15 year old sabrina was going on a cruise for a week with her dad. She was just packing the rest of her stuff for the trip. She had her bathing, suit clothes a dress glasses and phone to contact her friends on the trip. Sabrina was a blonde haired girl with blue eyes and smooth skin and a beautiful smile.

She wasn't popular but had alot of friends Like Maya a fellow blonde head who was always after hot guys and her other friend Tammy and her twin brother Niko. That was her main friend group. She promised to stay in touch with them during her cruise trip.

You almost done ? her father Arthur asked Yes dad she said running down the stairs with her stuff.
You ready for a fun cruise? He asked Yeah Sabrina said. They put their bags in their car and drove a few hours away to whete the Dock where the cruise ship the Queen Granza was docked.

It was a white ship filled with luxurious food and activities. It had a juice bar and water slide with the pool . Fancy restaurants , nail salon , massage place and a gaming room.

Sabrina was amazed when they got their.
It was such a beautiful ship.
They waited in line for their tickets to be checked and then they walked up the ramp and went to get a key to their room.

Once they got to their room they put their luggage near their beds and unpacked. Once they were finished unpacking Sabrina decided that she was going to go swimming. She removed her clothing and looked inside her suitcase trying to decide which swimsuit to wear.

Which one should I wear ? she thought she looked at her purple one piece Bathing suit and her red and blue bikini. She decided on the bikini because she thought she would impress more boys in her bikini . She put on the bikini and slid a t shirt over it and walked out .

When she got to the pool she removed the t shirt and dove in the pool. A few boys were staring at her in her bikini. She waved at them and continued swimming.

She got out of the pool and went over to the juice bar and ordered a razzmatazz smoothie.
She lied down on a chair soaking in the sun while drinking her smoothie.

She chatted with her friends on her phone.
Her friend Maya told her that she got a date with Preston and they were going to the movies tommorow. Sabrina said she was happy for her and they continued to chat.

Sabrina later swam for a little bit longer before going back to the hotel room. Her father came back from shopping for souvenirs and he said he got them reservations at Bellini a fancy restaurant on the ship. He said that they were going tonight so she better get ready.

Sabrina showered to get the chlorine off her skin and picked out a beautiful blue dress to wear and did her hair.

They headed towards the restaurant And once they got there they were let in.
They sat down and ordered some drinks. Sabrina ordered a Sprite and her dad ordered a ice tea.

When the they got their drinks the Waitress asked what their order was. Sabrina got chicken tenders and fries and her dad ordered fish and chips.

They waited and had some French bread and salad while they looked at the aquarium next to them.
Her dad asked her how did she like the trip so far and she said she was enjoying the trip.

Once their food came they ate their food while they talked . Suddenly music came on and they decided to have a daddy daughter dance.

They danced for a few hours and them got ice cream for dessert and then went back to their hotel.

Sabrina took her dress and slipped a t shirt on over her bra and panties. She went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and then climbed into her bed and fell asleep.

Little did she know that in a few hours the trip would take a bad turn.