "after this is done, we'll go buy some of that marshmallow we both like, make some hot cocoa, and we'll watch a movie together on our laptop."

"Really? Under a blanket together and have a marathon, like all the rainy nights?"

Rin nodded with a sweet smile. "Of course."

"Okay deal!" Yugo yelled, excitedly. He always loved these nights the most, Rin liked candles so she bought them whenever they could spare to, and at night they would sometimes turn the lights off and burn some of these candles while the two of them talked or tried to tell spooky stories. They failed, both of them bursting to laughter most times, or just not having imagination for something spooky.

"Back to the duel then!" Rin said, waking Yugo up from his thoughts. "Angelus Bell attack Clear Wing!" Rin yelled and Anglous Bell smirked, she raised her hand to her lips placing two fingers on them before sending a kiss of snow and ice at the dragon.

"I activate my trap card Follow Wing,`` The trap card activated showing a white light with each side showing a golden wing on each side. "Now Clear Wing can't be destroyed in battle, and if he's in battle I can destroy a level 5 or higher monster and get their attack points."

"What kind of Trap Card is that and why doesn't every self-respecting duelist have it?!"

Rin stood confidently, with a hand over her hip. "Yeah, but~," she said coyly with a finger on her chin. "Thanks to Snow Bell's effect~ my monster can't be destroyed by card effects, and thanks to Freeze Bell she can't be destroyed by battle either," she finished with a sharp smirk.

"Uh right… damn"

"And my monster is stronger than yours ain't she?" Rin said with a giggle as the snowflakes from the kiss hit Clear Wing and continued past him to hit Yugo, making the boy cover his face.

The green-haired girls sent Yugo a kiss of her own and a wink, making Yugo's heart hammer slightly and his cheeks color.

(Yugo: 3900)...(Rin:3800)

"My turn, I draw," Yugo said, drawing a card, and grinning. "I Summon Malicious Magnet to the field"

(0 ATK Tuner) a magnet with an eye appeared on the field.

"So I get to take one of your lovely witches to use her in a Synchro Summon and I choose Bell Toler!"

"Well yeah the other one is a Tuner and you don't have a higher Synchro than eight," Rin said with a shrug.

"Well, good info for the future," Grady thought.

Yugo chuckled, "True," he said with a nod.

The magnet flew in the air and glowed a light green, the light also surrounded Bell Toller, and with a panicked look, she flew up against her well, flapping her hands around to try and stop but couldn't.

Malicious Magnet turned into a green circle with Bell Toller turning into four stars.

(1* + 4* = 5*)

" Synchro Summon! Feel the pulse of this swordsman's soul! Come forth Level 5! High-Speedroid Chanbarider!"

A toy sword with a pink and yellow handle, with its blade being pink and white appeared (2000 ATK)

"Now then, Clear Wing attack Soulrain!"

The dragon roared once more and flew attacking the little witch who tried to attack back but was easily destroyed. Rin covered her face as the wind from the attack made the snow move and hit her.

"I end my turn" Yugo declared, grinning triumphantly as Clear Wing returned to his side.

(Yugo: 3900)...(Rin:3200)

The green-haired girl let out a breath looking at her hand, the two of them seemed more at an impasse than anything, she could probably destroy his other monsters and whittle Yugo's life points down by that and if she has the right cards in hand, the few monsters that can burn him, unless she got a card that can get rid of Clear Wing without destroying him, which admittedly is possible, she just needed the right card, which, at the moment she didn't have.

"Alright then, my turn, I draw!" Rin called, drawing her card. She looked at her hand in confusion, she had never seen this card before, it must also have been from Ray, Resonance Device. Looking at the cards in her hand and a plan started to form.

"Alright! First I summon Windwitch Glass Bell," the green-haired Windwitch flew on her broom with a happy smile, her grin widened seeing one of her sisters on the field with her (1500 Tuner)

"And I get to take one Windwitch monster from my deck to my hand, and I choose Windwitch Calamity, and 200 Life points gets taken from you," she said as Glass Bell raised her arm up, with a small blue glow coming from her hand, letting Rin grab a card from her deck and showing it to Yugo, just as a gust of wind came down on Yugo, making him lose 200 Lifepoints.

