Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

Pendulum Of Kings

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Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Synchro Dimension

6 Months Ago

A boy lay in an alleyway. He had pale skin, spiked dark hair, and was wearing a plain gray sweater and blue jeans. He groaned as he opened his eyes.

"Where am I?" He looked around. The alley was filled with trash, and a gray sky looked above. In the distance, he could see large white buildings connected by bridges.

The last thing he remembered was experimenting with the new Infernity cards on YGOPro, his computer had started glowing… he must have fallen asleep. It was all some crazy dream.

He stepped out of the alley to get his bearings, and immediately ran into a boy about his age with hair that looked like a banana.

"Oh, sorry!" They both apologized at the same time. The boy helped him up.

"Sorry about that! My name is Yugo! What's yours?" The kid was talking really fast.

"Hi. I'm Ethan. Do you know where we are?" Ethan questioned.

"In The City, of course. Commons area." Yugo explained.

"Which city?"

"You know! The City!"

"Does the city have a name?"

"Yeah! The City!" Yugo exclaimed, exasperated.

"Okayy… do you mind showing me a place where I could stay?" Might as well find a place to hang out until he woke up.

"Oh, no problem! So, we're right next to the orphanage, where I live with my friend Rin! There's not much to do, so we duel a lot! Do you duel?"

"With swords?" Ethan questioned.

"No silly, with cards! Do you have a deck?" Ethan looked through his pockets and found a deck of cards.

"Cool, can I see?!" Yugo snatched the cards out of his hand. "Infernity… these are some really awesome cards! And you even have synchro monsters!"

"Could I have those back please?"

"Okay, sure but can we duel sometime?!"

"I suppose."

Present Day

Ethan drove through the Commons on a black d-wheel with red highlights, looking in alleyways and behind buildings.

"Rin?! Rin?! Where are you?!" In his six months at the orphanage, after accepting that he wasn't dreaming, Ethan had become close friends with Rin and Yugo. Rin was more serious and easier to talk to, but Yugo was more exciting and fun to duel. But now Rin was missing.

Apparently she had been kidnapped by a person in a cloak, who had the same face as Yugo. Hopefully she was still in the Commons.

A standard security d-wheel pulled up beside Ethan. The security officer on it shouted at him.

"Hey! Possession of a d-wheel is illegal for you Commons scum! Pull over now!"

"Ugh. More of you idiots. Can you go away? My friend is missing and I'm-"

"Pull over and you'll receive a minimal sentence in The Facility!"

"How about this? We duel. If I win, I get to go free. If you win, I'll come with you. Sound like a deal?"

"Yes! Let's duel!"

"I'll make this quick! Riding duel! I'll go first!"

Ethan: 4000

Officer S68: 4000

"I draw. To start things off, I activate the effect of Infernity Wildcat in my hand. By discarding my Infernity Patriarch, I can summon Wildcat from my hand in attack mode." A red cat with glowing red eyes that was surrounded by orange fire appeared on the field. (LV 3/ATK 1400/Dark/Fiend/Tuner)

"Next, I normal summon Infernity Conjurer from my hand." Conjurer appeared as a shaman-esque figure in a red robe with a blue headdress, holding a staff that curved into a crescent at the end. (LV 3/ATK 1200/Dark/Fiend)

"Now, I set two cards face down and synchro summon! Burning beast of the underworld and conjurer of darkness! Combine your power to summon Infernity Hell Archfiend!" Wildcat turned into three green rings that Conjurer passed through, turning into three stars. The light got brighter, then Hell Archfiend appeared.

It was a giant demon, wearing a black robe and giant golden bracelets. It had a spiky red headdress and demonic horns on its head. It held out its arms and chanted in a strange language, causing red runes to appear around it. (LV 6/ATK 2200/Dark/Fiend)

The officer seemed unimpressed as they turned a corner into another street. "Hmph. All that effort for a weak monster. Pathetic. My turn! Draw! I normal summon Vigilante Zeni!" Zeni was a small samurai with a golden eyepatch. (LV 4/ATK 1600/Earth/Warrior)

"In response to your summon, I activate my trap, Infernity Inferno. I can discard up to two cards, then send the same number of Infernity cards from my deck to the graveyard. I discard Phantom Hand, and send Infernity Avenger from my deck to the graveyard." Ethan kept a monotone voice, seemingly planning something.

