A/N: Curious to the fact that there may be a downside to having all those magical powers Elves have. And yes, I know that technically this is against Tolkienology in some way… at least I think it is… just can't explain it you know? Whatever. R/C: Read and Criticize; instead of the usual, R/R: Read and Review. Umm… and I meant, constructive criticism.

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I see…

Worthy futures and clearer skies,

Elven fate as our race cries.

I hear…

Beautiful songbirds weaving their refrain,

Evils of battle and screams of pain.

I feel…

The brush of hope and dance of faith,

Punch of regret and cut of hate.

I smell…

Glamorous roses and sweet tingling grass,

Sickly marshes and a dreary pass.

I taste…

Luscious fruit and princely greens,

Musty air and blood-soaked streams.

I am…


I am…


I am…


I am…


I am…

Not to be envied,

I can see far more than should be seen.

I can hear unanswered cries.

I can feel much of this broken dream.

I can smell spirit as it dies.

I can taste all hatred the world can feed.

I am Elven, and am not to be envied.

My gifts are what allow me my name,

But a gift is a curse all the same…