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Family Confidential, The Final Quarter

A New Beginning

"Happy Birthday dear Tara (Mom)...happy birthday to you!"

Tara blew out the candles shaped like a '5' and a '0' on her cake and JJ, Kayden, Lily, and Emily clapped.

Willow put her phone down from taking a picture and came over to plant a kiss right on Tara's lips.

"Alright, alright," JJ waved his hand, "Are we getting cake or not?"

Willow let no man or child stop her from kissing her wife and lingered for several more seconds before pulling away with an audible 'mwah'.

"Now you get cake," she grinned at her children and closed her palm around the knife to start cutting up slices.

Tara rose from her seat at the head of the table and walked over to Kayden and JJ, kissing each of their cheeks. She pushed her glasses up her nose as they slipped down slightly.

"You boys are so good to visit your old Mom for her birthday even though you were just here for the holidays."

"The New York Times let you have the night off?" Willow teased JJ as she handed him a slice of red velvet, "No games being played tonight?"

"There's always a game on," JJ chuckled, then reached his arm up to wrap around Tara from the side, "But none more important than my Mom."

"Kiss ass," Lily said under her breath and discreetly launched some cream cheese frosting at JJ's nose.

"Lily, you are a high school senior now," Willow scolded sternly, "At least a decade old enough to know not to play with your food."

"Where's Cleo?" Emily cut in to take the attention off of Lily being confronted.

JJ pouted sadly while his fork rose to his mouth.

"Cleo's sorry she couldn't be here. She's doing all night shifts right now and some of those nocturnal animals can be a handful."

"Many coyotes in the middle of Manhattan?" Lily grinned sarcastically.

"Ever had a hedgehog stare you down in the dark?" JJ shot back with narrowed eyes.

"Anyway," Tara moved swiftly on and squeezed JJ's shoulders, "I understand completely. I hope she knows how proud we all are of her."

JJ craned his head back so he could look upward.

"She does, maw. She has the card you guys sent hanging in her office with the big family photo we all took last summer in New York."

"When are you going to marry that girl?" Willow asked, shuffling in her seat, "I had a wife and child at your age."

"Jeez, I didn't come home to get grilled," JJ scoffed, then turned into a helpless little boy again as he looked up at Tara, "Unless you'll make me grilled cheese?"

"You just had dinner," Tara frowned.

"Lunch tomorrow before I go home?" JJ asked hopefully, "With your tomato soup?"

"Cleo not cooking for you with all those night shifts?" Kayden asked with a smirk that made his lips tickle his goatee.

"I cook for her, thank you very much," JJ replied, puffing his chest out, "You're not the only one with a modern relationship."

Kayden moped and pushed his cake around his plate for a moment.

"Darren and I split up a couple of days ago," he admitted, holding his hands up, "Being apart over the holidays showed us we don't want to be together."

Tara closed her arms around Kayden's neck from behind and kissed his cheek from over his shoulder.

"Oh honey, I'm so sorry."

Kayden leaned back and rubbed Tara's arms.

"I was going to wait until after your birthday to tell you," he said sadly, glancing up to meet Tara's eye, "I know you really liked him."

Tara pressed another quick kiss to Kayden's hairline.

"I like who you like."

"What happened?" Lily smirked, "You don't like the D any more?"

"Lily," Willow scolded.

Lily rolled her blue eyes so hard that some mascara flaked off.

"I hear my own name so much more often since Robyn left."

A ringtone sounded from near Willow and she smiled as she fetched it from her pocket.

"Speak of the devilish daughter!" she exclaimed in delight, "Everyone, Robbie's calling from Venezuela."

The boys and the twins scooted their chairs around and Tara retook her seat next to Willow. Willow pressed the answer button and Robyn's flickering form popped up in a hologram.

Willow waved excitedly.

"Hey, kiddo! How's the Amazon?"

"Still endangered," Robyn replied dryly but a smirk was curling up on one side of her lips, "Happy Birthday, Mom!"

"Thank you, Robbie," Tara called out and clutched Willow's arm with tears in her eyes. She missed their daughter.

"You're really an old lady now," Robyn cackled.

Willow nudged Tara with a wink.

"You're only as old as the woman you feel."

"Gross," came from three younger voices in the room, except Kayden who blushed and looked downward and Emily, who averted her eyes and closed them.

"Got a boyfriend yet?" Lily shouted out to Robyn.

"Or a girlfriend?" Emily added helpfully.

"Or a skillet?" Willow asked with a grin and everyone else, even Tara, groaned at the joke that Willow had made umpteenth times since Robyn had come out as pansexual.

"Kinda busy stopping the destruction of the earth's lungs," Robyn whistled with a sigh on the end.

"Oh honey, I hope you're staying safe," Tara said, putting her hand against her heart.

