After Unholy Alliances Chapter 1

As Terri and Stiles walked out of the OTS offices, he couldn't help the big smile on his face. She had chosen him over Jeff. They really had made progress. They got their coffee and sat at a table in the corner. While it was a big step telling Joshua and Lex they were fine on a personal level, they really didn't want everyone to know. Stiles was comfortable in front of Lex, he had confided in Lex. He knew from what Terri had said about Joshua that she had probably confided in him. He knew they still had to be careful. He reached under the table and took her hand. She smiled.

"Terri, I'm sorry. I think I over reacted to your ex calling"

She interrupted him "I don't know why I made plans with him. I guess I wanted to show him I didn't need him, I wanted to tell him that no matter how bad he hurt me, I am happy with where my life is now." This made Stiles wonder. He loves seeing her but he wants so much more from their relationship, is she happy with just the flirting. She wasn't ready to admit this to Stiles, but she wanted to tell Jeff she had met the perfect man, he was 10 time the man he was. Even though they both had very strong feelings for one another, both were afraid to admit it.

Gage and Reese walked in and began to walk to their table. Stiles gave her hand a squeeze before the let go and said "Terri let me take you to dinner tonight, we can finish talking then."

She smiled and nodded yes. Gage asked "Do you mind if we join you?"

Terri said "No not at all. How is Jackson doing?"

Reese said "Fine, he should be able to come back to work in a about a week. He is staying at his sister in law's with his kids."

"How did he explain what happened" Stiles asked

Gage said "He told them while traveling for work he was in a car wreck, I think its good he is spending time with his kids. One thing I think must be the hardest for all of you is having a cover, not being able to tell your family and friends the truth. You did a great job in Israel, but no one can know."

Reese nodded in agreement. Stiles and Terri looked at each other and smiled, knowing that the most important person in each of their lives knew exactly what happened. Both realized they were really lucky. Now if they could only admit it to each other.

Gage continued "After Thanksgiving I told everyone how blessed I am to work with all of you, but I realized I hardly know any of you. I want to start working on that. Stiles while you were in Odessa you must have had people worried sick about you, I don't even know who they are."

He looked at Terri "Well sir not really. My parents are gone. My Dad was military, so I didn't make to many friends that lasted with all the traveling. My grandfather lives in Ireland, I talk to him once in a while but Thanksgiving isn't a holiday for him, so he wasn't expecting my call. Nobody other than here even knew I was missing."

"Terri you had mentioned having Thanksgiving dinner with your brother, is there anyone special in your life?"

"I've been dating someone but I'm not really sure where its heading" She looked over at Stiles and smiled.

Gage's questions left them both wondering if he suspected something, or just really wanting to know more about his people.

To Be continued.....