Link start!

"Geom, why are we here? "

"You know Eren that's a deep question is it because of God or some void be damned accident"

"No? I mean why are we here in this party I have work tommorow?" I asked in a slightly irked manner.

"Because, now read this." He said.

I swear, I can almost hear his impatient urging through the earbuds. My phone finally dings, and it didn't startle me... at all... yup.

Anyway I was delighted and surprised it was a link to a story. That Goem himself had written! His nervousness I'm sure was there but I could tell he wanted my input.

I tried to do my best to give my honest review but he seemed dissatisfied.

"Goem I really liked it."

"Ok but what did you like about it? "

Then I realized there is more to this than I originally thought.

end pt.2