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Once, there lived a man. He was boisterous and confident. Loud and playful yet intelligent and serious when need be.

Who am I talking about?!

It was me, of course!

Dying from getting shot sucked ass, of course. But it was a heroic death, in my personal opinion. After all, who can brag to someone that they died saving a lot of people?

Well, I couldn't... Nope, I still can. I'm waiting in this dark void of an afterlife for someone to appear. I could still brag to my parents if I'm going to Heaven, that I died a hero. That I died in my own terms. Or I can brag to whatever devil, angel or spirit might appear.

It was terrifying, for sure. But talking to yourself and being narcissistic, staved that fear away and left only boredom. Humming to the tunes that I loved, a bright white light shone in front of me.

Replacing the void in front of me was a white box, stating,

[You are dead.]

I know already! So can you take me to wherever I am supposed to be?

What are you, anyway?

[Congratulations, you are chosen to be the 788th User of the System!]

Thank you? But seriously, where do I need to go? Heaven or Hell?

[You are going to neither of those places.]

Well, staying in Purgatory is still a lot better than burning in hell.

[You are also not going to Purgatory.]

Well, shit. Limbo?

[You died a good man. If you were going to any of those places you have mentioned, you will have gone to Heaven.]

Thank you for the compliment. And also yep, I'm the nicest man alive. Or dead. So anyway, where am I going?

[You can choose any world you want! Whether it be the fictional worlds that you have watched in anime or the booms that you have read!]

Oho. Interesting... Then how about the Iron Man movie?

[Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)


A world in which extraterrestrial beings and magical energies exist. Humanity has made significant leaps in terms of technology as several technological geniuses and certain metals exist.

Glimpsed upon the series of movies known as, 'The Marvel Cinematic Universe'. Birthed by Stan Lee.


Hm. So that's the thing the other guys always talk about. So that Endgame move is the same as the Iron Man one?


Well, that's a boring world then. Maybe an anime would be better? I kinda like some of them.


[The World of Horro-

No. Knowing that title of the world, it was probably that one manga by Junji Ito. Tried reading that, didn't go well with me. That world is unsettling, not interesting. But the spirit parts are nice. Ohh, can you give me one where spirits exist?




A world in which the heroes of legend existed. Magical energies known as Mana and Od combine to form Prana in which humanity uses to cast spells.

Glimpsed on the series of works by Nasu Kinoko.


Hmm... That's an interesting world summary. I like the spells part and probably the magic part. But I don't know anything about it. Another one but include pells and familiarity in the filter.




A world in which Death Gods roam the Earth searching for lost souls to guide into Soul Society. However, Hollows eat these souls turning them into one of their kind.

Glimpsed on the work of 'Tite Kubo', named Bleach.]

Bleach? I'm kinda familiar with it, I think I saw it from the blu-ray before... I like it! It has spirits and spells, right? The characters were pretty cool as well.


That world then!

[World Chosen...]

The white cube then shrunk until I was only left with darkness.


I opened my eyes to see that I was in a white expanse. Looking around there was no end in sight, only pure white. I gaze upon my arm, which looked thinner and pure white surrounded by a flaming red aura.

Hmm... Am I in heaven or something?

[No, you are currently in the selection room for your reimcarnation.]

Oh, there you are. So, what now?

I sat down, crosslegged as a current of words flowed into my mind.

[Please choose your race:










Zanpakuto Spirit


Human Spirit





Those are pretty limited choices for an entire world.

[There are subsets of these races within the base race.]

Oh, no wonder. I would have thought an entire page of this would be just germ species.

[Noted. Will add the category for microscopic races.]

Eh, no need. I'll choose Human Spirit because it sounds interesting. Though it would be better if I can mix the races.

[There are race hybrids in the Perks Section.]

[Base Race: Human Spirit chosen.]

Well, that sounds interesting to mess around with!

A plethora of words stayed constant on my mind as if they were a screen in my face.

[Please select the subrace:

Plus (0 SC)


A human spirit that recently passed and thus is bound by the Chain of Fate. May be able to evolve into the following categories. Can transform into a Hollow if eaten by one or the Chain of Fate becomes rotten before being saved by a Death God.

