Part One: Magnet

Aria shifted positions on her seat in the VTOL. She was still getting used to the hard unforgiving seats. By now her seat was pretty sore from the three hour ride. It was her first official mission on the field for TF29, and she was trying her best to make a good first impression. However it was incredibly hard to sit still. It was then after fidgeting that she saw her new TL Duncan MacReady, glance in her direction. His face portrayed pure amusement as she heard him scoff.

"Getting your VTOL hide handsy."

Aria ignored the insult. "No it's just...fine...I'm fine...ow!"

She saw a simile quirk onto his face. "Oh, I can tell."

He was obviously finding her amusing. All of the other agents where asleep, all save one other. Adam Jensen was still awake, Or at least he looked like it, it was hard to tell with his shields up. She was placed in the back next to him because Mac had insisted that the Hanzers stay as far from the group as possible. Aria knew that Mac didn't like augs, but she highly doubted that he hated them as much as he claimed to. She heard a snick from beside her and she jumped, just to find out the sound was Adam popping his arm open observing it. This made Mac release a roar of laughter waking some of the other agents.

"Jumpy and sore huh, Argento." Aria felt her cheeks flush. "No..its its just that."

She failed to think of any excuses for her actions. She was an ex-marine she should be able to keep calm. Aria saw Adam shift positions when mac was about to tease her again.

"Lay off MacReady."

She could tell from his tone that he was mildly annoyed. Mac just grunted a response and began muttering under his breath. She wasn't one realy for having crushes, but she was realy starting to like Adam Jensen, or maybe it was just the mystery he hauled around with him. It was almost...luring. Plus, she couldn't deny that he was rather...nice to look upon. Probably the best looking and deadliest agent in the Prague branch. And she just kept finding herself gravitating towards him. Finally she felt the VTOL give a jolt. Landing finally. She heard the engines slow their whirring then become silent. The main door slowly screeched open letting in blinding light of the outside world. Then she turned to see the other agents stand, so she did the same. Her muscles screamed in retaliation, but she stood up. Then she heard Mac grunt and rub his legs.

"Heh, who's sore now."

She said in a bemused tone. She saw Adam ware a faint, suddle smile.

"Shut up, Argento." Mac growled as he began walking to the entrance of the VTOL.

Miller wasn't present this time, his body was still recovering from the Orchid. He was still working at HQ, but was still to tired to attend ops. "Alright." Mac said with a hint of authority.

"Other than Argento here, the lot of you know the drill. And I expect regular reports over infolink." He said with more authority than ever.

Aria realized that it was primarily because he was filling in for Miller. He was their Team Leader, Senior Agent, and was filling in for Miller? It ws no wonder he sounded the way he did. Aria noticed some of the other agents giving her sketchy looks. It was as if they were saying we already had to put up with one aug, do we realy have to deal with another? She pushed aside that thought. Who cares what they think. As long as I'm in the right with my TL and the Director and...Adam I'm fine.

"Ok, as you all know we have intel that a illegal augmentation dealer named Claude Kronéaro is supposed to have a...big sale. He's Selling to augmented terrorists from Berlin. Our job is to shut his operation down as quickly and quietly as possible. And wipe out the terrorists.. Remember, don't fire a single shot without asking me first. That is...with hope's that they won't see us coming."

Aria noticed that he was pacing back and forth now. Jensen seemed...well, annoyed by the reminders, however she had a feeling at the reminds where directed toward her.

"Now as for teams."

Aria hadn't thought about that. They couldn't all storm the castle at once if they were trying to be stealthy. They had to slit up into teams. Aria was new, so she was pretty sure she would be with Mac and two other agents. The three in the back could handle themselves...probably, and Adam...would go in alone as usual. This was what she predicted, as she waited MacReady to finish planning out teams. "You three." He pointed to the ones in the back.

"Yah, you." He said walking over to them. "You'll go east and work your way around to the center."

The Trio nodded.

Well that was one predicted right. "I'll go west with-." He said the other two agents names but she couldn't remember what they were. She was just to surprised that he hadn't mentioned her yet. Maybe he forgot about her? it was her first mission after all. "And Argento." Aria straighted at the mention of her name, an instinct she still possessed from her time in the Marines.