"If you're done, I activate Zeni's effect! By reducing its attack to zero, I summon Vigilante Gata from my hand!" Gata was a humanoid police car, with a white mask that had a creepy smiley face drawn on it. (LV 3/ATK 800/Earth/Warrior/Tuner) (Zeni ATK 1600-0)

"Now, I tune these two together to synchro summon! Marksman Heiji Type 0!" Heiji was a robotic samurai, with gold tokens falling around him. (LV 7/ATK 2400/Earth/Warrior)

"Now, I use Heiji's effect to send a card from my hand to the graveyard and destroy a monster you control, then inflict four-hundred damage to you! Snipe shot!" The officer shouted.

"Not so fast! I activate my trap card, Infernity Suppression! Since you activated a monster effect while I control an Infernity monster, I can negate that effect, then you take damage equal to that monster's level!" Hell Archfiend fired a green bean from one of its runes, stunning Heiji. Ethan was seemingly getting more into the duel, becoming excited.

Officer S68: 4000-700-3300

"I end my turn."

"My turn then! I draw. I normal summon my Infernity Necromancer. And when it's summoned, it changes to defense mode." Necromancer was the upper half of a skeleton in a tattered robe, wearing a green headdress. A strange purple light flowed from its chest. (LV 3/ATK 0/DEF 2000/Dark/Fiend)

"And since I have no cards in my hand, it's effect activates. I get to revive Infernity Wildcat, in attack mode. Next, I use the effect of Infernity Conjurer in my graveyard. When I have no cards in my hand, I can summon it back, but it's banished when it leaves the field."

"But none of them can beat my Heiji!"

"Actually, they can. I use the effect of Hell Archfiend. I negate your monster's effects, and it's destroyed if I have no cards in my hand. Arcane nullification!" Heiji shattered into particles of light.

"Oh no!"

"Now, Wildcat attacks directly!" Wildcat ran forwards and slashed at the officer, causing his d-wheel to wobble.

Officer S68: 3300-1400=1900

"And Hell Archfiend will finish you! Arcane destruction!" One of the runes blasted a red beam at the officer, causing him to spin before righting himself.

Officer S68: 1900-2200=0

"Dammit! You got lucky, kid!"

"That wasn't luck. I had a countermeasure for every move you made. I had Patriarch in my graveyard to prevent one of my monsters from destruction. And Avenger would have revived itself if any of my monsters were destroyed. I had a plan, and that's why I won. There was no luck involved." Ethan sped up and drove away.

"Rin?! Rin?!"

Xyz Dimension

6 Months Ago

"Please stop it! Stop! Stoooooop!" A young girl with long, sky-blue hair screamed as she writhed on the ground. She was wearing a miniskirt and black shorts. She snapped open her indigo eyes and started to calm down. She looked around to see herself in an empty park. It was next to a large school building, and she could see a large tower in the distance.

"Am I… dead?" This was either heaven, or a hallucination brought on by the pain. Before she could look around more, the school bell rang. She was nearly trampled by a swarm of kids her age escaping the building. Then, she bumped into a girl with long black hair that had indigo highlights.

"Oh, sorry!"

"It's fine. I'm Ruri. I don't think I recognize you. What's your name?"

"Oh, I'm Lyla. I'm a transfer student. Nice to mee-" Before Lyla could finish, a tall boy who looked to be about sixteen and had… green hair? walked over.

"Did you just touch my sister? Get away from her before I-"

"Oh stop it, Shun." Ruri interrupted. "It was an accident. Not everyone who gets near me needs the death penalty!"

Shun mumbled something that sounded a bit like "I beg to differ." Then he walked away backwards, never breaking eye contact with Lyla.

"That was… surreal."

"Yeah, my brother can be a bit crazy sometimes. Want to hang out a bit? I can show you around and introduce you to my friends."

"That sounds great!"

"Yeah. So, in the distance, that's Heartland Tower."

Lyla smiled. This must be heaven. She could start a new life here, away from her family, and not have to worry about making her father angry, or skipping church.

