Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

Pendulum ZERO

Chapter 4: Steadfast Soul

Fusion Dimension

"Yuki Judai, you have failed me for the last time!" Leo Akaba shouted as he slapped Judai across the face.

"I-I'm sorry, Professor. It won't happen again." Judai mumbled.

"It had better not! You had one job! Wipe out those annoying xyz remnants! And you FAILED!" Leo thundered.

"Calm yourself, Judai. You must remain calm. Make him believe you are loyal." His guardian said in his head.

"P-please, sir! Give me a chance to redeem myself!" Judai whimpered, even fake crying.

"Fine." Leo answered. "You have one chance. In the Standard Dimension, people have discovered a new summoning method, called pendulum summoning. Try to find me some data on that. And, if you see a girl who looks like either of our prisoners, capture her and bring her to me."

"Yes, sir." Judai sniffled before he warped away.

Standard Dimension

"Thomas… what happened?!" Yuzu screamed, seeing the destroyed benches as the dark aura around me subsided.

"T-Thomas's eyes started glowing and he started screaming!" Shuzo cried. "And then this- this dark aura surrounded him and destroyed everything! How am I going to pay for this…" He moaned.

I knew I needed to think fast. So I thought up an excellent lie. "Oh, it's, uhh, a disease I have. Umm… Madeshitupitis! Yeah, sorry, it just flared up. It's not deadly, and, uh, sorry for the benches!" Hopefully they were stupid enough to-

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Yuya exclaimed. "I didn't know you were sick!"

"Yeah, it's fine. Sorry I didn't tell you. I'll let you know if it flares up again and I have to stay home." I replied. How EFFing stupid were these people?! "I'm going to head home now to recover… still not feeling well." I said as I walked out the door.

The Next Day

I slowly woke up to hear voices. I tried to sit up, and hit my head on the underside of a bench.

"Ow!" I hissed. After I pretended to leave, I snuck back in through a window and went to sleep under a broken bench. Can you blame me, I had no place to go!

Anyways, I sneakily crawled out from under my makeshift bed, and snuck up behind the students, who had just walked in.

"Boo." I whispered behind Yuzu's shoulder.

"Hyaaaa!" Yuzu screeched, hitting me with her fan.

"Note to self… never surprise Yuzu." I muttered as I lay on the ground. "Sorry about that. I couldn't resist." I explained as I sat up.

"Why would you do that?! You gave me the shivers!" Futoshi cried.

"Everything gives you the shivers."

"Not everything!" Futoshi said. "Just scary things, and exciting things, and-" I drowned out Futoshi as I thought back to last night.

Last Night (Obviously)

'Hey Hikari.' I asked in my head as I tried to fall asleep on the floor.

"Yeah, what?" She answered.

'Why did you send me here? What's going on? Why do I have these weird new cards?' I asked.

"I sent you here because… there's something evil awakening. I needed to bring people from outside the dimensions to stop it, because they're the only ones skilled enough."

'Wait, wait, WAIT. There are other people?'

"Yes. Each of us were allowed to bring two people to fight for us. But… the evil we're trying to stop cheated. It wiped my memory before I came to you, so I only knew the basic details. I don't remember anything else. I'm sorry."

'There's nothing to be sorry for. It's not your fault.'

"Are you showing sympathy?!" Hikari asked.

'Aand sympathy gone.'

"Why do I even bother?"

'Anyways, my deck?' I questioned.

"Every duelist has a perfect deck for them. Their "Soul Deck". You hadn't found yours yet. You had tried so many cards, but your soul deck didn't exist. So I created a deck that would convey your feelings, and guide you through the dimensions. I made a deck for myself, as well, so once I gather enough energy and can manifest a physical form I can duel alongside you." She explained.

'Good. I'll probably have back problems from carrying all of the Lancers after a while.'



Present Day

"And pickles, and pickle ice cream, and geese!" Futoshi exclaimed, snapping me out of my flashback.

"Are you done?" I asked, seeing almost everyone had fallen asleep on their feet.

"Yes." Oh, thank god.

"So… are we going to do anything interesting today? I was hoping Gongenzaka could teach me some of his steadfast dueling." I replied.

"I, The Man Gongenzaka, would be honored to teach you my ways."