"You will be going straight through with Jensen." Aria felt her heart do a back flip.

She was going in...alone..with Adam...why? She wasn't complaining by no means but, it was just that she was new and Adam usually went in alone.

"This isn't the Marines Argento. You need stealth training. And you need someone to get you back on your feet if something goes whanky with your arm. Besides Jensen here needs to learn to work with other people than just his conscience, it helps keep him stay humble." She heard the edge in her TL's voice meaning that last bit was said exclusively for Adam. "Don't worry you'll be stationed with the rest of us in the future. This is just for insurance for your first mission."

Ouch, Mac and Adam realy don't get along that great. Her and Adam exchanged glances. Apparently from the look on his face, he hadn't know about being paired either. She just hoped that this wouldn't ruin their make shift friendship in any way.

(She hoped wrong)

《 》

It was so quiet out side the deserted docks she could hear her heart beating rapidly. The docks had been abandoned ever since the incident, she didn't know why but then again she didn't want to know why. Aria and Adam continued forward carefully, stepping over debris.

"I'm not prideful you know." Adam said quietly.

Aria was surprised that he was the one to break the silence between them.

"Yah, I know."

She responded softly, maybe softer than she should have. Then she added suddenly.

"I think Mac just said that because he's nervous that you might steal his job."

Adam scoffed.

"Well, that's one thing he won't have to worry about. I like my privacy."

Aria could tell he was annoyed by the the thought of becoming TL. She knew it would never happen. Mac loved his position of bossing the other agents around. And Adam liked his space, not having to worry about others.

"Yah, I know." She repeated.

She then realized that she was starting to sound like a repeat record. Aria looked over at Adam noticing the slightly amused look on his face.

"So just how much do you know about me?"

Aria stumbled. "well I uh I..."

She saw a rare smile appear on his lips.

"Just messing with you." He paused "Still, you seem to know more about me than most." He stopped and looked down at her. Under the shields she could tell that his eyes were searching hers.

"Wish I knew why that is." He said softly.

It was then that everything snapped. He knew that she liked him. Of course he did he was a highly trained agent and an ex-cop. He could pick up alot just from looking at someone. Aria felt her blood turn cold and her face turn hot.

"I...I..We..we should probably keep uh." She fumbled.

She had never had such a hard time talking in her life, although she knew all to well what had come over her. She hoped that Adam didn't notice she was blushing. He apparently did because he back up away from her and continued in the direction of their quarry.

They remained silent the rest of the slow stealthy trip. It wasn't long before they came to the main building. She noticed that their were makeshift tin sheds dotted around main building. As well as rusted cargo crates. Such a strange dock . It reminded her more of a Marine HQ than a place for travel. Tho she suspected it didn't look like this in it's hay day. Having taken cover behind one of the sheds, she peered around. It seemed safe enough so she started to walk toward the main entrance, when something grabbed her arm and pulled her back in cover behind the shed. She whipped around to face Adam, his hand still gripped on her arm. She was about to protest when he nodded to the entrance.

"Guards." He whispered.

She looked back around to see that their where two strangely translucent figures standing by the entrance. All that was notably visible about them was their shadows.

"I know you have glass shield, but I didn't know...thugs could get their hands on such."

Adam let his grip on her arm slip off. A grunt of a response was all she got, before he added.

"Didn't think so either."

He straighted his shoulders.

"There dosn't seem to be a way around." He said eyeing the building.

Then Adam put his fingers to his ear.

"MacReady, need to take out some guards. We can't avoid them."

Aria could hear Mac's voice draped with an deep Australian ascent over her own infolink.

"Ok. Do you're thing Jensen." Just then she saw Adam disappear, and by the time she turned around the two guards were down. Adam was standing over them beckoning her to fallow him. Ok, here we go. She thought as she fallowed him into the building.

《 》

It wasn't long before Aria spotted a man in a charcoal suit, and white blonde hair leaning over a crate she knew was filled with augmentations. There was no doubt about it, she was looking apon Claude Kronéaro. Adam fidgeted at her side. Then he looked up, searching the room for the others, they were there obviously, but like Adam and Aria they were keeping out of site.

