Chapter 10

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Stiles and Matt were cleaned up and their heads were covered. They were thrown in the back of a van and then put on a plane. They couldn't imagine where they were going.

Jackson, Lex and Terri boarded a plane with the Polvon look a like Johnson. On the plane Terri just kept looking at her ring. She was beginning to believe that her and Stiles would actually have their chance.

Jackson and Lex waited on the dock with the Polvon imposter. Terri was watching on a surveillance camera nearby. On several boats in the marina were sharpshooters ready to do whatever is necessary.

Stiles and Matt were brought to the dock. They had their hands tied behind their backs. Jackson said "Here's Polvon, give me my two men back." When the Polvon impostor got next to them. Their captor picked up his gun and aimed it at Stiles head. Shots rang out. Stiles and Matt fell to the ground. Jackson and Lex dove for cover. Terri watched horrified as she tried to tell who was hurt. When the shooting was over, Polvon's friends were dead.

When the all clear was given Terri ran out to see Stiles. Jackson and Lex were already by him he was bleeding. Matt tore off a piece of his shirt and covered the gunshot wound and put pressure to stop the bleeding. Terri pushed by them and took his hand. He opened his eyes and smiled at her. He passed out. An ambulance arrived and took him to the hospital, Terri rode with him. Jackson, Lex and Matt followed them. Jackson called in to let Gage know what was going on.

Terri waited impatiently in the waiting room. She realized she hadn't even said anything to Matt. He brought her a cup of coffee, and sat down next to her.

"You remembered the way I like my coffee?"

He nodded. "Stiles talked nonstop about you. He seems really nice Terri. He is very much in love with you. You deserve this happiness after all you went through with your ex. I'm sure Stiles will be ok."

"Matt I'm so glad you are ok. Its all your fault that I fell in love with him in the first place." she smiled at him.

"My fault."

"Its been a long awkward process for us to get here." she showed him the ring. "I can't imagine going on without him. I never stopped believing he was alive."

"He told me about the ring. I assured him Joshua would give it to you when you really needed it." Terri nodded, and smiled.

The doctor came out. Terri, Matt, Jackson and Lex gathered around "We removed the bullet. It was in his upper arm. There was no serious damage, he should be able to go home in a day or two. You can go in two at a time to see him."

Terri went straight in. Lex followed her. Stiles opened his eyes and looked around "What happened?"

Lex said "You were shot in the arm." Stiles immediately looked to see if Terri was wearing the ring. He noticed left hand, heart in. He couldn't believe how happy he was about that.

"Lex could you give us a minute" He took Terri's hand "I'm not sure how to ask you this." She just smiled, anticipating his proposal. "Were you and Matt Callan sleeping together?"

She hit him on the stomach "I believe you now AB does stand for Absolute Bastard." She took the ring off and handed it to him. She turned and walked away, she couldn't believe they were back at the beginning. After all the pain this past month, she hated him at the moment he asked that.

He reached and grabbed her hand and said with a smile "Its not official unless I put it on your finger" He carefully put the ring on her left ring finger with the heart pointed in. "I couldn't think of any other way to get it back." He gently pulled her to him and kissed her. "Terri you have bailed me out of more situations than I can count in this past six months. Will you bail me out one last time? Save me from spending the rest of my life alone. Let me prove to you what this ring stands for, love, friendship, loyalty and fidelity." She started to cry. "Terri is this good or bad? When it comes to relationships I'm clueless."

"Are you sure this is what you want?" He nodded yes and kissed her. "yes I will spend the rest of my life rescuing you if you will do the same for me." He kissed her more passionately than she had ever been in her life. They were interrupted by her cell phone ringing.

"Miss Lowell its Gage. I made arrangements for you and Mr. Stiles to take a little vacation. I spoke to his doctor he recommends at least a week of total relaxation."

"Thank you for everything sir."

"I do need about an hour of Stiles' time to go over what happened." She handed the phone to Stiles and kissed him. He couldn't take her eyes off of her as she left the room.

When Stiles got out of the hospital they headed for Nice to spend a week on the boat where it all began for them. He couldn't believe that he finally had everything he could ever dreamed of. He was no longer a loner. He was happy and couldn't imagine living a day without Terri. They talked for hours planning their wedding and their future. He was no longer afraid of commitment and she was no longer afraid of being hurt and lied to.

The End