Shinigami (500 SC)


A human soul with inner spiritual power. Once this subrace is chosen, automatically sets spawnpoint in Soul Society unless specified otherwise. Asauchi can be turned into Zanpakuto if used.


Ehh, pretty obvious to choose the latter. That first one would be good enough to be either fodder or useless. Though what's this SC and how much do I have?

[SC stands for System Coins. They are the currency used in trading goods in the Shop! You can earn SC by killing powerful and/or important enough beings and/or causing changes to the timeline of the world!

You have 10,000 SC currently.]

You are a pretty weird voice. Like one of those Chinese Web Novels that I have read.

[Yes. The System is similar in function to the Systems depicted in those web novels.]

Yep! Anyway, choose the Death God race.

[Shinigami/Death God race has been chosen.]

[Please select your gender:



I'm perfectly fine with being a man, thank you.

[Gender has been chosen.]

[Please select your perks:

Kido Genius (300 SC)


You are a genius in terms of using and learning Kido. The learning rate for Kido is massively increased.]

Kido are the spells, right?


Take that.

[Battle Genius (Have)


You are a genius in terms of pure combat. The learning rate for fighting styles and techniques that rely on pure physicality are massively increased.]

Oh, that's interesting. No wonder, I'm so good at judo and sports.

[Reiryoku Beast (1000 SC)


The amount of Reiryoku you have are massive, thus enabling you to use a higher level of Reiatsu.]

Can you please define those terms?

[Reiryoku is the amount of energy a Soul has. While Reiatsu is the pressure that a Reiryoku exerts. It can serve as a shield and a weapon against those who have Reiatsu as well.]

Hmm. So Reiryoku is something like my mana and Reiatsu is the pressure that mana exudes?

[Not fully but yes.]

No matter. Take that one as well.

[Reiatsu Monster (500 SC)


The amount of Reiatsu you release is always proportional to the amount of Reiryoku you have.]

Take that as well, it sounds very useful.

[Visored (2000 SC)


A Shinigami who has gained Hollow powers. By donning a Hollow Mask, you are able to access a Hollow's power, thus massively increasing physical strength, Reiryoku, and Reiatsu levels. Too much use may result in Hollowfication.


Mascara (6000 SC)


A perfect combination of a Hollow and a Shinigami. The middle of an Arrancar and a Visored. You don't put on a mask nor do you tear it off, because you are the mask itself. You are indiscernible from a normal Soul to anyone except Transcendents and Hollows. Reiatsu and Reiryoku are colossally increased. Enable access to Hollow, Shinigami, Visored, Arrancar abilities.

This World of Mine (10,000 SC) (Not Enough SC)


You have a world in your soul, holding your true self and your perception of the world, holding its own rules and regulations. Gaining this Perk will enable you to drag in other people to your own world or project it outward. Your Reiryoku and Reiatsu are massively increased.

Split in Half (20,000 SC) (Not Enough SC)


Your soul is a combination of two souls. Each with its own inner world and yet combines to form yours. You have two separate Zanpakuto Spirits that can combine to form a stronger one. You can split your body into halves, each with their own personality, and when combined will form you. Reiryoku and Reiatsu levels are doubled.

Perfect Hybrid (40,000 SC) (Not Enough SC)


You are a descendant of all the races. Whether it be Bount, Hollow, Quincy, or Shinigami. You can learn any ability from all races in this world. Reiryoku levels are colossally increased. You have a higher chance to evolve into a Transcendent.

Transcendent (100,000 SC) (Not Enough SC)


You are above fate and any other being except those of your own kind. You now have no bounds nor limits to growing your power. Your Reiryoku and Reiatsu levels are increased by colossal amounts. Abilities and attacks you release are now much more powerful. You are able to learn and use any ability from any race.

The Gamer (100,000 SC) (Not Enough SC)


Gain access to the nearest Game. ]

... Huh? Why is that Gamer Perk so expensive? Is it like those fanfics?

[Yes. Although certain Games may have different setups.]

Eh, no wonder. I think those are given by R.O.Bs.