(Yugo: 3700)...(Rin:3200)

"Next I send a card from my hand to the graveyard so I can Special Summons Windwitch Calamity to the field," Rin said, as she placed Windwitch Calamity's card on the Duel Desk.

A young woman with green hair pulled into a high ponytail in blue armor, high dress neck, blue combat boots, and blue gloves flew into the field (2200 ATK)

"And you lose another 200 life points, don't forget," Rin said with a smile, and more winds hit Yugo.

"Ugh, I should be expecting frost bites by now."

Rin giggled. "Don't worry Yugo, I'll keep you warm," Rin said with a smirk, and she might not have meant anything by it, but Yugo blushed anyway.

(Yugo: 3500)...(Rin:3200)

Grady looked at the monsters on Rin's field, a Level 4 Tuner and another non-Tuner Level 5 Windwitch monster "Wait does… does she plan to do a Level nine Synchro?" Grady wondered, eyes wide. He'd watch Rin duel twice, but she hadn't summoned a Windwitch higher than Angelus Bell before.

Yugo frowned in confusion, also swiping her field. "That doesn't add up to summon her though," Yugo said, crossing his arms.

"Did he mean another Level 8 monster then?" How many monsters did they not know that Rin had?

"I'm not planning on a Synchro Summon, Yugo, I think I figured it out!" Rin said with a happy smile.

"Wait really?!" Yugo yelled excitedly

Needless to say, Grady was lost, but… if Rin wasn't planning on Synchro Summoning, then what? Could she… could she be getting ready to do that summoning Armstrong talked about? What was it? Hu...Fu… Fusi-ion summoning? He wasn't sure.

"Well I think so," Rin replied. "I activate the spell card Resonance Device, now I choose two of my monsters and change the level of one to the other, and I choose to make Glass Bell a level 5!"

The spell appeared with two monsters standing side by side ready to fight, with their legs pressed together and waves coming out of them. Waves were sent from the spell cards, and Glass Bell looked at her hands as her level went from 4 to 5, making her giggle.

"Okay so… I use my two Windwitch Monsters together and um… Xyz, summon...level 5? Windwitch Storm Bell…"

"A what? What's an Xyz?"

She grabbed the two monsters and… placed them in the graveyard, then grabbed the new black card and pressed it to the Duel Desk… nothing happened. She pressed it over and over again, and still, nothing happened.

"Ugh!" Rin said annoyed, with a worried expression on her face

"What's wrong?" Yugo asked, confused.

"It's not working," Rin said as she kept pressing the card to the Duel Desk

"What do you mean it's not working? The other cards did."

"Yeah the other cards did, this doesn't…"

"Maybe you did something wrong."

"Maybe… maybe the cards don't go to the graveyard?"

"Well, where else would they go?"

"Maybe we should stop," Yugo said.

"What?!" Rin asked. "We can't just stop the duel in the middle of it."

"Well you just tried summoning something and it didn't work, so you did something wrong for sure, and you just sent two Windwitches to the graveyard for nothing, so that's not gonna be good."

Rin sighed. "Yeah you have a point," Rin said, as the holograms disappeared as the cards were shuffled back to the decks, Rin grabbed the card that she failed to summon, looking at it intently.

"The other cards worked just fine, so I must have done something wrong."

Yugo rubbed the back of his head. "Sorry," he said.

Rin gave him a soft smile and shook her head. "Don't worry about it," she reassured him and gave him another kiss on his lips. "Come on, let's get us something to eat, and I did promise you some hot cocoa."

"Yaho~" Yugo cheered, making Rin giggle.

Yugo watched Rin for a moment and smiled, without thinking he pulled Rin to him and gave her a kiss. Rin's eyes widened before smiling and kissing him back.

"What was that for?" Rin asked with a breathless laugh.

