Hello! Author here- This love story will be between an OC of mine and Kyoya. Here is a little bit about my OC!

Name is Angel Daniels. Preferred name is Tokyo King. Age is 16 and height is 5'6. She is Genderfluid and is like Haruhi, doesn't really care what pronouns people use for her. Dark blue eyes and red hair. (Half her head is shaved down to like the middle of her ear so it a little floofy, and the other side goes down to her chin.)

Imma just do a quick backstory, i don't want this to be too long: The Daniels name is everywhere around America which is where Tokyo was born. The Daniels name is known for their night clubs, over 100 across the states and even a few global. The only thing is, Tokyo doesn't want to inherit any of the Daniels family name, because of their dirty work done in private. Tokyo moves to Japan to go to Ouran Academy to get a fresh start on highschool without the Daniels name to follow her.

I feel the need to also mention that there will be trigger warnings for physical abuse in later chapters and eating disorders. There will always be a warning at the beginning of chapters that will include anything that may be triggering.

Mild Language, nothing too bad too often. Thank you and enjoy!

AHHHH i almost forgot! Tokyo will be staying with Haruhi in this story because they've been like Pen Pals for like 3 years now so they're basically best friends. so yeah- also everyone magically speaks English in Japan shhhhhh-

Tokyo's Point of View

It was 10 in the morning. A little too early for me, but i had an early flight. Time to finally get out of this hell hole called a country. Not that I had anything against America in general, but the people here are insufferable. Hopefully Japan will be better. I grabbed my luggage and stopped one final time to look in my full body mirror against my wall. My hair was nice and messy, just how i liked it. My over sized black hoodie hid my shorts, and my fishnets, being swallowed by my black combat boots that were laced loosely. My black eyeliner looking just on point and pairing nicely with my blue eyes. I looked great. Well, the outfit did.

I grabbed my sunglasses, put them on and carried my three bags downstairs. Three different servants tried to take them from me, but i wouldn't let them. I didn't need their help. I didn't need anything that was my father's. Thankfully my mother and father both were still sleeping when i left, not that i wanted to say good bye to them anyways. I could barley wait to get out of this house and as far away here as possible. Too many things have happened in this house, and hopefully studying in Japan, being with Haruhi will all distract me. As i got in the limo, i thought of my friend Haruhi.

In her recent letter to me she had talked about being forced to join some type of host club which she absolutely hated. Apparently it was a bunch of hot guys who entertained girls that were way too bored. As eager as i was to leave this country, getting to finally meet Haruhi was only making me want to leave more. I spent most of the car ride to the airport thinking of my new life ahead of me. Being Tokyo King, not Angel Daniels anymore. I can't wait.

The plane ride was much the same as the car ride when i wasn't sleeping. Which i was sleeping a lot. I had woken up about two whole hours than what i was used to. Being in online school really did have it's perks. After what felt like way too long, i was finally stepping off the plane and into my new home. I smiled widely, breathing in the air and saying, "Japan, meet Tokyo King."

I got past security and got my bags and went out to the greeting area. I looked around shortly and found a large group of people, one of which holding a sign with "King" written on it. Just the sight of it made me smile, but my smile soon dropped when i saw way too many people around the girl holding the sign. One was tall with blonde hair and blue eyes, from the looks of it whining to the girl holding the sign. Next to them, were twins with orange hair rolling their eyes, and making comments while the blonde whined. Over on the other side was a very tall man, not saying anything by the looks of it, with dark hair and a very small boy also with blonde hair holding a pink stuffed bunny in one hand and eating cake in the other. And lastly, a man that was so handsome i almost dropped my bags. He had black hair and glasses. He was scribbling very fast in a black book, not seeming to pay attention to anyone. He looked up from his book almost like he knew i was staring at him. He smirked and said something, not loud enough for me to hear, and i couldn't tear my eyes away from him. He has such a mysterious aura to him, it's interesting. I was only able to look away when arms engulfed me and words that i had not heard were spoken.

"...so nice to finally meet you! You look just like the pictures. Sorry about them, i told them i would be missing the host club to pick you up and they insisted to come with, because of the whole debt thing and how i work for them and all! I'm sorry i'm rambling! How are you Tokyo?" I smiled at my Pen Pal Haruhi Fujioka. "I'm great now! You look different! You hadn't showed me any pictures since you cut your hair!" We started walking and i threw an arm around her shoulder. Almost all of the guys were staring at me with wide eyes and open mouths. Well actually only the tall blonde one, and the twins. Haruhi sighed and turned to me. "Tokyo King, meet the host club. This is Tamaki Suoh, the club president," She pointed to the tall blonde, "Kyoya Ootori, the vice president. Also the one that keeps the club held together," Kyoya looked up, nodded once and went back to writing, "The Hitachiin twins, Hikaru and Kaoru, Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka and lastly Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka." I half smiled and waved a little.

