Mrs.Who was pacing around planet Uriel worrying while she was waiting for her secret lover to arrive.

"Ugh, where is he??? He should be here right about now!"growled Mrs.Who

.She was frustrated. Mrs.Who had told him to meet up at the planet, Uriel, because she has something important to tell him.

Mrs.Who had been experiencing headaches,nausea and not eat certain foods. She had to go to the medical team to explain her condition finding out she knew she had to tell her special friend.

"Mrs.Who you wanted to see me?",asked a male voice.

He finally showed up and so Mrs.Who turned around to face him.

"Red, I need to tell you something that is about to change our lives.",said Mrs.Who nervously.

"Okay, what is it?",he asked.

Mrs.Who gulped afraid to say the words that were leading her to break out into a sob .

"I'm pregnant.",she mumbled as she started crying.

"What?",said Red.

He acting like he didn't understand what she was talking about as Ms.Who looked at him.

"I'm pregnant,I'm with child and it's yours.",said Mrs.Who leading Red into silence.

"Red, say something!",shouted Mrs.Who.

"Your going to get rid of it right?",asked Red which made Mrs.Who stare at him straight into the eye.

"Please tell me your going to get rid of it right I mean I know this place where they have a potion which allows you to terminate the pregnancy.",said Red.

"Red how could you say that!? It is supposed to be my body so, I will decide.

what to do for it!",yelled Mrs.Who causing Red to let out a huff.

"I said it because I'm not ready to be a father yet. Since it is YOUR fault that you got pregnant in the first place looks like you Wii's have to take care of it on your own I'm leaving!", yelled Red as he turned away while Mrs.Who was screaming

Red where are you going!?",shouted Mrs.Who lookin at redas Red lifted himself floating in air

"I have to go so you can take care of it bye!" He shouted as he disappeared into the distance leaving the broken Mrs.Who crying her eyes out.