Present Day

It was hell. Fires burned from the flames of the ancient gear monsters, and fallen buildings littered the ground. Lyla was facing down another patrol of obelisk soldiers. Why did water runs have to be so hard? She activated her black and white duel disk, and drew her starting hand.

Obelisk 1: 4000

Obelisk 2: 4000

Obelisk 3: 4000

Lyla: 4000

"I'll go first!" One of the soldiers announced. "I summon Ancient Gear Hound in attack mode!" A rusty mechanical dog appeared on the field. "I end my turn!" (LV 3/ATK 1000/Earth/Machine)

"My turn! I draw, then summon Ancient Gear Hound! I end my turn!" The second soldier stated.

"My turn! I draw and summon Ancient Gear Hound! I end my turn! Now, when you summon a monster, we can inflict six hundred damage to you, then fusion summon stronger monsters and win!" The last soldier finished.

"Fine by me. I draw! First, I activate Photon Lead, to summon a level four or lower light monster from my hand in attack position! I summon Eldritch Angel Raquel!" On Lyla's field, a strange monster appeared. It was vaguely humanoid, but had fourteen wings and eight arms. It's lower half was a mass of writhing tentacles, and it held a large tome and wore a hood that covered its face. (LV 4/ATK 1600/Light/Fiend)

"Ugh! What IS that?!" The second soldier exclaimed.

"The beginning of the end for you! Now, I activate the spell Eldritch Angel Summoning, so I can summon Eldritch Angel Gabriel!" A red summoning circle appeared on the field, and a pillar of flames shot out of it. The pillar dispersed to reveal a four-winged humanoid wearing a blank mask with horns. It's left arm was normal, but it's right arm was fused with a glowing sword. It lifted the sword and screamed a horrific battle cry. (LV 4/ATK 1800/Light/Fiend)

"God, your monsters are horrific!" The first soldier shouted. Lyla just laughed.

"If you think that's bad, it'll get much worse!" Lyla shouted. "I normal summon Eldritch Angel Raphael!" The next monster that appeared looked almost exactly like Raquel, but it had seven arms and sixteen wings. Instead of a tome, it clutched a red gem. (LV 4/ATK 1400/Light/Fiend)

"Now, time for some effects! First, Raquel's effect lets me gain one thousand life points since I have no monsters in my graveyard!" Lyla was surrounded by white light as her life points went up.

Lyla: 4000+1000=5000

"Next, Raphael's effect lets me inflict five hundred damage to you," she pointed to the first soldier, "and gain five hundred life points if there are no monsters in my graveyard!" The angel shot a beam out of its gen that hit the soldier.

Obelisk 1: 4000-500=3500

Lyla: 5000+500=5500

"Now, with these three monsters, I Xyz Summon! Fallen lord of horrors! Awaken and lay waste to these fools! Come forth, Eldritch Archangel Micheal!" A black portal opened behind Lyla, and her monsters turned into golden light and entered it. A giant figure rose from the portal. It was taller than the remaining skyscrapers, and had a skeletal, humanoid body. It was supported by a writhing mass of tentacles where it's legs should be, and it's hands were clasped together. It had three horns, and a golden halo hovering above its head. It stood there silently. (RNK 4/ATK 2000/Light/Fiend)

"Oh. My. Obelisk." One of the soldiers breathed.

"And things get worse with its effect! By detaching an overlay unit, I destroy all monsters you control, and you take five hundred damage each! And when Micheal inflicts effect damage to you, I gain life points equal to the damage dealt! Divine eldritch wrath!"

Obelisk 1: 3500-1500=2000

Obelisk 2: 4000-1500=2500

Obelisk 3: 4000-1500=2500

Lyla: 5500+4500=10000

The soldiers screamed as they were thrown back by a blast from the halo.

"And now, I activate Gabriel's effect! When it's an xyz material and I have no monsters in my graveyard, the xyz monster it's material for can attack twice!"

"But didn't you send a monster to the graveyard earlier?" The first soldier gasped.

"When an Xyz Material is detached from Micheal, it's banished instead of sent to the graveyard! Now, battle! Micheal, attack the one on the left!"