And seriously though, that Transcendent Perk sounds like overkill to me. Although the This World of Mine Perk sounds very interesting, I don't think I should focus on it until I have enough SC. I'm picking Perfect Hollow Hybrid, I guess.

[Perks have been chosen.]

[Age upon regaining memories and use of System?]

Hah, of course after I'm given birth to! Don't want to be conscious in the womb or something. Do souls even give birth?


[Please choose your background


Spontaneous Birth (0 SC)


You have no past. You simply exist.

Normal Soul (100 SC)


You live in the Rukongai and was given birth to in a small house.

Experimental (500 SC)


You are combined and formed by a certain mad scientist.

Shinigami Clan (1,000 SC)


You are given birth into a Shinigami Clan. You may request a specific clan or a random one.

Child of the Soul King (50,000 SC) (Not Enough SC)


You are the child of the administrator of Souls.


Whoa, that last one sounds kinda awesome!

I guess I'm picking the Shinigami Clan one since it's the most expensive one, I can choose. The Rukongai must suck given how low that cost is. That experiment one sounds awesome but I don't know who that mad scientist is, and if I can even trust a mad scientist.

[Background has been chosen.]

[Do you have a specific clan that you want to be in?]

Not really. Just put me somewhere I can have fun and not get abused or something.


[Would you like a specific name, for yourself?]

Nah, I can't think of any Japanese names except for the people in Naruto. So just give me a random name.


[Specific Name: N/A

Gender: Male

Age Upon Regaining Use of System: 0

Race: Shinigami/Death God

Starting Perks: Kido Genius, Battle Genius, Reiryoku Beast, Reiatsu Monster, Mascara (Shinigami)

Background: Shinigami Clan (Random, fun, will not get orchestrated)

9300 SC will be used, leaving you with 700 SC left.


Hmm. By the way, is this the only life I get or can I reincarnate again?

[If by the time you die, you have 10,000 SC, you can retain your use of the System and reincarnate again while retaining your memories.]

Oh, cool.

Welp, another life coming right up! Confirm!

And once more, the infinite white suddenly shrunk.

Leaving only black.


The 5th Noble House, the Clan of Shiba was excited and happy at a certain news. Their head, Shiba Kaein was having a child. They had waited for quite long and seeing that they were about to have a true successor to the clan, they were happy.

Kaein, their head was the sole hope of the clan to retain their title as a Noble House. He had been the one to keep them together and make the Shiba name retain its glory. Now that he was having a child, they had high hopes that he would retain the talent of his father.

Inside the clan house, the groans of a woman could be heard as silent encouragements were sent for her.

"You can do it, Miyako!" Kaein held her hand as his wife, Shiba Miyako pushed. Her face was pale as she grabbed onto his hands tightly.

"OF COURSE, I CAN DO IT! NOW, WILL YOU SHUT UP?!" She shouted back, her gentle and softspoken demeanor breaking from the intense pain and stress she was feeling. Kaein wisely kept his mouth shut but kept his hand gripping on hers.

The midwife joyously called out, "The child is out!"

Miyako's cries quieted down, as Kaien asked excitedly, "Is it a boy or a girl?!"

"It's a boy!"

The midwife wiped the blood and fluids off of him, handing him the child as she covered it in cloth. As he excitedly and carefully put him into his hands. He frowned seeing how silent his son was.

His son opened his eyes, revealing bright turquoise eyes and as they stared at each other for a moment. His son frowned and suddenly started crying. He chuckled involuntarily, as he cradled him in his arms. It was as if the baby remembered to cry as an after thought.

Turning back, he put him beside his wife as she thanked him with a gentle smile.

"My son..." His wife gently called out, as she hugged him lightly.

Kaein smiled and asked his wife, "So what should we name him?"

"Hiroshi. Shiba Hiroshi." His wife named him.

Kaein smiled at his child and wife. It looked he didn't have to worry about somebody replacing him if he died. After all, the amount of Reiatsu his son was outputting for a newborn was staggering.

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The same also will apply to the SI, in which he doesn't have perfect knowledge of the world and instead knows very little of it.

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