"Don't tie yourself so tightly to a tree that you can't breathe," Willow added.

Tara frowned at Willow.

"Your mother's teasing tone aside, don't burn yourself out."

Robyn held her hands up to her surroundings.

"If this forest is going down, I'm going down with it."

"You're getting your butt back here in time for your next birthday, I don't care how scorched it is," Willow said definitively.

"Willow," Tara clicked her tongue.

Willow looked back defensively. Robyn's image flickered again with movement.

"Fam, I gotta go. We're meeting with some indigenous groups and it's a bit of a trek."

"We love you, Robbie," Tara said, blowing a kiss, "Thank you so much for calling."

"Bye old lady," Robyn grinned and flickered into nothingness.

The hologram dropped and the kids scooted back into eating cake. Tara continued to look at the spot Robyn's image had been in fondly.

"I'm so proud of her," she said with an indicative smile, "She's living her dream and changing the world."

"I still think she could have lived her dream and changed the world after getting a college education," Willow muttered.

"Yeah, Momma. We all know that," Lily said in a bored tone, "You've said it often enough."

Willow rolled her eyes in the exact same way Lily had earlier.

"Robyn said you could have her room when she left, you know, not her surliness."

"Yeah, Lil, go bone that boyfriend of yours or something," JJ scoffed.

Lily's head flew up, eyes wild. She threw her spoon at JJ.


"Boyfriend?" Tara asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Whoops," JJ held up his hands as a forked joined the spoon at being aimed at his head, "I didn't know they didn't know."

"Why are you keeping your boyfriend from us?" Willow asked accusingly, "What's wrong with him?"

"Willow," Tara chided again.

"Quit saying my name like that!" Willow protested.

"Take your own advice!" Lily added in an escalating tone.

"Home sweet home," JJ murmured and cut himself some more cake.

A few hours later, Tara returned to hers and Willow's bedroom after tucking in the boys.

"You do remember that they're grown men, right?" Willow asked as she stretched her back out while sitting on the bed.

"They both work so hard and live so far away. Can't I take care of my only sons when they come home to visit especially for my birthday?" Tara asked in a clucking voice as she reached up to her ears to take her earrings off.

"Make 'em all the grilled cheese you want," Willow offered graciously, "I just happen to think yours is the pillow that should be fluffed."

"Feel free," Tara returned with a sweet smile.

Willow caught Tara's wrist as she passed. She looked up and felt a swell of love at Tara's gentle creases around her eyes and the wrinkles borne from smiling. She reached up and brushed her fingertips against Tara's cheek.

"Is that what you want? To be…fluffed?"

Her hand fell to link her fingers with Tara. She gently flexed their digits together and felt the twinge where arthritis was just starting to set in. The doctor told her those kinds of exercises would help her keep her flexibility and Willow reassured him with an innocent smile that she wasn't concerned about her finger joints getting regular exercise.

She tugged Tara's hand again and this time rose off the bed to meet Tara's lips while swinging her arms around Tara's neck. She pulled Tara in and they smooched, long and slow.

Willow's hands settled on the soft overhang of Tara's skin at her hips and slipped under Tara's skirt to caress her panty line. She gave a little pull and felt Tara smile against her lips.

"Happy Birthday, beautiful," Willow whispered softly into the end of a kiss, "Want to see what's on under this?"

She put Tara's hand on the tie of her robe and stepped back.

Tara's fingers danced with anticipation on the belt as she gave a gentle tug and then a more forceful one so the red lace of whatever Willow was wearing popped out in a burst of color. Tara placed her hands under the shoulders on the robe and pushed back so it fell away.

Willow's chemise was simple but beautiful. Flow-y and red with just enough lace in the right areas to highlight the swell and curve of Willow's body. It didn't try to hide any part of her and Tara could already see the skin she wanted to sink her lips into. Her eyes trawled Willow's body and settled on Willow's eyes with a crooked smile.

"You know what I like."

"I like to think so," Willow smirked.

Tara ran her hands down Willow's soft silk sides.

"Well, I know how much you like to prove yourself."

Willow grinned and pulled Tara right onto the bed.

Upstairs, JJ heard a thump and reached over to his nightstand.

"Earbud time, bro."

"I haven't forgotten," Kayden called from his room and deposited his chunky headphones over his ears.

In hers and Emily's room, Lily shut the door aggressively with an annoyed eye roll.

"That is the reason I haven't moved into Robyn's room yet," she said, though it was a lie, as she swung herself onto her bed and held a cushion to her chest, "She was right next door. Now I know why she sleeps like the dead. Survival. I think it's great they still bone but a little courtesy."

She waited for Emily to laugh, but she didn't. Lily threw the cushion at her.

"Hello, earth to Emily. Sharer of my DNA."

"I heard you," Emily said just before feeling the thwack of the cushion smacking her glasses against her face.