Obelisk 1: 2000-2500=0

The soldier screamed as he was thrown back by a blast Micheal sent from its halo. He teleported back to Academia.

"Now, attack again!"

Obelisk 2: 2500-2500=0

"Gahhh!" The soldier cried as the blast hit him in the chest and he teleported back.

"I end my turn. Do you want to surrender?"

"Never! I fight to the end! For Academia!" The soldier cried as he ripped the top card of his deck off. "I summon Ancient Gear Hound, and use its effect to inflict six hundred damage to you! Hound flame!"

Lyla: 10000-600-9400

"I- I end my turn."

"Good. I draw! Micheal, finish this!"

Obelisk 3: 2500-1900-2500=0

"What took you so long?" Kaito asked.

"Sorry, honey. I had some… trouble on my way to the river." Lyla answered.

"I assume you ended it quickly?"

"Yep. And almost painlessly."

"Hmph. Soon, those fusion scum will fall!" Kaito pumped his fist in the air.

"Down with Academia!"


6 Months Ago

Judai was pleasantly surprised to find that he had somehow teleported from his room in Hillcrest Asylum to the beach. The salty waves crashed against the shore, and seagulls screeched in the distance. The island behind him had multiple buildings and bridges, leading to a large palace at the center. Two towers stretched towards the sky on either side of the island.

Judai decided to explore this new location. He began walking towards the palace.

He opened the door to find people wearing strange masks, eating, and playing Yu-Gi-Oh! with real monsters. It was just like the anime! He had barely taken a step in before some of the masked people noticed him.

"Hey, you! You don't look like an Academia member! You have ten seconds to explain yourself before I card you!"

"Hello. My name is Judai. Pleasure to meet you!"

"Ten! Nine!"

"Hm… maybe we could duel! That sounds delightful!"

"Fine. I've been looking for a challenge." One of the students tossed Judai a duel disk, which he inserted his deck into.

"Go get 'em Richard!"

"My voice gives me super strength!" Someone who sounded like Barney shouted.

"Shut up, Tristan!" Another boy with a Brooklyn accent yelled.


Richard: 4000

Judai: 4000

"I'll go first! This'll be fun! I love carding idiots like you who stumble in here! I summon Ancient Gear Hound!" The mechanical dog appeared on the field. "Then I activate Polymerization to fuse my Hound with the other copy in my hand to fusion summon Ancient Gear Howitzer!" A giant draconic golem with rusty wings and three turrets on each hand appeared and roared. (LV 8/DEF 1800/Earth/Machine)

"Now, I use its effect to inflict one thousand damage to you!"

Judai: 4000-1000=3000

The beast fired bullets from its turrets, but Judai just ducked and smiled as his life points went down.

"I end my turn!"

"My turn then. And you were right. THIS WILL BE FUN." Judai's voice took on a more demonic tone as he drew a card.

"To start, I summon Evil HERO Infernal Prodigy from my hand since I control no monsters." A small, demonic creature with large bat wings and horns ran onto the field. (LV 2/ATK 300/Dark/Fiend)

"What a pathetic monster! And you summoned it in attack mode, ya idiot!" The boy with the Brooklyn accent shouted.

"Shut up! I activate Evil Mind, which lets me draw a card since I control a HERO monster. Now I activate Dark Fusion, to fusion summon with my Infernal Prodigy and Evil HERO Sinister Necrom in my hand! Fallen savior of justice! Let hatred run through you and destroy all you see. Come, Evil HERO Malicious Bane!" A giant, draconic warrior with large, shadowy wings, black armor, and a spiked tail appeared on the field. It clenched it's fists, and metallic claws came out of its knuckles. (LV 8/ATK 3000/Dark/Fiend)

"Uh oh! Richard's in trouble!" A girl shouted from the audience.

"You're right! Ahahahahaha! Next, I activate the field spell, Supreme King's Castle! And now, I banish Evil HERO Sinister Necrom from my graveyard to summon Evil HERO Malicious Edge from my deck!" Judai slapped a card from his hand into the field zone, and the building they were in transformed. The roof disappeared, revealing a dark sky crackling with lightning. Parts of the floor fell away, so the audience members were standing at the edges of a narrow stone path above a pit of lava. But the most horrifying part was the massive dark castle that loomed at the end of the path.

