R&J-The YuGiOh Way

By: rox

Director: rox

Assistant Director: Suicune

Assistant Director 2: Raven

Narrator: Mokuba

Romeo: Yami

Juliet: Serenity

Nurse: Kaiba

Prince: Kaiba

Tybalt: Bakura

Benvolio: Ryou

Friar Laurence: Joey

Paris: Yugi

Mercutio: Yugi

Lady Capulet: Mai

Capulet: Duke

Lady Montague: Tea

Montague: Tristan

(Cap.) Servant 1: Christy

(Cap.) Servant 2: Jasmine

(Mont) Servant 3: Kelley

(Mont) Servant 4: Kristen

rox: Welcome to the showing of Rome and Paris-I mean Romeo and Juliet!

Mokuba: Shall I begin?

Suicune: Of course.

-~-Act I Scene 1-~-

Mokuba: Servants 3 and 4 are walking through the market when they see servants 1 and 2 buying food. They decide to start trouble...

Servant 4/Kristen: *flicks off servant 1 & 2*

Servant 2/Jazmine: did you bite your thumb at us?

Servant 3/Kelley: She flicked you off, is there a difference?

Servant 1/Christy: Shut-up! You! *points at Servant 1* did you flick us off?

Servant 4/Kristen: No shit!

Servant 1/Christy: Draw your sword! *takes out sword*

Servant 4/Kristen: Fine by me! *takes out sword*

Servant 2 & 3: *take out...stick?* HEY!

rox: We ran out of money!

Servant 3/Kelley: How?

rox: Buying candy..

Servants (all): .


Servants (all): RIGHT!

Mokuba: Servants 1 and 4 began to sword fight while 2 and 3 stick fight.

Angry mob: SHUT-UP!


Lady Cap/Mai: Are they fighting? Duk-Capulet! Sit down!

Cap/Duke: But I wanna fight! Now! Why won't you let me fight? I wanna fight! I wanna fight! I wan-

Lady Cap/Mai: *slaps Duke* Shut it!


Lady Mont/Tea: Where's Romeo?

Mont/Tristan: Who cares, I wanna fight!

Lady Mont/Tea: NO!

Mont/Tristan: Why not?

Lady Mont/Tea: *slaps him* 'cause you're an idiot!


Benvolio/Ryou: Stop fighting!

Tybalt/Bakura: Shut up you stupid hikari! Lets fight! *draws sword*

Benvolio/Ryou: No! It's just pointless!

Tybalt/Bakura: No, it has a VERY sharp point *swings at Ryou*

Benvolio/Ryou: *doges* NO! Leave me alone!


All: O.O

Prince/Kaiba: That's better. This is the third time this has happened! If this happens again I'll kill you all! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

All: o.O'

Mokuba: Seto!

Prince/Kaiba: What?

rox: *banging head on table* READ! THE! SCRIPT!

Prince/Kaiba: Fine. Capulets, I will talk to you know. I'll deal with you *points at Tristan* later! *leaves*

Lady Mont/Tea: What happened?

Benvolio/Ryou: The stupid servants started fighting. I tried to stop them but Baku-

rox: *a-hem!*

Benvolio/Ryou: I mean Tybalt decided to fight me. Then Kaib-I mean Prince Escalus made the announcement.

Lady Mont/Tea: Okay. Where's Yami?

rox: *banging head on wall*

Lady Mont: Romeo! Where's Romeo?

Benvolio/Ryou: I saw him earlier.

Mont/Tristan: Man, my stupid son keeps crying about something!

Lady Mont/Tea: *slap* don't talk about Romeo like that!

Mont/Tristan: OW!

Raven: *snickers*

Mont/Tristan: IT'S NOT FUNNY!

Raven: Yes it is.

Benvolio/Ryou: Look, isn't that Romeo? I'll talk to him alone.

Lady Mont/Tea: Okay! *grabs Tristan and starts pulling him off stage* Come on! *throws him off stage into orchestra pit*

Benvolio/Ryou: Good morning Cousin!

Romeo/Yami: Is it still morning?

Benvolio/Ryou: No duh, it's only nine!

Romeo/Yami: Was that my *cough bastard cough* father who just left?

Benvolio/Ryou: Yes

Romeo/Yami: Good! I didn't want to talk to him!

Benvolio/Ryou: Whatever, I don't really like him either. Poor Tea, stuck with that loser.

Mont/Tristan: *offstage* HEY!

rox: Looks up to sky* Why me?

Benvolio/Ryou: Um..*looks at pieces of paper, shrugs, throws papers over shoulder* so...how did you do in the tournament?

rox: *looks at trashed papers* Please tell me that wasn't his script...

Raven: Sorry, can't

Suicune: PEOPLE! LET'S CONTINUE! *gives death glare*

Benvolio/Ryou: What's wrong?

Romeo/Yami: This play.

Benvolio/Ryou: *whispering* Yami, your lines....

Romeo/Yami: *rolls eyes* I'm in love with a girl who hates me.

Benvolio/Ryou:: No really?

Romeo/Yami: Yea, and she is HOT!

Benvolio/Ryou:: I'll show you some other cute girls!

Romeo/Yami: Why bother? I'll love her forever!


Raven: Shut the hell up! *drags Tybalt off stage*

Suicune, rox, Mokuba: *taking aspirin*

Benvolio/Ryou: Anyways, um...I'll make you forget her!

Romeo/Yami: Good,! I mean, there's no way you can do that.

Benvolio/Ryou: I'll do it or die trying!

Tybalt/Bakura: If my hikari dies so do you!

Raven: * throws him off stage violently*

Mokuba: They both left, Benvolio desperately trying to convince Romeo of...*looks at rox* do I have to do this?

rox: Oh forget it....Please review!