Yugo blushed and rubbed the back of his head. "I… I just wanted to do it, that's all if you don't like it-"

"I like it, Yugo. You can kiss me whenever you want, silly," Rin reassured him, making Yugo grin wider. "Now come on then, I'll figure the new cards later."

"Right," Yugo said with a nod, following Rin to their D-Wheels, as they rode them back to the city.

Grady watched as the two of them left, something felt off. Rin having powers over ice was bad enough after all, but her having some strange summoning Method called Xoz or whatever certainly was bad, where did she even get them? If she was affiliated with someone from the Tops then she and certainly her boyfriend would not be living in the Commons. But still, who would even get her these cards? He had to talk with the others, Armstrong and Carly in particular. Armstrong might have heard about this; he did know about Fusion after all.

Trying to get rid of the migraine that was forming, Grady stopped the recording and gave a quick text to Carly and Armstrong to meet up later. This was not something he wanted to bring up in public and he knew Randsborg and Yanagi were still up to their waists with information about the Monarchs.


"An Xyz summon? Never heard of it," Armstrong answered.

Grady had called both Armstong and Carly, gathering once more at the Bootleg bar, looking like it never experienced the hell that was the Shinigami arriving last night. Grady had told them what had happened in the duel, and how powerful Yugo's cards were, along with showing off the recording he made.

"Of course they were, why do you think Sector Security had such a hard time catching the kid?" Armstrong had replied when Grady tried to describe his amazement at the duel.

"Then Rin tried to summon another monster, I'm not sure what the requirements were, but I think they have something to do with Levels being the same, at least that's what I gathered from Rin changing the Level of one Monster to be the same as the other," Grady explained.

"Hmm…" Armstrong muttered. He never heard anything about his before and he highly doubted anyone else did either. So why exactly did Rin have these cards? Better yet who in their right mind would give them to her? What was so special about that girl? Well, aside from the ice thing, but there are plenty of Psychic Duelists around, and they didn't seem to have anything other than Synchro, not even the asshole Divine himself.

"Shouldn't we be telling all this to the Monarchs?" Carly asked.

"They're still busy with the Crimson Dragon research with Yanagi and Randsborgh, remember?" Grady reminded her. "I bet they're having a lot of fun right about now."


"Who the hell gave Yusei coffee?!" Crow exclaimed as he, Jack, and Kiryu were pinning Yusei to the floor of the living room.

"Is it that bad?" asked Yanagi, tilting his head.

"Yes! Yusei and caffeine mean disaster!" Jack answered.

"Havetoworkhavetoworkhavetowork…" Yusei said, scrambling to get his boyfriends off of him.

"We're gonna be spending all night wearing him down!" Kalin sighed. "WHO THE HELL GAVE HIM COFFEE?!

"It wasn't me!" Yanagi said. "Randsborg decided to make refreshments for us and left a mug by Yusei's desk…."

"RANDSBORGH!" Jack shouted at the knight who was currently putting cream in his own mug.

"Um...I am...sorry?" Randsborgh said. There was a pause before he added, "How was I supposed to know the Stardust Accelerator reacted like this to caffeine?!"

Jack had to facepalm. "Ugh, fine, just let him work. He'll crash eventually, and we'd probably get more work done."

"I... don't think that's healthy," Yanagi said.

"Damage already done, might as well let the caffeine do the work for us," Crow mumbled. "We just have to compensate with a lot of water and food later."

"I could ask the other Crusaders to pick up something," said Randsborgh. "Is there anything Yusei likes? Crab perhaps?"

"Oh ha-ha very funny," Kalin rolled his eyes. How many times were people going to make fun of Yusei's hair, he lost count. "Something with rice would be fine. His diet isn't made of just instant ramen and coffee like a certain someone here."

"Hey I've finally learned how to poach eggs, you know!" Jack answered.

"… Very well," said Randsborgh, pulling out his phone and typing something.


"Besides, if they sent Security to the Commons where they would try to arrest two kids who, as far as anyone knows did nothing wrong, then there'll be a backlash against them," Armstrong said. "We can tell them later, but they probably can't do a thing about it."