"Thanks, um, sensei…"

"Thank you for helping, Gongenzaka. This will help me vastly improve my dueling!" Gong had taught me the proper stance so I wouldn't fall down, and how to keep myself steady. I supposed if I was stuck here I might as well improve my style.

Yuya and the others walked back in. They had gone to regular school a bit before Gong started training me.

"Hey, guys, someone named Sawatari invited us to LDS to show us around. Do you want to come?" Yuya asked.

"I think I'll stay here. Have fun, but be careful!" I replied.

"I, The Manly Gongenzaka, will stay as well to train Thomas."

"Okay then! See you soon!" Yuya said as he walked out the door.

"So, Gongenzaka, now that you've shown me the basics, want to duel? No action field, just with solid vision?" I asked.

"I, The Manly Gongenzaka, accept your challenge!" We walked into the duel field and activated the solid vision, but not an action field.

"Let's duel!"

Thomas: 4000

Gong: 4000

"I, The Manly Gongenzaka, shall go first! I summon Superheavy Samurai Blowtorch in face-up defense mode! I end my turn!" (LV 1/DEF 300/Earth/Machine)

"My turn! I draw! Since I control no monsters, I can summon Requiem Songstress Cobalt from my hand, and Requiem Songstress Sapphire from my deck! Then I special summon another Sapphire from my hand!" My three bird-like monsters appeared, twittering a slow song.

"Now I use them to construct the overlay network! Songbirds lost in the darkness! Discover the melody of a forgotten age and become one! Xyz summon! Requiem Songstress Nightingale!" My xyz ace appeared with a loud cry. (RNK 1/ATK 0+3000=3000/Light/Fairy)

"I, The Manly Gongenzaka, am impressed!" Gong shouted.

"I'm not done! I activate the continuous spell Requiem Witch Carol! Once per turn, I can summon a Requiem Witch from my hand! I summon Requiem Witch Glass!" My new monster appeared with the chiming of bells. She sat on a stained glass broomstick, which had a delicate bell at the end, and her hair was a shimmering green aurora. (LV 4/ATK 750/Tuner/Light/Fairy)

"Now, her effect lets me summon a Requiem Witch from my deck! I choose Requiem Witch Snow! And then I gain five hundred life points!" My other witch rang the bell on her wand as she floated onto the field. Soft, glowing snow fell around me. (LV 3/ATK 500/Light/Fairy)

Thomas: 4000+500=4500

"Now, I tune my Glass Witch with my Snow Witch to synchro summon! Witches chiming a sad melody under the aurora! Ring your bells in harmony to become one! Synchro shokan! Requiem Witch Crystal!" Glass turned into four green rings that Ice passed through. They turned into a pillar of light, and a new monster emerged. It had a lower half that looked like the kind of bell that you find in clock towers, but had the upper half of a young woman. She held a stained glass wand that reflected the light, and her hair was a shimmering white color that flowed down her back. (LV 7/ATK 2400/Light/Fairy)

"You can synchro summon too?!" Gong's calm demeanor broke.

"Yep! I activate my Witch's effect! I summon Requiem Dancer Gibbous from my hand, and gain life points equal to her attack of five hundred!" My full moon-themed moth appeared as more snow fell on me, now up to my ankles. (LV 4/ATK 500/Light/Fairy)

Thomas: 4500+500=5000

"And now my Dancer lets me add Polymerization from my deck to my hand! And I use it to fusion summon! I fuse Gibbous with Requiem Diva Petal in my hand! Graceful dancers under the full moon! Lay bare your sorrows and become one! Fusion summon! Requiem Dancer Moonlight!" My final extra deck monster danced from the fusion spiral onto the field. Now I had every type of extra deck monster (except link) on my field.

'Hikari! Wake up! I'm being a badass!'

"Ughhh… what?! Did you do all of this in one turn?!" Hikari gasped.

'Yes!' I replied.

"Battle! Dancer Moonlight attacks your monster!" I shouted.

"Ha! I, The Manly Gongenzaka, will not be defeated so easily! My Blowtorch cannot be destroyed by battle! You will not damage me!"

"When Dancer Moonlight battles a defense position monster, she inflicts piercing battle damage! Full moon slash!" My monster slashed at Gong's torch, but didn't destroy it.

Gong: 4000-2100=1900

"I end my turn." I calmly finished.