"Any idea where mac and the boys are?" She asked in a barely audible whisper.

Adam nodded and pointed to the other side of the room. Then Aria realized that he must have a heat detecter of some sort . Even being an aug herself for two years she still wasn't...up to speed with augments. She also knew that her arm was way over dew software updates, but she just had been a little wary of seeing an aug specialist to install the updates. Aria looked over at Adam as he turned on his infolink.

"MacReady Whose move."

There was static, then a muffled response.

"The terrorist group is here, just came in...I'll go after Kronéaro the rest of you go after the terrorists." Adam looked down at his shoe.

"You're sure you want to handle him alone? We don't know what he's capable of."

"Well he dosen't know what I'm capable of, it will be a surprise on his part to."

Adam shook his head "Not so sure of that. He wouldn't have heavily augmented guards if he wasn't expecting something."

"True...but it will still be a surprise, besides I need the most of my agents focused on the terrorists. Got a look at some of those hanzers most of them are heavily augmented we need all the help we can get. While we're on the link what kind of augs am I up against?"

Adam turned to lock his gaze on Kronéaro. Aria knew he was scanning the quarry.

"Not much, left arm is augmented, right leg augmented, and has a...pace maker."

"Huh, didn't think he was that old."

"Watch out for his arm. I thank there's a small hidden blade in it."

"Yah, Yah, Yah. Just a normal day in hanzer town. MacReady out."

Adam arose to his feet, and walked back toward the entrance. Aria tagged along behind him. They slinked round the main building to where mac said the terrorists where. When they heard gun fire, they knew the others had found the augs first. Aria was unsure of what to do when she saw the other agents and the aug terrorists locked in battle. She looked over to ask Adam but he was gone. She turned her attention to the fight when she saw Adam appear in the middle of it, his nano-blades at the ready to inflict damage. Well, thats my signal. Aria pulled out her snipper and reloaded it, turning the safety off. She was safe where she was, she'd snip a few from here then barge in. She snipped two and wounded one. Then she threw down the snipper and pulled out her pistol, lounging into the mess before her. She fought one of the augs of and clobbered him on the heard with her artifical arm. Aria turned around to see Adam locked in combat with one of the heavily augmented terrorists. Whipping around she shot the terrorist that Adam was fighting right between his augmented arm and the socket. He was downed enough for Adam to dew him in.

"Nice shot."

Aria shrugged. "What can I say, I'm an expert marksmen."

She saw Adam shake his head. "And MacReady thought I was the prideful one."

She chuckled. "Just stating facts you know."

She knew he heard, but was deliberately ignoring her at this point. The other agents seemed to have everything under control now, thanks to Adam and herself. It was then that she noticed Adam looking in to his right, in the distance, suddenly ignoring the fight. Then she saw him walk off in that direction and disappeared behind one of the cargo crates. Wonder what he saw? She glanced around at the now less devastating fight and then decided to fallow him. She walked closer and closer to the crate. Slowly and quietly she walked on. When she was behind it she didn't see anything. But she heard a loud *crash* fallowed by a bang and someone not Adam was shouting. She looked around, the noise seemed to be coming from the top of a red cargo crate."

"YOU SHOULD HAVE NEVER SAVED ME." she heard the mystery character yell.

"YOU KNEW I DIDN'T WANT THIS." their was another loud bang.

At this point she knew that Adam was engaged in a fight with...someone. She made her way hurriedly to the red crate, finding a rusty latter mounted on it's side she began climbing the rust ridden thing to the top.


Aria was almost at the top of the crate.