"Then why didn't you say anything?" Lily said mockingly and stood up again to pace, bouncing up on her toes.

Emily eyed her warily.

"Do you want to do your—"

"No, I don't want to do my relaxation!" Lily snapped.

Emily just frowned.

"Why is it such a big deal that moms know about Emmett?"

Lily fell onto her bed again dramatically.

"My chances of sneaking around become drastically reduced when the 'rents know that I'm sneaking around," she sighed heavily, "Obviously you wouldn't know anything about this. You haven't even kissed a boy."

"I've kissed a boy," Emily protested as she petted her kitten, a gift for her 16th birthday.

Lily chuckled.

"Zayde doesn't count. Or Will and Garrett," she said as she examined her nails, "Man, I wish they hadn't moved when they had their daughter. They really dropped the cash on our birthday."

She looked up.

"Neither does the cat, by the way. Cat tongues are not comparable with boy's tongues."

"She's a girl," Emily scowled slightly, "It's Miss Kitty Fantastico."

Lily looked at her sister for a long moment.

"I still don't know where you got that name from."

Emily smiled down at the cat.

"Mom and Momma had a fish in college—"

Suddenly Lily got distracted by a new thought.

"Hey, maybe you can find someone at Emmett's costume party," she sat up straight with a twinkle of excitement in her eye, "Come as a sexy kitten or something."

Emily pouted.

Continuing on with little care as to how their friction caused the bed to rattle the house, Willow and Tara rolled over in their bed with another giggle to hit off the walls.

"Do you still like it?" Willow asked of her chemise as she rubbed her silken abdomen against Tara's bare torso.

Tara felt the lingerie tickle against the cellulite of her belly and thought the only thing better could be the touch of Willow's skin.

"I like it on…" she said, running her finger down the gentle wrinkles on Willow's neck and against the entirely smooth spot before it became collarbone, "…almost as much as I'll like it off."

She dropped her hands and gave the hem a little tug. Willow sat back on Tara's lap with her knees bent at an angle that just denied Tara a glimpse beneath.

Tara's hands crawled up Willow's creamy thighs. She could still feel the muscles taut underneath, straining against the ripples of skin there. She caught the hem of the skirt and lifted it, sitting up to complete its transfer off of Willow's body. Tara found her hands winding back into Willow's hair and kissed her until they were breathless.

"Tara," Willow moaned, passing a quiver through Tara's lips.

"Mmm, yes," Tara answered and pulled Willow's body flush against hers.

She pressed her thigh between Willow's legs and gave an answering groan to Willow's vocalizations of pleasure upon feeling the wetness spill out onto her skin. Her hand cased Willow's body, finding every delightful budge and sweet dimple until her fingers were dancing through Willow's course triangle of hair.

Her thigh moved back to allow her hand access and in one quick movement, she had Willow's hips lifting off the bed. Tara watched her wife's body shake with pleasure; moving fast up her hips and slowing by the time it got to the gentle tremble in her jaw. She drew her fingers in and out in long, slow strokes, and upon watching her hand retreat again, she got an urge and lifted them to her mouth to taste.

Willow protested the sudden pause in attention with a moan and Tara decided pretty quickly that she hadn't had enough. Gently, she brought her knees back and positioned herself at an angle that she wouldn't spend all night regretting. She kissed the insides of Willow's thighs but Willow bucked up insistently and Tara got the hint.

With the first tip of tongue against her, Willow's hands twisted in the sheets. Her hips lifted from the bed and sought every bit of contact she could find.

"Tara…" she moaned again, one ankle dragging up the sheet from the corner.

A hand floated above Tara's head, swiping air. When she felt the first rush low in her belly, her legs clamped together and the hand dropped to clutch Tara's hair. Her eyes squeezed shut tight as her muscles tightened and tightened and tightened until it finally broke with an arched back and a low rumble from her throat.

Some indeterminate time later that could have been seconds or minutes or even hours as far as Willow as concerned, she felt messy kisses on her 'jelly belly'. As ever, it spouted a fresh wave of feeling loved and she was able to fold her arms back under her head and enjoy a stretch as Tara tenderly pressed pockets of love up her body.

Finally, Willow felt a moist and plump kiss on her lips and her arms fell lazily down to gather Tara and cup her buttocks.

"How's your Willow tree doing?" Willow asked, squeezing the appropriate cheek where the tattoo curved around so nicely.

"You tell me," Tara murmured back and left a kiss on the corner of Willow's mouth.

Willow chuckled and kissed the top of Tara's ear.

"Pretty good…"

Tara propped herself up on her elbow and caressed Willow's belly.

"Only pretty good?"

Her fingertips tapped.

"Well…" Willow continued, a smirk tugging on her lips, "The only thing better could be…"

Somehow finding her legs, she rolled Tara over.