"My turn! I draw! I activate the effect of Superheavy Samurai Soulpeacemaker in my hand! I, The Manly Gongenzaka, equip it to my Blowtorch! Now, I tribute it and Blowtorch to summon a monster from my deck! Come! Superheavy Samurai Big Benkei!" Gong's ace appeared with a loud cry. (LV 8/DEF 3500/Earth/Warrior)

"And Big Benkei can attack in defense mode! Attack his Dancer! And I activate the effect of Superheavy Samurai Soulbuster Gauntlet in my hand! By discarding it, I double Big Benkei's defense! Samurai strike!"

(DEF 3500x2=7000)

The samurai slashed my monster in half with its sword, causing my Dancer to explode.

Thomas: 5000-4600=400

"Gaaahhhhhhh!" I tried to not fall over, but I failed as the shockwaves from the attack blasted me backwards.

"I, The Manly Gongenzaka, end my turn! You have great skill in steadfast dueling! However, you cannot possibly come back from this! There is no way you can defeat me!" Gong shouted.

"Oof. You know, Gong… almost every time someone has said that… they have lost." I gasped as I stood up. "My turn! Draw! I put all my faith in my deck! I activate Pot Of Greed to draw two cards. This is my… Destiny Draw! And it paid off! I activate Heavenly Requiem Ritual! I tribute the level seven Requiem Witch Crystal to ritual summon! Dragon-Lord of a forgotten world! Arise once again from your slumber to bring forth a new Age of Enlightenment! Gishki shokan! Come, Heavenly Requiem ZERO Dragon!"

My newest monster appeared as my witch disappeared. It was as large as Big Benkei, and had two pairs of stained glass wings that reflected the light. It's eyes were like prisms that I felt drawn to, and it was covered in shining white scales. It landed on its back legs and roared. (LV 7/ATK 2500/Light/Dragon)


"Mr. Akaba, sir! A few minutes ago we detected strong readings of Fusion, Xyz, and Synchro summoning! And now we've detected a signal of Ritual summoning from the same location!" An employee that was seated at a large computer cried.

"Where is this reading?" A shadowed man asked as he pushed his glasses up.

"You Show Duel School, sir!" The employee replied.

"You Show…" the man muttered.

You Show Duel School

"Now, I activate my dragon's effect! I banish your Big Benkei, and it gains attack equal to the banished monster's attack! Heavenly prison!" My dragon's eyes glowed, and the samurai vanished.

(ATK 2500+1000=3500)

"My dragon attacks you directly! Heavenly purge!" My ace monster slammed into Gong, throwing him back and ending the duel.

Gong: 1900-3500=0

"Hah. Hah." I panted. "Good game."

"Gongenzaka agrees! You played excellently!" Gong shouted as everyone walked back through the door.

"Did I miss anything exciting?" I asked.

"That Sawatari jerk kidnapped us and stole Yuya's pendulum cards! Yuya had to duel him to get them back!" Yuzu shouted.

"Why didn't you duel Sawatari? With four of you, you should've been able to escape."

"He had goons! They trapped us on top of a tower in an action field. If we tried to escape we would die!" Yuzu cried.

"Don't you have monsters THAT CAN FLY?!" I shouted.

"Oh… yeah… we didn't think of that." Yuzu replied.

"AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!" At least things were as normal as they could be.

Leo Corp

"Mr. Akaba, sir! Something's gone wrong with the pendulum cards you asked us to design! They… changed!" An employee shouted.

"Interesting… first strong signals of every summoning method in one day, then the cards we're designing changed… in two days, send the heads of each course to You Show Duel School. See if you can buy it… we need those pendulum cards. And to learn more about Thomas Kogami…" Reiji responded.

"A-about that sir… Yaiba Todo isn't the head of the synchro course anymore. Yesterday, a boy came in and easily defeated him in a duel, then enrolled and became the new leader."

"And what was his name?" Reiji asked.

"Ethan, sir. Ethan Fudo."


Next Time… On Pendulum ZERO

Thomas: Who are you? And why do you have my face?

Ethan: I-I don't know!

Thomas and Himika Akaba are dueling on top of a skyscraper.

Thomas: Himika, I will stop you! I won't allow you to resurrect the Great Leviathan!

Himika: Oh, but you CAN'T stop me! You're already too late!

A giant serpent rises from the ocean at the edge of the city, while Himika attacks with a shadowed monster, knocking Thomas off the building.

Thomas: Nooooo!

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