Next, a humanoid creature covered in spiky purple armor came to the field. It had Wolverine-like claws, like Bane, and a pair of razor wings protruded from its back.

Leo Aka surveyed Academia from his throne room. As he stared out the window, he saw one of the buildings disappear to be replaced with a giant, black castle. He sighed, and used his mechanical eye to zoom in and see two people dueling. What had he told them about activating field spells? He sat up from his chair and began to walk down.

"Now, I will activate Bane's effect! I destroy all monsters you control whose attack values are lower than his! Dark justice!" Judai shouted.

"Not so fast! My Howitzer cannot be destroyed by card effects!"

"Aww," Judai made a pouty face, "that was mean of you. But this will be even worse! I normal summon Evil HERO Infernal Gainer!" A creature with spiky black and red armor, wearing a black cape walked onto the field. (LV 4/ATK 1600/Dark/Fiend)

"And then I banish Infernal Gainer to allow Bane to attack twice this turn! Now, Edge attacks your howitzer!" Edge ran forwards and slashed Howitzer in half with its claws, then caused an explosion, despite logic.

Richard: 4000-800=3200

"Hey, What gives! My monster was in defense mode!" Richard questioned.

"When Edge attacks a monster in defense mode, it inflicts piercing damage." Judai explained. "And now, Bane attacks you directly!"

"Not so fast! When Howitzer is destroyed, I can special summon one Ancient Gear monster from my deck! Rusted machine with immeasurable power! Awaken from your slumber and pummel this fool into the dust! Come, Ancient Gear Golem!" A giant, rusty metal golem roared as it entered the field. It had rusty gears on its shoulders and crotch, and massive fists. (LV 8/ATK 3000/Earth/Machine)

"Hmph. You almost impressed me. Bane attacks your golem!"

"Going for mutual destruction?" Richard asked.

"No! When an Evil HERO monster I control battles an opponent's monster, I can send a monster from my extra deck to the graveyard! Then my monster gains attack equal to the sent monster's level times two hundred! I'll send the level eight Evil HERO Malicious Fiend!" Bane ATK 3000+1600=4600

"Ohhhh shi-" Richard was cut off as Bane's fist slammed through his golem, hitting him and sending him flying backwards.

Richard: 3200-1600=1600

"And now, Bane attacks directly." Bane slashed Richard across the chest with its claws, creating large, bloody gashes.

Richard: 1600-4600=0

"Now, which button do I press to "card" him?" The students stared at Judai and all activated their duel disks as one.

Leo walked in to see dozens of cards fluttering to the floor, with Judai standing alone in the hall. Leo gained a shocked expression, but quickly composed himself.

"Hello there. I am Leo Akaba, leader of Academia."

"Hello. I'm Judai. Yuki Judai. You know, this carding thing is really fun. Do you have any other weaklings to beat?"

"Hmm… you know, there's a place called Heartland City…"

1 Week Ago

Asuka sat on a dock, staring out at the sea. Judai walked up beside her.

"Asuka. I heard you were unsure of Academia's cause."

"What? How did you-"

"I have my ways." Judai cut her off. "The Professor asked me to give you this card, and remind you what we're fighting for."

"Thank you…?"

"It's no trouble. I have to get back to the Xyz Dimension. I heard there's a boy and girl wiping out our forces there. I need to fix that. Goodbye." Judai walked away.

"That was weird…" Asuka muttered. "Now, what does this card do?What the-" Everything went black.

Present Day

Students muttered as Asuka walked down the hall.

"There she is."

"Did you hear she beat almost everyone in her dorm?"

"Ssh! She's coming!"

"The Ice Queen Of Obelisk Blue…"

Our World

Present Day

I woke up with my deck boxes glowing. Not really a typical Wednesday. The glow got brighter, until I couldn't see. Before I passed out, I heard a femenine voice.

"Thomas. My name is Hikari. I need your help."

"Wait, what the fu-"

*Religious people storm my house and beat me up after seeing Lyla's deck*

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