"We should keep that in mind," said Carly. "And Grady, keep that footage safe; if that leaks out to the public, it's off with your head."

"Yeah sure thing, don't want Arcadia or Security to see any of it or it could get back to the wrong people," Grady agreed.

"Right," Carly said as she looked at her phone and read Randsborgh's message. "Oh, that's swell."

"Did they learn anything new?" asked Armstrong.

"Yeah, never give Yusei caffeine," Carly answered. "Speaking of which we should pick some food for him."

"I'll take care of it," Grady raising a hand volunteering "You've got stuff to research and after what happened yesterday, Armstrong's presence is gonna make things awkward."

"Does it involve milk?" Armstrong joked.

"Yes in fact," Grady said, rolling his eyes. "Probably will get him a curry too. As long as he has something in his system, then the caffeine jitters should eventually stop," and stood up and left the bar.


Rin poured the hot cocoa to the two cups, sprinkled mini marshmallows on top, and headed for the couch, placing the two cups on the table and sat on the couch, and Yugo as he started the movie on the small laptop that they owned.

Rin placed a big blanket around the two of them, then kissed Yugo's cheek and took her cup in her hand, Yugo did the same, and Rin leaned comfortably on him, and the both of them spent the night watching movies until both of them fell asleep on top of each other.

"I can't believe you," Ruri said with a small laugh.

"Yeah, yeah go ahead get it out of your system," Rin said rolling her eyes.

"Oh come on Rin, I told you how to do an Xyz summon," Ruri said.

"Yeah, so I forgot how to Xyz summon, sue me," Rin answered.

"I told you how," Ruri pointed out, still having amusement in her voice.

"Once!" Rin replied a little frustrated but did calm down when she saw Ruri simply having a gentle smile, telling her the other girl was joking with her. After Rin fell asleep she came back to this place in her… their minds, and told them about the duel. Ruri immediately gently teased her about forgetting how to Xyz when she had explained how to do it to Rin directly.

"For someone who didn't have any classes I think you did pretty well," Yuzu said, bringing the attention to herself. "I knew some students who kept struggling with not just Xyz but Fusion and Synchro summonings too."

"That sounds a little extreme," Rin said, raising an eyebrow.

"Pathetic if you asked me," Serena interjected.

Yuzu shrugged. "And before Yuya's 'big brother' and his friends came in, my dad was always going on and on about how the other summoning methods were 'too difficult' to teach, though to be fair, his deck didn't allow him to perform many summoning with and he used to be the only teacher in the school."

"You have Duel Schools?" Rin asked.

"Yeah, doesn't Synchro?" Yuzu asked.

"We have one too," Ruri told them. "Well… had one… " She said grabbing her wrest and looking away. "We had so much fun until Academia attacked…"

Serena had the decency to look guilty at wanting to attack the Xyz dimension, to get the Professor's attention. It was still a sour spot that filled her with anger.

"So Rin, what do you think of the cards?" Ray asked.

"Well they can be good, I'm just not sure how to use them yet," Rin answered.

"You will in time," Ray said, "You just need to find the balance."

"Right…" Rin sighed looking at her cards.

"I have an idea, we can duel each other and give each other pointers about using the summoning methods, after all, this is the best way to use our time here, to keep training against each other," Ruri suggested.

"That does sound good," Yuzu said with a nod.

"Alright then, to make this little tournament more interesting you each have to use at least 2 Summoning Methods that use the extra deck, if you use all three you get 3 points, if you use a method that's not your own twice that's an extra two points, win the duel and that's 5 points," Ray suggested.

"Doesn't that put Yuzu on a bigger advantage with her not using any Extra deck summoning?" Rin asked.

"No, since she does need to use all three methods, and sometimes that's harder than winning a duel."

The four girls exchanged looks and nodded at Ray before spreading into two groups and getting their decks out and began to duel and train.


"Ugh," Yuzu groaned as she failed to summon another monster.

"Yuzu… seriously," Rin said deadpanned, almost facepalming.

"It's not that easy!" Yuzu tried to defend herself.

