Don't Quote Me To Me

These ficlets fall under the category of "spn incorrect quotes" or what I often repost on my Tumblr blog as #Crowley Steals Lines. The ficlets were inspired by a Tumblr quote giftset, link on my blog.

"We're family." Crowley explained, to both himself and Dean. "We're blood." How else did one earn love than through cutting off a piece of oneself and offering it in supplication? If Rowena wanted a piece of his power, his authority, his kingdom, Crowley would give it to her, to keep her with him.

He feared what piece of himself, and how large, he might be willing to offer to Dean. How much might he have to give, how much of himself would he need to destroy, to be seen as an ally? To be more than a monster in the Winchesters' eyes?

"That's not the same thing," the hunter countered. "Family don't end in blood."

And Crowley listened, heart in his throat, mangled soul in his eyes, as Dean Winchester explained to him what it meant to be family. It was everything Crowley had ever wanted. And the only piece of himself it cost was already so disparaged and small, that dark, ugly piece of himself, that cutting it off barely hurt at all.

Next chapter to be posted 9.5.2020. Thanks for reading!