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He was silent, his lithe body resting gracefully against the cold stone wall. Those who saw him assumed him to be deep in thought but those who knew him, knew the elves and their ways could easily see that he was grieving. So much loss, immortal as well as mortal was something he had hardly dealt with. So much suffering and so much darkness. It was smothering him. He shuddered slightly but otherwise remained still, almost as if he were a statue.

Those who had any skill in healing were working at a furious pace to help those wounded and ease the passing of those who would not recover. He himself had spent numerous hours on end aiding with the suffering but even an elf can be overcome with exhaustion. Blood stained his hands and his clothes. Dirt matted his hair and darkened his otherwise alabaster skin. Various injuries sustained during the battle throbbed and stung.

" Prince Legolas?" His head tilted ever so slightly to the right, his eyes fixating on she who had spoken. With blond hair loose and flowing and blue eyes glittering in the sunlight Eowyn stood before him in a simple dress of brown linen. The sleeves were pushed up to her elbows, blood staining her fair skin. Her face was weary and drawn with the countless hours she too had spent in the sickrooms. Despite this all she was still beautiful and Legolas caught himself staring. At once he felt a pang of guilt for those selfish thoughts when so many were in need.

With her head held high and expression unreadable, perhaps even slightly cold she awaited a sign of acknowledgement from the Elf. Realizing this Legolas shook his head ever so scarcely as if to clear it of thought and then nodded.

" Yes, mi'lady?" He answered evenly. She was exhausted, it was apparent and he wanted to urge her to rest yet the thought lay caught between his mind and his mouth. He could not form the words.

" Lord Aragorn wishes to see you." She paused. " He is waiting in the main chamber."

" Thank you." Was the curt answer. He pushed himself up from the stony surface with a fluidity and grace that surprised the young woman. She hid it well. He glanced around momentarily before offering her a small smile. " I fear I do not know in which direction the chamber lies from here." He admitted somewhat sheepishly. She averted her eyes.

" It lies to your right." She said softly. He nodded once more his thanks and turned to leave. To his surprise but not to his displeasure he came to the realization that the White lady of Rohan was beside him. She kept up with his pace perfectly as though it was no effort at all. " You are limping." She pointed out after a minute's silence.

" 'Tis a much lesser injury than most sustained, I am lucky." Legolas answered. Eowyn shifted her gaze to the path that lay before them.

The rays of the sun played across her golden tresses, glittering and flickering as they passed through the battlements. " You should see that it's tended to all the same. Lord Aragorn would be much grieved if one of his close friends suffered needlessly." Legolas nodded absently at the comment. Ah it always came back to Aragorn…

* * * *

" You are weary my friend, have not taken rest since the battle?" Aragorn inquired upon seeing Legolas in the doorway. Legolas regarded his friend silently before answering with the barest hint of a smile.

" It is I who should be asking you that question, you look as though you will topple from where you sit." Aragorn shook his head at the words and gestured to an empty seat at his side.

" Gimli arrives shortly, I have something to ask of you both." Legolas accepted the invitation though he moved slowly towards the chair, determined to hide his pain. Aragorn had enough to tend to already.

" You do know that whatever it is you ask I will go, I made a promise to follow the fellowship no matter the consequences and I will hold true to that promise, not only out of honor but also for the friends I have made." Aragorn smiled.

" Ah then, I need not worry…I daresay Gimli will allow himself to be outdone by an Elf." This brought a knowing grin and a laugh from both. Slowly silence seemed to fall onto the room, though it was comfortable. Both warriors, man and elf were exhausted from the night's battle and long for sleep though neither would admit it.

The sharp pain Legolas felt when he walked had lessened itself to a dull ache now that he was seated and he found the momentary relief satisfying enough to put the injury out of his mind. Weariness tugged at his senses though he forced it back with grim determination. He longed for the forest, wanting nothing more than to lie down in the fresh sweet grass and listen to the trees as sleep overcame his senses.

"I have not seen Haldir since the beginning of the battle." Legolas said finally. " Do you know where then he is, I much desire to talk with him." At these words a cloud fell over the man's face and for a brief moment he averted his gaze the floor. An unspeakable grief seemed to fall over him. "Aragorn?" Legolas repeated softly, somewhat afraid of the answer.

