So, i had a nightmare after not having one for like years now, and got me a little spooked, so im gonna type to avoid my problems. What's even better? I had to be up in like 2 and a half hours anyways. So enjoy Kyoya's point of view for a little bit.


Kyoya Pont of View

I was losing control around her. Which is not good for me. I am always in control, and when i'm not, it's because i'm working from the sidelines, but even then. But her body, her actions, her personality. She in general just intrigues me. I want to know what makes her mad, what makes her happy, how to make her feel okay. But, not yet. Not until it will benefit me.

Or maybe you just don't want to get rejected. You know you could do all this as just friends. Think of it as intel on her. The voice in my head wasn't wrong. Just friends, no need to be anything more. I know everything there is to know about everyone, but not her. She is so different as she has displayed herself for the media. I'm in the dark on this one. I quickly changed into my new suit, having the first four buttons undone, and the blazer unbuttoned. I looked in the mirror, and deemed myself presentable. I went back to the table to once again start working on our finances.

Haruhi sat with me, looking her over, she had chosen the all black suit and it looked good against her pale skin. I looked back to my computer, not saying anything. "So, Kyoya-Senpai what kind of research have you done on Tokyo? Knowing you, by now you know everything there is to know about her." I sighed in frustration. Did this girl know how annoying she is when she's wrong. "No, Haruhi, i don't because she is too different. The way she's presented herself and how she is, they're two different people! It's impossible to know anything about her, without having to get close to her. So no Haruhi, i know nothing." I said the last word with a lot more venom then I intended, but it got my point across.

She stared at me wide-eyed. "Hey, senpai, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you upset. You know you could always just become her friend. She needs as many of those as she can get. She doesn't let anyone know, but she hurts." The way Haruhi looked at me. With so much care and loving for her friend. How can someone be as pure as Haruhi? I knew she was right. But what would i gain from the relationship? As if reading my thoughts Haruhi said, "You know, you don't always have to do things to gain from them. Do something for yourself Kyoya-Senapi. It wouldn't kill you." She looked back at Tokyo, setting up a mic, and talking to the band we had hired for her. "Just talk to her, take her to the mall or something. Get to know her. It will do you both some good." Haruhi went to get into position for our guests to arrive, and i followed quickly.

Guests started to fill in, and i had more girls than usual to please. This job really is a chore and i do wish sometimes i could just skip out, but knowing these people, the club would be in shattered pieces by the time i got back. So i smiled through it, and endured. That changed today. Suddenly, i didn't want to be anywhere but here. Tokyo's voice slowly filled the room, quietly at first but growing in volume a little as it went on. She sung a song that i guess was popular in America, called "Like i'm gonna lose you" and she sung it with such beauty, i was amazed. I guess i stared at her, looking so undeniably stunning on stage, because as soon as i knew it, the double idiots were behind me on either side. "So, mommy," "You got the hots," "For Tokyo?" Them talking apart then together is so irritating. Before i got the chance to say anything, there was a shrieking ringing. It was coming from Tokyo's phone on stage, the song had just finished and she looked around apologetically turning it off.

About three notes into the next song, it rang once again. She sighed irritated, as I looked at Haruhi. She shrugged her shoulders. This is very unprofessional of her. I'll have to add at least 500,000 yen to her debt. Tokyo turned off the phone once again and the music continued. It happened a third time and you could see the fury in this woman's eyes. She brought the band to a stop and spoke into the mic. "So sorry everyone, I'll be back in a moment." She quickly rushed off stage and answered her phone in an angry whisper. "What in the hell does she think she's doing?" I whispered. She can't just up and leave for a phone call. She has a debt to pay. I shut my laptop quickly and followed after her.

Tokyo POV

Once i got to an empty room, i let my voice go. "What the hell do you want father? I'm kinda busy! This couldn't wait?!" I screamed into my phone. "No, Angel it couldn't when you are spending money that isn't yours! You could have been just fine with the uniform i paid for! But no, just like everything, you had to go make things difficult!" "Yeah well it's not my fault you are such a shitty dad, maybe then, i would be a decent daughter!" "I have given you everything! You are the one who is deciding not to take it! Don't blame me for this!" "Given me everything?! You sold me for prostitution when i was 14 years old! I was still a child! I still am a child! What do you want from me? I tried to do everything! But what you were asking was for a fall guy and a quick way to make a buck, and I'm not going to jail for your sorry ass." "Your sister would be so disappointed in you! I bet she would do all this for me! Because she was a grateful child. Unlike the piece of shit daughter you are." "yeah well too bad she's dead. Cancer is a bitch. Now, only you and your paid slaves can take dirty damage, because I'm done. I'm not a stupid little girl anymore."

There was a laugh on the other line. "Not stupid? Well dear, you are a lot more stupid then you think. Elizabeth didn't die of cancer, she killed herself. She couldn't stand looking at you, and what you were doing to me, how you hurt me. You never realized, when you hurt me, you hurt her. So one day, she ended it. She took herself off this miserable planet so she didn't have to see you-" Tears were welled in my eyes, as the phone hung up and dropped to the floor. He's a liar, he lies, he wasn't telling the truth. Elizabeth would never.

Painful memories of my dear past sister flashed in my head. They wouldn't stop coming no matter how many times i tried. I gripped the side of my head, chanting for the images to stop. God please make them stop! I got the urge to hit something, break something, do something, anything to make it stop. I flipped a table with a bunch of china on it, and punched the big piece of wood, until i was being pulled off, and broke down sobbing in the arms that held me. Whoever it was, which i wasn't too worried about at the moment, picked me up bridal style and was carrying me somewhere. I heard gasps from a few people but kept my head buried in the stranger's chest, probably ruining their uniform, which i felt bad for. Just add it to the list.

I was put down, laying on the couch. I didn't feel like doing anything but stare at the wall. I looked over after a second and saw the stranger that had carried me was Kyoya. I looked down at his uniform, and it was stained with black, which made me tear up again. "I-i'm s-s-sorry." He smiled a little, not one of his fake smiles, a real small smile. "It's okay, i can always get another. Haruhi, first aid kit." I never took my eyes away from his, and neither did he. He sat me up once Haruhi returned, and got to work on wrapping my hands. Tamaki sat next to me and put a hand on my shoulder. "Wanna talk about it?" He smiled at me.

"Oh, where do you want me to start? Maybe when i was 10 and my biological mother left me? Oh you can't forget when my father sold me for prostitution when i was 14 so he could pay off someone he owed debt to. And the four year gap? Yeah I was used to smuggle heroin to sellers. me being a kid and all, they would never suspect. I started cutting myself at 15, got put in a mental institution for 60 days. About a month after that, my sister apparently killed herself because of me. While all of this was going on i was getting bullied at school for being 'Miss perfect life" because my father had money. BUT I DON'T WANT HIM OR HIS DAMN MONEY." I clutched at my sides while silent tears ran down my face again. I looked up, and everyone had looks of pity on their face.

"Stop. Stop feeling pity for me. I've survived this long- Kyoya please! Please, take off your blazer. The- the stain! It's bothering me." My hands were shaking out of control. My anxiety was spreading like a wildfire. I saw from the corner, Kyoya taking off his blazer. A small weight was lifted off my chest, as i looked out of the window. The sun was nearly all the way set.

"I'm sorry, I've kept you all from going home. I-I'll go now." I grabbed my bag and ran out of the music room.

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