Aria threw herself on top of the cargo crate. When standing on top she saw something that made her blood turn cold. Adam was penned to the ground, face a little bloody. The guy who was shouting was standing over him with his foot smashing down Adam's chest. The figure was augmented, fully, to the same extent as Adam. He had an ugly lumpy bald head, and held a pistol pointed between Adam's eyes. Seconds seemed like hours. He can't die. He can't die...No I wont let him die. In that instant Aria pulled out her pistole aimed at the bald augs pistole holding hand, and squeezed off the trigger. The gun went flying out of the augs hand and over the side of the crate. Both men looked at her in surprise, just now noticing that she was present. The bald man's look turned from surprise to twisting into annoyance. Adam's shields where still up, but she could tell his hidden eyes where looking into hers. He looked so...weak. It scared her. "Well isn't that cute sweet heart. Real cute." The lumpy aug snarled. Then she shot the leg that was pinning Adam down, aiming for the most essential part near the back of his ankle. The augs leg gave out and he stumbled backwards. Adam managed to get into a sitting position, gritting his teeth. Aria heard shouts coming from the other agents, at that the ugly aug backed up jumping off the crate and melted into the shadows, and was gone. She then turned her attention to Adam who was still sitting down on the ground gritting his teeth, but less than before. She jogged over to him.

"O my word Adam are you ok?"

She knelt down and placed her natural hand on his shoulder, worry was etched on her face. Adam chuckled amused by her worried expression. And she saw for the first time a lopsided grin appear on his face.

"I thank I'll live." He said in a playful, joking tone.

Aria didn't know what came over her if it was the stress of the event, or the fact that he would be ok, but on impulse she threw her arms around him. Then she buried her face in his shoulder. "Uhh. Ow." He groaned. She had forgotten that he was hurt. Aria went to pull away, but realized she couldn't because his arms where wrapped around her. So, she pulled herself closer to him instead, feeling his ruff armored vest against her face. "Who was that." Aria asked, bewildered by the viscous aug who had attacked Adam.

"He seemed like he...knew you." She said with her head still buried in his shoulder.

"Yah, I used to know I'm not so sure." His voice sounded as if he'd seen a ghost.

"His name is Quincy Durant. He...he was the chief of police back when I was part of Detroit SWAT. He was my mentor." Adam said quietly

Aria shook her head. "What happened to him."

"I...he was badly injured on the field. I saved him, but he never wanted augmentations. His injuries were bad enough that he taken to the emergency room and was augmented. He was enraged when he found out they augmented without his consent. Told me afterwards that he wished I had let him die. Now I'm wondering if i should have. After augmentation he...he turned into a...turned into a monster. He lacked all respect for life. He didn't exactly take as well to his augs as I eventually did." Adam paused then looked down at his augmented arms. Still holding her.

"I just can't help wandering..." he continued to gaze at his augs. Aria knew what he was thinking. She looked him square in the, well...Shields.

"Adam you're NOT a monster. You care about people. You don't always show it but I know you do."

He started to seemed unsure about having his arms around her. Then started to pull away from her, but she just snuggled herself tighter into him.

"You would NEVER hurt me Adam. I trust you." She whispered softly, nuzzling his shoulder.

Aria felt him relax at that, and wrap his arms back around her. Adam Jensen is a VERY hard person to read, but she could tell, just for a moment that he felt the same for her as she did for him. Then out of shear boldness she kissed the hollow of his cheek lightly and briefly. When she pulled away she saw that he was smiling.

"You know we better move before MacReady sees. You know what he'd say if he saw this?" The smile was still on his face.

"I'd rather not know what he'd say." Aria grumbled and reluctantly pulled away from him.

She looked up in time to see mac holding Kronéaro at gun point, pushing him into the VTOL, and the aug merchandise being loaded into the it as well. The mission was a success. Aria and Adam walked together, side by side to the VTOL. As she walked up the VTOL's ramp. She couldn't help but wonder if Quincy Durant would come back for more.

Hope you have enjoyed this Deus ex fan-fiction sketch. Please, forgive any miss types, this is my first public literature work. This work is primarily just practice for writing a full length science fiction book that I will be illustrating . I have plans to write a part two, but then again like I said before this is for writing practice. Claude Kronéaro is a made up character, however Quincy Durant is a Deus ex character, but only appears in the comics and died before mankind divided would have taken place. Just thought it would be cool to have Aria and Adam together and throw in Jensen's arch enemy from the comics. I LOVE questions. You can ask me about anything (including the science fiction book) on Tumbler at. Between2Dimensions

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