" He…He fell Legolas. Last night, I had not the chance to tell you, I am so very sorry."

" That is sad news indeed, he was a valiant warrior." It took all the Prince's years of control to keep his words steady. "And a good friend."

Haldir had fallen. The room became black for an instant and he felt his body sway slightly where he sat. All noises seemed to fade into the background only to be replaced by a loud humming. Haldir, proud warden of the golden woods, a friend of many centuries, gone, dead. It couldn't be. No it was impossible. Somewhere in the back of his mind an image of them practicing archery appeared and he felt as though he had been struck physically but this pain was far worse.

A gentle hand on Legolas' arm broke him free from the sudden debilitating grief. Haldir…

" Legolas?" The elf blinked somewhat confusedly into Aragorn's gaze. " You feel warm." Aragorn continued, brow furrowing in concern.

" I am fine…" Legolas answered slowly. There was a thick silence. He could feel the man's eyes studying him and it made him uncomfortable though he hid it well.

" Alright I'm here, what's going on now?" Gimli's rough voice echoed off the walls and inflamed a headache Legolas hadn't realized he suffered from. For a brief second his exhaustion won out and his head fell forwards.

" Legolas perhaps you should rest, I can talk with you later." Aragorn said gently, his hand falling onto Legolas' shoulder. The elf shook his head.

" Nay, I am well Aragorn, none the worse than the others." Gimli watched the exchange quietly before speaking.

" Well then, what are we here for, are we going to battle yet again?" Once more his voice amplified off of the stone walls and Legolas bit back a moan. Feeling Aragorn's gaze on him yet again he sighed and met it unflinchingly.

" Have either of you heard of the Paths of the Dead?" Aragorn said finally, leaning back against his chair. When he was met with identical blank stares he sighed. " Well I can see that you have not, but either way that is the road I choose and I would ask your company and skills on such a journey."

" Of course we will, did you need to even ask it of us?" Gimli snorted. Legolas nodded mutely in agreement.

A long sigh of relief left the ranger and he closed his eyes for a moment. " That is glad news indeed…" He said finally. Both elf and dwarf waited for their friend to continue. " Ah, late is the hour…I'm sure we can all do with a few hours of rest before we set out in the morning. There are enough to tend to the ill in our absence." Legolas nodded once more without speaking. Gimli arched an eyebrow.

" What's wrong with you Elf? Cat's got your tongue?" He asked with a slight smile though the concern in his eyes was evident. Legolas met his gaze.

" Nothing has 'got my tongue' as you so kindly put it, I merely did not see a reason to speak." He said sharply. Gimli's face darkened for several seconds.

" We are all weary and battle-worn." Aragorn cut in quickly. " Legolas did not mean what he said. This has been hard on all. Let us not fight, we are not each other's enemy."

" If you would permit it I'd like to retire to our chambers." Legolas said finally. Aragorn nodded.

" Of course you can though you do not need to ask my permission." Legolas rose from his chair unsteadily. The darkness threatened to return as an image of Haldir eclipsed his vision.

" Master Legolas? What is making you look so grim?" Gimli had clapped a heavy hand onto the Prince's shoulder, his voice loud and booming. Legolas started and glanced up at the dwarf. He forced a small smile.

" I have lost a good friend in the battle…I'm grieving. Forgive me if I appear uncaring or vacant." Gimli's face softened at the answer.

" Losing someone is hard my dear elf, especially I gather for someone who is not used to death…" He squeezed Legolas' shoulder re-assuringly. " Some rest will do you good lad, elves are agile but not invincible, I saw the hits you took." Legolas looked as though he were about to protest the dwarfs comment but fell silent and stood, though with some difficulty.

" Legolas?" Aragorn questioned softly. Legolas cast a cautious glance towards the ranger before looking towards the door.

" 'Tis nothing, the dwarf merely hindered my balance." Gimli snorted at this and crossed his arms against his chest.

" Maybe it was your balance that needs re-adjusting." He said contemptuously. Legolas sighed and with a small shake of his head left the hall.

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