"Yuzu…" Rin began, "Five-year-olds can tell you 4+4 does not equal 7, and this," she said grabbing Aria the Melodious Diva. "Is not a Tuner."

Yuzu sighed. "I can stick to Xyz and Fusion, for now, my fusions seem to be the strongest."

"The most annoying you mean?"

"Oh, this is coming from the girl who burned half of our life points off and kept doing it every single turn?"

"Hey, Ruri's birds kept attacking us directly," Rin reputed.

"Oh come on, my birds are low on attack point-"

"That's enough, girls, this only shows how crafty and unique each deck is, annoying or not, you have to always anticipate the other players' movements and try to counter it, don't always focus on what you have, think about what the other person could have or do, this is not a one-person game, girls, so never rely on your opponent to do something, rely on your own craftiness, am I clear."

The girls nodded, "Yes," they answered.

"Good, I think this is enough for now, there is always room for improvement, and you have to remember the other methods are there to give you more options on how to handle certain citations, but if they don't suit you, then you don't have to use them, understood?"

"Understood," Yuzu answered and the three nodded.

"Ruri, I can see that it's still quite hard for you to use Fusion," Ray pointed out.

Ruri looked away, clearly still uncomfortable and quite angry.

"Yes, I…"

"It's alright," Ray said. "I understand the memories that are associated with that summoning method, but you have to remember, Fusion is a tool, as much as Xyz is, you might not be ready to use it, but when you do unleash your anger on them, turn their weapon against them and show them what you can really do."

Ruri nodded, she didn't want to use Fusion, after all the destruction and suffering Academia had put her, her friends, and her dimension through, Xyz summoning had become a shield, a protection from the evils Fusion brought she would gladly tare the card into little pieces, but if the time ever came to use it, she had to remember that it wasn't the method that she should be angry at, it's the people, those who think they're better than everyone else simply because they are proficient in Fusion, those who would destroy all that's around them, happily harm and hurt innocent people simply for a show of power.

"I understand," Ruri said with a nod. Well, she didn't have to put Polymerization in her deck, she hoped that she'd never had to use that card in her life, but if push came to shove, and she had nothing else she would do it.

Yuzu placed her hand on Ruri's arm, Ruri looked at the other girl, giving her an encouraging smile, making Ruri relax and smile softly back at her, and nodded telling the other girl that she was okay.

One by one the girls disappeared and woke up back where they had fallen asleep. Rin woke up and stretched, having fallen asleep on Yugo's chest, she smiled and placed a kiss on Yugo's cheek, then head to the kitchen to make them both some breakfast, she wondered what they could do today, as the Tournament Finals will be in a few days, and even if she was in the second place she pretty much scored herself a place in the Friendship Cup. And if she and Yugo ever fought each other then him entering will be good as well, she searched through the small fridge and got out a few eggs and started making do with boiling some eggs, some buttered bread, and started to make some tea, something simple, but still good. Yugo seemed to wake up as she was slicing the boiled eggs.

"Morning," Yugo said, sounding half asleep, Rin looked back at him to see him covering a yawn. Rin smiled and continued to prepare the two of them breakfast. She heard Yugo's footsteps as he walked towards her and wrapped his arms around her waist, making Rin turn her head just as Yugo leaned down and placed a kiss between her shoulder blades making her gasp softly. Yugo's lips trailed up and placed another kiss on Rin's neck.

Rin's hand reached back running her hand through Yugo's hair, smiling. "As much as I like this Yugo, can you help me finish breakfast?" she asked.

"Of course my Crystal Rose, " Yugo said, pressing another kiss to Rin's cheek.

"Your Crystal Rose?" Rin asked, placing the knife down and turning around to face Yugo. The crystal eyed boy, placing his hands on the counter on either side of Rin.

"You don't like it?" Yugo asked with a grin and Rin wrapped her arms around Yugo's neck.

"No, I think I really like it," Rin answered and pressed herself to Yugo more, placing a kiss on his lips, making Yugo wrap his hands around her and hug her closer. To the two of them, nothing could ruin that moment, nothing can ever pull them apart, and they will face everything and win.

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