The blonde broke out of his trance and got down on one knee, taking my hand. "Did it hurt, beautiful? You know falling out of heaven." He kissed my hand gently, i smiled a minuet, playing along. "No, it didn't." I ripped my hand away and rested my face completely. "But i think i did scrape my knee crawling out of hell." Once again his eyes widened and his mouth dropped. The twins started cracking up laughing, but i heard a low chuckle, barley audible with the twins laughing, but i heard it. It came from Kyoya. I wanted to hear his real laugh. Good god women, pull yourself together, as if he would ever want you. I sighed at my thoughts as my face fell. I often heard these kinds of voices and i don't know why, and usually i ignore them, but this one is so overpowering, i don't want to stand up to it. I put on a fake smile hoping no one noticed what had just happened. "Well, i don't want to be here all day, should we get going?"

I let the rest of the group go ahead and followed behind them for about two minuets until Kyoya stopped and started walking next to me. "I couldn't help but notice your moment back there. Are you alright...Miss Daniels?" He said the last part in a whisper so no one else heard. I almost stopped, but reluctantly kept walking. "How did you...Haruhi didn't tell you did she? She swore she wouldn't..." He smirked again, god how i love that smirk. "No, no she didn't break her word, she would never. When she did tell us about you though on the way here, i naturally started conducting a search on you. And nothing on a Tokyo King showed up. But however there was a news story about how a Miss Angel Daniels, daughter of the famous Daniels CEO was flying out to Japan for a new hear in high school. My suspicions were correct when i saw you, just as you looked in the pictures online. I had the article taken down, so no one else would find out, but i of course had to bribe them. So you, miss, are now in debt to me. About..." He did some calculating in a little black book he's been non stop writing in. "985,728 yen. Which seeing as you don't have any yen, i'm assuming you have no effective way of paying?" Haruhi did say he was smart. And that he is.

He knew what he was doing, that sneaky boy. I only do things that reward me in some way, and i knew where he was going with this. He would want for me to work for him one way or another. It will give me something to do in my free time, and i suppose whatever he could have me do won't be too bad with what Iv'e had to deal with in America. "Okay, you got me." We were outside of the Airport now, and waiting for the car. I turned to him and looked him in the eyes when he turned to me also. "So, what kind of work will i be doing?" He let out a small breath of air, that sounded like it would be a laugh if he really tried. "Smart girl. You figured out that you would be working for me before i even said anything." It was my turn to smirk now. "Iv'e lived with people thinking they're smarter than me my whole life. I've learned to adapt." He narrowed his eyes and spoke again quickly. "What kind of things can you do? What are you good at Miss Daniels?" I narrowed my eyes in return. "One, it's King, Miss King. Two, I have been told that the only thing i can do right is entertain. Singing and dancing are my specialities." He half smiled, wrote something down in his book and slapped it shut. "It's settled then. You will be the Host Club's new entertainment. You start as soon as possible. I will talk to Tamaki and have some songs picked. I will need to know your vocal range, the dancing potion will be completely up to you. Improvise, or make routines, i don't personally care. Welcome to the host club Miss King." The way his smile hit, i almost thought it was genuine, but could tell by his features that it in fact was not.

I nodded , not even noticing that a long limo had pulled up and everyone but Kyoya and I were in it. Even my bags were in the trunk already. I let out a huff of breath i didn't know that i was holding in, and got into the long car. There was conversation that i didn't pay too much attention to. Only when i was asked a question or asked my opinion on something. My mind was racing with having to work for a host club, thankfully i would only be singing and dancing, two things that i could do all day. I was offered a bag of chips about half way through and almost took them. Didn't you already have those peanuts on the plane? I did remember having them, i only ate half of them, but i didn't need the chips. I simply shook my head, and got a few looks from the raven haired boy sitting on my right, but ignored him. Once the car ride was over, me and Haruhi went into her apartment and talked with her dad for a while until we got dressed and went to sleep. I was so tired i forgot to take my meds, but it should be okay for just tonight.

2,120 words Hope you all enjoyed the first chapter! Until next time!