"If I was on top of you."

Tara settled back against the mattress with a glint in her eye. She threw her hands back helplessly.

"Whatever can I do but accept these torrid circumstances?"

Willow trailed her palm down Tara's wrist.


"What?" Tara asked, her tone lifting curiously.

"Just thinking that these look a little bare…" Willow started to reply in a soft, evocative tone.

She suddenly jumped up and disappeared into the closet. While Tara craned her neck to try and see what Willow was up to, Willow eventually returned with a scarf in one hand and a pair of handcuffs swinging off a finger on the other.

Tara's eyebrows rose.

"Giving me a treat?"

Willow straddled Tara again and promptly clicked the handcuffs into place on either of her wife's wrists. She winked.

"It is your birthday."

Tara started to smirk but then Willow tugged her wrists roughly so she could tie the chain of the handcuffs to the bed using the scarf. Tara's smirk turned to a sharp intake of breath. Her cheeks flushed and it continued down her body.

Her arms stretched deliciously above her head and she stretched her body out below Willow too.

"Now who's giving the treat?" Willow grinned as she slid her palms back down Tara's shoulders to palm her breasts.

Tara's eyes fluttered closed and she moaned.

Willow kissed into Tara's neck and slowly moved down, letting her lips replace her hands over Tara's breasts and pulling the nipples into stiff peaks. Tara's body strained against her restraints and each gentle thrash just elongated the moans that left her mouth.

When Willow released her breast and continued to kiss downward, Tara's back arched to push her in the right direction. Her thighs parted as Willow's nose brushed past her pelvic bone. When she finally got there, Tara's chin angled toward the ceiling and her pillows were indented with the shape of her head as she cried out in pleasure.

Her hips twisted into Willow's mouth and she shivered as Willow's tongue circled her clit and made that empty ache inside her palpate so much more.

She rubbed herself on Willow until she could take her no more and then called her wife back up.

"I want you inside."

Willow grinned with slightly shiny lips and without breaking eye contact, reached over to the nightstand, opened the drawer, and reached in. Her wrist made two pumping motions and her hand returned with a glossy liquid coating her fingers.

As she reached down, Tara closed her eyes in anticipation and jerked when Willow glided through her and entered her in one fell swoop.

"Mmm," she moaned and the handcuffs rattled.

When Willow kissed her on a deep upstroke, Tara was sure she experienced heaven for a moment; leaving her body for a split second before slamming right back into it in the throes of ecstasy.

Her hips pumped faster until she was trembling with the need for release. Willow didn't deny or disappoint and with a rotation of three pads of her fingers, she had Tara calling out her name in an evocative whisper.

When Tara stopped feeling her heartbeat in her ears, she opened her eyes and saw Willow on her side, propped up on her elbow and smirking down at her. Somehow, Tara felt a fresh wave of heat wash over her. She fanned herself with her hand.

"I don't know if I'm having a hot flash or if I'm just hot for you."

"I'll take the credit," Willow continued to smirk.

Tara reached out to touch Willow's cheek and was promptly reminded of her constraints. Her arms suddenly ached and it wasn't as pleasant as the ache she'd just been relieved of.

"Are you going to release me?"

"Hmm…" Willow replied, drawing a lazy circle on Tara's hip, making her shiver, "How much do you want it?"

Tara gave some doe eyes and Willow felt her jelly belly swell inside with emotion as much as it had swelled with desire before.

She reached up and flicked the lock on the handcuffs open, tossing both them and the tied scarf off the edge of the bed. As Tara rolled her wrists, Willow crawled over her again. Tara was quick to replace the strain from the constraints for the strain of movement and reached between Willow's legs where she was plenty ready for what was to come.

Willow slid onto Tara's fingers and sat up into a straddle again. She lifted herself up but not quite off and Tara allowed her to set the pace. It was harder to maintain friction at this angle but Tara loved getting to see all of Willow so unabashedly exposed for her and enjoyed every moment of the view.

Willow reached for Tara's hand as she came, her body rocking forward and back.

Her body gently fell to Tara, attracted like a magnet, and she snuggled into her wife's side.

"Whose birthday is it again?"

"Oh definitely mine," Tara smiled easily.

Willow kissed Tara's shoulder blade.

"What's it like to be fifty?"

"The same as forty-nine I think," Tara replied honestly, "What's it like to be married to a fifty-year-old?"

"Very sexy," Willow replied a grin.

Tara tilted her chin and Willow leaned down to press a kiss to her lips.

"I think our fifties will be our best yet."

"Oh yeah?" Tara asked, touching her fingertips to Willow's cheek.

Willow nodded.

"Yes, 'cause right now…"

She closed her eyes to enjoy Tara's caress and sighed softly.

"Life is perfect."

Famous last words.