Sabrina woke up to shaking and a alarm blaring. She opened her eyes realizing that it was her father Shaking her. Wake up he said. What's going on ? she Asked rubbing she out of her eyes.

Something exploded in the engine room and now the ship is going to sink. They told us to get to the life boats.

He got her up then grabbed her hand the door. Wait she said stopping .
Can I get dressed ? first she asked because all she was wearing was a t shirt over her bra and panties. The shirt covered her waist but if she bent down it would expose her underwear.

No time ! her dad said dragging her by the hand.
They ran to find lots of people panicking and running towards the life boats. She and her dad got in line and waited. She tugged the t shirt down over her exposed legs so no one could see her painties.

While they were waiting in line a few families started fighting their way towards the life boats .
One of the them attacked sabrina's dad and in the scuffle she was separated from her dad.

Dad she shouted trying to get to him but there were too many people in her in the panic trying to get to a life raft. Sabrina was knocked to the ground by them.

She manged to get to her feet all bruised when suddenly there was another explosion and it knocked her into the water.

Dad! She screamed trying to swim back to the ship but she was being beaten by the waves and pulled underwater. Sabrina's vision went black and she fell unconscious as the waves pulled her out to sea.


Hope you like this story.

For Sabrina's likeness imagine grace vanderwaal .
Til next time goodbye.