Chapter Seventeen--The Beginning of the End

          Silence was deafening amongst those still alive, as they surveyed the scene before them, of bodies lying everywhere, some dead, some dying some frozen.

          He groaned ever so slightly as he looked around, next to him lay the dead body of his enemy, and as he looked at him, he suddenly realized the man was no different than he, just fighting for what he had believed in. Shaking his head he slowly rose to his feet, feeling pain in every part of his body, and some parts he hadn't known existed. As he walked slowly down on the hill, he saw a few Auroras checking victims. They looked up and gasped as they saw him, blood seeping from a gash on his forehead, some trickling out his ear. Blood and bruises on his cheeks and face, as well as the rest of his body. He just wanted to find his family and get the hell out of here. Dumbledore made his way towards him, the older man looking somewhat frazzled himself.

          "Where's my wife, and my children…and what about dad, and Lupin…" Dumbledore held up his hand and smiled at Harry.

          "You may be an adult but you haven't changed. Unfortunately some things happened, not everyone made it. Hermione hasn't been found just yet, your father is safe, we set up tents a few hours ago, follow me. Harry nodded and weakly followed the man. He looked around when he suddenly stopped, noticing the form on the ground, he was dead, and that was the first thing Harry realized.

          "Dear god no," Harry whispered as he knelt down before the form of his son, his baby Jamie.

          "Jamie," he whispered touching the boy's face and arms.

          "He's gone, Alex said Jamie died saving him," Harry looked up, the fear for his other baby boy overriding the pain of his dead son. He wouldn't lose the second one.

          "Where is he?" Harry asked. Dumbledore led Harry through to a couple of tents filled with injured or walking wizards.

          "DADDY!" The voice cried as Alex hurled himself into Harry's arms. Harry grabbed the boy thankfully and held him close as the boy sobbed in his arms. Harry simply held him close, wishing he could do the same with his other child.

          "He saved me daddy, I'm so sorry," cried Alex. Harry held him close, his mind wandering towards both his boys.

          "No baby, it wasn't your fault, okay, we're going to survive this. Jamie wouldn't want you to blame yourself sweetheart," Harry said watching the sobbing child. Right now he felt like sitting down and joining his eldest in crying.

          "Harry," came a soft voice. Harry looked up and saw Demi standing next to Lupin, and Jason.

          "Come here honey," Harry said as he took the watery eyed girl into his arms and held her tightly.

          "They're looking for Hermione, but we're pretty sure she's all right," Lupin muttered.

          "How's dad?" Harry asked, worried about his father, who looked ready to die last time he had seen him.

          "He's alive, and doing okay in the next room, Harry…" Jason stopped looking at his big brother, his idol and role model.

          "What's wrong little buddy," Harry said using his kid brother's nick name.

          "We lost more than just Jamie, Ron was found a few minutes ago, he's gone, and Sirius…I was with him when he died. He told me to tell you he's sorry and that he loves you." Harry looked down at the boy in his arms and his younger sister.

          "Thanks for telling me Lupin, and thanks for being there for him." Harry whispered as he felt Jason move forward and wrap his arms around Harry, Demi and Alex.

          "I don't care about anyone else! Where is my son and daughter!" Yelled Severus from the next room. Harry sighed and gently carried his son through to the next room, where Severus was sitting up clutching at his ribs. He looked over at Harry, tears filled his eyes as he saw the boy, getting off the table he walked over and wrapped his arms around the boy. Much like Alex had done only moments earlier, Harry felt himself begin to break down.

          "He's gone dad, I've lost my little boy," Harry wept. Severus held him and Alex, as he too began to cry.

          "I'm here son, I'm here Wolfie," whispered Severus. He knew his son was going to have a rough time accepting all that had happened, but they didn't have to accept it today, not right now, they had time.

          "Is mom okay?" Harry suddenly asked quietly.

          "Yes, she's at home with the kids now, she headed there shortly before the battle ended."

          "Dad? Harry? Alex?" Came a voice from behind them, they turned and saw Hermione standing there, tears streaking her face. Harry let go of his father and his son for the moment and gripped his wife tightly as they held each other.

          "Jamie died didn't he," she whispered into her husbands' shoulder.

          "Yes," Harry whispered in response. It was hard for him as the father to lose his son, but it had to be worse for her, she had spent hours giving birth to these twins.

          "Alex?" She asked, the small boy came over and joined in the hug, clinging tightly to his family.

          "I'm sorry mom," whispered Alex. Hermione looked down and lifted her skinny son into her gentle arms, as he was sandwich comfortably between his parents.

          "It wasn't your fault honey, Jamie made the choices, and no one could have stopped him, I know it hurts right now, but it will get better sweetheart, and you've got dad and I here to help you," she explained kissing his temple.

          "I'm ready to go home," Harry whispered. The rest of the family, now gather around them all nodded.

          "My house?" Harry asked his father.

          "Sure," they nodded.

Five Months Later

          Harry sat at the Professors table and sighed as he looked out at the students, none looked very happy, most had heard about the war, and some had lost friends, parents or brothers and sisters in the war.

          "Once again, another year comes to an end, and it's no surprise how tough a year this has been. Many have been lost, but we have gained a few things. I would like you to raise your goblets into the air please," Dumbledore waited and nodded, the teachers raised theirs as well. Looking around Dumbledore took a deep breath.

          "To your Professors, favorites and otherwise, they've played a large part in keeping all of you safe this year, and I know many of them have had some major loses because of this," Dumbledore said looking over at the very somber Severus, Harry and Hermione.

          "To those who we have lost, may they rest in peace and we'll see them upon the other side."

          "To the survivors, for all they have done to help those who have lost get through it. I have a few final words for the school year," Dumbledore said as he watched everyone take a sip from the goblet.

          "As you may have noticed there is a second Award case out in the hallway, where you will see several awards, it will continue to grow, in honor of those who have fought and died, so we can all be alive today," Dumbledore said.

          "Professor Harry Snape has a few words," Dumbledore said smiling weakly at his grandson. Everyone cheered as Harry stood up, he waited until they quieted down.

          "As most of you know, I've lost a lot, recently I lost my son Jamie, that's why I'm standing here before you. Whether its days, hours, minutes or years from now, you are all going to have to make a choice. Maybe it will be a simple choice, or maybe it will reflect upon you for the rest of your lives, but don't let anyone stop you from making that choice. Look at your options, don't let someone else tell you what to chose, don't let anyone else hold you back. You've all got this power inside of you, that is why you're here, that's why you come into our classes every day and work so hard. Because you want something from your life. Hold onto your hopes and dreams guys, because it's only just begun," Harry finished as he sat down.

          "Let the feast begin in memory of those we've lost," Dumbledore said.

The End

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